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News Comments > Game Reviews
5. Re: Game Reviews Sep 12, 2015, 15:29 Aero
His reviews have certainly begun slanting from "I don't care for this aspect of gameplay" to "including this aspect of gameplay is bad design." I liked what was originally coming out of Youtube reviewers, not hiding their personal biases in an attempt to appear impartial, because then you just find one whose tastes are similar to your own and watch those. That works. It does limit their audience, though.  
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News Comments > The Witcher III Cost $81M
5. Re: The Witcher III Cost $81M Sep 9, 2015, 20:55 Aero
Witcher 3 is one of very, very few games that have come out over the last few years that I thought was actually well worth the $60 I paid. Granted, it maybe is a little too long, and I'm not finished with it and may never finish, but it wasn't until I'd put in 70 hours that I began to feel it was getting a little bit monotonous. That's pretty good, especially since I was putting in like 15 hours a week (I average about 6 hours of gaming a week in general). Most games, barring sims and other such things that have near infinite replay-ability in small doses over months, even if they had 70+ hours worth of content, I usually tire of after 20 or so hours (FC4, ahem)--and that's if they're *pretty* good. The fact that I was still engrossed, having fun, and looking forward to playing more at hour 60+ says a lot for Witcher 3, even with its few but irksome faults (like fairly boring combat).

I've been eyeing MGS5 as a possible candidate for another $60 purchase (the more convinced I become it doesn't suffer from what put me off MGS4 after two hours), but these days very, very few games seem worth more than $30 to me at most. That's okay though, that's what sales are for, and even MGS5 will probably be in the low $40's if I wait until the next Steam sale, but I'm thinking I'll pick it up this weekend anyways.
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News Comments > Evening Metaverse
4. Re: Evening Metaverse Sep 2, 2015, 20:37 Aero
Back when it was newish, and Hulu put a 15 or 30 second advertisement in the usual two or three minute ad breaks for shows, that was perfect. At the very least, I won't pay attention to several minutes of advertising. It's more likely I will find some way to circumvent it or just not watch at all. 15 or 30 seconds, on the other hand, is quick enough so that I may as well just keep paying attention. I can remember advertisements I saw on Hulu five years ago, but can't think of a single current TV ad.

It may be that I'm not typical, but it's a shame that model didn't work out and the ads became more valuable with their scarcity. It was win-win. I get to watch shows for free, they get to target ads at me that though fewer in number, I'll actually watch.
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News Comments > Satellite Reign Released
22. Re: Satellite Reign Released Aug 28, 2015, 17:37 Aero
Cutter wrote on Aug 28, 2015, 17:04:
So more CRPG like Shadowrun is what you're saying?

I'd say more tactical RTS with a few CRPG elements. There is no dialog with NPCs or anything like that, for instance. The plot, what there is of it, is all in the mission briefings. I haven't played all the way through, so I can't say for certain, but there also isn't any mission scripting like the parade mission Panbient wants. The city is pretty static. There are enemy compounds and areas with guards patrolling and reacting to the player, but that's about it.

There is some "emergent" stuff going on in the city like citizens fighting or running from police on occasion, but it's not clear what triggers or regulates it or if it's just random happenstance.

I don't want to come off sounding like I don't like it, because I do, but people ought to know there isn't much depth beyond what you see in the videos.
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News Comments > Satellite Reign Released
19. Re: Satellite Reign Released Aug 28, 2015, 16:30 Aero
It's good but a lot more superficial than I would have hoped for. I do think it's easily worth the asking price, though. That said, I hope they're successful enough to make a sequel with more depth. I'd like, for instance, to be able to have my own corporate HQ and to have the city itself evolve to reflect the decisions I've made rather than just being a static backdrop. I'd also like the competing corporations to have their own overall strategic AIs similarly conducting operations to undermine my own efforts.  
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News Comments > Evening Interviews
11. Re: Evening Interviews Aug 18, 2015, 23:36 Aero
SlimRam wrote on Aug 18, 2015, 22:42:
The only way this can possibly end is badly.

Nah, I think it will probably end up more or less okay eventually. It's just that we're going to get a $15M game that cost $100M to make.
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News Comments > John Wick VR Game Announced
6. Re: John Wick VR Game Announced Aug 7, 2015, 22:39 Aero
Pretty good film, but it wouldn't be any worse if they cut out everything except the action scenes. They were very well done. It takes quite a bit of doing to make a gunfight where one guy defeats several others attacking him simultaneously remotely believable. I can't say that I found the character John Wick at all interesting though.  
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News Comments > Evening Interviews
4. Re: Evening Interviews Aug 5, 2015, 17:54 Aero
I have been kind of wondering if Microsoft announced they were going to do a half-assed "HD" remake of Freelancer, if I might actually be a bit more excited about that than whatever SC is.  
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News Comments > Elite Dangerous Horizons Announced
11. Re: Elite Dangerous Horizons Announced Aug 5, 2015, 11:45 Aero
Planetary landings was always planned as the second expansion and was always going to cost $50. The alpha backers already paid for it ($150 for the initial release plus two major expansions--planetary landing and first person whatever). A lot of people seem surprised by this.  
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5. Re: METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN Earlier on PCs Aug 3, 2015, 16:24 Aero
I thought Ground Zeroes was pretty damn impressive (and I really didn't care much for previous MGS games), but I worry that it will be a sort of Hitman-esque situation. Even going back to the first Hitman game, with some in the middle being a bit better, the first level (the demo, when those still existed) was always incredible with a huge variety of approaches and freedom to design your own plan of attack, but very, very rapidly thereafter they deteriorated and there would be only a handful of relatively linear ways to finish it.  
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News Comments > Dirt Rally Mods or DLC Unlikely
5. Re: Dirt Rally Mods or DLC Unlikely Jul 21, 2015, 12:29 Aero
They don't necessarily have to *support* mods, they just have to not do anything to prevent them or make it unnecessarily difficult. If there is enough interest, the community will create the tools to add new content. They could even help a bit. I don't see how they would get into legal trouble for, say, providing documentation for their file formats. Microsoft doesn't get sued for providing documentation for the DOCX format even though someone might use that to create a document containing unlicensed intellectual property. Of course, Codemasters may have to be worried about good will as well as lawsuits and are just using the legal explanation for the sake of simplicity. After all, nobody has successfully sued ISI over rFactor mods or Kunos over AC mods.  
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News Comments > Star Citizen FPS May Come Next Month
107. Re: Star Citizen FPS May Come Next Month Jul 20, 2015, 19:15 Aero
Kosumo wrote on Jul 20, 2015, 18:07:
4 Wing Commanders, Starlancer, Freelancer and here we are at round six!

