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News Comments > Star Citizen Arena Commander Trial for DragonCon Attendees
7. Re: Star Citizen Arena Commander Trial for DragonCon Attendees Sep 1, 2014, 15:53 Aero
I figured it was worth the $45 to see what the deal was, and I believe however messed up the Star Citizen part turns out, that Squadron 42 will be worth it.  
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News Comments > Star Citizen Arena Commander Trial for DragonCon Attendees
5. Re: Star Citizen Arena Commander Trial for DragonCon Attendees Sep 1, 2014, 15:11 Aero
I'm interested to give it a go with the new flight mechanics. What they have right now sucks something awful. The video they showed of the racing seems to indicate they're going the right way, though.  
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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Oculus Rift Video
29. Re: Half-Life 2 Oculus Rift Video Aug 25, 2014, 06:23 Aero
I'm a bit concerned that the advancements in display panels they will need for the next version may be too specialized (like an AMOLED curved in two dimensions, or at least curved along the vertical dimension) and may not allow for taking advantage of the massive production numbers for the phone and tablet industry. One of the great things about the Rift is that it isn't stupid expensive, so I hope things work out. It probably will work out, but the price point right now is just on the high side of perfect. Adding another couple hundred bucks to the sticker could well sink it.  
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News Comments > On Sale
1. Re: On Sale Aug 21, 2014, 19:12 Aero
$20 for Assetto Corsa is an exceptional bargain. It's a brilliant simulator and the user-made addon content is really starting to flood in.

You do really want a force feedback wheel to fully enjoy how well implemented the tire model and physics are, but I know many people who play with a gamepad and enjoy it (being a racing sim, it's probably not recommended if you plan to just use a mouse and keyboard--though people do that as well).

As of the last major update, the netcode is very good (the HUGE question mark hanging over it until that point)--generally on par with any of the other big racing sims--and it's generally just a product with a whole hell of a lot of promise.
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News Comments > Steamships Ahoy - The Golf Club
7. Re: Steamships Ahoy - The Golf Club Aug 19, 2014, 20:59 Aero
I can't say as I've played any of the most recent ones, but I thought some of the Tiger Woods PC ports were fairly good. Once they got the analog mouse controls working, it wasn't bad at all. It had some of the usual EA Sports goofiness, but the actual play mechanics were solid.

On the other hand, the most fun I've ever had playing a golf game was 4-player Mario Golf on the N64, so I'm not exactly an afficianado.

This... I dunno. Nice idea, but from what I've heard, it seems like they haven't put enough effort into the small but vital details.
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News Comments > Star Citizen at $50 Million; New Commercial
14. Re: Star Citizen at $50 Million; New Commercial Aug 16, 2014, 14:31 Aero
I don't know if such a thing exists or not, but with so many people having given so much money, publishing a fairly detailed write up of their business plan, development strategies and progress wouldn't be asking a whole lot. It could put to rest a lot of the (as I see it) increasingly valid concerns people have about the project. Though more money can't hurt per se, I'd be interested in seeing how they're working with an unpredictably expanding budget. If I have a plan to develop a $30 million game and then my budget turns out to be $50 or $100 million, that old plan isn't good anymore and needs to be re-worked.

Presumably, and as I believe they claimed, this was all built into the original plan. So what I'd like to see is how that has worked out over the last year or whatever, and what it will look like going forward into the next year.

I don't believe for a second that it's a scam or anything other than what it's claimed to be, but from where I'm sitting it just seems kind of wobbly. I'd guess this is mostly because the news and press releases are overwhelmingly concerned with funding, features that are planned way out in the fuzzy future and superficial design decisions rather than useful information about concrete progress on the core development to date.
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News Comments > Far Cry 4 Trailers
9. Re: Far Cry 4 Trailers Aug 12, 2014, 22:46 Aero
FC3 was great fun but the plot, pacing and progression were a bit of a mess. If FC4 is the same formula, but carried out with a clearer sense of direction and better pacing of the character's progression, it ought to be very good. If they pushed it a little further with multiple factions and allies that mattered it could be brilliant, but I guess that's asking too much.

