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News Comments > Derek Smart Interview
58. Re: Derek Smart Interview Mar 22, 2009, 12:17 muttbunch
DS is just pissed off that it exposes his games for being... well... a bit rubbish. Universal Combat managed 54 and Galactic Command Echo Squad SE didn't even receive enough reviews to get a score but PC Gamer gave it 48.

Look. I know your kind never listen to anything DS says because you assume a priori that he's lying or making excuses, but he's said from Day One that his games are niche games, made exclusively for a niche audience. Ok, I'm going to pause now for a second or two and let the implications of that seep into your brain. One...two...three...four...

There. Did you think about it? Do you know what it means? It means his games are designed for, and meant to appeal to, a certain specific audience. He's not shooting for mass appeal, as HE SAID PLAINLY IN THIS VERY INTERVIEW. Therefore, the teeny-boppers over at PC Gamer, who are by definition mass-appeal reviewers (and none too bright to start off with), are practically guaranteed not to like his game. They come looking for "Quake in space, d00d!" and get hit with something more akin to a flight-sim and it makes their little heads spin and their eyes bug out.

At least the other sites, even if it wasn't really by design, were honest enough not to review a game that is outside their competence--their bailiwick. Most of them have no more business reviewing Universal Combat than they have reviewing Gary Grigsby's War Between the States, a hidden object game, or a hang glider flight sim. Would that the middling minds here had the iota of insight necessary to follow their lead.

But let's cut to the chase, shall we? What's Derek Smart's big crime, really? The crime that high-schoolers everywhere will never let Smart slide for is the crime of standing up to them and calling their juvenile bullshit. It's plain as day, even in this one thread and at this late date in his career. All the kiddies still feel the need to pile on and hurl invective at him simply for the sake of doing it. Read the initial posts in this thread. They have nothing to do with anything he said. They're simply pathetic attempts to curry favor with the mainstream gaming clique by reflexively bashing a common, acceptable target. It's simply the recreationally correct thing to do.

Derek Smart has been meeting payroll in the games business, as a private entrepreneur, for twenty years now. While I know the hamburger-flippers who frequent this site would like everyone to think they know more about the industry than Smart does, not everyone is stupid enough to buy such obvious bullshit. Smart may not be right about everything, but his opinions vis a vis the industry are certainly worth a lot more than any fifty opinions thrown down by odoriferous basement hermits prowling the Blue's News comment boards.
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News Comments > Jeff Green on 1Up/UGO
20. Re: Jeff Green on 1Up & UGO Jan 7, 2009, 20:51 muttbunch
This comment was deleted on Jan 7, 2009, 20:53.
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News Comments > Ryzom Adds Subscriptions
4. Re: Ryzom Adds Subscriptions Jan 7, 2009, 20:47 muttbunch
There was no intentional bait and switch. The intro area was added way after the fact (after much bitching and moaning by players because the game was way too hard to get started in) and it was designed somewhat differently than the main game. The good thing about the new owners is that they've insisted from day one that they're Ryzom lovers and they intend to work on and improve the game. I suspect that part of that improvement will be to extend the quest system built into the newbie isle to the whole game.  
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News Comments > Op Ed
2. Re: Op Ed Jan 4, 2009, 15:05 muttbunch
You're exactly right, Idonyo. The word "addiction" is one that's misapplied by modern medicine to start with, and its meaning has become even more diluted than that over time by people seeking to avoid the decisive role their free will plays in their behavior. An addiction, properly speaking, refers to a habit that has caused physical changes to the point where the person can't live without it. I don't mean that they can't live comfortably without it. I mean literally that they can't live without it. They will die without it.

These other things that get called "addictions" are merely habits--very strong and very difficult to break habits, maybe, but habits. Gaming "addiction" is just another habit. And habits always have a cause. Find and remove the cause and the person will abandon the habit.
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News Comments > On Star Wars: The Old Republic's "Stylized Realism"
13. Re: On Star Wars: The Old Republic's Jan 3, 2009, 22:03 muttbunch
Stylized realism? What bullshit. It's done simply to allow it to run on lower spec machines, much like WOW.
Ok, let's play your game. Suppose they come out tomorrow and say "We're making low poly graphics so the game will run on a variety of machines." Great. Now what? Who the hell cares? Is it a crime to make your game run on a variety of machines? No, obviously not. You yourself follow up by saying:
There's nothing wrong with that either, but they should be truthful about it.
There's nothing wrong with it, but they should be truthful about it. Why? Are they doing something underhanded or objectionable? I'm completely baffled as to what you find scandalous about them wanting to allow their game to run on lower spec machines and (gasp!) failing to inform the public about it. Your accusation is nonsensical and incoherent to the point of...I don't know, I can't even think of a word for it.

