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News Comments > PC Bayonetta Released
7. removed Apr 12, 2017, 02:41 CJ_Parker
This comment was deleted on Apr 12, 2017, 11:25.
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News Comments > KOTOR Reboot & New BioWare IP Rumors
16. Re: KOTOR Reboot & New BioWare IP Rumor Apr 11, 2017, 15:06 CJ_Parker
Zero fucks given indeed.

They are going to casualize the living fuck out of a Star Wars "RPG" (let's face it... like SWBF is a dumbed down reskin of BF they would dumb down MEA even further -if that is even possible- and reskin that shit).

The original KotOR was one of the most boring crap RPGs ever. Everything except for the plot twist was a snorefest of galactic proportions. It is easily the most overrated RPG in history.

It was also among the first games to illustrate in full force how the Shitbox is holding back PC gaming big time. The graphics, UI and inventory were ridiculously shitty on the PC and the stamp size of the levels was a necessity because of the 8KB of RAM on the fucking first Shitbox.

I was (once again) ready to drop bombs on Redmond when I got to the "vast and dangerous" deserts of Tatooine which were about the size of the sandbox for toddlers behind my house. Fuckin' A, man...

Oh, and please fuck off with the Old Republic setting already. This garbage might have been a necessity when Lucas was super anal retentive about anything interfering with his glorious lore but now that that clown is gone let's have some games set during known timeframes from the movies instead of that boring ancient shit where all that ever happens is that the pendulum swings either in the Sith or the Jedi direction.
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News Comments > Gatherings & Competitions
3. Re: Gatherings & Competitions Apr 9, 2017, 16:54 CJ_Parker
Tumbler wrote on Apr 9, 2017, 13:54:
Anyone have any theories of where they are in the dev cycle overall? 1/2 way? 1/4…? 3/4?

Are you joking? Try a number below 1%. Out of 100 star systems a single one is sort of 50% finished (and I'm being very generous).
Gameplay systems are pretty much a complete no-show so far. They have yet to implement (and make meaningful) many complex systems like smuggling, bounty-hunting, cargo/trading, mining, refueling, recon, exploration, electronic warfare, salvaging, capital ship gameplay (multiplayer), passenger transportation, SAR, science/research, information running, racing (maybe 20% finished atm) etc. etc. etc.

Developing all of these systems and especially making them as relevant as people are hoping that every system will be with fleshed out, meaningful, "emergent" content etc. will take several years more alone. Seriously.
Then there is their promised super-complex economy with millions of AI agents which will also take a small lifetime to develop all by itself.

On the technical side we have many features still missing from the engine including proper VR support, Vulkan etc.

Oh, and then there is a whole single player game still missing. You know, the one that was supposed to be out in its entirety by the end of 2014, then got converted into an episodic release but is still a no-show almost 3 years later.
Well, and there is also the minor tasks of creating an offline PU as promised and private servers and mod tools. Trivial really.

Finally let us not totally forget about the most important stretch goal.


Pets – We have repair bots, we have fish… but we haven’t implemented a traditional pet system in Star Citizen yet. At $64 million, that changes. From Jones the Cat in Alien to the Battlestar Galactica’s Daggit, pets have a place onboard starships… and we want to give you that option in Star Citizen. Expect traditional terrestrial options, plus anything exotic we can dream up in the Star Citizen universe! (Those Torshu Grey crabs that keep escaping are just the start.) This stretch goal is in honor of Paddington, Strike Dog of the UEES Paul Steed. In one of our first videos Paddington helped us get to $4 million back in the initial campaign, and sadly passed away recently.

Seriously, FULL release with the majority of all stretch goals implemented in a non-half-assed fashion (e.g. being able to fly from A to B and being able to drop off a cargo box does not equal a trading/cargo system in my book) is literally still YEARS away. I don't know how many but going by historic progress, well, I'd say at least five, six, seven(?)

Just the 100 star systems will still take years and years. The fanbois assume that everything will be proceeding super-fast once procedural generation and the assets are finished but that is not the case, of course. Every system will still require lots of testing, balancing, careful placement/allotment of resources, combat areas, explorable areas, yada yada... mountains upon mountains of work especially with the planetary landings and requirement to add planetary content in addition to the space content.

