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News Comments > Out of the Blue
34. I knew it Blue Oct 9, 2008, 12:23 Woody
This comment was deleted on Oct 9, 2008, 13:27.
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News Comments > $6M WoW Glider Judgment
2. What a surprise Oct 1, 2008, 10:51 Woody
How surprising. The billion dollar corporation wins the case.

I am sure glad that Iraq war happened. After the "WMD in Iraq" total lie situation, I see the world as it really is.

Big money always wins. Powerful people always win.

Look at that financial bailout. They are giving money to the corporations that caused the problems, instead of giving money to you and me, the taxpayer whose money it is, to save our homes. They could set up a 700 million fund to lend directly to you and me so we don't get evicted, but they are giving the 700 million to Wall street instead so they don't get evicted.

"Little people win against big guys" is propaganda to keep the populace complacent and easily controlled.

This comment was edited on Oct 1, 10:52.
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News Comments > Spore Patch Issues
20. Beautiful post Sep 21, 2008, 22:52 Woody
That was a beautiful post Space Captain.

I hope the people that needed to hear it understand it.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
21. Re: 24-hour curfew in a small town in AR Aug 16, 2008, 19:47 Woody
"The mayor imposed a 24-hour curfew on a 10-block section of town. For three days, police checked the IDs of everyone in or out. They made 15 drug- and gun-related arrests and served another 18 outstanding warrants.
Honestly I wish more cities did this for areas known for their high crime rates."

You do realize what you are asking don't you? You do realize where this policy comes from don't you? This is Iraq style military occupation of cities. They have done this in both Falljah and Sadr City.

What you are asking for is a military occupation of your area.

That is not the first place they have done it. They did it in Washington DC too. When the economy crashes, you will probably get your wishes.

This is for you Blue

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
10. Someone posting politics again? Aug 13, 2008, 14:56 Woody
"Okay, in a strange twist, our recent server migration may be requiring another server migration. "

I haven't read anything in here in years. Have no idea what the conversations have been like lately.

Someone been talking politics here lately blue? Server migration? Server migration?

Maybe you should prepare for another months downtime?

I just read an article in the news today about how the government has 280,000 workers who roam the internet forums and chatrooms pushing propaganda.

Weird new world this century is turning out to be.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
13. Oh Noes! Aug 7, 2008, 10:54 Woody
Weird how life changes people. If you were an alien, you could learn about the evolution of the thought processes and life of an adult male human being, by going through blues from beginning to end

Young man plays video games involving killing people.

Older man marries, gets rich, moves to the country, and starts talking about dogs.

The man and his acquaintances reach child bearing age, and he begins to talk about neices, nephews, and barbecues for family.

The man then gets older still and reaches the point where his acquaintances start to die. I predict there will be about 5 years of people dying news next, if the pattern holds.

5 years gaming news. 5 years dog news. 5 years barbecue news.

Then Blue will reach old age, and he will start talking about his aches and pains, the pills he takes, and the doctor procedures he has to undergo. What kind of rocking chair he should buy and what denture adhesive he should use.

Life is so weird. And so predictable.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
20. I'll be damned. Blue is a scumbag! Jul 22, 2008, 14:24 Woody
For people that don't know, I have been here for...almost the entire life of the site. Seems like forever. I liked Blue, I liked his site, it was a comfortable place to get game news.

Then a few years ago during all the war shit, the Feds took Blues offline for a month because I was posting anti war stuff. The company that runs Blues website gave him a song and dance about miscommunication was why the site was down for so long. That is what Blue claimed anyways.

It was the feds that closed the site down.

When the site went down, the forums moved to bearkey. I continued posting about the war at bearkey because in the first few days of the Blue site downtime, it was uncertain whether it was a glitch, or the month long downtime it turned into.

After the conversation got around to the Feds closing the site for war talk, Blue got scared and he banned my account. I kind of don't blame him in a way. Feds are scary. But at the time I was really dismayed that the good natured Blue I thought I knew would do something like that.

I was reading something this morning that linked back to those old threads. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the good natured Blue, animal lover, barbecue friendly guy, had deleted my posts, and replaced them with something derogatory.

