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News Comments > Out of the Blue
17. Re: Out of the Blue Aug 1, 2015, 20:34 Blueshrike
My wife's brother went to high school with him (was a freshman while he was a senior) in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He probably got wedgied by the Piper.

They Live was also one of my favorite movies... RIP.
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News Comments > XIII Returning Next Month
12. Re: XIII Returning Next Month Oct 18, 2011, 01:55 Blueshrike
Creston wrote on Oct 17, 2011, 22:27:
Bumpy wrote on Oct 17, 2011, 22:19:
Cell shading needs to die. Ugg.

Yep. It never bothered me as much as I thought it would in Borderlands, but at the same time, every time I play it I keep thinking "This would look so much better with crisp, normal textures."

To each their own eh. I happen to love cel-shading. Loved it in windwaker, and especially in Borderlands - in fact, would probably not have picked it up otherwise. I may be in a slight minority but I know there are a few of us out there.

I feel that the imagination and usually incredibly crisp and fluid animations is an incredible immersion enhancer... for me at least. And aesthetically very nice.
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News Comments > Wing Commander 3 on
11. Re: Wing Commander 3 on Sep 13, 2011, 12:40 Blueshrike
Yep, the old 486. I bought myself a sweet 486 DX50 (not dx2) back in the day, 8MB ram. Lasted me a good number of years actually. The best thing about it was that it ran Ultima Underworld and UW2 butter smooth, and was able to play Ultima VII without hitches... well, once I figured out the Voodoo memory system.  
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News Comments > New Via Digital Distribution
7. Re: New Via Digital Distribution Sep 9, 2011, 09:29 Blueshrike
Ultima VI was my first Ultima. A friend convinced me to buy it on release with "This will be the best game you ever play." He had played the rest. So I bought it, and was forced to agree with him. It was the best game I had played up to that point.

First Ultima with a relatively huge graphic (VGA) and functionality upgrade, with heavy use of the mouse and a graphic interface. It bridged the gap between Ultima V and Ultima VII, and its combat was definitely better than Ultima VII, being turned based.

You can literally do anything in these games and equip any item. Yes, you can bake bread too. This is still my favorite Ultima by a slight margin over Ultima VII.
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News Comments > Deus Ex: Human Revolution Coded Message
22. Re: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Coded Message Aug 29, 2011, 19:56 Blueshrike
From reddit, I saw this:

breaker nine begin subject witness prognosis seen too much site eighteenth hangar inventory foreign life forms state suspended cryogenics risk nominal solution selective amnesia bravo kilo actual end transmission

My guess? Somewhere in the game [eighteenth hangar somewhere] there's an easter egg with aliens, foreshadowing to the original.
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News Comments > Deus Ex: Human Revolution Reviews
38. Re: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Reviews Aug 22, 2011, 18:58 Blueshrike
I sense a great opportunity for the devs to release a patch allowing you to "choose" to fight the bosses or bypass them in some way, just as any other goal includes different ways to solve it.  
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News Comments > On Sale
7. Re: On Sale Aug 7, 2011, 19:35 Blueshrike
Might & Magic seem like great deals. For anyone wondering:
I played M&M III when it came out, then all of them after. A friend used to play 1 and 2 and loved em but can't say much about how they hold up.

For me III, IV, and V are all about identical in the engine department. I usually recommend starting with III, as it's a slightly smaller world and absolute immense fun. Explore rewards are magical in this series. IV and V are great too, but slightly more difficult.

VI is actually one of the better RPG's ever IMO. One of the first use of outdoor 3D in an RPG of this scope and they do it really well, though it's mostly hardware rendered, not 3D poly. In any case the gameplay is great.

VII is pretty darned good and a newer engine, and VIII uses the same engine and starts to feel the same, but is also pretty good, though felt that the exploration wasn't as good as in VII.

How are 1 and 2? Still playable using say, Dosbox?

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News Comments > Diablo III Followers Trailer
5. Re: Diablo III Followers Trailer May 12, 2011, 19:58 Blueshrike
Graphics look just fine. There's going to be gore galore, tons of mobs on screen, cool lighting and super stylistic graphics - and it will run on your system. Don't knock it until you play it and get a feel for how smooth it runs.

