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News Comments > Activision Buys King Digital; Releases Q3 Financials
34. Re: Activision Buys King Digital; Releases Q3 Financials Nov 4, 2015, 09:42 CJ_Parker
Slick wrote on Nov 3, 2015, 22:13:
then I guess... enjoy your $5.9B purchase of CandyCrush! everytime you've given Acti-Bliz a dollar, you've basically been funding this deal. that's where your dollars go.

If you can't understand the difference between spending money on your own studios, developing new IPs, and generally trying to push gaming forward... and paying $5.9B for fucking candy crush, then you might just be too far gone for help.

You vote with your dollars, and you're obviously okay with a company taking zero chances, pushing out a watered down lowest-common-denominator rehash every 3 years. Oh and the billions they'll make off this garbage? You can rest assured that it will be well spent. Rolleyes

I'd rather give my income to publishers who A) take risks, B) employ thousands of developers, and not the publishers who A) never take a risk, and B) employ as few actual artists as they can financially get away with.

and to wash your hands of what's actually going on as "all companies only care about their bottom line" is irresponsible. Obviously they exist to make money, HOW they go about doing that is what's under scrutiny here, not the WHY. Elon Musk makes billions making electric cars, meanwhile BP makes billions from raping the planet and spitting carbon into the air... they both just want to make money! *washes hands* lol. get a clue.

^ biggest LOL ever when this is coming from a guy who is defending Star Wars Battlefront like a slobbering dripping wet little fangurl.
EA is just as guilty of every single thing you (rightfully) accuse ActiBlizz of, dude.
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News Comments > Star Wars Battlefront Trailer
16. Re: Star Wars Battlefront Trailer Nov 4, 2015, 09:20 CJ_Parker
A 39s teaser with only 10s actual "gameplay" (scripted shit) and the rest logos and blahblah. Fuck you, EA. And fuck your overpriced lame-ass DLC-ridden casual arcade shoot'em up garbage game.  
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News Comments > Paragon Revealed
9. Re: Paragon Revealed Nov 4, 2015, 09:15 CJ_Parker
ViRGE wrote on Nov 4, 2015, 01:31:
Alamar wrote on Nov 3, 2015, 20:35:
ViRGE wrote on Nov 3, 2015, 20:12:
Am I missing something or is the game genre not even described?

'Reveal a char a week' screams MOBA (Ugh) or whatever Overwatch is...
What are we classifying Overwatch as, anyhow?

Classification: Casual garbage.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
21. Re: [Theory] Jar Jar Binks was a trained Force user Nov 3, 2015, 17:54 CJ_Parker
[PRACTICE] The guy who wrote that clickbait garbage is an untrained fucktard

And, no, I did not do the guy the favor of clicking it.

Jar Jar Binks.... just fuck off, man!
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News Comments > Elder Scrolls Online Orsinium DLC Released
8. Re: Elder Scrolls Online Orsinium DLC Released Nov 3, 2015, 16:00 CJ_Parker
Ozmodan wrote on Nov 3, 2015, 14:30:
Why would you use a gamepad on a pc? The keyboard/mouse combo is so much superior, especially if you are doing pvp.

console peasants...
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News Comments > Activision Buys King Digital; Releases Q3 Financials
19. Re: Activision Buys King Digital; Releases Q3 Financials Nov 3, 2015, 15:36 CJ_Parker
Slick wrote on Nov 3, 2015, 10:59:
Parallax Abstraction wrote on Nov 3, 2015, 10:13:
This is like a nexus of evil management.

Goddamn, can you fucking believe 5.9B for candy crush????

just imagine for a moment, if they spent that on new IPs, you could pay 5900 developers $100k a year EACH for 10 years. I'm pretty sure you could build something more impressive than candy crush with that army. But when has Acti-Bliz gambled on anything that doesn't have a proven multi-billion dollar revenue stream lately?

Just like Valve, who literally haven't had an original thought since the original Half-Life (count em: CounterStrike, Team Fortress, Portal, Left4Dead, Dota2, ALL based off of mods which Valve bought out).

The lesson here is clear: don't take chances. Companies who actually employ developers like EA and Ubisoft take chances, and lots of their games are shit. But the public has spoken, they'd rather have a money-grubbing corp like Valve or Acti-Bliz spoon-feed them dumbed-down test-audience-approved, over-marketed, lowest-common-denominator pieces of shovelware.

Well said, dude. This is really incredible and a new all-time low.

With $6bn they could make 1,200 -ONE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED- games like Divinity Original Sin or Wasteland 2.
They could literally take HUNDREDS of risks along the lines of crowdfunded projects.
At a FRACTION of the cost of $6bn they could have founded dozens upon dozens of smaller in-house studios/teams to try something new and creative.

