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News Comments > Diablo III Bans
8. Re: Diablo III Bans Jun 12, 2012, 17:52 Draugr
Rattlehead wrote on Jun 12, 2012, 17:34:
...................../..../ /
..........''...\.......... _.·´

My response to yours

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News Comments > Diablo III Bans
4. Re: Diablo III Bans Jun 12, 2012, 17:31 Draugr
Rattlehead wrote on Jun 12, 2012, 17:05:
Verno wrote on Jun 12, 2012, 16:27:
These appear to have targeted HellBuddy specifically which is a start but D3A and several others seem to be untouched. AutoIT/AHK script loopers appear to be fine too. I wonder if they won't ban people using them due to their otherwise legitimate functionality. They need to ensure that these bans come very quickly instead of in waves so that the botters can't make back the cost of the game in between cycles.

At least they got the timing right with the launch of the RMAH. Prices are starting to come down from initial stupidity levels but there is still money to be made from even crappy 1k DPS weapons and such. It's scary how dumb people are buying with money right now on this thing, I hope it settles down later tonight.
What's Hellbuddy?
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News Comments > Wasteland 2 Design Document
15. Re: Wasteland 2 Design Document Jun 12, 2012, 15:56 Draugr
nin wrote on Jun 12, 2012, 15:52:
AngelicPenguin wrote on Jun 12, 2012, 14:29:
Dev wrote on Jun 12, 2012, 11:31:
An example from the doc:

[RPG: RPGs haven’t kept pace with time...

Nice - any mention of blood sausages?

They actually offered that as a reward tier, but, without knowing what they were getting, not many went for it.

Pretty sure it's because having a bronzed statue of something that can be mistaken for a pile of crap wasn't really something that was going to excite people.
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News Comments > Diablo III Item Duping Hotfixed? RMAH to Require Authenticator
58. Re: Diablo III Item Duping Hotfixed? RMAH to Require Authenticator Jun 11, 2012, 15:38 Draugr
RailWizard wrote on Jun 11, 2012, 14:59:
Mashiki Amiketo wrote on Jun 11, 2012, 14:40:
Smellfinger wrote on Jun 11, 2012, 14:37:
If Blizzard wants to add a dongle requirement to Diablo 3, they should include it in the box like every other product that uses this form of authentication.
Yeah except the fob isn't a dongle. Different hardware, and plenty of people who've been playing WoW already have one. Why have two? At that, they sell them at cost. And you pay shipping so, what's the problem again?

As you say, they are cheap. Why not ship them with all their games? So people end up with more than one, they DO run on batteries, so it will not go to waste anyway.

It's not like Blizzard is sitting in the poor house saving up for boxes of Kraft-Dinner and Kool-aid in order to sustain themselves..............

Or they could put a voucher system in boxes or E-mail you a voucher for one..something like that. They should be doing this, at this point especially, considering they are now locking people out of features they paid for, UNLESS they pay for it...and that wasn't the agreement.
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News Comments > etc., etc.
16. Re: etc., etc. Jun 7, 2012, 03:09 Draugr
hjkar wrote on Jun 7, 2012, 01:08:
While I generally dislike EA and David DeMartini came off as a bit of an ass in the interview. I do think steam sales cause people to devalue games much like piracy does. One can argue the sales try to profit on the fact that the value of games are already devalued due to piracy but I believe it also perpetuates a lower value. The cost of making games risen but the prices haven't, contrary to most other industries. I recall being a child and buying a new copy of Secret of Evermore for the SNES for 74.99$. That was just the plain game, no collectors edition. Using a simple inflation calculator I could expect to pay 113.05$ for the game assuming inflation of 2.44%. If the average price of a big company game was 50$ in 1995 then it would be 75.37$ now.

And yet somehow, despite there being free content (legal or otherwise) to watch all over the internet, Film and TV industries still manage to make loads of cash. It's almost like the value of the product has nothing to do with how much money people are making off of it, and everything to do with the perceived quality of what is on offer.