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News Comments > RIFT Free Trial
20. Re: RIFT Free Trial May 11, 2011, 14:51 Blueshrike
I'll second that, if your computer can handle it, always turn shadows on - Borderlands was a huge leap, so is RIFT with giant windmills turning + plants and trees. Things look much more realistic.  
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News Comments > Piranha Bytes Getting Gothic Back?
8. Re: Piranha Bytes Getting Gothic Back? Apr 11, 2011, 13:38 Blueshrike
Gothic 3 was Piranha Bytes as well. Sure, it was a "collaboration" of sorts between publisher and developer but let's not just point the finger for one of the all time great bug-ridden releases and code optimization at the publisher.

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News Comments > Sniper: Ghost Warrior Sells a Million
15. Re: Sniper: Ghost Warrior Sells a Million Feb 17, 2011, 14:41 Blueshrike
They need to rename Deus Ex then repackage as "Sniper: Long Range Take Down" with no other improvements and watch it rake in another million sales  
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News Comments > SSX Domains
4. Re: SSX Domains Nov 9, 2010, 15:05 Blueshrike
SSX Tricky was fantastic, SSX 3 was amazing, and SSX 4 absolutely blew it. I had no interest in a menu driven game with, for me, my least favorite theme: grunge.

Go back to full mountain exploration and starting levels right from the slopes like in SSX 3 - and bring back the old characters with style.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
66. Re: Out of the Blue Aug 1, 2010, 23:03 Blueshrike
Really sorry to hear that Blue. I've been a supporter and contributer to your site for many years now. My dad passed away suddenly from a heart attack 3 days before Christmas 2005. I'm guessing I'm around your age? Anyway, I feel for your loss and time will heal.

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News Comments > Alpha Protocol Trailer
17. Re: Alpha Protocol Trailer May 10, 2010, 09:01 Blueshrike
Did I really just see at :29 seconds into the trailer an armed patrol walking right towards the protagonist who was crouching next to a nearby table in obvious plain sight, and then turn the corner without noticing?

The +12 to your stealth (shown a few seconds before I suppose to make sense out of this) means if you just crouch, you can be in the direct path of someone until they run into you. Cool!

Someone tell me that was a joke sequence.
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News Comments > Amazon Game Downloads?
2. Re: It's old news. Mar 27, 2010, 20:14 Blueshrike
Have used their MP3 store happily since it became available, and would look forward to trying this too as an alternative or supplement to Steam.  
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News Comments > Diablo II Patch Testing
4. Re: Diablo II Patch Testing Feb 24, 2010, 15:38 Blueshrike
Thought they were going to have new items, runewords, etc. in this patch. That still the case (and it's just not mentioned) or has that been dropped?  
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News Comments > Borderlands: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx Announced
8. Re: Borderlands: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx Announced Jan 29, 2010, 07:37 Blueshrike
Really want to try this out on PC, but after that first minor patch, have they ever patched for balance reasons (such as loot drops at later levels) after that, stability, or for any reason other than getting DLC out?

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
8. Re: Out of the Blue Mar 24, 2009, 13:02 Blueshrike
You may not know:
Shadow of the Beast - one of the most difficult games ever - but doable. First arrived on Amiga in 1989 - the pic in the logo is NOT the Amiga but a ported version for a less capable console system. One of the best soundtracks of all time. See if you can dig up .mod files for the original.

Psygnosis were the same developers who eventually worked on Wipeout for the PS1.

Another of their games around the same time as Shadow of the Beast was Blood Money - an insanely difficult - shooter with amazing graphics for its time. That game was even more difficult than SotB.

If you can, do yourself a favor and dig up an Amiga emulator and give it a go. 13 levels of parallax scrolling at its finest -
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News Comments > Men of War Demo
3. Re: name Feb 17, 2009, 10:16 Blueshrike
If there were any women on the fence about WWII games, this game's title will surely pull 'em over.  
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News Comments > Jumpgate Evolution Movie
5. Re: Jumpgate Evolution Movie Jan 16, 2009, 09:30 Blueshrike
"You can play it in 3rd or 1st person"

That being said, I know there's a marketing reason for it, but I tend to agree that 1st should be required. There's more immersion in a 1st person game. Anyone remember EQ in the first person? You just don't get the "I'm there" feeling that you get in 3rd. WoW, EQ2, etc... it's tactically better to be in 3rd, sure, but doesn't make you entirely feel like you're in the world. Marketing notwithstanding, creatively I'd make 1st required and only have 1st. I know I'll have some disagreement.
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