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News Comments > Fallout 4 Launch Trailer
8. Re: Fallout 4 Launch Trailer Nov 5, 2015, 12:23 CJ_Parker
Verno wrote on Nov 5, 2015, 12:17:
Still can't believe GMG sold this for $35 awhile ago.

Why? I'd say $35 is still overpriced for a FO3 expansion. This should be carrying a $29 price tag.
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News Comments > On Fallout 4's Graphics
70. Re: On Fallout 4's Graphics Nov 5, 2015, 12:05 CJ_Parker
Razumen wrote on Nov 5, 2015, 11:24:
The Gamebryo engine has always been a resource hog and slow compared to other contemporary engines, Morrowind for instance looked AND ran like shit compared to other games at the time.

This is complete bullshit, dude. If you would have been around in 2002 (regarding the ignorance of your statement I'm guessing you were born after that) then you would know that Morrowind was absolutely stunning. It was the first game to really take advantage of modern GPUs (especially GeForce) pixel-shading capabilities. It was breathtaking at the time.

The only thing that looked "like shit" was the character models and faces but that was 100% an issue of Bethesda just not trying harder and a poor artistic direction in that area.

The game ran "like shit" on average cheap-ass PCs because it was graphically the creme de la creme at the time. It was naturally very demanding. With a decent high end rig it actually ran totes fine though.
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News Comments > On Fallout 4's Graphics
63. Re: On Fallout 4's Graphics Nov 5, 2015, 10:42 CJ_Parker
Not sure why y'all want a new engine just for new-ness sake when the old one is barely pushing 30fps on the consoles (and not cuz it's old but cuz the consoles just SUCK ASS).

Especially for Bethesda it also made sense to stick with this engine for as long as humanly possible because mods.
It will be a mountain of work for them to develop a new engine (or adapt an existing one) with the same modding capabilities.

Aside from TESO that might be part of the reason why they said that a new TES game is far in the future.
If they aren't doing a new TES with the Creation engine then it's easily at least five/six years away.

And then they need to ask themselves if they really want to risk creating a new engine for TES VI which would be done in five years at the earliest. Where will consoles be in five years+? Will the new TES VI engine be usable/scalable enough for post Xbone/PS4 games?

I wouldn't be surprised if they delay any new engine development until they get their paws on Shitboxwhatever/PS5 dev kits to be on the safe side so to be able to surf the wave of an entire console gen with a new engine.
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News Comments > Ubisoft Financials
4. Re: Ubisoft Financials Nov 5, 2015, 09:58 CJ_Parker
First, I'm not a console consumer so I don't really give a fuck at all who wins in the console space (as long as it isn't Microsoft who would kill PC gaming if they were dominating).

Secondly, come on, dude, we're still a very, very, very far cry from "lack of competition". It's just super-nice to see a shitty product and shitty business practices fail hard.
I'm also not at all concerned about PS4 console dominance. Sony have always been doing their own thing on the PS4. They have never actively sabotaged and crapped all over PC gaming like Microsoft.

Also, with the way MS has been treating PC gamers like lepers since years in favor of their retarded Shitbox, numbers like these are simply glee heaven.

Finally, even if it's unlikely as hell, but with the Shitbox tanking, MS might actually wake up now and remember that PC gamers exist.
Yeah I know I'm dreaming.... in reality they will do the opposite thing and try to pull off more Tomb Raider deals in total desperation to boost their Shitbox sales.
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News Comments > Ubisoft Financials
1. Re: Ubisoft Financials Nov 5, 2015, 09:05 CJ_Parker
Wow the Xbone is tanking hard. It's even dropped from 15% to 12% year over year. Music to my ears'n'eyes!  
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News Comments > New GeForce Drivers
9. Re: New GeForce Drivers Nov 4, 2015, 22:21 CJ_Parker
Enkur wrote on Nov 4, 2015, 21:37:
Why is it that every game needs a specific driver. What is happening in the driver to help that particular game that doesnt help other games.

Game specific shader optimizations mostly. The whole compute stuff in modern GPUs allows a developer to program custom effects and shaders. These custom features can be accelerated on driver level.

I mean I think thats a bad driver to begin with. Also these developers must have access to drivers earlier to optimize their game , so why are they getting released only when the game comes out.

