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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
4. Re: Morning Tech Bits Jan 2, 2017, 16:05 CJ_Parker
eRe4s3r wrote on Jan 2, 2017, 13:42:
Still don't get why AMD is so hung up on HBM2... considering no benchmark showed any benefit of it.

d00d, it's not just about performance. Stacked memory is da future. Once the tech has matured, stacked memory will be cheaper to produce, consume less power and it will perform better even if just on paper. It has quite a lot of advantages. That is why nVidia is already shipping HBM2 on Pascal P-100 chips since spring of last year. It raaawwwwkkks ur saaaawwwwwxxx off [ sic ].
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News Comments > Diablo Turns 20
5. removed Jan 1, 2017, 17:43 CJ_Parker
This comment was deleted on Jan 2, 2017, 08:27.
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News Comments > Steam Award Winners
14. Re: Steam Award Winners Dec 31, 2016, 16:31 CJ_Parker
Retired wrote on Dec 31, 2016, 14:49:
Most of them are ok with the awards except this

"Just 5 More Minutes" Won by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


LAME and fabricated. I mean it's obvious that the fuckers from Valve fixed the results in order to sneak in a couple of their own garbage casual shit games like CSGO, L4D2 and Portal 2. Just like they do it with the Steam top 10 every week. I'm sure that they just put CSGO in there for advertising purposes.
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News Comments > Vaporware Awards
59. Re: Vaporware Awards Dec 28, 2016, 13:15 CJ_Parker
descender wrote on Dec 28, 2016, 12:43:
The enviable life of a simpleton with zero standards.

Says the man whining about a game he hasn't paid for.

Duuuude what?

Like Kxmode I've gone in deep with SC and pledged north of $1K. In my defense, this was all during the original campaign in 2012 and I just wanted to help the game reach some of the early stretch goals.
At that time, CR promised that ship sales would be over at the end of the campaign. I fully expected delays because 2014 always sounded mighty unlikely but I did not expect CR to break just about every single promise from the original campaign and to turn the game into a full retard endeavor with feature creep out da azz.

That's not what I pledged for. I pledged for a game (or two) being made as a finished product and not for CR to act as an incompetent fucktard project "director" (LOOOOL). I now hate CR (and parts of CIG) with a passion for their lies and betrayal. Dem fuckers fucked it up real fuckin' bad, man.

Anyway, I have auctioned off several LTI packages I bought back then for phat profit$$$ and plan on selling a couple more whenever the time seems right (maybe 3.0 when there's lots of hype and gullible sheeple to fleece). I haven't really done the math but $1K+ original pledge minus ph4t profit$$$ from package sales, well, I'm probably still in SC for ~$400 give or take a few bucks.
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News Comments > Vaporware Awards
56. Re: Vaporware Awards Dec 28, 2016, 12:31 CJ_Parker
BillboBaggins wrote on Dec 28, 2016, 07:57:
Its ok to be wrong people... I am enjoying the game as is, you're not. Good luck eating that crow.

I envy you. I wish I had low standards like that. Life would be smiles and giggles all the time.

You shit your pants? Awesome. It's nice and warm.
You puke your guts out? Great. It keeps you slim.
Your wife fucks your best friend? No problemo. Buddy's gotta have some fun, too!
You're playing the buggy piece of shit SC alpha? Oh yeah. And it's enjoyable as is!

The enviable life of a simpleton with zero standards.
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News Comments > Vaporware Awards
39. Re: Vaporware Awards Dec 27, 2016, 20:10 CJ_Parker
Muscular Beaver wrote on Dec 27, 2016, 15:01:
I dont get all the hate.
GTA 5 took 7 years to complete on the PC. Star Citizen is at least as big, if not much bigger. So of course it will take at least as long.
But I guess now I know why publishers dont announce games that early... because of whiners who cant even put 1 and 1 together.

Ah you mean whiners like Christ Roberts himself, right? Cuz it was him who promised the game to ship at the end of 2014, then promised Star Marine for early 2015 which just shipped now with an almost two year delay, then promised the "full" PU for the end of this year but we're still at 1 out of 100 star systems and zero (Z-E-R-O) gameplay systems (no mining, trading, bounty-hunting, smuggling, nothing at all) or who promised Squadron 42 for 2016 but has not been able to show even a single demo episode at CitizenCon even though it was mere days from a finished state according to Chris.