That is the mark of a low class person. Mostly on the internet, only kids and scumbags will alter what a person has written so it says something else. But I guess Blue is one of those scumbags

Blue erased my post and this is what Blue wrote instead.

"Wah wah wah -- I got banned for being a hateful troll!

Now I need to find a different forum to poison.

Poor me! I'm being repressed! ",1110133802,5729&s=0&id=811007#13

Blue you scumbag. I wrote you personal emails discussing all this when it happened. You acted friendly and polite with me. I wrote it all off to a misunderstanding. I still come to the site to read. Although your transformation into a barbecue cooking dog loving guitar hero playing old woman means I no longer read your personal bit at the end of each page.

Wow. It takes me 3 or 4 years to discover Blue is a lying deceiving scumbag like everyone else. Polite to your face, erasing what you write and replacing it behind your back. I feel like I did when I found out Santa Claus was not real. Even though I fought with Blue, I felt he always took the high road and would not go down to the low road.

I respected you Blue. Now you are just another dirty person who erases what people write, and inserts lies in their posts.

Blue? I still have the page showing you as a wanker. I actually took it down because I felt that even though it was all true, I would be nice to you.

I guess I will have to put it back up on the web again as another example of what happens to people who masturbate too much.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
9. That poor dog. Death for showing love Jul 6, 2008, 20:51 Woody
Humans are so sick in the head it is sickening. That poor dog was trying to help it's owner, and she killed him for it.

Do you know what gangrene is? Gangrene is where part of your body dies and starts to rot. In the old days, the doctors amputated gangrenous limbs because they could not stop the gangrene. If the limb was not amputated, the person would die.

Now imagine you are a dog. One of your buddies get's gangrene from stepping on a thorn. What do you do? You are a dog. You cannot operate. You cannot take him to the hospital. What do you do?

You eat off the gangrene. If you are a dog with nothing but teeth, and you want to save your buddies life from gangrene rotting his entire body, you eat the gangrene part off of him to stop it from spreading.

That ladies toe was dead or dying. That poor dachsund was trying to help his owner in the only way a dog could. By chewing off the diseased part of the body.

That bitch. I am crying thinking of that poor dog helping it's master, even if by human standards the method was disgusting or revolting, then that poor dog's stupid foolish master killed it for trying to save her life.

I swear humans are some of the stupidest animals on the planet.

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News Comments > Diablo III Announced
13. WoW = Ded Jun 28, 2008, 11:06 Woody
"Does this mean that WoW subscriptions are starting to decline?"

Excellent insight. The server I play on feels completely dead. Groups are impossible to find now. If you are leveling a char up, you either pay people to join your group, or if you are lucky, friends or guildies help.

I think they screwed themselves with Kara and BG. Why would anyone go to dungeons when all the good stuff comes from BG or going to Kara? I don't want to do BG or Kara, so for players like me, the game has died.

I haven't played my first 70 char for 6 or 9 months. The other ones, as soon as they hit 70 I stopped playing them. What's the point? They don't level up, and if I refuse to go to BG or Kara, they can't get good loot anymore.

I cancelled my subscription.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
4. Anti Monkey Butt Powder Jun 19, 2008, 10:30 Woody
That place should be sent to the law for false advertising.

I thought it was a powder to stop monkey's from going after your butt. "Anti Monkey" -- "Butt Powder".

Instead, it is a powder to stop some rash condition they call "monkey butt".

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
1. No subject Jun 10, 2008, 10:09 Woody
"Okay, so this is kind of weird. Yesterday Ken Griffey Jr. became only the sixth player in Major League Baseball history to hit 600 career home runs. The weird part? Dusty Baker has been the manager for the last three (Bond, Sosa, and now Griffey), for three different teams. Wacky."

Hey Blue? I think you need a dictionary. You got the spelling of that last word wrong. It is spelled


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News Comments > Duke Nukem Forever Sighting
72. I think blues was hacked Jun 5, 2008, 20:39 Woody
Dagok "Your account was removed? That's even more weird.

Hey Blue did you ever figure out who deleted one of my posts? This was going back a few months now. You had said it wasn't you, and it didn't contain anything "bad". Was just a random *REMOVED*."

