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News Comments > New BF2 Map & Mode?
12. Re: Infantry Only? Jun 10, 2006, 18:00 JaZeeL
If a player is owning with a machine gun on a vehicle, keep taking it and moving it about He loves it

You can ram team players by jumping out at the last minuite and get away with it

You sound like one of those wankers that turned me off from the game.

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News Comments > BF2142 Demo & Beta Plans
22. Re: HeeHee! Jun 10, 2006, 06:46 JaZeeL
Really? Please send out the exact steps needed to reproduce this bug every time. Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?

I don't believe he can reproduce it on command, either. I've had the bug 3 or 4 times ever, and I sure as hell have no idea what caused it. I'm with the bandwagon that thinks it is latency related.

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News Comments > Star Wars Galaxies Expands Today
1. Star Wars Galaxies Expands Today Jun 8, 2006, 10:01 JaZeeL
Oh're so witty.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - BF2 Armored Fury
24. Re: ranking system Jun 6, 2006, 19:00 JaZeeL
Doesn't really matter. Soon the mass exodus to 2142 will begin and EA's support for this game goes buh bye.

Exxxxxactly, and in only 6 month's time.

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News Comments > Evening Q&As
1. No subject Jun 6, 2006, 02:02 JaZeeL
Wow, by far this is the best screenshot of NWN2...awesome graphics:

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News Comments > Oblivion Patch Soon
18. Re: I need... Jun 3, 2006, 20:34 JaZeeL
Btw, there are several mods that actually do precisely that (remove the need for recharging your weapons).
I believe it's a simple Global Variable in your game too, so you could just fire up the CS and set that variable to 0. It's called something like MagicWeaponReload or so. It's pretty clear when you see it.

I spent an hour or two looking for a mod like this a while back -- can anyone give me a link??

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News Comments > Evening Screenshots
1. No subject Jun 2, 2006, 01:47 JaZeeL
hmmm -- these BF2 expansion screenshots actually do look like welcomed changes in environment.

too bad I haven't played the game in nearly 6 months...and with them working on BF2142 (which I haven't decided whether or not I'll actually buy) why would I possibly bother buying expansions (that an increasingly small minority will purchase for me to play against) for a game that is already on its way out?

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News Comments > The Late Show
2. Re: Episode 2 Jun 2, 2006, 01:42 JaZeeL
Not great marketing here. I like the idea of episodic games personally, but with all the scepticism about it Valve shouldn't be advertising the second episode on the day the first comes out. It's like saying, 'You've got the first, but it's not finished yet. Buy this one too!'

Wow, I completely disagree. I haven't purchased Episode 1, but this trailer makes episode 2 look interesting...certainly different scenery. This is just like any multi-part television show or movie -- it's giving you a sneak peek of what is to come and to pump you up about it while you're still fresh with the end of the story.

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News Comments > New Oblivion Quest Coming
11. No subject Jun 2, 2006, 00:21 JaZeeL
I've skipped the rest of these, but this one looks interesting to me -- I think I'll pick it up. Don't mind me, you all can go back to complaining now.

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News Comments > The Late Show
1. No subject May 26, 2006, 00:38 JaZeeL
So far I've found both of these teaser videos very unimpressive.

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News Comments > Gold - Half-Life 2: Episode One
98. Re: xXBatmanXx May 25, 2006, 17:24 JaZeeL
The funny thing is, I wasn't intruding on anything. Of which you can't comprehend with your "engineer" degree or job or whatever the hell you CLAIM to do. If you look at Z's post, he doesn't know wtf he is talking about, so I let him know. I didn't learn anything, to learn it, I would have to not have known it already. Not hard to figure out conversions of volume and dollars. Unlike yourself, I didn't feel the need to get out my scientific calculator, protractor, and gather with my nerd engineering buddies to figure the shit out. It was actually very simple.

Actually, jackass, with regards to learning I was referring to the disparity between volume of standard cups and coffee cups and the fact that Starbucks coffee in the UK costs more per volume than in the US, even after currency conversion. I'm not stating the the simple math here is difficult -- merely that you made an ignorant assumption and I was informing you of the aforementioned disparity. Obviously you're right, you didn't learn anything, or you would have known that this is to which I was referring.