Setting it in the past seems to just be an excuse to make up whatever they like without consequence.
Again, so? That may very well be why they're doing it. What's wrong with that? Doing it that way they won't have to work around all the existing history, the way Turbine has to do with LoTRO. Lots of people don't like that about LoTRO's design. Evidently, according to what you're saying, you do like it, but the world may not in the end revolve around you, you know? I'm sure the guys with money actually invested in the game have considered the matter at length, but in any case I'm once again confused about what crime you think these guys have committed.
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News Comments > On Outsourced Development
18. Re: ... Jul 21, 2008, 07:25 muttbunch
The article is really stretching beyond what the source information says. It basically demonstrates that expansions score lower than the actual games...

It also doesn't take into account how much the fact that the developers were unknowns may have affected the reviewers' scores. Big-name devs routinely are given passes on minor issues that somehow become major problems when found in the games of lesser-known devs.

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News Comments > Spore "Prototype" Released
1. No subject Jul 13, 2008, 14:06 muttbunch
Big whoop.

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News Comments > Plunder = Age of Booty
5. No subject Jul 13, 2008, 13:56 muttbunch
As long as the Age of Booty is sixteen, I'm in.

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News Comments > Morning Q&As
11. No subject Jul 9, 2008, 20:43 muttbunch
I'm pretty much in agreement with peteham. I wish they'd release a patch like they did for SS2 where you could adjust respawn rates to your liking.

I pre-ordered the game so I could play it as soon as it came out, but all the hype and conversation at release soured it for me. I only played a bit into it before uninstalling so I could play it fresh later. Now may be that time.

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News Comments > Age of Conan Women's Suffrage Coming
15. Re: Please..... Jul 2, 2008, 07:19 muttbunch
I think it just means one more thing they don't have to try and balance and they can do it under the guise of equality.

So let me see if I've got this straight. You think Funcom is using equality as a ruse so that they don't have to balance something that's clearly stated in the manual as being equal? Aren't you even slightly embarrassed at the complete idiocy of what you're saying?

I get so tired of this crap. People just spout off with any old thing that pops into their head, no matter how ludicrous. What's worse, tons of other people read it and say to themselves, "Duhhh, yeah. That's right."

I don't have a hardon for Funcom--I didn't play past the first 30--but this gratuitous lying and bashing has got to stop.

On the female/male thing: IRL, the strongest female is not as strong as the strongest male, but that doesn't mean she's not stronger than any male. In a MMOG I can see having a female maxed out in Strength who's somewhat weaker than a male maxed out in Strength, but still much stronger than, say, a Mage or a Rogue.

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News Comments > Spore Galactic Edition
20. Re: Meh... Jun 24, 2008, 16:39 muttbunch
Yep, you can stick limbs on limbs, combine two limbs into one (for odd numbers of limbs), nest mouths within mouths, make limbs protrude from mouths (faces really, in order to get elephant trunks and the like), copy and add limbs of any complexity, etc.

The CC is an amazingly powerful editor, even if its cartoonish appearance gives a somewhat different first impression. But what it can't do is asymmetrical creatures, and for very good reason. I doubt there's a programmer alive who could write general purpose code that would convincingly animate any such creature a player could dream up. Also, there's the fact that creatures on Earth--that is to say, every creature we know of--are for the most part symmetrical. There are special cases, and some special-purpose appendages are unique and located at odd spots on the body, but generally symmetry is the rule. Allowing asymmetrical creatures would be both problematic and unrealistic.

If I sound like a fanboy, it's because I'm becoming one. I was all prepared to hate Spore. I have studiously ignored it up 'til now, just as I've ignored The Sims for all these years. But I decided to go ahead and try the CC and I'm impressed.

The full game will not be all things to all people. It's essentially an Intelligent Design simulation crossed with Populous, Black and White, Civilization and a host of other god-style games. But I think it will be--gasp!--fun and interesting in ways games rarely are anymore. I'm looking forward to it.

This comment was edited on Jun 24, 16:40.
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News Comments > Saturday Q&As
7. Re: No subject Jun 23, 2008, 00:17 muttbunch
Eh? Last time I checked, American developers were all about dark, gritty marines and generally pretentious stories and characters. Conversely, you can still find plenty of humorous games coming from Europe, particularly in the adventure genre.

You must be from Western Europe or the UK I meant to say Eastern European. There may be some humorous adventure games coming from there; I wouldn't know. But I can't think of any games in other genres (unless your standard for humor is surrealistically low, anyway), and even if you can come up with one to throw at me, I seriously doubt you can come up with two.