Or who gave this infamous interview back in 2012:

You have stated that you expect to have an Alpha up and going in about 12 months, with a beta roughly 10 months after that and then launch. For a game of this size and scope, do you think you can really be done in the next two years?

Really it is all about constant iteration from launch. The whole idea is to be constantly updating. It isnít like the old days where you had to have everything and the kitchen sink in at launch because you werenít going to come back to it for awhile. Weíre already one year in - another two years puts us at 3 total which is ideal. Any more and things would begin to get stale.

I mean why didn't Christ Roberts look at other games and realize that he is way off with his all dates? Maybe because he can't put 1 and 1 together? Or maybe because he is a fraudulent criminal little fuck who extorts money from gullible morons fully well knowing he won't deliver on time?
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News Comments > Vaporware Awards
38. Re: Vaporware Awards Dec 27, 2016, 20:02 CJ_Parker
It's definitely still at less than 1% done for the simple fact that they promised 100 star systems and so far have one. Not a single gameplay system is in a finished state either. The project's total completion is probably at under 0.1% even.  
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News Comments > Star Citizen Engine Switch Follow-up
50. Re: Star Citizen Engine Switch Follow-up Dec 26, 2016, 17:49 CJ_Parker
HAHAHAHA. Yeah. Right, dude. Whatever. Stop pretending you're not me!  
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News Comments > Star Citizen Engine Switch Follow-up
46. Re: Star Citizen Engine Switch Follow-up Dec 26, 2016, 13:34 CJ_Parker
Total-Khaos wrote on Dec 26, 2016, 13:26:
I don't understand why this was crowd funded in the first place. The Kickstarter that went live in 2012 said they had investors that would be picking up the tab for the entire development of the game.

"We have investors that have agreed to contribute the balance we need to complete this game as long as we can validate that there is a demand for a high end PC space game. By meeting or surpassing our target on Kickstarter you tell the world that you want a PC based Space Sim and allow us to make this game."

So...why all the money grabs with selling spaceships? This is the biggest smoke and mirrors show around!

Yep. That was the first lie and the first promise they broke back in 2012:

- These ships will only be available until the end of the pledge campaign, never to be sold again for real money. Buy, buy, buy!!! Last chance!!! Now or never!!!

Fast forward 4+ years later and with the exception of the Scythe you can still buy every single ship (or a better equivalent because some ships from the start have already become all but obsolete) for $$$.
The second lie was that buying the ships during the pledge campaign was going to be the best deal/lowest price for those ships. That was also complete bullshit.
The third lie was LTI...

... and so on, and so on...

So many lies over the years. Fuck CIG.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Engine Switch Follow-up
42. Re: Star Citizen Engine Switch Follow-up Dec 26, 2016, 12:28 CJ_Parker
I can definitely see where some of the confusion is coming from. If we naively believe what the chief liar Christ Roberts has been telling us for the past three years then CIG has turned the CryEngine inside out and outside in. It is supposed to be so heavily modified as to be unrecognizable by now.

The other puzzling bit is that CIG has supposedly been working on a total netcode revamp for about three years as well. Netcode has pretty much become their standard excuse for when shit doesn't work (i.e. all the time).

So, it is indeed quite mysterious how they can simply switch to Lumberyard with a heavily modified CryEngine or how they can simply (un)plug their 3+ years in development netcode to make it work with AWS/Lumberyard infrastructure.

Something is not right here... they either lied about the level of modifications they made to the CE or they lied about their netcode revamp or both.

You can not simply roll back from heavily customized to standard CryEngine/Lumberyard overnight.
It would be a biblical miracle if this switch did not require an adaptation of the dev tools, the (net)code base, the interfaces, the plugins, the scripts, and all the other customized elements etc. etc.

I don't get how this, according to CR, "... took us a day or so of two engineers on the engine team". That does not seem possible to me unless they totally lied about their own previous work on the CryEngine. Or his definition of the "core of the engine" means they replaced the "copyright by Crytek" by "copyright by Lumberyard" (2.6 splash screen shows no references to Crytek anymore).
What he is not telling us, of course, is that the "non-core" of the engine (and their own tools) is probably going to require a massive rewrite and revamp in order to make the adaptations.

On a whole, I still consider this as their admission that they could not hack the netcode. 3+ years of netcode revamp right down the toilet to be replaced by AWS infrastructure. Good job. Not.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Engine Switch Follow-up
10. Re: Star Citizen Engine Switch Follow-up Dec 25, 2016, 17:43 CJ_Parker
SlimRam wrote on Dec 25, 2016, 17:20:
KilrathiAce wrote on Dec 25, 2016, 17:14:
Hopefully i am still alive when its released. Also, while they are at it how about buy wing commander rights already.
I've always wondered, who owns the rights to the Wing Commander franchise now?

