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News Comments > Out of the Blue
26. No subject Dec 19, 2007, 18:10 Mark
FWIW, you needn't worry too much about your dog eating chocolate. While it IS indeed poisonous it takes a rather significant amount of it to do anything bad.

If your dog is 50lbs it would take about 4 POUNDS of chocolate before they'd get seriously ill from it. That's a hell of a lot of M&Ms.

Frankly, I think just about any of us would get sick if we ate a good 10% of our bodyweight in chocolate.

The ones that need to worry the most are those with small dogs. It doesn't take a great deal of chocolate to make, say a Chihuahua, very ill.

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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
29. Re: No subject Dec 5, 2007, 20:56 Mark
Nobodies heard of xFire? Thought that was old. I mean, I THOUGHT THAT was OLD.

Yeah, not that old. Maybe 3-4 years old.

It does offer a lot of the same features as Live does, it's probably the closest thing to being as fully-featured and functional on the PC, but it's in-game support isn't that great (lots of alt-tabbing required which resource-intensive games don't like) and it's continued to have a host of bugs and other problems.

It never really caught on anyway. Still around, but I'm not sure if I've ever met a single person that's used it. Steam Community has probably caught on more and faster in a much shorter period of time.

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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
26. Re: No subject Dec 5, 2007, 20:34 Mark
I'm a big proponent of Steam. I have probably 25 games on there. But, as popular as it is, it's still only a fraction of the total multi-player gaming going on, though as a percentage of online FPS playing it's probably fairly large (which isn't most of my PC MP, mine tends towards RTS). And even while many people have accounts there, the majority of their gaming isn't done over that service. Me personally, I'd buy every game over it if I could, but fact is that the majority of major PC releases aren't found on Steam.
It doesn't help that many PC gamers don't like Steam. I think they're turning around, the sentiment certainly seems to have eased considerably since it was launched. But there's still a large portion of the population that's hesitant to run it.

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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
24. Re: No subject Dec 5, 2007, 20:20 Mark
Stuff is starting to cost money that never cost money before because of the sole fact these people are greedy as hell and the consumers don't care or are to stupid to know otherwise (we are talking about console users here)

And you'd have to be stupid to think that the PC EVER had the features or capability in a single program like Live. Stop thinking of it as paying for a particular feature, and think of it as paying for FUNCTIONALITY, something that MP gaming on the PC is woefully lacking in. And always will be.

I was a PC gamer for a VERY long time; started out playing the original text-based games, moved on to some of the original "massively multiplayer" games like WarBirds and Meridian, and still do the majority of my gaming there though I've recently started playing a bit of MP over Xbox Live, but I would NEVER lament MS charging $50 for what is without a doubt a far superior multiplayer interface than the PC has EVER had.

Sure, you can get your "Friends Lists" on AIM, MSN, etc.... but you can't see what, if anything, they're playing. If they are playing a game, you're screwed you can't talk to them AT ALL. And since you can't even see what they're playing you can't even start it up and try to find them on the servers for that particular game, since every game has its' own servers. Microsoft actually tried it with MSN quite a while ago, but it never caught on, simply because MSN wasn't that popular at the time combined with no developers outside of MS' own games would implement any of the features.

Live doesn't offer anything that you can't do on the PC for free, that's true. But it's about a thousand times more convenient and easier to use.

With 3 button presses you can open a live chat with anyone in any game. Try that on a PC. You can't. The best you can hope is that your buddy is on the same TeamSpeak/Ventrilo server as you, but then that means he's not on the same one as the guys he's playing with.

With 3 button presses you can text anyone in any game. Try that on a PC. You can't. Sure, you can text your buddies anytime you want with IM software, but they won't be able to see your message until they quit their game.

Want to play with your buddies? With 2 clicks you can be put right into their game. You can do that NOW on the PC, but that's a pretty recent development and there's still a LOT of PC games where joining a buddies game is still a matter of manually seeking out the name of the game they started (and good luck knowing that without joining a TeamSpeak server beforehand, which is an effort in and of itself).

With Live, EVERY person is playing EVERY game on what is essentially the same server. There's no hunting a buddy down trying to figure out what game they're playing or what "room" they're in (a wonderful feature that many PC games still use for some reason). There's no pre-game setup of the TeamSpeak servers and channel settings and then the subsequent fact that, by doing do you just alienated yourself from everyone else you're playing with or against, since they wouldn't be on the same server -- you could join the in-game voice interaction, but then you'd be alienated from your friends. There's no way to be possibly reached by everyone, you have to choose. Texting while in game is virtually impossible. You can often text within your GAME, but very few games allow texting from a room to a game or vice versa, let alone to someone playing a completely different game.

There is only one piece of software for the PC even coming close to the true features and functionality and that is the new Steam community. But, even then, you're limited to just interacting with friends that are playing over Steam. If they're playing something else, they might as well not even exist; you can't interact with them at all. Unless you happen to have their cell number and can pick up the phone and call them.

