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News Comments > Overwatch Brigitte Story Trailer
1. Re: Overwatch Brigitte Story Trailer Mar 5, 2018, 15:27 Flatline
I was on vacation so I didn't get to say this when she game out, but Birgette Brigitte really needed a long hair braid and a silver bow. I'm just saying.  
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News Comments > BATTLETECH in April
4. Re: BATTLETECH in April Feb 27, 2018, 22:36 Flatline
jdreyer wrote on Feb 27, 2018, 21:42:
CJ_Parker wrote on Feb 27, 2018, 21:21:
About fucking time, too. Too bad it'll prolly be another two years minimum before we are at v1.0 instead of this v0.7 beta release that is masqueraded as the full release... all of which, i.e. the hefty delay as well as the beta release version that is missing vital promised features and bug fixes, seems to have become a habit for Kickstarters.
Release the minimum viable product, patch later (or maybe not if it's not doing well commercially).

And then they are surprised that there is a slump in crowdfunding. Well, that's what happens when you bite the hands that feed, morons.
Most games improve after release. Has Harebrained demonstrated this behavior to significant extent?

As for this getting a release, I'm stoked. Haven't received a KS-backed game in a while.

Hairbrained puts out a lot of "director's edition" versions that refine things. Usually this is free, especially for backers. I'm okay with that.

I put over 30 hours into the beta alone, and that was skirmish on like 5 maps, so yeah, I have already had a lot of fun. Judging from the feature list they're stating they will launch with I'll have a lot of fun.
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News Comments > Saturday Tech Bits
9. Re: Saturday Tech Bits Feb 19, 2018, 02:39 Flatline
Bub wrote on Feb 18, 2018, 06:35:
So sad, when stores that were once great, become complacent, and re-arranged deck chairs while Amazon gobbels their lunch.

It's kind of funny I remember back when they were growing and putting small bookstores out of business they were the big 500 pound gorilla bad guys. They had an *extremely* aggressive process where they'd come into a shopping mall and negotiate to be the primary provider of certain things like coffee, forcing the small coffee shops nearby out of business if they were under the same landlord. It's how my first job went away.

I... really don't have much of a bad feeling about them getting their lunch eaten, beyond a general point of not being happy about there being *less* competition with Amazon now. B&N came up as the Amazon of their day, they're going down the way they came up.
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News Comments > Sunday Safety Dance
28. Re: Sunday Safety Dance Feb 19, 2018, 02:34 Flatline
DangerDog wrote on Feb 19, 2018, 02:22:
Well, I would say you're guilty of falling for the fake news story about it being a "low turn out" crowd. I don't recall the "largest crowd ever" statement by Trump. It seems the media were the ones who wanted to nit-pick over crowd sizes. obsessing over it much like you are now.

Dude it took me like... 5 minutes to find the ABC interview where Trump said out of his own mouth "We had the biggest audience in the history of inaugural speeches."

Which even if you include online and TV? Not so much.

And as for your "highly journalistic" source of "zero hedge" who spends multiple pages talking about forced perspective, I can show you a timelapse of the entire day from PBS.

I mean, even Spicer admits that he regrets that whopper.
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News Comments > Remastered System Shock on Hiatus
40. Re: Remastered System Shock on Hiatus Feb 17, 2018, 16:27 Flatline
El Pit wrote on Feb 17, 2018, 01:53:
Also, Prey (2017) feels a lot like a modern System Shock 2 to me. I LOVE it and am surprised that it was not a success. Like many other good games (e.g. Thief 1/2, Dishonored 1/2) it just did not make big money. It seems, most gamers love their loot crate games too much.

Naming it Prey did absolutely no help for the game.
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News Comments > Remastered System Shock on Hiatus
11. Re: Remastered System Shock on Hiatus Feb 16, 2018, 21:06 Flatline
RedEye9 wrote on Feb 16, 2018, 19:52:
This must be a first.
I can't think of one other KickStarted game where too much money has hampered its development.

*cough*Star Citizen*cough*
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News Comments > etc., etc.
11. Re: etc., etc. Feb 15, 2018, 13:18 Flatline
I'd throw money at the screen if someone announced a high quality x-wing space combat sim.