About 6 months or a year ago there was a building demolition in Vegas. I created a post that linked the building demolition in Vegas to 9/11. I told people to watch both videos and compare them, then decide if it was a plane or explosives that blew up the 9/11 buildings.

Anyone watching the Vegas building demolition would see the exact same thing in the 9/11 building collapses. Exact same thing.

That post was removed.

At the time I thought Blue must still be scared of getting knocked off line again or something. But it just didn't feel right. It had been years since the site went down, and I just didn't see blue deleting a post that really made no difference anymore.

Now I wonder if the mystery hacker removed the post. If someone removed Nin's post to protect Broussard, someone could have removed my post to stop that issue from coming up again.

Must be a well known hack for these type of boards floating around if multiple people can get into it and make deletions. Must be a computer literate person also because who else would be aware of well known hacks for bulletin boards?

You know you have made it to the top Blue, when the forces of evil go to the trouble to break into your boards and delete comments. If you were nobody, they wouldn't bother.

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News Comments > Gold - Bus Driver
12. I am so excited! May 5, 2008, 10:55 Woody
This news has me so excited I think I might sell my console and buy one of those expensive gaming PC's.

Heck. I think this signifies that gaming on the PC is coming back!

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News Comments > Valve Q&A
6. Valve is no longer in the game business May 3, 2008, 10:31 Woody
Valve guys play the Wii? They want to make a kids Wii game?

Valve is gone. The guys are old men now. They are rolling in money from steam. Who wants to work and slave on a new video game for 4 or 5 years, when all you have to do is stand under the money spigot that is steam and let your pockets fill up?

Let them go. They were done when they started episodic content. I bought the first half life from steam and have never gone back. They are a for profit corporation now, not a game developer

And don't forget guys, this does NOT mean PC gaming is dying. Just because the guys at one of the major PC game developers play with the Wii doesn't mean PC gaming is dying. Just like Blue, the owner of one of the bigger PC game sites on the web playing consoles, does not mean PC gaming is dying. Sheesh!

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News Comments > Adios from Eidos
15. Re: PR, sales and marketing? Apr 27, 2008, 11:46 Woody
"last night i fucked your mom up the ass, the american way... it was great"

Can I ask you a question? What is it with you Americans and the butt? You guys love homosexuality and you love the butt. Why?

You go invade Iraq and what does the world hear next? American soldiers playing with the Arab guys butts.

What is wrong with you Americans anyways? All your men are homosexual butt lovers.

Why don't you like the vagina? What is it about playing with feces, smelling them, stirring them around, packing them in, that stimulates you?

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News Comments > Major Rock Band Update This Week
10. No subject Mar 20, 2008, 12:03 Woody
"Blues News is a mainly PC oriented site that usually limits talking about console stuff under Consolidation sections. So why is Rock Band being given such royal treatment?"

Because when you get old, you don't want to kill things anymore. You get soft like a woman, so you only want to make beautiful music.

You young men have been warned. Better enjoy the killing games, before you turn into a woman and start singing.

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News Comments > More id on PC Gaming
31. Oh Lord. People so easy to manipulate Mar 20, 2008, 11:55 Woody
Fang - "Players have moved over. Now in your mind, that probably means means they are no longer "hardcore", whatever that label means."

What it means is that hardcore gamers are "better" people than console people are.

All of you look at this as game playing and as two different systems to game on. You don't look at it from a social engineering perspective or a bodily manipulation perspective.

PC gaming is better because you need to use a keyboard and a mouse. Inside your brain and body, you must split your right hand from your left hand. You have to learn to make the mouse hand only mouse and not strike keys, and you have to learn how to strike keys with the typing hand and not mouse with it.

What do you do with a console? You take both hands and hold onto the same thing. What you are doing is welding your body to focus on one thing, the controller in both of your hands. Console players do not learn and practice the skill of splitting the left hand from the right hand.

From a social engineering perspective, you always ask yourself "How will some decision affect society as a whole?".

By introducing consoles, an entire generation is being raised to hold a controller in both hands. Those people never get the practice of splitting their brain control of their right and left hands. They never get to practice using the right and left hand separately.

That brain control of your hands separately extends to your brain. Your brain has to be different to control both hands separately, so you think differently also.