There's a reason why, to this very day, I pay $40/month for a personal cell phone. And it is exclusively for multi-player gaming on the PC. It is EXPONENTIALLY easier to just call up my buddies and use a cellphone and a headset to find out if he's playing something tonight, coordinate our games, chat in game, etc. That is literally the only thing I keep a personal cell phone for since my business one would be fine for my otherwise occassional personal use.

This comment was edited on Dec 5, 20:24.
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News Comments > Ghostbusters Announcement
5. Re: No subject Nov 17, 2007, 03:18 Mark
It's not news FOR YOU, but if you liked the Ghostbuster's franchise (and, judging by the response I've seen lately there's a lot more people who do than I ever thought) then the announcement that a game is under development would be a pretty interesting bit of news.

And it's not like they're announcing that they're just starting and have nothing to show for it yet -- the game has been under development for quite some time. Probably upwards of a year. There are screenshots available.

Should we, from now on, just read news where "the game is out" and not a word before? That'd make marketing a game an utter bitch. But at least then I could walk into the store every Wednesday and be surprised at what showed up the day before.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - PC Gears of War
14. Re: TEARS of BORE . . . dom Nov 7, 2007, 00:35 Mark
Deux Ex 2 averaged only a score of 80%. Hardly "excellent".

That said, Deux Ex only scored an average of 90%. Hardly what it deserved IMHO (GoW averaged 94). But that's probably only because extremely high scores are given out like candy thesedays. I've probably seen more scores over 90% in the past year than the past 5 years put together. And, sorry, but games today aren't THAT good/better.

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News Comments > Homeworld to Return?
1. No subject Nov 4, 2007, 17:07 Mark
While I do believe that Barking Dog (now Rockstar Vancouver) showed it could make a better Homeworld than Relic (IMHO Cataclysm was better than both the original and the sequel) it would still be a VERY welcome addition to the market today (or, probably 2-3 years from now really unless title was in dev before trademark was transferred).

I just wonder if they actually got it from Sierra, or if it just reverted to THQ as part of whatever deal they had in place with Relic, meaning THQ could just be sitting on it now with no intentions of doing anything. With the massive critical sucess of Company of Heroes, I wouldn't be surprised if they either don't do anything with Homeworld for a while or give it to another dev house.

This comment was edited on Nov 4, 17:08.
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News Comments > Need for Speed: ProStreet Demo
10. Re: Chase? Nov 2, 2007, 23:06 Mark
The game was "arcadey" and "rice". It was also one of the best-selling racing franchises ever, second only to Gran Turismo. So they were clearly doing something right, even if some portion of the market complained.

They fundamentally changed the game in ways that will almost assuredly leave them with a smaller potential audience than before. Particularly when you consider that, on the 360, PGR4 (which the game pretty much goes head-to-head with now) just came out 3 weeks ago.

They were moving in the right direction with the move from Underground 2 to Most Wanted. Then they took about 4 steps backwards and came up with Carbon.

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News Comments > Need for Speed: ProStreet Demo
5. Re: Chase? Nov 2, 2007, 22:11 Mark
Oh, and no, there are no chases in the demo. No chases in the full game either. The game is no longer about street racing, police chases, anything of the sort. It's purely about legitimate, legal, and even semi-realistic racing -- in other words, pretty far from what the NFS series has been about, particularly lately.

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News Comments > Need for Speed: ProStreet Demo
4. Re: No subject Nov 2, 2007, 22:09 Mark
It's actually about as far from NFS: Underground as you can get.

Unfortunately, that's not so much a good thing either. It's a decidely more serious racing game than the NFS series ever has been, so, in the end, it's not really a NFS game anymore.

If they could have fleshed out the Most Wanted concept now THAT would be a good game. Most Wanted had some excellent arcade racer mechanics but it was a horribly shallow game.

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News Comments > Troll & Armor Announced
2. Re: No subject Oct 31, 2007, 17:38 Mark
How exactly is a development house that's still 1.5 years away from releasing its debut title, a "leading" developer?

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News Comments > No Assassin's Creed Demo
17. Re: No subject Oct 5, 2007, 00:42 Mark
Crackdown gave away a third of it's game too, by making an entire island (1 of the 3) available to play. And it was 100% completely fully-featured too; you could even fully progress your character in a specifically-designed accelerated form so you could, basically, experience a VERY large portion of what the game had to offer right in the demo and do it in a very short timeframe.
It was an IMMENSELY successful marketing idea, turning Crackdown (a new IP that didn't have much hype prior to the demo) into the most downloaded Xbox Live feature EVER. It also quickly became the most played 360 game on XBL. Two records it held until the advent of the Halo 3 demo, IIRC.
As a result, preorders skyrocketed to the point that demand couldn't even be met. Sales vastly exceeded expectations. And all this despite the fact that the demo offered almost 100% of the features in the full-game and fully 1/3rd of the content. It was a nod to the old shareware days, where you got a fully-functional piece of software that was good for X days or uses.