While prices have gone down on games, and costs have gone up there has also been a meteoric rise in the number of consumers of these products, just one of the factors we need to take into account when looking back. Digital distribution also plays a factor, as would a larger pool of skilled workers to pull from (USUALLY resulting in cheaper labor.) It's important to note that correlation does not equal causation. Just because prices have gone down and piracy exists does not mean that prices have gone down because of piracy.
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News Comments > Dark Souls PC Port Issues
3. Re: Dark Souls PC Port Issues Jun 6, 2012, 21:45 Draugr

"it's more strictly a port from the console version"
If they aren't willing to give it the attention it deserves then they shouldn't bother. Many PC gamers will look at that and not give this game another look. Seems to me like they should focus on the console crowd if this is how they want to break into the PC market.
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News Comments > Transformers: Fall of Cybertron PC Edition Coming
9. Re: Transformers: Fall of Cybertron PC Edition Coming Jun 2, 2012, 05:34 Draugr
Dades wrote on Jun 2, 2012, 01:53:
This is the sequel to the game that had the gall to show you a fucking PNG of default keybindings in the menu instead of letting you change any of them? Yeah no thanks.

Don't forget fixed 30fps unless you used a 3rd party tool.
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News Comments > Op Ed
28. Re: Op Ed May 18, 2012, 17:20 Draugr
space captain wrote on May 18, 2012, 16:18:
Draugr wrote on May 18, 2012, 14:42:

Unconscious is what you mean. Subconscious isn't really a thing, just a common misnomer by the layperson which usually shows how little one actually knows on the subject.

no i mean subconscious, especially to bait asshole know-it-alls like yourself

your pretentious posturing doesnt indicate knowledge of psychology, and furthermore your arguments display a basic lack of logical reasoning ability in favor of being "the winner" by advancing flawed straw-man postulations

go ahead and enjoy your self-imagined superior understanding of this topic, you have my permission

But please, if you did indeed mean subconcious, define the term since there really isn't an accepted definition (unless its used as it's popular misconception.)
I didn't disagree with anything you said, Beyond me disputing that subconscious isn't a real term, and is usually used to indicate the unconcious by someone (as you yourself did.)
You can deny it all you want, but these are facts. You may consider it pretentious, but you saying subconscious isn't doing you any favors in what might otherwise be a good point. You can consider me saying that someone using the term subconscious makes them look dumb as strawman, but I would say when anyone would uses a word inappropriately, it makes them look foolish.
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News Comments > Op Ed
18. Re: Op Ed May 18, 2012, 14:42 Draugr
space captain wrote on May 18, 2012, 14:03:
you can call it whatever you want, "cognitive dissonance" or whatever..

its the same reason something called the "subconscious" exists

most of the shit people do to each other would never actually happen if people were aware of themselves doing it.. there has to be some kind of mental divide or blind spot for it to flourish - eventually they become patterns and so forth, and they take on a life of their own

for most people, the core of life experience is an almost absolute irony... i.e. all their problems are caused by themselves, which they blame on everything else

Unconscious is what you mean. Subconscious isn't really a thing, just a common misnomer by the layperson which usually shows how little one actually knows on the subject.

I would also say people are far more conscious of bad decisions they make than they are generally willing to admit, as you said in your second paragraph, enganging in self destructive behaviour isn't out of the norm when it comes to people, and plenty of people are conscious of it. Being aware of a behavior doesn't necessarily grant you 'control' over the behavior, just as being able point out to someone they are schizophrenic wouldn't cure them of their schizophrenia.

Also, when people tend to discover they've done something 'questionable,' people tend to rationalize it in their minds,('This kind of DRM and online BS is wrong, but it's Diablo, so I'll make an exception' for example) it's not some immediate thing where they admit they were wrong, so even if we could get everyone to see how it's wrong, doesn't mean that those people would agree with you, plenty will rationalize the behavior.
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News Comments > Unreal 4 Details & Screenshots
11. Re: Unreal 4 Details & Screenshots May 17, 2012, 22:58 Draugr
LittleMe wrote on May 17, 2012, 22:17:
ASeven wrote on May 17, 2012, 21:42:
and with the rumored used game lockdown to gamers.