Instead this....

$6bn for more casual garbage as if they didn't already have enough of that in their catalog and coming up (like that Overwatch shooter for tards).


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News Comments > Torment Next Year
20. Re: Torment Next Year Nov 2, 2015, 16:19 CJ_Parker
jacobvandy wrote on Nov 2, 2015, 15:50:
Lol, I can see you're having some difficulty, CJ... it's not really so simple as you might think it is. Your super conservative estimate only works when you know how much money you're going to get. The only concrete figure of that type is the base fundraising goal. Anything beyond that is welcomed, but it changes the plan... you can't plan for stretch goals definitely being reached before the campaign starts unless you have a crystal ball.

Of course you can.

This would be part of the detailed and sophisticated planning process I was talking about.

The "secret" is to come up with stretch goals that do not blow the scope out of proportion (i.e. no Star Citizen) and that can realistically be "squeezed" into the allocated time.
This is not impossible. As I said, with more money you can hire more people to make more happen within the same time.

It all depends on careful planning and the individual stretch goals obviously. No one is holding a gun to a KS dev's head and forcing them to come up with crazy shit so the backers keep throwing money at their screens. The problem with KS devs of the 2012/2013 era was that everyone was trying to one up the other guys by coming up with even more pie in the sky stuff.

However, a serious business proposal should be based on modest and realistic stretch goals up to a certain point and then just stop. No one is forcing KS devs to have any stretch goals at all in the first place.

Let me conclude all this with a quote straight from Kickstarter...

What happens when a project is overfunded varies depending on the project, and stretch goals are not right for every project. If you are thinking about stretch goals you should consider:

Project complexity: Stretch goals can make a project more difficult to complete. Fulfilling rewards can be demanding, and any time you add new stuff (more songs on your album, better materials or options on your creation) the demands increase. More costs to consider, more things to ship — things can get complicated fast. It can be tempting to add stretch goals — especially if a project quickly exceeds its initial funding goal — but this shouldn't be done without careful planning.

Communication: If adding stretch goals, think carefully about how to announce them to your community of backers. Take the time to explain your intentions, your motivations, and your plans. Any changes made midstream should be accompanied by an assurance that you are honoring your initial promises to backers. Simply proclaiming, “New goal!” without recognizing what you’ve achieved together can rub backers the wrong way.
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News Comments > Torment Next Year
16. Re: Torment Next Year Nov 2, 2015, 15:44 CJ_Parker
Jerykk wrote on Nov 2, 2015, 15:23:
What I don't understand is your fixation on release dates. Who cares when a game is released as long as it's good? Hell, just look at Arkham Knight on PC. Or AC: Unity. Or X: Rebirth. Or any number of games that should have been delayed until they were actually ready for release.

Common sense dictates that an RPG is going to take more than a year to develop and will probably be delayed like every other RPG in existence. I'm perfectly fine with that if it results in a more polished experience.

My "fixation" is not on release dates. My fixation is on honesty and integrity. I do not like being lied to. Publishers lie to us all the time. KS devs promised to do better, yet they lie to us all the same.

As I said, I am 100% convinced that many KS devs intentionally post dates that they know they will never make. They put up the unrealistic dates to give people the impression that what they are pledging for is not that far away.

I have no problem with a realistic distant release date at all and even if they miss it by a few months (though six months+ is severely pushing my faith and trust in the developers' abilities) that's fine with me.

I just expect professional behavior. Give me a realistic date, realistic stretch goals that can actually be achieved within time and budget and I'm a happy camper. Generally: Give me the impression that you have actually thought shit through and did not make things up on the go. That is all.
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News Comments > Torment Next Year
14. Re: Torment Next Year Nov 2, 2015, 15:30 CJ_Parker
ksaun wrote on Nov 2, 2015, 15:07:
That the game would have be delivered later than 12/2014 was announced even before the Kickstarter campaign ended. (Kickstarter does not allow that text to be changed once the campaign has been launched.) Anyone who had been following the updates would not have been surprised that it's not coming out this year, despite good progress.

The only thing I am surprised about is that a KS developer would put 12/2014 on there fully well knowing that it can not be edited and then going ahead and expanding the scope beyond what you can deliver by that date. That is bordering on intentional fraud.

Do you guys really make things up as you go? You do not have a stretch goal plan beforehand and plan for all eventualities? Really?

What I would expect from a serious developer would be to have a detailed KS campaign plan beforehand.
Look at the Harebrain guys for a great current example. They had everything laid out to the $2.5m mark and everything beyond that will only be used for additional polishing.

