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News Comments > Oblivion Expansion?
72. Re: No subject Sep 15, 2006, 17:58 Versailles
My responsibility is not to "pay attention." My responsibility is to be entertained.

um, how can you be entertained if you're not paying attention?.....

It's hardly fair to go to the premiere of a box office hit, spend the entire time zoning out looking at your shoes/examining jr mints and thus not seeing Any of the movie, then say, "this movie didn't entertain me at all! Stupid directors! Stupid producers! Worthless actors!!!!!! And I PAID FOR THIS!!!!"

The sad thing is, based on your logic, or perhaps lack thereof, I foresee you playing the next oblivion expansion/next elder scrolls game and knowing what you know now (that using 130% chameleon ruins the game and makes it gay), you will still use 130% chameleon (or higher), then bash that game too. If you KNOW something ruins the game, DON'T DO IT! Period.

Further, if you knowingly exploit the game and purposely ruin the experience just to be an ass, why bother even buying the game? why not just have a friend buy it, ruin it, then bitch about it later, at least then you wouldn't waste any money.

It sounds as if you go out of your way to exploit flaws in games. I can imagine that if there was a game that didn't work with the 68.22 nvidia drivers, so you had to upgrade to correct the problem, you'd go out of your way to install the 68.22 drivers, bash nvidia, then bash the game developers for poor compatibility, Just for the sake of doing something you know is problematic/faulty, to point out the obvious.

Regardless, you now Know that using uber chameleon ruins the experience, so I genuinely hope that you Never plan on using it ever again, in any game, for the rest of your life. And if you do, well, then you're just a genuinely bothersome chap.

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News Comments > Oblivion Expansion?
68. Re: No subject Sep 15, 2006, 07:28 Versailles
It was a hypothetical question, based on the comment:

So yeah, you can't justifiably complain about a game being too easy when you make it easy for yourself.

Not unlike how your comment:

If you're allergic to watermelon (and eating it will kill you) and somebody offers you a plate of sliced watermelon, it doesn't mean that you HAVE to eat it. Whereas if you're being held captive in Guantanamo Bay and they're shoving watermelon down your throat, you don't really have a choice.

...had nothing to do with Oblivion or Counter Strike.

Slight difference, you were comparing games with unbalanced weapons, which was inherently flawed, since Oblivion doesn't have any Überweapons. In my watermelon point, however, I was pointing out that in Oblivion, as in any game, there is always choice. Granted, if you're given a gravity gun/tommy gun with infinite ammo and there are no other weapons, then that's just gay and the developers should be executed in the streets. However, if you can switch between weapons, logic would dictate that you not use the cheapest one All the time. It really just comes back to responsibility.

If you don't have the responsibility to play the game right, you certainly don't have the responsibility to bitch. Like using 130% chameleon, nobody is forcing you to to defend it here to a bunch of anonymous internet weirdos.

Everybody has their own gaming preferences, just like everybody has their own opinions. That's fine, that's Freedom in action. However, if you Choose to play a certain way, you shouldn't come out and bash that style of play, especially if you continue to do so.

Playing CS:

*hides in a corner and headshots everybody with an AWP 10 times in a row*
"damn, awping people while hiding makes the game boring."
*hides and awps 50 more people*

Playing Oblivion:

*puts on 130% chameleon and doesn't take it off. Quickly closes first gate.*
"wow, this game is really boring when you use 130% chameleon to close the gates"
*closes 3 more using 130% chameleon and skipping all enemy encounters*
*skips remaining gates*
"wow, this game sucks."

Logic dictates that in both cases, that if something is boring, that you should change. Does it not? Does boredom not make an incentive for you to change your ways?

Beamer: I gather that you played Morrowind, yes? Why aren't you still playing it? Why did you move to Oblivion? Because you got bored of Morrowind? Because it was the same thing over and over and you ultimately did everything? Bordem promotes change. Thus, if you're 10% into Oblivion and you get bored, you should likely change your ways of doing things, since you haven't even completed 90% of the game. And if you're 90% in and you're bored, you should either stop playing the game and move to another game or you should have changed your methods of playing as soon as it got bored.

When I played through Morrowind, I spent most of the time using longswords and chopping people to pieces (well, killing them at least. Elder Scrolls really needs to add dismemberment/gore, it would make it more entertaining), it got bored, so I began using bows and arrows, that got bored, so I began using spells. Then once I had completed about 95% of the game and used every spell/weapon/etc. and after I had killed all the hard enemies/gods, there was no reason to continue playing, so I stopped. Occassionally, I go back and look at the landscape, but that's about it.

Really though, based on the statements you've made, you're the fodder that Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Republicans like Jack Thompson use to "prove" that gamers are unoriginal, uncreative, and simple individuals, whose minds and abilities to think have been rotted away by video games.

If you get bored, DO something to change it, don't just stare mindlessly at the screen and zone out. You're a Gamer, for God's Sake! Act!


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News Comments > Oblivion Expansion?
67. Re: No subject Sep 15, 2006, 07:06 Versailles
And how can people keep comparing a part of the main game to an easter egg reward for beatng the game?

Fairly Easily, mainly because both are "parts" of the game. And just like you don't HAVE to use the tommygun, you also don't HAVE to run around with 130% chameleon on all of the time. Now if your goal is to beat RE4 as quickly as possible, yeah, use the tommygun, you can then beat the game in about 4 hours or less, provided you skip all the cinematics and blow everything to shit. And yeah, using 130% chameleon to skip past all the gates also speeds the game along. But when you consider that closing the gates is part of the MAIN QUEST, it would make sense to play it as the developeres intended you on playing it. And chances are, the developers didn't intend you on putting on 5000% chameleon, 5000% speed, then running to the end of the map and closing the gate in 10 seconds. If they had, they wouldn't have strategically placed enemies all over the map.