That wouldn't make much sense. The final shader tweaks are often made at the last minute (not literally, of course, but a few weeks before release) to remove the last few cosmetic/graphical bugs.
Engineers from AMD and nVidia are definitely involved during development but it is a complex process from consulting to implementation on the developer's side to QA and on to the driver team for the necessary "game ready" optimizations.

"Bad driver to begin with" is ass backwards. Strictly speaking it is more like "bad" programming by the dev if they do not stick to established standards. That's why they pass on their customizations to the GPU makers so their custom compute shaders can be properly accelerated and supported by the driver.
Usually the vast majority of games runs just fine without the game ready drivers, too. You might lose a couple fps or get some minor graphical glitches but that's all.
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News Comments > Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition Tomorrow
10. Re: Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition Tomorrow Nov 4, 2015, 14:42 CJ_Parker
LurkerLito wrote on Nov 4, 2015, 12:02:
deadearth wrote on Nov 4, 2015, 11:13:
LurkerLito wrote on Nov 4, 2015, 10:42:
lol, what a bunch of crap. Sorry no thanks. So loyal buyers of DS2 at release that bought all the DLC + Season pass that are included in the "Franchise" pack get the privilege of paying them another $6 for a Graphic Engine patch. Hahaha_no

I think you're missing one of the tiers:

Owners of the Darksiders franchise pack on Steam or the whole series on will get this for free

if you are missing just one of the dlcs (or the first game) though it seems you'll only get the 80% discount
Nope read it again and check the steam forums where the developer replied. If you didn't buy the bundle from GoG or Steam "Franchise pack" that was just released a few months ago on GoG and Steam, even if you own every single DLC + Season Pass + both games, you will only get a 80% discount (comes out to $6).

Here is the official reply:
Hi guys,
Our original plan was to have the free copy unlocked for everyone owning Darksiders II and ALL DLCs but unfortunately this was technically not possible so we were told and therefore we chose the Steam version being the one unit unlocking the free copy which is as close as possible to the content we wanted our loyal fans to own - the Darksiders Franchise pack. Hope you anyways appreciate the great loyalty program, we will offer you together with our friends from Valve, no matter if you are unlocking the free copy or the high end 80 % discount.
Thank you & Cheers

Thanks for passing that on. Definitely not cool because I also only own the base game and the season pass but not the franchise pack.

I will probably still do the 80% thing since it sounds like this is more a case of Valve being lazy fucks (as always) and not a fault of the devs or Nordic.
"Technically not possible", my ass, Valve. If it were something that made them lotsa cash they would make it possible with the flick of a switch. Assholes.
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News Comments > No More WoW Numbers
8. Re: No More WoW Numbers Nov 4, 2015, 10:14 CJ_Parker
InBlack wrote on Nov 4, 2015, 09:58:
Still to those naysayers who think the downfall of WoW is equal to the downfall of Blizzard, well they have proven you wrong before. They will do so again.

They don't have to prove anything. They got the numbers, they got the projections and they know where their revenue is and where it will be coming from. And based on all that they just decided to spend almost $6bn on an acquisition.

So megarofl @ "downfall of Blizzard". They are much, much, much more than just WoW and have so many options (Warcraft 4 would instantly sell 10+ million preorder copies and prolly another 10 million within the first year or something like that).

Blizzard will be just fine even if WoW goes insta-poof. But it's not even going anywhere. They will keep raking in hundreds of millions per year from subs and microtransactions even if the subscriber numbers go south. They would also keep raking in hundreds of millions if it goes F2P. SWTOR has become more successful than ever thanks to F2P (and SWTOR's F2P is not even good).
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News Comments > Star Wars Battlefront Trailer
18. Re: Star Wars Battlefront Trailer Nov 4, 2015, 09:55 CJ_Parker
Razumen wrote on Nov 4, 2015, 09:28:
... not to mention more, better Star-Wars games in the future.

If you are buying this piece of shit you are sending the message that you are fine with dumbed down casual garbage. Why would EA put more effort into deeper or more complex games if they can get away with simplified easier'n'cheaper-to-produce-and-test games for simpletons?