And finally let us also not forget that progress will inevitably slow down the more systems they release into the wild. The "old" content will inevitably require fixing (e.g. an exploitable bounty system that pisses off 1000s of space jockeys) which will divert resources from the teams working on fresh content. They should avoid the SWG trap where you dump new content and systems on existing broken shit. That didn't work out so well back then and won't work out well in 2020 either.
SC is going to turn into a nigh unmanageable beast if they really deliver on all stretch goals (which they won't for just that reason).
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News Comments > Mass Effect: Andromeda Patched
2. Re: Mass Effect: Andromeda Patched Apr 6, 2017, 21:07 CJ_Parker

It's like some dude on the Titanic rushing to the scene of the leak with duct tape.
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News Comments > Gearbox Issues Ultimatum to G2A
3. Re: Gearbox Issues Ultimatum to G2A Apr 6, 2017, 21:05 CJ_Parker
I don't usually pirate games but this one for sure, Gearshit. You're begging for it. First the incredibly greedy $50 for a simple remaster and now this? You gotta be fucking shitting me mud wresting style, bitches.  
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News Comments > Dragon Age 4 Outed?
4. Re: Dragon Age 4 Outed? Apr 6, 2017, 21:00 CJ_Parker
Yippie! Just what the world needs after MEA... even moar casual, simpleton, dumbed down action RPG garbage where the only thing that is deep is the abyss into which the quality of the script, the story and the dialogues have fallen.  
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News Comments > BioWare Apologizes for Mass Effect: Andromeda Character
62. Re: BioWare Apologizes for Mass Effect: Andromeda Character Apr 6, 2017, 18:49 CJ_Parker
Kxmode wrote on Apr 6, 2017, 18:45:
CJ_Parker wrote on Apr 6, 2017, 17:50:
Mwahaha Mwahaha Mwahaha Mwahaha

Is that in reference to the clone wars?


It was a reference to this scene, of course.

But the Noooooooooooooooooooooooo might have been a reference to retarded prequel garbage .
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News Comments > BioWare Apologizes for Mass Effect: Andromeda Character
56. Re: BioWare Apologizes for Mass Effect: Andromeda Character Apr 6, 2017, 17:50 CJ_Parker
Apology... accepted, Captain Walters.


Mwahaha Mwahaha Mwahaha Mwahaha
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News Comments > XPlane 11 Takes Off
4. Re: XPlane 11 Takes Off Apr 6, 2017, 17:29 CJ_Parker
Porn-O-Matic wrote on Apr 6, 2017, 13:40:
... you still need a $10,000 mega computer to get anywhere near 40 fps.

Par for the course for any flight sim since the beginning of days Wink . It should be interesting to see how and where X-Plane 11 will settle in within the next few years.

DTG are supposed to release their FSX-based sim within the next few months. If rumors are true (they almost certainly are) Lockheed is going to release P3D 4.0 with a 64bit upgrade soon-ish. And finally there could be a sleeper hit in the making with NGFS but so far they have been all hype'n'talk and no show. They haven't even stuck to their original bi-monthly update schedule as the last post in the news is from over a year ago.

Still, interesting times ahead and it will be exciting to find out who will emerge as the "winner". X-Plane 11, P3D, DTG, NGFS or... or will good old classic (Steam)-FSX with its zillions of HQ add-ons prevail?

Sometimes I wish that all these gigs would simply get together and undertake a giant collaborate effort to create a true next gen civ flight sim. In theory it really ain't that hard. All that the FS community wants is an as accurate as possible representation of flying in the real world with a perfectly correct world model, accurate physics/weather/flight model, intelligent ATC, detailed PMDG-like planes and accurately simulated real world operations and procedures.
A huge mountain of work which would be perfect for a cross studio collaborative effort or maybe even an open source kind of undertaking.

Instead we get these half-assed attempts that are either based on ancient Microsoft technology or like X-Plane severely lack in some of the sim departments like ATC, AI traffic etc. *le sigh*
So here's to hoping that X-Plane 11 will have a long shelf-life and be updated to this elusive near perfect sim over its hopefully long and prosper lifetime.
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News Comments > NieR Ships 1M Copies
8. Re: NieR Ships 1M Copies Apr 5, 2017, 14:56 CJ_Parker
eRe4s3r wrote on Apr 5, 2017, 14:40:
And to top it off, the game has an ending that will blow your mind and your entire save data if you are not taking the prompts seriously Alone for that it is GOTY ;p

It's GOTY for deleting your save games? Bruuuh? Can I have some of whatever you just had?
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News Comments > Mass Effect: Andromeda Patch This Week
43. Re: Mass Effect: Andromeda Patch This Week Apr 5, 2017, 14:07 CJ_Parker
JohnQP wrote on Apr 5, 2017, 10:22:
I'm content to wait as long as it takes for the cracked version to come along, if it ever does...

Dude? It's all over da "daaaahhhknet" (version 1.04 at least) .
Makes me a happy camper, too. Means that the price will drop even faster and that fully patched GOTY for $10 to $20 should be here in about a year at the latest.
DAI also dropped very fast and SWBF was free-falling just three months after release. EA usually discounts fast'n'deep and probably even faster if the game's been h4XX0red. Good news all around.