Granted, I wouldn't have minded 130% chameleon for one of the gates I closed, but that was due to the fact that when I closed the first gate, I was a level 2 character, had NO WEAPONS (they all broke), and I had to defeat the enemies in the main room with the orb by running around backwards in circles shooting the default fireball spell at them. But what resulted from that? An actual challenge. So in the end, the victory was all the more sweet. Especially since the second I finished, I thought, "F*CCCCCKKKK!!!!!...That was a B!tch."

So again, if your main issue is being bored, use your brain (the same one that strategically thought out what amount of chameleon each piece of armor would need to fully shield yourself from the view of enemies) and do something to decrease your boredom. Raise the slider difficulty, don't use chameleon (or at least don't use it until you're on the verge of dying, then use it to recover), etc.

It's not my job as a gamer to keep interested in a game

Yes, it is. that's your duty as a gamer: to play games. And if YOU yourself personally ruin the game so much by making the game a chore rather than a pleasure, then you're obviously not playing the game. you're working. and working isn't fun. Unless you're a workaholic.

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News Comments > Oblivion Expansion?
60. Re: No subject Sep 14, 2006, 02:45 Versailles
hmm, well, the tommy gun is a weapon available from the merchant. And purchasing and using weapons from the merchants is a key gameplay fundamental.

But the key is that while it is an aspect of gameplay, it is not necessary. You can easily beat Resident Evil 4 around 400 times+ without ever having to use it. Likewise, you can also beat Oblivion 400+ times without ever having to go out of your way to enchant several items to obtain 130% chameleon. I have a friend who beat it and never even used chameleon except for like one quest, and even then it was a temporary 80% chameleon potion to sneak past a guy.

Let's be honest here, clearly you like using Chameleon and like walking around the game like a God, otherwise you wouldn't use it. Fair enough. But it's really pointless to bash the game or its developers because of how you choose to play the game, especially since it seems contradictory to lambast the game for the one aspect that you like/take advantage of.

Ultimately you can be cheap in any games to keep off the pressure if you like, but if you choose to employ cheap tactics and then it's your fault if the experience seems shallow/hallow, nobody else's. It's all about choice, Freedom. So to attack Oblivion for its open-ended gameplay is really just attacking its Freedom, which in a post 9/11 world, simply cannot be tolerated. On the contrary, the vast majority of Oblivion players love Oblivion because of its Freedom.

Thank you very much and may God continue to Bless America.

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News Comments > Oblivion Expansion?
57. Re: No subject Sep 13, 2006, 22:56 Versailles
hmm, interesting debate going on here. Are you guys for real?

Beamer: yeah, you may not be "cheating" but logic dictates that if you're being cheap and ruining the experience, it's probably not how the developers intended you on playing the game. If they had, they likely would have had several 500% Chameleon coats drop every time you killed a rat. But the fact remains: why exactly haven't you stopped using the 130%+ Chameleon itemS (emphasis) if your experience has been so tainted? Is it because without the items you'd be posting here about the game being too unbalanced/gay because it's too hard, due to the fact that you'd be getting pwned instead of running around attacking enemies while entirely hidden like a ghost?

nin: you used an example, which Beamer praised, about buff items being provided by the devs. Mind you we're talking about Oblivion here, not Counter-Strike. And from what I've played of Oblivion in my spare time, I don't seem to recall any particularly cheap weapons and certainly no items lying around with more than 100% Chameleon constant effect. So it's not exactly fair or even relevant to draw a comparison between oblivion and cheesier games.

I mean, if to get 130% chameleon, you have to put in over 50 hours dedicated Just to attaining the items, it's not as if the developers just "put it before you" to take with ease. And even then, it really does come back to self responsibility.

A Great example is Resident Evil 4. When you play through the first couple of times, it's a GREAT game, lots of suspense, lots of intense action, and just overall a great experience. However, once you've beaten it about 2-3 times and you get $1,000,000 (you only get about $500,000 per game completed), then buy the Tommy Gun that has infinite ammo, the experience is pretty much lost. Why? because instead of having to run away from these HUGE mutant mexican giants and shoot and take cover, you can simply stand in place, hold down fire for a few seconds, and beat them. Thus, no skill, whatsoever, involved.

So if you're to replay the game for the 2nd/3rd time (and really no reason to replay the game to begin with unless you're specifically going out of your way to get these uber buff items), use the tommy gun, blow through the entire game in a couple of hours, not dying once, it's not like you're playing for the gameplay or for suspense/horror/whatever. At this point you're just playing the game to mindlessly blow things away. And Yeah, if it starts to seem mindless, that's because it wasn't originally part of the game and it wasn't how the game was meant to be played. If it were meant to be played that way the first time through, they would have given you only an infinite ammo tommy gun as your primary weapon and nothing else throughout the entire game. Needless to say, it would be fairly shitty and would further be just cause for bashing the developers.

But really, if you go out of your way to play cheap, don't go around boasting about how being cheap makes you feel cheap, because it seems rather futile. Unless you're going out of your way to boast about how buff your character is. But even in that case, again, stop using Chameleon and play the game. Trust me, it won't be as easy. They scale enemies in Oblivion for a reason, friend.

Always remember, there is a Big difference between being forced to do something and having the option to do something.

If you're allergic to watermelon (and eating it will kill you) and somebody offers you a plate of sliced watermelon, it doesn't mean that you HAVE to eat it. Whereas if you're being held captive in Guantanamo Bay and they're shoving watermelon down your throat, you don't really have a choice.

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