Set up a galactic map that guilds/squadrons could wander through in capital ships, battling for territory? Oh yes. The ability to enter battles after they've begun to escalate them so that small skirmishes had a chance to turn into fleet engagements? Oh. Yes.

My heartbreaker X-Wing game would also include a Homeworld-style perspective commander screen. In theory you'd set a flag on your profile that you're willing to be a commander before a skirmish/mission begins. At the end of every battle, you have a very simple thumbs up/thumbs down on the commander. Similar to how Overwatch lets you vote for players end of game. Highest reputation gets to be the commander at the beginning of a mission.

Commanders set target priorities for squadron wings, waypoints, and basically can keep an eye on the larger battle and redirect forces without the pilots having to constantly scan mission critical targets to monitor them. They also have the option to escalate the battle and call for reinforcements.

Pilots in this heartbreaker earn XP both for their piloting skill and their abilities to follow orders. That way, if you have a crappy commander, you still can earn progress. Or if you have a great commander but are not the greatest dogfighter, you can still level/progress.

Leveling contributes to Squadrons, and allows the squadrons to pimp their home base, increase strike range, unlock new mission types and ship types, etc etc...

For people not in groups/guilds, you can always hit instant action fights throughout the galaxy. You fill in squadrons that are under strength, you can jump around pretty easily into battles across the galaxy, and while you can help individual battles you can't project force and seize territory in the galaxy map like a squadron can.

Anyway, that's my heartbreaker x-wing game.
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News Comments > Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Next Month
3. Re: Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Next Month Feb 15, 2018, 12:57 Flatline
Hopefully the bots are better than Vermintide 1. I didn't get many friends in to play it so bots it were, and they were so atrocious that you could barely play the game.

I guess I'm spoiled by Left 4 Dead.
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News Comments > Steam top 10
16. Re: Steam top 10 Feb 12, 2018, 17:57 Flatline
aka_STEVE wrote on Feb 12, 2018, 08:19:
I am finding SUBnautica a very interesting & creepy good time....

Well worth the price and time so far. Good luck to that team.

One of the best early access games I've bought in a long time.
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News Comments > Sunday Patches
1. Re: Sunday Patches Feb 11, 2018, 15:55 Flatline
Is this the patch that makes Fallout *fun*?

I'm glad I bought it on sale and just got the core game because FFS this is a boring-ass game. I get that Fallout games get going kind of slow but sheesh this game is a chore.

I've started the game 3 times now. Third time I actually spent a little time building a settlement and that was a little cool. I did some more side missions and that was okay.

But every time I get to Diamond City my eyes glaze over and I lose interest. I'd rather play Destiny 2- at least the combat there is slick and fun moment-to-moment.
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News Comments > Saturday Previews
15. Re: Saturday Previews Feb 11, 2018, 15:52 Flatline
VaranDragon wrote on Feb 11, 2018, 05:11:
So there is a cyberpunk commercial? Or is it all fake?

The creator of Cyberpunk TTRPG gave an interview if I'm not mistaken as part of a... vodaphone commercial? Something like that.

It's hard to tell what they talked about because he speaks in English and is overdubbed in Spanish and it's just a muddy mess.


This goes on for seven. Minutes. Which incidentally is right around where YouTube content creators start getting more advertising revenue.

So essentially 10 seconds worth of not-exactly-new information from the guy who invented the TTRPG 30 years ago crammed into 7 minutes of some chick mugging for the camera Paul Logan style.
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News Comments > Saturday Previews
9. Re: Saturday Previews Feb 10, 2018, 18:19 Flatline
Yup. It's also inflated out to 7 minutes so that she gets extra ad revenue. Basically it's youtube clickbait.  
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News Comments > Saturday Previews
1. Re: Saturday Previews Feb 10, 2018, 13:54 Flatline
Man that was a big bait & switch on the Cyberpunk thing.  
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News Comments > Elite Dangerous Expedition Plans
19. Re: Elite Dangerous Expedition Plans Feb 5, 2018, 12:40 Flatline
Cutter wrote on Feb 4, 2018, 19:03:
Finally got around to uninstalling. Complete waste of $10. Watching paint dry is more entertaining than this game. X Rebirth complete on the other hand is actually fun and nice to look at. Can't wait for X4.