Also, remember: According to many very expert folks especially here on BN, piracy does not hurt sales at all but it actually boosts sales because of the word of mouth marketing so EA is probably shitting themselves out of sheer happiness right now.
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News Comments > NieR Ships 1M Copies
2. Re: NieR Ships 1M Copies Apr 5, 2017, 13:56 CJ_Parker
This probably sold more on PlayStation 4 than Steam

Yeh, SteamSpy sez 220K PC copies so PS4 won by a landslide as expected for a consolized casual garbage anime jump&run game.
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News Comments > Mass Effect: Andromeda Patch This Week
6. Re: Mass Effect: Andromeda Patch This Week Apr 4, 2017, 19:40 CJ_Parker

Oh, I forgot they saved the best joke of their retarded post for the final paragraph...

And as always, you all play an important role in that. We want to hear from you about your experiences, both what you love about the game and what you’d like to see changed. We’re listening, and we’re committed to partnering with you as we continue to explore the Andromeda galaxy together.


Right. Is that why them fuckers shut down the BSN forums because they oh so loooove to listen to what people think? Where do they think people are s'posed ta leave their feedback? On fucking Facebook? Or Twitter with its retarded character limit where you can't even begin to describe 0.0001% of the shittiness of this abortion?

LULZ. First the game's a complete shallow, casual, dumb as shit clusterfuck and now they are trying to put out the fires with gasoline. Good job, EA. Rock on.
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News Comments > Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion Visual Update
4. Re: Evening Legal Briefs Apr 4, 2017, 18:48 CJ_Parker
Their bundles are retarded. There isn't a single one without the €9.99 soundtrack. Fine then. I'll just keep waiting until the base game and all DLC (sans the soundtrack which I don't give a flying fuck about) goes on sale for less than €10. They can rip off other people in the meantime. Assholes.  
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News Comments > Mass Effect: Andromeda Patch This Week
2. Re: Mass Effect: Andromeda Patch This Week Apr 4, 2017, 18:43 CJ_Parker
Over the next two months we’ll be rolling out additional patches which will go even deeper and look to improve several areas of the game

Aaaahhh so at least they are admitting that this was an early access joke release. Good.

Still... GOTY for <= €9.99 or GTFO
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News Comments > Steam Discovery Changes Will "Fight Fake Games"
7. Re: Steam Discovery Changes Will Apr 4, 2017, 10:38 CJ_Parker
It's a seriously sad state of affairs when the health of PC gaming relies on a couple of fucking YouTube hipster clowns *siiiiiigggghhhhh*  
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News Comments > Agents of MAYHEM in August
2. Re: Agents of MAYHEM in August Apr 3, 2017, 10:50 CJ_Parker
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News Comments > On Sale
6. Re: On Sale Apr 1, 2017, 18:36 CJ_Parker
Zero sympathy for anyone who still has not learned that you ALWAYS wait for a GOTY when a game has a season pass. Always. Always. Always.
Been like that for years and years, too. Falling for a season pass scam is like buying snake oil. You're begging to be scammed. The rule is so simple when a game has DLC: GOTY or GTFO.
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News Comments > April Foolin' 2017
2. Re: April Foolin' 2017 Apr 1, 2017, 14:55 CJ_Parker
Dumbest fucking retarded shit ever. I wish this stupid day and date would be erased from all calendars and we could instead have two groundhog days (February 2 simply happening twice).

But this stupid shit needs to die. Fast.
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News Comments > Mad Catz Closed
21. Re: Mad Catz Closed Apr 1, 2017, 08:23 CJ_Parker
MattyC wrote on Apr 1, 2017, 01:22:
CJ_Parker wrote on Mar 31, 2017, 21:45:
SpectralMeat wrote on Mar 31, 2017, 21:01:
MacLeod wrote on Mar 31, 2017, 20:49:
But now I won't be able to get that Star Citizen branded Saitek controller when the game comes out!
Saitek and Mad Catz are not the same company or are they?

They were the same company. When Mad Catz got into financial trouble they sold off Saitek to Logitech (a match made in shit quality heaven).

If you don't like either company, that is fine, everyone gets an opinion. However, when has Logitech ever been known for "shit quality"? Their mice and keyboards are just about indestructible, assuming you don't down them in liquid, and even then they often live on.

Logitech also had financial woes a few years back and ever since there has definitely been a noticeable drop in quality while at the same time they jacked up prices to hell (and unfortunately not back yet). It is ridiculous how they ask $70 for a gamer mouse which has "made in China from scrap" written all over it.

To their (slight) credit it needs to be said that (almost) no one else is really much better. Mad Catz had even shittier quality and justifiably went bust while everyone else does the same and sells the cheap plastic garbage with a gamer tag for +1000% profit margins.

However, if you are really looking for quality in the highend peripheral sector then there's still Thrustmaster. Their wheels and sticks (Warthog FTMFW) are second to none and of exceptional build quality. Most Logi products except for their decent wheels are complete jokes in comparison.
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