Dude? Electronic Farts, of course. The games are still being sold. Check GOG. The publisher for all WC games is EA/Origin.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Engine Switch; Alpha Released for Backers
48. Re: Star Citizen Engine Switch; Alpha Released for Backers Dec 25, 2016, 09:29 CJ_Parker
Numinar wrote on Dec 25, 2016, 05:56:
"I fully anticipate that in the coming year we will be hiring programmers who have taught themselves using Amazon's Lumberyard resources!"

Maybe I am having a case of the cynicism but that reads to me "We cannot afford experienced devs for this game anymore. We are going to switch over to some gun rookies from Eastern Europe".

Could work. Hungry scrappy fresh meat might bring the new ideas they need, or maybe hiring people who have never shipped a product is a bad idea for a company that has never shipped a product.

Yep. Their piss-poor choice of the CryEngine is really biting them in the ass now. If they had gone with Unreal, they would have absolutely zero issues recruiting top of the line people with shitloads of experience working on Unreal-based games. Even the Hero engine would probably be better since at least in Austin they could easily find lots of experienced devs.

But CryEngine has always been pretty exotic and is supposed to be mighty unwieldy according to industry sources (and easy to believe looking at the history of SC). People with no experience on CE apparently require months of training before they can work with the engine at the desired 100% productivity level.

Finding people with Lumberyard experience is all but impossible since it is so (relatively) new. So, yeah, CIG is literally going to have to hire self-made people who taught themselves some Lumberyard. Their engine choice is now forcing them to hire n00b amateurs while, had they chosen Unreal, they would have been able to hire seasoned veterans all the time.
Also, looking at it from the employee level, they are going to have a hard time to find experienced professionals who will be willing to work with this non-standard crap. Most pros will want to stick with (cross-platform) Unreal-based projects to keep their edge and stay up-to-date.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Engine Switch; Alpha Released for Backers
28. Re: Star Citizen Engine Switch; Alpha Released for Backers Dec 24, 2016, 20:25 CJ_Parker
Alrighty just played some Star Marine and here's some impressions:

- The game runs in DirectX 11 mode
- There are no detailed graphics options but only presets
- I played with 'very high' at 2560x1440 resolution
- My GPU is a GTX 1080 (1950MHz), 16GB RAM and a i7-4790K at default clocks
- My ping was ~130ms from EU (thus came across the typical lag and ghosting issues)
- The game ran at 50fps to 80fps on average most of the time
- It consumed ~4500 to nearly 5000MB of VRAM
- It does look quite pretty on very high, animations are still a mixed bag tho
- Sounds are broken (very muffled and it's obvious that there is no spatial/surround sound of any kind yet)
- It feels very much like a spit&glue alpha release
- Changing key bindings does not seem to work or they don't stick
- It is also very annoying that the default key bindings deviate from standard FPS bindings (e.g. 'TAB' does not bring up the scoreboard but the scoreboard is bound to 'F1') or scrolling the mousewheel did not switch to the next weapon for me
- Some key bindings do not seem to work at all, e.g. 'Enter' for chat did nothing for me. I could not chat at all.
- There are no loadout descriptions yet so picking equipment is kind of pointless since you do not even know what the advantages or disadvantages of the (very sparse) available items are... in fact the whole loadout screen does not make any fucking sense at all at this point
- When a MP match ends you get dropped all the way back to the main menu instead of being able to just continue with the next round

Overall, this is quite disappointing for 4+ years of development and let's not forget that Star Marine was originally promised to be released in early 2015.
There are a myriad of similar FPS games out there which are in a much better state than this half-assed garbage. It offers nothing special so far and annoys the user with the absence of standard FPS features or even a fully customizable control scheme.
It does have potential to at least match other standard FPS games in a few patches. It's not a lost cause beyond hope. It'll get there but there is nothing special setting this apart from any other FPS on the market.

This comment was edited on Dec 24, 2016, 20:36.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Engine Switch; Alpha Released for Backers
21. Re: Star Citizen Engine Switch; Alpha Released for Backers Dec 24, 2016, 17:18 CJ_Parker

Oh man...

What a clusterfuck of monumental proportions. So, this is apparently their admission that -as predicted by many- they simply can't hack the netcode then isn't it?