Anyone who is buying this garbage game is directly responsible for reducing the chance that EA will ever consider making deeper or more complex Star Wars games or even revisit X-Wing or stuff like that. Why would they if they can easily get away selling millions with shoot'em up arcade space battles?
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News Comments > Activision Buys King Digital; Releases Q3 Financials
34. Re: Activision Buys King Digital; Releases Q3 Financials Nov 4, 2015, 09:42 CJ_Parker
Slick wrote on Nov 3, 2015, 22:13:
then I guess... enjoy your $5.9B purchase of CandyCrush! everytime you've given Acti-Bliz a dollar, you've basically been funding this deal. that's where your dollars go.

If you can't understand the difference between spending money on your own studios, developing new IPs, and generally trying to push gaming forward... and paying $5.9B for fucking candy crush, then you might just be too far gone for help.

You vote with your dollars, and you're obviously okay with a company taking zero chances, pushing out a watered down lowest-common-denominator rehash every 3 years. Oh and the billions they'll make off this garbage? You can rest assured that it will be well spent. Rolleyes

I'd rather give my income to publishers who A) take risks, B) employ thousands of developers, and not the publishers who A) never take a risk, and B) employ as few actual artists as they can financially get away with.

and to wash your hands of what's actually going on as "all companies only care about their bottom line" is irresponsible. Obviously they exist to make money, HOW they go about doing that is what's under scrutiny here, not the WHY. Elon Musk makes billions making electric cars, meanwhile BP makes billions from raping the planet and spitting carbon into the air... they both just want to make money! *washes hands* lol. get a clue.

^ biggest LOL ever when this is coming from a guy who is defending Star Wars Battlefront like a slobbering dripping wet little fangurl.
EA is just as guilty of every single thing you (rightfully) accuse ActiBlizz of, dude.
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News Comments > Star Wars Battlefront Trailer
16. Re: Star Wars Battlefront Trailer Nov 4, 2015, 09:20 CJ_Parker
A 39s teaser with only 10s actual "gameplay" (scripted shit) and the rest logos and blahblah. Fuck you, EA. And fuck your overpriced lame-ass DLC-ridden casual arcade shoot'em up garbage game.  
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News Comments > Paragon Revealed
9. Re: Paragon Revealed Nov 4, 2015, 09:15 CJ_Parker
ViRGE wrote on Nov 4, 2015, 01:31:
Alamar wrote on Nov 3, 2015, 20:35:
ViRGE wrote on Nov 3, 2015, 20:12:
Am I missing something or is the game genre not even described?

'Reveal a char a week' screams MOBA (Ugh) or whatever Overwatch is...
What are we classifying Overwatch as, anyhow?

Classification: Casual garbage.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
21. Re: [Theory] Jar Jar Binks was a trained Force user Nov 3, 2015, 17:54 CJ_Parker
[PRACTICE] The guy who wrote that clickbait garbage is an untrained fucktard

And, no, I did not do the guy the favor of clicking it.

Jar Jar Binks.... just fuck off, man!
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News Comments > Elder Scrolls Online Orsinium DLC Released
8. Re: Elder Scrolls Online Orsinium DLC Released Nov 3, 2015, 16:00 CJ_Parker
Ozmodan wrote on Nov 3, 2015, 14:30:
Why would you use a gamepad on a pc? The keyboard/mouse combo is so much superior, especially if you are doing pvp.

console peasants...
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News Comments > Activision Buys King Digital; Releases Q3 Financials
19. Re: Activision Buys King Digital; Releases Q3 Financials Nov 3, 2015, 15:36 CJ_Parker
Slick wrote on Nov 3, 2015, 10:59:
Parallax Abstraction wrote on Nov 3, 2015, 10:13:
This is like a nexus of evil management.

Goddamn, can you fucking believe 5.9B for candy crush????

just imagine for a moment, if they spent that on new IPs, you could pay 5900 developers $100k a year EACH for 10 years. I'm pretty sure you could build something more impressive than candy crush with that army. But when has Acti-Bliz gambled on anything that doesn't have a proven multi-billion dollar revenue stream lately?

Just like Valve, who literally haven't had an original thought since the original Half-Life (count em: CounterStrike, Team Fortress, Portal, Left4Dead, Dota2, ALL based off of mods which Valve bought out).