What does your common sense tell you? It is harder to control two things than it is one thing.

So PC gamers who mouse and keyboard, are better than console gamers who can only hold onto a controller. Inside of their brain and body, the PC gamers have the ability to split themselves and independently control the two halves of their body and brain. The console gamer never gets this training.

The government never does anything good for people. They do things to make people easy to control. So if the government is pushing consoles, then I am thinking that people who can only hold onto one thing, a console controller, are easier for the government to control.

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News Comments > StarCraft 2 Zerg Movie
11. Re: No subject Mar 10, 2008, 19:08 Woody
Overon - "Please someone help me love rts. The only RTS I like is world in conflict and that is different from every other rts because there is no resource gathering.

How can I be like everyone else and love stuff like starcraft?"

You can decide to accept that you don't get something for nothing. You don't get battleships unless you mine metal for them. You don't get money unless you work for it. You don't get sex unless you make the woman feel good by taking her out.

Real life is about resource gathering to get what you want. Free battleships, money, and sex only happen in video games.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
4. I knew it. I am always right Mar 3, 2008, 10:46 Woody
About....Jeez......8 years ago? I remember saying to Blue "What is with the website? You never talk about games anymore. All you talk about is Hudson and old folks stuff. Do you even play video games anymore? Or did you get rich off the website, buy a house in the country, and become a businessman instead of a gamer?"

Blue said "I don't talk about games anymore because I feel I shouldn't do it. I might be seen as endorsing games, and I want to remain impartial". Or something really close to that.

Today he is talking about Guitar Hero. A game I think is a console game isn't it? Telling us about how hard it is to beat a Guitar game.

I guess Blue has no problem with playing console games and talking about them. It is only Windoze games that Blue doesn't want to talk about and give an endorsement to.

You know? This site started with Quake didn't it? That's when I was coming here. Blues was a Quake or Quake II player.

It is pretty obvious I am right. Blue got rich off of this site. He bought a house and started playing the social game with rich people, so he stopped playing windows games. Now that 10 years have gone by, he is a soft old man living the easy life, and he can't play anything but console games like Guitar Hero anymore.

That's the truth isn't it Blue? I bet you don't even play FPS anymore cause the arthritis is setting in. Maybe the Alzheimers makes it hard to forget what you are supposed to do?

Hypocrite. "I talk about my dog, not games, because I don't want to endorse games. Except for great console games like Guitar Hero".

Maybe you ought to change the name to "Rich Grandpa Blue's Dog and Console Review"? With the one news story u got so far today, it would give you a wider variety of stories to choose from.

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News Comments > Blizzard on Gold Sales & Power Leveling
10. WoW is a sewer Feb 22, 2008, 11:53 Woody
WoW problem is not gold sales. Their problem is that the scum of humanity plays their game.

You cannot play WoW without hearing the word "gay" every 3 minutes. You cannot play WoW without hearing people talk about blatant sexual themes and situations. Yesterday, someone in the open channel said "Free Blowjobs at the top of the castle".

Those scumbags at WoW allow little kids to be exposed to that kind of language and those kinds of ideas. I am an old guy and that kind of language is filthy, and makes me sick. Some other scumbag was speaking Spanish and thought I didn't know. He was saying something about "Your mother sucks the penis and she loves it".

Complaining is pointless. If you complain, Blizzard tells you to ignore the person. What? Is Blizzard saying that talking filthy sexual in the open channel is OK? And I am the problem so I should put people on ignore?

I am honestly mad enough that I want to go look for a lawyer to sue Blizzard for sexual harrassment. I will tell the lawyer I do not feel safe playing WoW, because of the contant homophobic chatter they ALLOW in their game.

I will tell the lawyer I complained to Blizzard and Blizzard told me to ignore people. Blizzard did nothing about the constant homophobic or sexual language in a game that 10 year olds play.

If one of you knows a lawyer, I will call him right now and make the complaint. I am that pissed off at the filth they allow in that beautiful game. I love WoW. I play it just to walk around and look at things. I don't even have to do quests. I walk or ride or fly around just because it is so pretty.

Then some scumbag says "Free Blowjobs at the top of the Castle", and I come crashing back to the shitty reality of the scum that play WoW.

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