Also, it's kind of obvious that if Majesty isn't dark and gritty then American products aren't all dark and gritty. I agree that there's much too much of that going on, but it's absurd to imply that American stuff is all that way when the very game we were talking about, the original Majesty, is American...

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News Comments > Saturday Q&As
3. Re: No subject Jun 21, 2008, 16:14 muttbunch
It's not just the multiplayer that bugs me. They're going with full 3D, zoomable down to the blade of grass know, the standard deal these days. It just doesn't look like the same game at all. Also, I've seen some screenshots and the 3D rendered characters are missing that whimsical feel they had in the original which made it so fun. Finally, what chance do you think there is that a Russian company is going to be able to duplicate the humorous dialogue of the original for Americans, even if they want to?

I just get the impression that, as is so typical of European gamers and designers, the humor is considered expendable while the quality of the artwork and the multiplayer balance are being focused on as the heart and soul of the game. I'm just not getting a good vibe from these guys at all.

This comment was edited on Jun 21, 16:16.
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News Comments > Saturday Q&As
1. No subject Jun 21, 2008, 12:04 muttbunch
Was there a huge demand for a multiplayer Majesty game? I loved Majesty, but it was a single-player game. I really have no desire to reduce it to the raw slugfests that are multiplayer matches.

I have a feeling I'm not alone, which brings up my next point: I almost invariably avoid sequels that are made by studios other than the original. They usually--like nine times out of ten--miss the mark, especially when the studio is based in a different culture. Consequently, even though I was one of those vocal fans who begged Cyberlore to do a Majesty II, I really have no particular desire to play the one that's being made now. All signs point to them missing out what was fun about it and emphasizing things that weren't.

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News Comments > etc., etc.
1. No subject Jun 20, 2008, 08:21 muttbunch
On computer games helping you kick bad habits, it's absolutely true, at least in some cases. I quit smoking ten years ago cold turkey because I was on my computer about sixteen hours a day. I wasn't just playing games; it's not the games that are the thing, it's the concentrating on things for hours at a time with your hands busy. I had no problem quitting this way once I was past the first few days. The first few days still required some will-power, but once my brain started to forget its old habits, it was smooth sailing.

I can see the same thing being true of eating, as I find myself forgetting to eat regularly if I'm on the computer a lot.

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News Comments > Princess Bride Game Tomorrow
12. No subject Jun 17, 2008, 22:23 muttbunch
I actually think it looks ok. I mean, I know how it is when you're a kid and think dark and edgy is the be-all and end-all of everything. You're not cool if you don't obsess over heads getting chopped off and gibs flying. But the reality is, once you grow up and enter the world of adulthood, happiness and light gain a new appeal. I'm 46 and a former Marine. Reality has this strange way of souring people on pretending to enjoy horror and sadness. So there is an audience beyond children for games like this--as long as it's entertaining. It just doesn't happen to be you...yet.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Age of Conan
11. Re: No subject May 21, 2008, 11:00 muttbunch
The Rogue archetype is represented by three character classes: Assassin, Ranger, and Barbarian (as in Conan The). AoC features the standard four archetypes: Warrior, Priest, Rogue, and Mage. Each of these are represented by three playable classes. In addition, there are three races: Aquilonian, Cimmerian, and Stygian. Classes are restricted by race: for instance, Stygians can play none of the Warrior classes (they're a magic-based culture), and can only play one of the Rogue classes (IIRC).

This comment was edited on May 21, 11:01.
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News Comments > Age of Conan DX10 Delay
25. No subject May 20, 2008, 00:37 muttbunch
I love all these predictions from geniuses who haven't even played the game. I had to laugh at this one kid on the WoW forums who posted that, as of Early Access launch time, the first players into the game were reporting back that there were all sorts of bugs, framerates sucked, etc. Little did the moron know that launch was delayed several hours and no one had even gotten into the game yet.

It's pretty pathetic when someone's whole being and ego are so wrapped up in a stinking game that he feels the need to lie in defense of it.

(On the DX10 thing, I upgraded my vid card and operating system for AoC, and I have no regrets.)

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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
2. Re: Sexual content? May 15, 2008, 10:21 muttbunch
Some guy over on the Age of Conan forums just got reamed (pun intended) for trying to start a gay guild. The general consensus seems to be that whether you habitually engage in homosexual acts or whether you don't, that's your problem. No one should have to deal with it either way (i.e. there's no place for a straights-only guild, either).

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News Comments > Federal Video Game Bill
36. Re: No subject May 8, 2008, 03:05 muttbunch
The Constitution doesn't forbid murder either. I guess it's those evil conservatives imposing their views on others who are responsible for our oppressive homicide laws...

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