The lesson here is clear: don't take chances. Companies who actually employ developers like EA and Ubisoft take chances, and lots of their games are shit. But the public has spoken, they'd rather have a money-grubbing corp like Valve or Acti-Bliz spoon-feed them dumbed-down test-audience-approved, over-marketed, lowest-common-denominator pieces of shovelware.

Well said, dude. This is really incredible and a new all-time low.

With $6bn they could make 1,200 -ONE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED- games like Divinity Original Sin or Wasteland 2.
They could literally take HUNDREDS of risks along the lines of crowdfunded projects.
At a FRACTION of the cost of $6bn they could have founded dozens upon dozens of smaller in-house studios/teams to try something new and creative.

Instead this....

$6bn for more casual garbage as if they didn't already have enough of that in their catalog and coming up (like that Overwatch shooter for tards).


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News Comments > Torment Next Year
20. Re: Torment Next Year Nov 2, 2015, 16:19 CJ_Parker
jacobvandy wrote on Nov 2, 2015, 15:50:
Lol, I can see you're having some difficulty, CJ... it's not really so simple as you might think it is. Your super conservative estimate only works when you know how much money you're going to get. The only concrete figure of that type is the base fundraising goal. Anything beyond that is welcomed, but it changes the plan... you can't plan for stretch goals definitely being reached before the campaign starts unless you have a crystal ball.

Of course you can.

This would be part of the detailed and sophisticated planning process I was talking about.

The "secret" is to come up with stretch goals that do not blow the scope out of proportion (i.e. no Star Citizen) and that can realistically be "squeezed" into the allocated time.
This is not impossible. As I said, with more money you can hire more people to make more happen within the same time.

It all depends on careful planning and the individual stretch goals obviously. No one is holding a gun to a KS dev's head and forcing them to come up with crazy shit so the backers keep throwing money at their screens. The problem with KS devs of the 2012/2013 era was that everyone was trying to one up the other guys by coming up with even more pie in the sky stuff.

However, a serious business proposal should be based on modest and realistic stretch goals up to a certain point and then just stop. No one is forcing KS devs to have any stretch goals at all in the first place.

Let me conclude all this with a quote straight from Kickstarter...

What happens when a project is overfunded varies depending on the project, and stretch goals are not right for every project. If you are thinking about stretch goals you should consider:

Project complexity: Stretch goals can make a project more difficult to complete. Fulfilling rewards can be demanding, and any time you add new stuff (more songs on your album, better materials or options on your creation) the demands increase. More costs to consider, more things to ship — things can get complicated fast. It can be tempting to add stretch goals — especially if a project quickly exceeds its initial funding goal — but this shouldn't be done without careful planning.

Communication: If adding stretch goals, think carefully about how to announce them to your community of backers. Take the time to explain your intentions, your motivations, and your plans. Any changes made midstream should be accompanied by an assurance that you are honoring your initial promises to backers. Simply proclaiming, “New goal!” without recognizing what you’ve achieved together can rub backers the wrong way.
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News Comments > Torment Next Year
16. Re: Torment Next Year Nov 2, 2015, 15:44 CJ_Parker
Jerykk wrote on Nov 2, 2015, 15:23:
What I don't understand is your fixation on release dates. Who cares when a game is released as long as it's good? Hell, just look at Arkham Knight on PC. Or AC: Unity. Or X: Rebirth. Or any number of games that should have been delayed until they were actually ready for release.

Common sense dictates that an RPG is going to take more than a year to develop and will probably be delayed like every other RPG in existence. I'm perfectly fine with that if it results in a more polished experience.

My "fixation" is not on release dates. My fixation is on honesty and integrity. I do not like being lied to. Publishers lie to us all the time. KS devs promised to do better, yet they lie to us all the same.

As I said, I am 100% convinced that many KS devs intentionally post dates that they know they will never make. They put up the unrealistic dates to give people the impression that what they are pledging for is not that far away.

I have no problem with a realistic distant release date at all and even if they miss it by a few months (though six months+ is severely pushing my faith and trust in the developers' abilities) that's fine with me.