It's a way to hide price inflation. They are probably going to limit resale of games because the masses aren't willing or are unable to pay $100+ for a game. But yes, that may fail anyway.

Remember, the federal reserve dumped hundreds of billions and even trillions of dollars into the economy as 'stimulous,' 'bailouts' and pumped zero percent interest loans to fuel the real estate bubble, and the feds are still doing it to pay for the obscenely expensive warfare/welfare state. All of this devalues our money. This is the reason we are seeing the effects of price inflation.

Holy shit, off-topic.

Looking forward to the 'next-gen' engines. Sad we need to wait for consoles to get long in the tooth start seeing this kind of stuff
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News Comments > Activision & Electronic Arts Settle Modern Warfare War
7. Re: Activision & Electronic Arts Settle Modern Warfare War May 16, 2012, 23:29 Draugr
"Fenady's allegedly received these orders from former chief legal officer (and current chief policy officer) George Rose, who assured Fenady that Activision CEO Bobby Kotick would protect him from any problems that should arise while tapping into West and Zampella's work email, computer, and phones.

Fenady quotes Rose as saying, "Bobby [Kotick] will take care of you. This comes from Bobby directly... Don't worry about the repercussions."

When carrying out the investigation, which became known as "Project Icebreaker," Fenady contacted Microsoft and digital security company InGuardians, hoping to gain covert access to West and Zampella's passwords and data. Both companies refused to help, however, as they didn't want to face any legal complications.

Fenady even testified that with Rose's blessing, he and his team discussed staging a fake fumigation or mock fire drill at Infinity Ward, keeping West and Zampella away from their computers long enough to allow Activision to image the contents of their work computers."

Who would have though this was the kind of shit Kotick tries to pull?
Oh that's right, everyone.
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News Comments > etc.
8. Re: etc. May 12, 2012, 16:51 Draugr
RollinThundr wrote on May 12, 2012, 16:30:
Krovven wrote on May 12, 2012, 16:06:
Draugr wrote on May 12, 2012, 15:38:
Haha, Diablo 3 'builds.'

"Use the abilties everyone has...and go for this kind of gear!" What a customized build!

End result is the same, different skill combinations, while giving the player more choice in the end-game (compared to D2.

At the expense of removing any consequence or urgency. "Oh that skill doesn't work? Just swap it out"

I understand why they did it, as a ways of dumbing it down for the casuals, but Diablo games aren't hard to begin with. Basically what they've done is made a game that really is all about loot, further focused on loot while removing any depth.

And in turn, adding the greater emphasis on loot fuels the rmah transactions, which I imagine was their intent. Let's make no mistake, loots always been a large factor of the series, however now it's the main and almost only emphasis.
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News Comments > etc.
2. Re: etc. May 12, 2012, 15:38 Draugr
Haha, Diablo 3 'builds.'

"Use the abilties everyone has...and go for this kind of gear!" What a customized build!
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News Comments > Op Ed
70. Re: Op Ed May 8, 2012, 23:56 Draugr
nin wrote on May 8, 2012, 23:21:
Like I said when it launched, I hate to slam it, because it's not like we have a lot of space fighter game options, but 150K for a combined pc/vita delivery sounds questionable.

It's even less when you consider KS gets a cut of that.
Which is why between that and all the mentioning of DLC, it seems to me that the game you'll get for helping fund will be pretty small, and then they hope to roll out content/make money from DLC.
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News Comments > Op Ed
66. Re: Op Ed May 8, 2012, 22:51 Draugr
Eberron wrote on May 8, 2012, 22:15:
If there is a 'bubble' of too much cash going to Kickstarters that will eventually 'burst' then why are so few titles being funded? Add all of the Kickstarter has given so far and it doesn't even come close to the budget of a single 'AAA' title.