It will be quite interesting to find out how this will affect development from here on out. The next predictable changes will most likely be downscaling and outright feature cuts due to AWS/Lumberyard limitations.

Oh well, my download just finished so gonna check out the latest 2.6 trainwreck by myself. It is apparently too much to handle for AWS to properly download the client in one go as the download stopped about 50MB short of completion and only finished on resuming so I'm not exactly hopeful to be entertained much. Shit's buggy as fuck at the launcher stage already (which is business as usual).
I'm also not impressed that the graphics options still boil down to 'low', 'medium', 'high', 'very high' etc. without any more refined options to turn certain features on or off. Come on. After 4+ years there should be at least a rudimentary menu for more detailed graphics options.

The whole package what we have here is a sad joke for 4+ years of development but that's what happens when approximately 3 years were wasted on making pretty JPEGs for sales and "cool" trailers'n'demos for embarrassing (live) shows and conventions in order to keep the money train rolling. The even sadder part is that idiots actually keep supporting this shit "development model" (LOL).
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News Comments > AU Fines Valve $3M
25. Re: AU Fines Valve $3M Dec 23, 2016, 16:03 CJ_Parker
Wallshadows wrote on Dec 23, 2016, 13:36:
What the shit is Valve doing.

The usual. Nothing.
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News Comments > Descent: Underground in Development on
11. Re: Descent: Underground in Development on Dec 21, 2016, 13:50 CJ_Parker
MoreLuckThanSkill wrote on Dec 21, 2016, 13:18:
*Nostalgia glasses off*

I think the original Descent was overrated. The degree of motion was cool, but the actual gameplay got boring quick for me.

Curse all these developers for trying to sucker people in with nostalgia!

Agree. Descent was boring as fuck after the novelty of 6DOF and the somewhat pretty graffix (3Dfx enhanced) wore off.
After SC went full retard, I wish that WingMan, Irving & co instead would have filled that gap and done a proper FreeSpace sequel with a focus on single player since, after all these years, there still isn't a proper campaign-based space opera anywhere on the horizon (Squadron 42 appears to be farther away than ever).
Descent with a focus on MP shoot'em up matches is just meh.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Gameplay Trailer
55. Re: It's gone! Dec 18, 2016, 21:25 CJ_Parker
Or go hit the official channel where the video from above can still be found:
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News Comments > On Sale
11. Re: Morning Legal Briefs Dec 18, 2016, 18:53 CJ_Parker
MoreLuckThanSkill wrote on Dec 18, 2016, 18:34:
... Laura Croft's...

OMG... /facepalm
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News Comments > Star Citizen Gameplay Trailer
17. Re: Star Citizen Gameplay Trailer Dec 17, 2016, 16:52 CJ_Parker
In case anyone's wondering what happened to the promised Squadron 42 presentation for CitizenCon (back in October) that was hyped all year long and according to Christ Roberts missed being ready for prime time by the width of a pubic hair and that was supposed to be shown really, really very super-soon after CitizenCon but then was never heard from again until today, well, here's the bullshit excuse from the holiday newsletter...

In anticipation of today's Live Stream, I did want to address one thing that I have been seeing speculation on in the forums: whether or not today's Live Stream will feature the Squadron 42 Vertical Slice.

After we made the decision before CitizenCon that the Squadron 42 vertical slice wasnít ready to be shown publically, we spent some time on reviewing how far off we were and what we wanted to achieve in order to be comfortable showing a full chapter of S42 gameplay. After all the effort we expended for CitizenCon, we didnít want to spend additional developer time polishing intermediate solutions if it wasnít going towards the final product. A slick demo isnít that helpful if it pushes back the finished game, so we decided that the priority should be completing full systems over getting the vertical slice into a showable state.

TL;DR After over five years (going by Roberts' own counting) they still do not have a single mission from Squadron 42 in a presentable state even though the FULL game (not just an episode) was originally supposed to be delivered in late 2014.

Anyone here who is predicting a beta in a year or a couple of years needs to get their head checked. At this rate, we are, without even a hint of exaggeration, a good decade away from the final game (full PU, all ships and gameplay systems, 100 star systems etc.).
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News Comments > On Sale
4. Re: On Sale Dec 16, 2016, 19:33 CJ_Parker
maddog wrote on Dec 16, 2016, 17:31:
It was too bad they let the Republic Commando game die on the vine.

Nope. Glad they never made more clone wars garbage. No need to be reminded how shitty the PT was.
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