I just expect professional behavior. Give me a realistic date, realistic stretch goals that can actually be achieved within time and budget and I'm a happy camper. Generally: Give me the impression that you have actually thought shit through and did not make things up on the go. That is all.
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News Comments > Torment Next Year
14. Re: Torment Next Year Nov 2, 2015, 15:30 CJ_Parker
ksaun wrote on Nov 2, 2015, 15:07:
That the game would have be delivered later than 12/2014 was announced even before the Kickstarter campaign ended. (Kickstarter does not allow that text to be changed once the campaign has been launched.) Anyone who had been following the updates would not have been surprised that it's not coming out this year, despite good progress.

The only thing I am surprised about is that a KS developer would put 12/2014 on there fully well knowing that it can not be edited and then going ahead and expanding the scope beyond what you can deliver by that date. That is bordering on intentional fraud.

Do you guys really make things up as you go? You do not have a stretch goal plan beforehand and plan for all eventualities? Really?

What I would expect from a serious developer would be to have a detailed KS campaign plan beforehand.
Look at the Harebrain guys for a great current example. They had everything laid out to the $2.5m mark and everything beyond that will only be used for additional polishing.

A KS dev should post a realistic date and plan on realistic stretch goals from the very start that can be reached within the allocated time. This can be achieved by using the additional funds to hire additional staff.
How you make it happen to deliver more within the same time should be part of the detailed and sophisticated planning process.

It is my personal impression that the absolutely necessary detailed and sophisticated planning process of many KS devs of the 2012/2013 era mainly consisted of sitting on a couch in the office, staring at the KS counter go up while on the seventh beer and making up any stretch goals on the spot .

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News Comments > Torment Next Year
12. Re: Torment Next Year Nov 2, 2015, 15:12 CJ_Parker
jacobvandy wrote on Nov 2, 2015, 13:22:
Game development is a creative, iterative process, it's impossible to just insert discrete variables into a formula and determine an appropriate release date before you even get started.

OK, let us ignore the fact that KS devs intentionally lie about their dates for a moment and pretend that they really try to come up with a reasonably accurate estimate.

If you have a competent (<- the keyword here) project lead then you can certainly nail it down to at least a quarter, i.e. a three months period.

Since nothing is worse than running out of time or money you have to plan very conservatively when coming up with the project schedule.
You believe your artists will need six weeks for creating a certain set of assets? Good. Add generous buffer times and assume it will take eight weeks.

Your level designers or world builders depend on how fast the assets are done so take that into account and add generous buffers as well.
If things happen faster, great, you will never have idle times on a game project so you have nothing to lose by planning very conservatively.

Then, when you have nailed it down in this fashion and come up with a very conservative estimate, add another three months just in case to allow for additional testing, balancing and polish.
If you are an honest developer you will then publish that super-conservative date which you know you will definitely (99%+) make unless something really totally unexpected blows up in your face (along the lines of HL2 code theft Wink ).

So much for our theoretical excursion. In the real world it's become clear that devs are not interested in honesty. They just want to secure money for projects and blatantly lie to both players and publishers ("yeah we'll get this done by then, no problem, just toss over the ca$h already" ).
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News Comments > Torment Next Year
8. Re: Torment Next Year Nov 2, 2015, 13:07 CJ_Parker
Jerykk wrote on Nov 2, 2015, 12:33:
Does anyone actually believe the ETAs for any given Kickstarter, especially after stretch goals are added? Games get delayed all the time. Usually, these delays occur before release dates are announced but with KS, you don't have that luxury.

I want to believe in the dates because I want to believe that serious, reputable people with actual brains and a campaign plan as well as a project schedule are coming up with the dates (including all eventualities like the possibility of stretch goals and possible delays).

But I have learned that this is way too much to expect from most devs. Most devs are neither serious nor do they seem to have any kind of plan other than extort money from people.
They are only looking for a quick buck and dangling unrealistic dates to bait and switch the backers, conning them into backing by giving the illusion that the game is not that far away when in reality they fully well know that their dates are completely unrealistic.

And that is why I'm done with crowdfunding for the most part. For example, Obsidian, CIG or inXile: Never again in my whole life (well, I got WL2 as part of my PoE backer level so technically I never gave inX any money in the first place).
They all had their chance to prove they are better than publishers. They're not. End of story - for me.
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