A KS dev should post a realistic date and plan on realistic stretch goals from the very start that can be reached within the allocated time. This can be achieved by using the additional funds to hire additional staff.
How you make it happen to deliver more within the same time should be part of the detailed and sophisticated planning process.

It is my personal impression that the absolutely necessary detailed and sophisticated planning process of many KS devs of the 2012/2013 era mainly consisted of sitting on a couch in the office, staring at the KS counter go up while on the seventh beer and making up any stretch goals on the spot .

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News Comments > Torment Next Year
12. Re: Torment Next Year Nov 2, 2015, 15:12 CJ_Parker
jacobvandy wrote on Nov 2, 2015, 13:22:
Game development is a creative, iterative process, it's impossible to just insert discrete variables into a formula and determine an appropriate release date before you even get started.

OK, let us ignore the fact that KS devs intentionally lie about their dates for a moment and pretend that they really try to come up with a reasonably accurate estimate.

If you have a competent (<- the keyword here) project lead then you can certainly nail it down to at least a quarter, i.e. a three months period.

Since nothing is worse than running out of time or money you have to plan very conservatively when coming up with the project schedule.
You believe your artists will need six weeks for creating a certain set of assets? Good. Add generous buffer times and assume it will take eight weeks.

Your level designers or world builders depend on how fast the assets are done so take that into account and add generous buffers as well.
If things happen faster, great, you will never have idle times on a game project so you have nothing to lose by planning very conservatively.

Then, when you have nailed it down in this fashion and come up with a very conservative estimate, add another three months just in case to allow for additional testing, balancing and polish.
If you are an honest developer you will then publish that super-conservative date which you know you will definitely (99%+) make unless something really totally unexpected blows up in your face (along the lines of HL2 code theft Wink ).

So much for our theoretical excursion. In the real world it's become clear that devs are not interested in honesty. They just want to secure money for projects and blatantly lie to both players and publishers ("yeah we'll get this done by then, no problem, just toss over the ca$h already" ).
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News Comments > Torment Next Year
8. Re: Torment Next Year Nov 2, 2015, 13:07 CJ_Parker
Jerykk wrote on Nov 2, 2015, 12:33:
Does anyone actually believe the ETAs for any given Kickstarter, especially after stretch goals are added? Games get delayed all the time. Usually, these delays occur before release dates are announced but with KS, you don't have that luxury.

I want to believe in the dates because I want to believe that serious, reputable people with actual brains and a campaign plan as well as a project schedule are coming up with the dates (including all eventualities like the possibility of stretch goals and possible delays).

But I have learned that this is way too much to expect from most devs. Most devs are neither serious nor do they seem to have any kind of plan other than extort money from people.
They are only looking for a quick buck and dangling unrealistic dates to bait and switch the backers, conning them into backing by giving the illusion that the game is not that far away when in reality they fully well know that their dates are completely unrealistic.

And that is why I'm done with crowdfunding for the most part. For example, Obsidian, CIG or inXile: Never again in my whole life (well, I got WL2 as part of my PoE backer level so technically I never gave inX any money in the first place).
They all had their chance to prove they are better than publishers. They're not. End of story - for me.
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News Comments > BATTLETECH Hits PvP Stretch Goal
15. Re: BATTLETECH Hits PvP Stretch Goal Nov 2, 2015, 12:53 CJ_Parker
Orogogus wrote on Nov 2, 2015, 12:38:
Jerykk wrote on Nov 2, 2015, 12:29:
Wow. I usually scoff at claims of gamer entitlement but this really exemplifies it. HBS aren't "assholes" just because they didn't do exactly what you wanted them to. Battletech is traditionally PvP so having PvP in the game makes perfect sense. Co-op would have been nice, sure, but PvP is more important if they want to be authentic to the source material.

I don't really understand what people are looking for in a turn-based co-op game. I think I've said before: in a real-time game you work together and get a feel of teamwork because one player can't do everything at once. That's not there in turn-based co-op; you just wait for the other player to do something you'd probably rather be doing yourself.

Huh? Why would coop not be fun in a turn-based game? If you have a huge map you could have different starting positions and it could turn out quite interesting first to find a way to join forces properly and then to find the enemy.

Or if you'd share a base on a huge map then split up the recon and defense work in a tactical manner while trying to find the enemy.

All of this would get even more interesting if some objectives would be turn-/time-limited like in the Panzer General games where you had e.g. 20 turns/days to drive the Russians out of St. Petersburg or whatever.

I can easily think of lots of ways how to make coop a very fun experience in a tactical turn-based game like this.