I said you were intruding? No. My mention of my career was mainly to help you understand why it bothered me so much (i.e., why I gave a damn about the lack of consideration of volumes).

*shiver shiver*

This comment was edited on May 25, 17:25.
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News Comments > Gold - Half-Life 2: Episode One
96. Re: xXBatmanXx May 25, 2006, 16:00 JaZeeL
If you want to get into this, you will lose.

Oooooooooooooooo *shivers*

If it bothers you that much to learn something new then you're going to lead a boring life. Personally, I found the discussion interesting up until you decided to be an ass about it. It's not my fault you're happy in your ignorance. No, I won't mind my own damn business, and if you don't like it you'll just have to get over it or come after me in your batmobile, batboy.

This comment was edited on May 25, 16:03.
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News Comments > New ATI RADEON Drivers
7. Re: Mobility May 25, 2006, 08:59 JaZeeL
A 7900GTX in a lappy is no slouch for all those "but mobiles arnt for gaming" stupids.

I used to be one of those people...didn't we all? However, for those who still believe that you should really check out performance on the newer laptops -- I play exclusively on my laptop now. Mobile gaming workstations, to use your words, are excellent for those of us that are on the go -- I know quite a few of my friends who basically would never game if they didn't have one due to frequent business trips.

Are they move expensive per performance? Sure, I don't think anyone is denying that is the case. However, they definately are practical and in demand.

This comment was edited on May 25, 09:02.
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News Comments > Evening Q&As
5. No subject May 25, 2006, 08:55 JaZeeL
The UNOPPOSED AIR SUPERIORITY expansion will pwn.

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News Comments > Gold - Half-Life 2: Episode One
80. Re: xXBatmanXx May 24, 2006, 23:11 JaZeeL
Here we go again.

I am quoting him as he says, "about 4 cups of coffee".

Step 1: Pull head out of ass...
Then go from there.

Since you decided to be a jackass about it I'll enlighten you of your ignorance. If you're going to quote him at least understand and consider what he is saying. If anyone should pull their head out of their ass it's you for making assumptions without using your head.

With the dollar so weak at the moment, a $17.95 (pre-order price) game is peanuts in the UK - about the cost of 4 cups of coffee at Starbucks - and that's after VAT (UK's equivalent to Sales Tax) is added. I can't believe how cheap Steam makes things for me. I bought Sin as well, just because it cost next-to-nothing and it looked like it might be fun.

$17.95 is the cost in USD Valve is charging. AFTER converting it into pounds (9.65 pounds) he says he can can "about 4 cups of coffee" for that amount. So he's saying he can get a "cup" of coffee for 2.41 pounds ($4.49 USD...slightly less than your $5 quote, and yes 50 cents spread over a multiplication of 16, to get to a gallon, makes a large difference, $8.00).

Now realize that I was giving you a little bit of education you clearly lacked in that cups of coffee, as labeled by ALL coffee machines, are actually 6 fl.oz. Also realize that Starbuck's Tall coffee(the smallest volume the average joe (pun intended) purchases) is 12 fl.oz. A standard cup is 8 fl.oz. this point you ask yourself a question...which do I use for a cup? Did he mean 6, 8, or 12 fl.oz.? Since he's purchasing from STARBUCKS let's use our head and make the safest assumption of 12 fl.oz.

If you do that then you realize that you were WAY off. The cost for a gallon of coffee in the UK, based on this very rough "about" estimate, would be $47.89 USD. I hope you're not an engineer designing satellites. Excuse me for being so particular, but I'm an engineer and that's what I get paid to do. I might add that I still maintain that UK estimate sounds loosely over-estimated.

What have we all learned based on this information? Starbucks coffee costs more in the UK even though they have a stronger currency (based on the "4 cups for $17.95" estimate) -- $19.72/gallon in the US (based on US cost per volume) and $47.89/gallon in the UK (based on UK cost per volume).


NOTE: As I have said previously, we are talking about plain coffee...not frappuccinos or espresso. Both of those are much more expensive per volume and might explain why these values seem low to you.