FC3 fell apart once it became more Rambo 3 and less First Blood. It was terrific while I was vulnerable and every noise in the jungle made me jump and the sound of a jeep approaching would make me scamper into a ditch and hide. I became a super soldier way too fast, though, circle strafing tigers and leveling mercenary compounds because it was easier than going around them--and the plot wasn't even halfway over. In the cutscenes I was still a pansy frat boy, yet I'd single handedly wiped out half of a small army. I would guess that people's experience of FC3 could vary significantly with how they paced their progression through the plot (you really do want to rush through it). Anyways, I hope they sort that out.
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News Comments > Capcom Working on Ultra Street Fighter IV Connectivity
4. Re: Capcom Working on Ultra Street Fighter IV Connectivity Aug 10, 2014, 12:48 Aero
I'm kind or surprised you can play a fighting game like this where low 10's of milliseconds can matter over the internet regardless of the netcode.  
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News Comments > Sunday Tech Bits
3. Re: Sunday Tech Bits Aug 10, 2014, 12:20 Aero
I wrecked a 30" Samsung monitor because it had a retarded stand clamp such that if it was loose at all, it only needed a slight upward bump to free itself and flop forward. Even the high end stuff tends toward worthless stands. Certainly if I had toddlers bumbling around the house, I'd invest in a decent wall or arm mount regardless of the stand quality.
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News Comments > DCS: Fw 190 D-9 Dora Open Beta
2. Re: DCS: Fw 190 D-9 Dora Open Beta Aug 8, 2014, 18:05 Aero
Every time a new $50 aircraft is released (particularly something comparatively simple like a WW2 era plane), it just further rubs in the fact that everything other than the aircraft themselves is lagging further behind. I can't really fault the third party stuff, of course, and I know the next-but-one DCS update is supposed to finally implement EDGE at least, but it's all getting way too samey for my tastes and wallet.

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News Comments > The Crew Closed Beta Monday
3. Re: The Crew Closed Beta Monday Jul 17, 2014, 20:20 Aero
Maybe sort of a Eurotrucker sort of thing, with a few detailed areas and generic scenery in between. That could be okay if they do it well.

I am a little curious about this in relation to their claim of "thousands of square miles" which would fall short of covering the US by many orders of magnitude.
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News Comments > Mass Effect 4 Survey
16. Re: Mass Effect 4 Survey Jul 15, 2014, 15:45 Aero
I'd be cool with more of the same refined, but with plots contained within individual games: something that is wrapped up at the end of the game without shoehorned cross-game alternate paths. They have a good universe, good core gameplay, and good writing, but that was stretched too thin across ME2 and ME3. That one gimmick, which was a cool idea, didn't pan out in practice.

I'd like to see more done with the IP though. There is still plenty to work with after the events of ME3.
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News Comments > MS Flight Simulator X for Steam This Year; "New Concepts" Coming
13. Re: MS Flight Simulator X for Steam This Year; Jul 9, 2014, 22:49 Aero
Prepar3D is already sort of becoming FSX11. It's in a bit of a licensing quagmire though insofar as FSX payware content is concerend (as I understand it, it technically works fine, but isn't permitted by the license).

It's also a little expensive. Version 2.2 can be damn pretty though. I understand it performs considerably better than FSX as well on the same hardware.
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News Comments > Standalone DCS F-15C
8. Re: Standalone DCS F-15C Jun 30, 2014, 17:57 Aero
It's probably worth noting that if you already own Flaming Cliffs 3 (though there may have been a cut off date), you get all the AFM upgraded aircraft for free.

I wanna like DCS, I really do, and maybe when Edge is released and there is more work on the campaign, I might go back to it, but I always go back to Falcon BMS in the end. BMS 4.33 is looking damn impressive, and could be released soon (or maybe next year, or the year after that, but eventually anyways).

I'll surely be buying the F-18C when it comes out, though. The DCS sims are great for all the time you spend learning how to operate the avionics and weapons systems. After that, though (which admittedly can take weeks or months), I lose interest.... same old, same old.

All rambling aside. For a good pick-up-and-play but still realistic modern combat sim, Flaming Cliffs is hard to beat.
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - GRID Autosport
7. Re: Ships Ahoy - GRID Autosport Jun 25, 2014, 05:00 Aero
This might seem kind of random and trivial, but is telling about wheel support: When you say it autodetects your G27, does it automatically adjust the the steering lock to suit the car? A lot of console-cum-PC semi-sim racers (notably Codemasters F1 games), just assume you will have your wheel setup to some particular lock-to-lock angle (usually 270 or 360). The better PC sims can detect your wheel's lock so you just leave it at its maximum and will adjust the in game car to suit.

I dunno, I have doubts about this one. I'm okay with arcade racers, and I'm great with proper sim racers, but the neither-one-nor-the-other zone in between tends to leave me underwhelmed.
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News Comments > Star Citizen's Realistic Flight Explained
31. Re: Star Citizen's Realistic Flight Explained Jun 19, 2014, 14:43 Aero
How does velocity work? In my experience, if it's realistic and acceleration is only limited by fuel, fighting degrades into a series of high speed head on passes until someone dies. Jousting, in effect, and it's pretty boring.

Then again, if you factor in acceleration stress on the human in the ship which would severely limit your ability to change direction (turn around for the next pass), it could keep the relative velocities low if the ships fighting wanted to stay in contact with one another.