Just for the sake of maintaining accuracy, I believe that Starlancer was primarily his brother's work, and the development of Freelancer has eerie paralels to SC, and Roberts was in fact forced out of the project precisely because the scope of the game he was pushing was not feasible at the time. He is undoubtedly a very creative man with good ideas and vision, but I worry about him being fully in charge of a project.
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News Comments > Op Ed
12. Re: Op Ed Jul 17, 2015, 20:18 Aero
First, I think CIG is as screwed up as most, but certainly don't believe they are actively engaging in any sort of fraud, intentionally or otherwise (though it's makes fun hyperbole for arguments). Smart's first article (well, selections of it in between egotistical rambling) was a nice analysis of what has always smelled off about the whole Star Citizen thing. Since then, it's just been publicity milking. CIG should just leave it at refunding his money and not say anything else.

Also, um, I kind of don't believe he actually has a million dollars he can just throw away like that. Might be another #humblebrag, like mentioning his Tesla S in passing in the first article.
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News Comments > Brothers In Arms Rearming
12. Re: Brothers In Arms Rearming Jul 17, 2015, 15:32 Aero
I don't know that I played the latter games, but I thought the first one was quite good. It was a nice change from the run-and-gun of Call of Duty to a more realistic, fire and maneuver system with suppression mechanics and simple but effective fire team controls.

It was a little clunky in some ways to be sure, but it was a solid premise with relatively novel game play. I doubt a "next gen" version will be good, though. I'd like it to be, but I can only imagine it moving further away from the realism that made the first unique.
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News Comments > Gearbox May Outsource Next Duke Nukem
22. Re: Gearbox May Outsource Next Duke Nukem Jul 15, 2015, 12:45 Aero
Isn't a game developer that outsources game development called a publisher?  
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News Comments > Op Ed
26. Re: Op Ed Jul 14, 2015, 13:26 Aero
It's really the amount they were apparently charging for certain things, to my mind, which makes CIG come off as a bad guy. It was all their pretend advertisements and stuff that made it sound like they were selling something in particular (ships) rather than giving token gifts to people who donated extra money to support the game like PBS tote bags. All the same, they still have my $35 worth of confidence. If Chris Roberts had just announced he wanted to make a new space game without giving any sort of details, I would have given him that much to let him have a go at it. He's a victim of his own success because I'm fairly certain he would have done more with less.
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News Comments > IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad Patch, Battle of Moscow Early Access
2. Re: IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad Patch, Battle of Moscow Early Access Jul 7, 2015, 21:15 Aero
Yeah, definitely do not pre-order this. The $90 whatever I spent on the early access version of BOS is one of the more memorable occasions in which I feel like I truly wasted money on a game. I (and a lot of other people) assumed it was going to be Rise of Flight but in WW2, and it's hard to see how that could go wrong, but it definitely did. It has all of ROF's weaknesses and none of its strengths.

It's not horrible, but it's pretty much only good for multiplayer team deathmatch airquake style and 1C have clearly communicated they don't have much interest in anything else (once they'd been paid, of course). Cliffs of Dover (which is like $5 now) with the Team Fusion mod is where to get your WW2 fix.
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News Comments > Fractured Space Content Update
1. Re: Fractured Space Content Update Jul 5, 2015, 01:08 Aero
Looks very cool, but the MP only aspect makes it not my thing. It's good to see them moving on so competently from from Strike Suit Zero, though, which had a lot of heart.  
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News Comments > Steamship Ahoy - Vector Thrust
4. Re: Steamship Ahoy - Vector Thrust Jul 3, 2015, 13:33 Aero
jdreyer wrote on Jul 3, 2015, 12:53:
Anyone playing this? Looking for something that sits between arcady games like Ace Combat and HAWX on the one hand and full blown sims like the DCS series on the other.

DCS in arcade mode might be close to what you're after. Best as I can recall, the flight dynamics are still pretty realistic, but the systems are simplified (no faffing about with radar modes, just lock on target and fire) and so on.

The only other thing I can think of is maybe War Thunder.
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News Comments > Starpoint Gemini Warlords Announced
1. Re: Starpoint Gemini Warlords Announced Jun 24, 2015, 13:30 Aero
I bought Startpoint Gemini 2 in the Steam sale and I've been trying to get into it but not quite succeeding. I like the simplified, Freelancer style interface (though it's not quite as slick as Freelancer), but the galaxy seems to lack a sense of cohesive structure. Its decent though, and I'm going to keep at it for a bit in the hope that it comes together.  
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