This comment was edited on May 24, 23:26.
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News Comments > Gold - Half-Life 2: Episode One
71. Re: PC Gamer had a rather less than May 24, 2006, 21:45 JaZeeL
What's episode 1 about then?
The thin plot follows Gordon and Alyx's determination to re-infiltrate and destroy once and for all the towering Citadel....

So you get out, and then you go back in? Wow, that's great storytelling alright. I can't wait for everyone to start talking again about how this is the best story ever.

From the press release:
Half-Life 2: Episode One advances the 15-million unit selling franchise and launches the first in a new, three-part series that leads far beyond City 17.

If the PCGamer review is true then this is a carefully crafted statement in the press release. My initial interpretation of this sentence was that Episode one would have areas "beyond City 17"...but apparently that's not going to happen til Episode 2 or 3...probably not until the last 5 minutes of gameplay in Episode 3

This comment was edited on May 24, 21:47.
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News Comments > Gold - Half-Life 2: Episode One
66. Re: xXBatmanXx May 24, 2006, 21:00 JaZeeL
Quite the opposite, my man.

I said should because I couldn't personally confirm it. In that case a comparison would have to be made with the cost per volume in the UK. I can only give you figures for the US, and as I said previously, I've paid anywhere from $1.50-1.75 for a tall coffee from Starbucks, depending on the city. I know you say it's possible to spend more than 3 pounds (which may be referring to a Venti), but do you have an approximate idea for the cost of a tall coffee? Also -- we are talking plain coffee, yes?

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News Comments > Gold - Half-Life 2: Episode One
64. Re: xXBatmanXx May 24, 2006, 20:50 JaZeeL
Let's see
4 cups = $20, so 1 cup = $5
2 cups = 1 pint
2 pints = 1 quart
4 quarts to a Gallon.

WTF????? What kind of idiot..... WTF!!!???? $80!!!!!

For one thing, in coffee-land, a cup of coffee is 6 fl.oz., not 8 fl.oz. (this is French in origin, I believe). However, a tall (small) cup of coffee at Starbucks is 12 fl.oz. and costs somewhere between $1.50-1.75, USD. So, 4 tall servings is roughly $6-7, USD, plus tax. Mind you -- we're talking coffee, not froo-froo frappuccino or espresso.

The original poster is in the United Kingdom, so he's referring to purchasing Starbucks coffee in the UK -- which should be considerably cheaper given the current USD-->pound exchange rate (1USD = 1.86 pound, at time of this post).

...but if you are curious, at the rate $1.75USD per 12 fl.oz., a gallon of coffee from Starbucks would cost:

$19.72 or 10.60 pounds
Note: I use the Tall size because its the smallest size and therefore the most expensive per volume.

A small caveat to this discussion is that Starbucks actually does offer a size smaller than Tall -- called "Small" -- which is 8 oz., but you won't find it listed on their menu.

This comment was edited on May 24, 20:52.
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News Comments > Battlefield 2 Patch
48. Re: No subject May 24, 2006, 02:27 JaZeeL
So, what does that mean? You play with what you can play. CSS plays on pretty much anything, which is fine by me. However the game is lasting because it has been around for 7+ years (counting the original). Of course it will have high stats, but doesn't mean it is still popular or played often.


The "stats" are data representing factual values -- factual values of the actual number of people playing these games online, at any given time, as tracked by gamespy -- no one is manipulating this information -- a game that has a greater number of players is inherently played more often.

However, here is one example where this would not be true. Game X has 40,000 players that each play for 30 minutes per day. Game Y has 2,000 players that play for 601 minutes per day. Therefore game Y is played more often. However, would you say that a game played by 2,000 players (5% the player-base of game X) is more popular than game X? I wouldn't.

I don't know what you're smoking, but give me some.

This comment was edited on May 24, 02:33.
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News Comments > Battlefield 2 Patch
39. Re: No subject May 23, 2006, 18:17 JaZeeL
CSS has plenty of hacks, which made me quit entirely. I know quite a few people, hundreds in fact, in the gaming industry that no longer play the game.

You can post your stats all you want, but when everyone I know doesn't play a game, that usually means something.

I know quite a few companies, hundreds in fact, in the gaming industry that benchmark their game's popularity on whether or not Venomhed and his friends play the game.

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