I've never played anything that had both true newtonian physics and g-force limits on the pilot, and I can't even imagine how it would work, especially when you consider the possibility of many ships. I can maybe see some very interesting strategies evolving from it, but it might not be much fun.

edit: In my own opinion, though I'm much more into the sim side of things generally, I'm fine with magicking some of these problems away with technobabble. One possible solution would be to say you've got some kind of gravity damper that allows for very high constant-g turns but not rapid changes in acceleration.

edit2: Okay, I realize that's the opposite of what a damper actually does, but you get the idea.

This comment was edited on Jun 19, 2014, 14:58.
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News Comments > Project CARS E3 Trailer
7. Re: Project CARS E3 Trailer Jun 12, 2014, 00:05 Aero
PCARS is definitely intended to be a full-on simracer but with nods toward the arcade segment such as big fantasy highway type tracks thrown in. IMO as yet the physics and handling still aren't competitive with the other big PC sims. The tire model and force feedback implementation haven't really come together properly yet, but it's improving bit by bit and they have another 6 months to get it right. Time will tell but it could be quite good.

On very powerful hardware it does actually look that good, and I'd be willing to believe that's all real-time footage. It looks nearly that good on my mid-range system, but with the odd jaggies and artifact you'd expect without the latest and greatest hardware. Either way, the graphics engine is superb and well optimized.
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News Comments > Dead Island 2 Announced
15. Re: Dead Island 2 Announced Jun 10, 2014, 12:23 Aero
Spec Ops had the best writing I've ever experienced in a video game and it easily made up for the mediocre gameplay. That plot wasn't great (or even good, really)--it was rather like a brilliant screenplay made from an average book, but fuck if it didn't keep me interested and keep the adrenaline ebbing and flowing way longer than the gameplay warranted (which would have been about 20 minutes). I don't think I've ever got anything approaching bloodlust in any other video game, but I did in Spec Ops.

So... we'll see what they can do with the Dead Island mechanics. I think Techland may have done all they can with it.
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News Comments > Steam Top 10
14. Re: Steam Top 10 Jun 2, 2014, 00:02 Aero
Caved and bought Watch Dogs. It actually runs very well on my system (580GTX 1.5G, 12GB DRAM, 2600K @4.5Ghz) provided I have textures set to medium, but I can crank everything else up and still get very smooth gameplay (haven't measured... neighborhood of 60 though) at 2560x1080.

On the other hand, the game itself is mediocre. Some nice ideas. Nice environment, but for all that, it's still just a GTA clone.

Wolfenstein was the better buy, I'm loving that one in a mindless machine-gun rampage sort of way.
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News Comments > DCS: F-86F Sabre Announced
32. Re: DCS: F-86F Sabre Announced May 31, 2014, 19:57 Aero
Eirikrautha wrote on May 31, 2014, 14:50:
Aero wrote on May 30, 2014, 21:41:
I don't know about this. I mean, of course I want an F-86, but as well as the full-detail DCS aircraft are modeled, and I have bought all of them (except the Mi-8), the rest of the sim leaves too much to be desired. Maybe when Edge or whatever they're calling it now is finally finished I'll take an interest again, but I'm sick to death of flying around the Crimea and the engine has serious performance issues with even moderately populated missions.

Basically, DCS is a fantastic button-pushing, rivet-counting sim, but after that, there isn't much to do. The A-10C and Blackshark provided hours of entertainment just learning how to operate their systems. The P-51, on the other hand, I had figured out in a couple hours, and the the UH-1 wasn't much better. The Sabre should be along the same lines.

Still, if and when we get Edge and if we get a Korean theater complete with Mig-15s and period correct Chinese ground units, that would be brilliant. Not counting IL-2 1946+mods, we haven't had a good Korean era combat sim since Mig Alley, and I have trouble imagining a better scenario--you have the power of swept-wing jets, but without all the BVR combat, endless faffing about with sensors, and so on. It was the pinnacle of seat-of-your-pants dogfighting.

All that said, if the price is right, I'll still probably pick it up when it's released. I'm guessing it's going to cost 50 USD though, and that's REALLY hard to justify.

Do you also have the "Flaming Cliffs" DLCs as well (I think that's now part of the whole DCS thing...)? I've been think of getting the latest one (as it looks more like a game and less like flight school to me), but I'm not sure I want to if it has the same flaws (in scenario/campaign diversity)...

What you can do is just download DCS World on Steam, which is free. It comes with the an Su-25 (sort of the Russian equivalent of an A-10), and this will let you check out the basics of the sim without having to pay for anything.

I do own FC3, but the only difference between FC3 and the other DCS stuff is that the aircraft aren't modelled to the same level of detail (can't work the buttons in the cockpit and so on).
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