I can't wait for your expectations to be dashed on the buggy POS that X games always launch as.
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News Comments > Jess Cliffe Arrest Details
52. Re: Jess Cliffe Arrest Details Feb 4, 2018, 17:16 Flatline
theyarecomingforyou wrote on Feb 4, 2018, 12:44:
Really the determination should be made on an individual basis, rather than applying blanket age restrictions.

No it really shouldn't. In that case the justice system has the potential to become a second perpetrator by the examination that would be necessary to determine if an individual girl is mature enough to consent. In the mean time the guy sits there and waits for his lawyer to finish the "examination".

And how the hell do you draw *that* particular line to begin with even?

I'm fine with tweaking some of the edge cases of sex offender laws. An 18 year old sexting their 17 year old SO shouldn't be registered as a sex offender forever.

But young people are imminently capable of being manipulated and taken advantage of. And even if this girl gave her consent I don't think it's a bad thing he's getting thrown in jail. There are lines you don't cross.

Way, way back in the day when I used to do renaissance faires this used to be an issue. Few underage girls hooked up with guys older than them, occasionally way older. Our group dealt with it by saying we'd kick your ass out and/or alert the police if you shacked up and pulled a stat rape. If there was any question, card them. Hell with the booze and other substances that flowed around back in those days we'd card anyway.

You're the adult. You have the responsibility to not think with your dick or other genitalia when it comes to a sexual partner when there's a significant age discrepancy.
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News Comments > Elite Dangerous Expedition Plans
1. Re: Elite Dangerous Expedition Plans Feb 4, 2018, 17:05 Flatline
That's pretty badass.

The community behind E:D continues to impress me at how they are creating content from the sandbox. I hope Frontier can keep adding in systems to help encourage stuff like this.
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News Comments > GDC Pulls Bushnell's Pioneer Award
16. Re: CIG Responds to Crytek Feb 1, 2018, 14:06 Flatline
jdreyer wrote on Feb 1, 2018, 12:44:
Bushnell pressured employees to get naked at work and get into a hot tub with him (among other things). While not the worse thing in the world relative to Harvey Weinstein, Brett Ratner, etc. it's still bad, and made working at Atari an uncomfortable place to work especially for women.

To be fair, we don't know if people coming on board were told that.

"We have a pretty... ah... relaxed environment here. There's a Jacuzzi in the board room. Bathing suits are prohibited. You okay with that?"

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News Comments > GDC Reconsidering Bushnell Award After Backlash
13. Re: GDC Reconsidering Bushnell Award After Backlash Jan 31, 2018, 17:32 Flatline
ldonyo wrote on Jan 31, 2018, 13:05:
They aren't revising anything, they're asking that the 1970s be viewed through today's societal lens.

That literally is the definition of historical revisionism incidentally.

I think it's silly too. The award doesn't mean f*ck all ultimately. And if there is going to be some exhibit to Bushnell and Atari, then sure, have a section detailing the excesses of the company back then.

Edit: Oh hey look! According to the article it's Brianna Wu who is among the most vocal about this! Why am I absolutely not surprised?
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News Comments > Fallout 4 Free Weekend
7. Re: Fallout 4 Free Weekend Jan 30, 2018, 13:18 Flatline
I keep trying to get into Fallout 4 but every time I get to Diamond City I just like stop giving a shit and get bored and go do something else.  
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News Comments > Star Citizen Website Relaunches, Offers New Trailer
7. Re: Star Citizen Website Relaunches, Offers New Trailer Jan 26, 2018, 12:58 Flatline
wtf_man wrote on Jan 26, 2018, 12:47:
Maze / Labyrinth in space. Basically going to dungeon crawl with a spaceship. Got it.

Not sure we needed a 30 minute video to get the concept.

I didn't sit through it.

I'm imagining it's a procedurally generated "dungeon" for SQ42?

That might be kind of cool to give it some additional longevity if it ever launches and is actually the kind of game you *want* to keep playing.
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