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News Comments > No Assassin's Creed Demo
7. Re: No Demo = No Purchase Oct 4, 2007, 23:00 Mark
"Sandbox-style game that includes three "huge" cities"

Sounds like Crackdown. Yet they somehow managed to make a demo. A pretty damned good one at that.

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News Comments > More Bungie Rumors
13. Re: Oct 3, 2007, 01:54 Mark
By the way I spent about a half-hour searching for Bungie's ticker symbol and it simply does not exist.

Companies don't have to have a ticker to have shareholders. Only publicly-traded companies will have tickers, but all companies have shareholders (even if it's just one owner that has all the shares). A publicly-traded game developer would be an extraordinarily rare thing. But one with a number of shareholders is quite common. Usually when starting up a development house it's common for whomever is starting it up to offer the lead positions a share in the new company to lure them away from whatever sure thing they've got going on elsewhere.

So you've got the lead programmers, producers, etc that all initially started up this new company BECAUSE they wanted to make something different on their own that, now, for the past few years have been on somewhat of a tight leash creatively I'm sure; though as the head people at Bungie they've undoubtedly been very nicely compensated for it. So they can run off and repeat the same process, which is what developers do, and why for every big success you'll see a half-dozen new development houses pop up as the shareholders take their cuts of the profits and run. Or, if you like the people you work with, you take the profits "The Man" has been paying you and you offer to buy yourself back out again.

And then Microsoft, faced with either a mass exodus from Bungie, has to decide to take the offer which will at least give you future rights of first refusal on Bungie games, or face having Bungie gutted from the inside as all the employees leave which could make it a virtually worthless asset anyhow.

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News Comments > Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Collector’s Edition
11. Re: No subject Sep 12, 2007, 13:56 Mark
That extra $10 isn't for the "extra work" for the developers. That covers the royalty fee for MS/Sony/Nintendo/etc, the developers see very little if any of that extra cost (developers, frankly, see very little of that $60 for that matter). With PCs there is no such fee to pay to anyone so the game is cheaper.

This comment was edited on Sep 12, 13:57.
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News Comments > Gold - Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts
8. Re: w00t! Sep 12, 2007, 13:23 Mark
Actually the release does narrow the date down somewhat stating that the game will "begin shipping to retail outlets in North America later this month." which corresponds to the widely reported 9/24 or 9/25 street-date that's been widely used for some time.

This comment was edited on Sep 12, 13:25.
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News Comments > Evening Tech Bits
1. No subject Jan 8, 2007, 21:09 Mark
$200 for a vibrating mouse??!?

This is the EXACT same technology that Logitech used more than 5 years ago with their iFeel mice and TouchSense technology. It was actually pretty impressive stuff that was beyond even the force-feedback we see in modern consoles. You could not only feel texture but you could even really notice the difference between different materials.

Unfortunately there were only about 2 games that used it though. But it not only functioned in games, you could even "feel" the edges of windows and the like.

In fact, I still use the mouse every single day (although it's been relegated to the office mouse as I prefer a much better dpi for gaming). I don't, and never really did use the feedback tech (you could turn it off), but as an optical mouse it's very comfortable and has lasted through 12+ hours of use a day for the past 6 years or so And when I bought it 5 years ago at a Big Lots for $15 after it was a massive retail failure it was a tiny fraction ofthe cost of any other optical mouse you could get at the time.

This comment was edited on Jan 8, 21:09.
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News Comments > Saturday Consolidation
8. Re: No subject Dec 24, 2006, 00:40 Mark
It would be harder for me to find a store that DIDN'T have a PS3 in stock than one that did.

Our GameStops have them. Our Targets have them. Our Wal-Marts have them. Hell, even the Home Shopping Network had some on the other day. Don't think the Best Buy had any but Circuit City had quite a few. My local Gamestop has several in stock and, according to an associate I spoke to there, has even gone at least one full day without selling one despite having them in stock.

I don't think I've seen a single PS3 eBay auction close for anything above MSRP (at least when factoring in tax) in at least a week. And those unlucky enough to list for no-reserve are actually LOSING money (provided they actually go through with the auction). Saw one last night, a 20GB with 2 games and an extra controller go for under $500.

Not as many PS3s as there are 360s lying around obviously. There are literally mountains of those at the Best Buys around here. But I haven't seen a single Wii in stock anywhere since Launch Day.

Maybe the Dallas/Fort Worth area is a major vacuum of PS3 demand. But I doubt that. There is very clearly a significant difference in demand than there was just a short time ago.
This comment was edited on Dec 24, 00:46.
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