Take Starlight as an example. All you naysayers who do not contribute to this game right now with the last two hours to go are preventing them from making this game. You cannot preorder a game that isn't going to be developed at all.

Everyone please go here:

Please order this game for $15. If it comes out and you don't want it then fine, sell your copy before it's activated. If games like this can't get funded at such a meager asking price then how can there be a 'bubble' of funds overflowing developers?

There are alot of people here who read these comments so this will be my good deed of the day in support of the 'there is no bubble or fountain of free money from Kickstarter' cause. They have an hour left and are at 91% of their 150K goal!

Good. I like the genre but I don't have much faith in what these people are trying to accomplish, I'd go over why, but I feel like it's been covered plenty.
I will say though for me, is it came across as a vita title, and the only reason it was coming to PC is because if they didn't open it up for PC then they wouldn't be able to fund it. All the talk about DLC also says to me they are way to concerned about how they are going to cash in on it. This is in contrast to say Wasteland 2, where Brian Fargo was ready to toss in boatloads of his own money for it to happen, yet I didn't have to hear a peep about how he was going to try and get more money from me later,(using the tools/engine, etc. I helped fund!)
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News Comments > The Elder Scrolls Online Next Year
44. Re: The Elder Scrolls Online Next Year May 3, 2012, 15:27 Draugr
Smooth Gravy wrote on May 3, 2012, 14:57:
I read the comments on a lot of the blue's news stories and have come up with a formula for 80% of the comments. Let me know what errors I need to correct.

X game is due to come out next year.

1) If X = any EA game, then comment = "Fuck EA and their greedy asses! I wouldn't play this if they gave ME $60 and some bacon!"
2) If X = any MMO, then comment = "another failed attempt at making something good. This will be F2P within 2 days. lulz."
3) If X = anything related to CoD, see #1.
4) If X = any sequel, then comment = "They never fixed the bug that caused me to lose my toast in the 1st game. PASS!"
5) If X = any FPS title, then comment = "Unless this has mod support that let's me and the 100 other people that write mods make our mod related to the Twilight series, then I will wait 4 this to be in the $5 bin."
6) If X = any Indie or Valve title, then comment = "So excited! X will be the best Y style game EVAR!"

I dunno, I am obviously in the minority, but I may just wait and see what it has to offer, watch previews, etc. and then come to a decision about buying it. I'm one of these suckers that buys and plays games for enjoyment, not to get pissed about the shoulda/coulda/wouldas.


You forgot to add people like yourself, "OMG BLUESNEWS IS SO CYNICAL BLAH, BLAH BLAH!"

it's just speculation, but it seems to me it's possible this was going to be a fallout mmo, but the legal issues made them go a different route.

On a side note: the world will be a better place when the 'to the knee' thing finally dies off like it should have a day after it's inception.
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News Comments > On PC Black Ops II
47. Re: On PC Black Ops II May 2, 2012, 21:24 Draugr
Flatline wrote on May 2, 2012, 19:47:
What I don't understand is why they don't just bite the fucking bullet and make it multiplayer only.

I honestly can't tell you much about Black Ops campaign, except that Castro was in it briefly, and that's because the game slowed down and shoved that in our faces. Oh, and there were WW2 soviets I think. Or something. And Jungle. That's my memory of BO single player. And I played through it twice.

At this point I might be more interested in CoD if they ditched single player and made some massive steps forward in Multiplayer, which is where the longevity of the game is at anyway.

Oh, also, killstreak perks suck from a paradigm perspective. I'll just say it. Rewarding players who are already skilled with the easy button of killing more dudes is frustrating if you're not particularly good.