Also, even if it's a slightly different genre but check out Divinity Original Sin EE for fun turn-based coop play. Why would a game with units/mechs instead of RPG characters be less fun?

It would be relatively easy to design it so it becomes tons of fun. It's just a matter of doing it or not doing it. But is it viable? Fuck yes, Sir!
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News Comments > Another New Steam User Record
45. Re: Another New Steam User Record Nov 2, 2015, 12:40 CJ_Parker
Razumen wrote on Nov 2, 2015, 10:13:
Luke wrote on Nov 2, 2015, 06:49:
Jerykk wrote on Nov 2, 2015, 04:11:
InBlack wrote on Nov 2, 2015, 02:24:
Well Im not one of those numbers. I was all set to re-install Steam over the weekend and try Total War Arena, but I got an urge to fly instead and spent most of my PC time with DCS.

"Re-install" Steam? How do you not keep it installed when 90% of modern games require Steam? Unless you skip AAA releases entirely.

Very easy not to install that piece of spyware, there is nothing out there that is worth it

half backed games counting on DLC (down load crap) Sellings.

So Steam is spyware now? Oh man this place just gets more humorous everyday...

Of course it is. Valve is monitoring logins, play times, activity, whether you fart a lot, everything...

Or how do you think they are coming up with the "your queue" recommendations and so on?

Of course it's based on your activity on Steam, what games you have purchased in the past, your wishlist, your social activities (which groups do you belong to, which curators are you following) and so on and so on...

It is incredible how insensitive many people have become to the fact that they are sharing a lot of personal data and information with services like Steam.
The real "1984" big bro thing is only a few years away if this trend continues where people just don't give a damn about who they are allowing to spy on them (with Win 10 being another very significant step in that exact direction).
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News Comments > Torment Next Year
6. Re: Torment Next Year Nov 2, 2015, 12:13 CJ_Parker
Everything they've shown so far looked bland and crappy and the fact that the project lead just got the boot is not very reassuring either.

With a release in 2016 it's also more than a year late (it was scheduled for delivery in December 2014 originally according to KS).

As usual it will probably also make sense to wait for the inevitable GOTY or Enhanced Edition or whatever the fook they gunna call it so it won't be fully playable before 2018.

I have a very bad feeling about this one...
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News Comments > BATTLETECH Hits PvP Stretch Goal
5. Re: BATTLETECH Hits PvP Stretch Goal Nov 2, 2015, 11:57 CJ_Parker

There goes another game and falls victim to the lulzpwned crowd *sigh*
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News Comments > Another New Steam User Record
12. Re: Another New Steam User Record Nov 1, 2015, 17:18 CJ_Parker
NKD wrote on Nov 1, 2015, 16:23:
Growth is growth, but we should be careful not to portray Steam as millions of users willing and eager to buy full price games. A large majority of users don't spend any meaningful amount of money.

True dat. I actually have a pretty huge Steam library (day one Steam account) of over 300 games but I'm neither willing nor eager to pay full price for ANY digital game.

"Owning" games on Steam is like rent. They can fuck you over any way they please by withdrawing the game, changing it significantly (see GTA music tracks removal) or simply delete your entire account for the lulz.

That's why I'm usually not paying more than $9.99 for a digital copy of any game. I'll admit I'm weak and there were a few exceptions where I paid more but usually I choose to rent my games for sub $10.
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News Comments > Sunday Consolidation
1. Re: Sunday Consolidation Nov 1, 2015, 14:42 CJ_Parker
I like it when they put lipstick on a pig.  
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News Comments > Another New Steam User Record
3. Re: Another New Steam User Record Nov 1, 2015, 14:41 CJ_Parker
Sempai wrote on Nov 1, 2015, 14:26:
No one gives a single fuck about Steam and their iron grip on the entire PC market..

^ this

Fuck Valve.

New records are programmed to happen all throughout this month when BLOPS 3 and FO4 are released. Might as well use an automated newsbot for posting every new daily record.
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News Comments > Steam Top 10
4. Re: Steam Top 10 Nov 1, 2015, 14:39 CJ_Parker
Wallshadows wrote on Nov 1, 2015, 14:20:
I have a couple options to pass the time. The first being the new five week league in Path of Exile which starts tomorrow and the other being to continue TOR and cap off those stories.

Please accept my heartfelt condolences on this choice of titles.
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News Comments > Batman: Arkham Knight Refunds
25. Re: Batman: Arkham Knight Refunds Nov 1, 2015, 09:42 CJ_Parker
Butthurt small penis console gamer with a severe case of big penis master race envy detected.

It's OK, dude, just make yourself believe that size does not matter and you will be alright!
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