Not adding a single player component to every game would make people relize how little effort they actually put between iterations. People are currently paying for the same/similar MP experience every year (as was said, this is where most people spend time in the game) not including some flashy SP is going to highlight that fact.
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News Comments > Op Ed
32. Re: Op Ed Apr 30, 2012, 22:34 Draugr
eunichron wrote on Apr 30, 2012, 22:13:
Draugr wrote on Apr 30, 2012, 21:13:
Yeah, but if we had the draft think about how much more seriously going to war/being in war would be taken to some people.

It doesn't matter as long as those in power aren't affected by it. I highly doubt a Congressman cares about whether or not the son or daughter he is sending off to war volunteered or was selected from a list. With the nature of today's asymmetrical warfare even if there was a divide where only volunteers held combat arms positions, and draftees were only allowed to hold supply/clerical positions, the finance clerk sitting at a desk in a trailer at Bagram AFB is just as likely to get blown apart by a random katyusha rocket as the infantryman is by an IED while on patrol.

Yup, people are in danger, with or without the draft, more than just the front-line people being vulnerable to harm doesn't change my position.
When people need to start involuntarily sending their children away to fight a war it might not change the mind of the congressman, but it will effect the people who vote for them. I didn't mean to imply it would fix everything, but it would certainly have an effect. I certainly don't disagree with what you said.

Mandatory service (civil or military,) like what cutter mentioned, is also something I could get behind, for the same reasons.
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News Comments > Op Ed
28. Re: Op Ed Apr 30, 2012, 21:13 Draugr
eunichron wrote on Apr 30, 2012, 20:25:
jdreyer wrote on Apr 30, 2012, 19:57:
Also, the author missed a big opportunity to look at empirical data. This chart shows that conflicts between countries are on the rise, yet the number of deaths from those conflicts is falling. What to make of that?

I would chalk that up to more advanced weaponry (guided munitions; laser and GPS specifically, as well as advanced reconnaissance and visual systems like infrared and thermal). It's much easier to pinpoint a strike with less error today than it was 10-15 years ago. In addition to that battlefield medical technology. We learned a lot about battlefield medical treatment in the 90s with the first Gulf War and especially Somalia, almost all of our current military medical treatment knowledge comes from direct study and analysis of what happened in Mogadishu. As a result more soldiers survive engagements, but there is also a higher ratio of permanently injured, disabled, and amputee soldiers. It's a never-ending cycle, the best business a corporation can get is a government contract, and right now the money is in the military and law enforcement sector.

What pains me is that while this article purports that video games are militarizing our society, as a veteran who has been home for 5 years it seems to me that the public is increasingly distancing itself from our military, and I know I'm not the only one that feels that way. I saw a recent editorial in the Washington Post that said, "One percent of the nation has carried almost all the burden of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, while the rest of us essentially went shopping. When the wars turned sour, we could turn our backs." The editorial was an argument for bringing back the draft, which I don't agree with, but that line right there was a point that really hit home for me.

Yeah, but if we had the draft think about how much more seriously going to war/being in war would be taken to some people.
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News Comments > Op Ed
14. Re: Op Ed Apr 30, 2012, 14:00 Draugr
LittleMe wrote on Apr 30, 2012, 12:40:
The warfare/welfare state goes hand-in-hand. They are two sides of the same coin. If you want broad socialist policies ('central planning' to feel good), then you are also going to get militarism.

This is one of the more sad/funny things I've read today. It's almost as sad as dimissing someone just because they are a girl and have an opinion on the subject!

This article brings up a good subject of discussion (militarization) but then applies it to something completely stupid. If they really wanted to talk about militarization, why don't they talk about the militarization of police forces that's slowly occuring. With the Iraq Afghanistan wars drawing down the defence contractors are pushing their toys onto police depts, which is an actual thing, not just nonsense.
It's funny because this person seems to want to blame video games, but since video games aren't the bogeyman they used to be, it seems like the author tries introducing 'militarization' (a word they know people don't like.) and then tying them together.

Guess this is just more ridiculous aussie conservatism though. Not too surprising.
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