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News Comments > Star Citizen Squadron 42 Delayed
152. Re: Star Citizen Squadron 42 Delayed Oct 13, 2016, 16:23 CJ_Parker
Dude, you can twist and turn it which ever way you like. The problem is that as soon as CIG shows off something in their flashy trailers and demos you cultists immediately pretend like it has already been delivered when in reality it is usually months or years away.
If you go back then most of what CIG has shown in the numerous flashy trailers and demos over the years has never arrived in the game or, even if it has, in a half-assed fashion that did not even begin to match the quality of what was shown in said trailers & demos.

The simple truth of the matter is that we are approaching the end of the year 2016 and what we have is:

- Squadron 42: 0% delivery
- Persistent universe: Far less than 1% delivery
- Private servers: 0% delivery
- Mod tools: 0% delivery

Those are the cold, hard facts. It is ridiculous to claim that CIG have been making awesome progress these past four years. They haven't. Compared to the full scope all the way up to the final $65 million stretch goal, they have FUCK ALL to show for it today.
I am 100% convinced that there hasn't ever been a AAA game in the history of game development, except DN4ever maybe Wink , that has had a similarly poor output after four years (see, I'm even willing to give Roberts a break here because according to his counting we're at five years, not four).
Most MMOs like WoW, SWTOR etc. certainly had a fully playable alpha after four years with some features missing, parts of the world missing but they definitely weren't at less than 1% of the final thing or the projects would have been cancelled.

You know, I'm still looking forward to Squadron 42 and I want it to be delivered as polished as possible and I can absolutely wait for it patiently, too, but I'm calling a spade a spade here and unlike you cultists I'm not willing to stick my head in the sand, singing lalalalalala and pretending that everything is awesome when in reality everything is fucked up beyond recognition.
SC/S42 project management these past four years has been a complete clusterfuck of the most epic proportions. The numbers speak for themselves. Four years and FAR less than 1% delivery. It's a fact.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Squadron 42 Delayed
142. Re: Star Citizen Squadron 42 Delayed Oct 12, 2016, 20:32 CJ_Parker
NasWulf wrote on Oct 12, 2016, 19:31:
CJ_Parker wrote on Oct 12, 2016, 18:47:
According to Chris Roberts' own words we are now five years in and what do we have?

Wait, what? I understand math is not your strong point, but lets see ... they just had their 4th "birthday" at CitCon, that interview in CS own words is from 2012 (4 years ago) and the original KS campaign was in October 2012 (4 y e a r s ago). Oh I forgot in 2011 he made a early prototype CGI demo to get things started ... i guess you can call that development time ... lol ... i mean ... wow

I don't need maths skills. I just need reading comprehension which you apparently lack but such is the way of the SC cultist. They only do selective reading when something suits their agenda and the agenda of their infallible cult leader Christ Roberts.

But I'm a nice guy so I'll copy&paste the relevant quote for you...

You have stated that you expect to have an Alpha up and going in about 12 months, with a beta roughly 10 months after that and then launch. For a game of this size and scope, do you think you can really be done in the next two years?

Really it is all about constant iteration from launch. The whole idea is to be constantly updating. It isn’t like the old days where you had to have everything and the kitchen sink in at launch because you weren’t going to come back to it for awhile. We’re already one year in - another two years puts us at 3 total which is ideal. Any more and things would begin to get stale.

^ see Chris own words "We're already one year in". Spoken in 2012. So we're at five years no matter how you wish to spin it.

edit , lets put in perspective the DEV times of other AAA Titles.

WoW .. 4.5 years + a years to polish
BF3 took about 6 years to make (from BF2 to release)
Elite: Dangerous took from 2011 to 2014 for full release (3 years)
Witcher 3 took 3.5 years
Titanfall took from 2011 to 2014 release (3 years using the source engine)
DOOM (2016) started in 2008 and released in 2016 (8 years)

on and on ... again , if it takes another 3 - 4 years and funding dries up , then the game is doom to be the next DNF ...

Cute... and? Then why did CR promise delivery in 2014? Why did he dismiss the interviewer's apparent skepticism with regard to the ambitious timeline? Why does he keep making up dates they can not meet? Why did the Squadron 42 trailer promise the game for this year? Why did Chris Roberts say at Gamescom last year that the "full PU" (his exact words... FULL PU) will be here by the end of 2016? Where is it? Why does everyone except for the guy making the game seem to know that things take time?

The really funny and ironic part is that back in 2012 cultists like you actually defended claims by Chris that the game could be done in two years. People like you posted the quote I posted above saying that doubters have no clue about game development and that Chris would be 100% right. When people mentioned that other games took a lot longer to make, i.e. brought up lists like you just did, then the cultists said that Chris would do the game much faster because there is no publisher holding him back and because of his superior experience and that any doubter should simply look at the first Squadron 42 trailer to see that the game is already in a very advanced state.
Now you say that the doubters who complain about the state of the game have no clue about game development and that the delays were always (of course) to be expected.

I'm not sure it gets more schizo than that but such is the way of the brainwashed cultist. Keep trucking, Space Cowboy!

For the record, I never bought Roberts' super-optimistic timelines and it became obvious to me quickly that all of his babbling was part of the fraud. He threw out some bait dates to make it seem that people would be getting what they pledge for in a soon-ish fashion when he must have known exactly that none of that would ever happen.

However, I never even in my wildest dreams expected them to suck *that* fucking hard. 2016 and we neither have Squadron 42 nor even 1% of what the PU as advertised was supposed to become when (if) it is ever finished. Wow. Talk about a massive epic failure to deliver. It doesn't get more pathetic than this... oh wait, it does... people actually defending this failure is even more pathetic. My bad.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Squadron 42 Delayed
134. Re: Star Citizen Squadron 42 Delayed Oct 12, 2016, 18:47 CJ_Parker
theyarecomingforyou wrote on Oct 12, 2016, 18:30:
As much as it may seem like a lost cause I think it's worth putting in the effort. There's only so long the critics of the game can bash the game before it proves them wrong, as it has done many times already.

Haha another ridiculous claim.

While it is true that the extreme doomsayers (of which I have never been a part FWIW) who predicted CIG would fold any minute now were proven wrong, everyone else (the regular skeptics) has not just been proven right but no one ever expected in their worst nightmares that CIG would suck as hard as they do.

I mean let's look at what we have here. According to Chris Roberts' own words we are now five years in and what do we have?

- Still no Squadron 42 which was originally promised to be out by November 2014 in its entirety. And what do we have? Not even a single episode and not even a single mission is done so it can be presented to the public at the annual fan show. L to the O to the L.
- A persistent universe with barely any persistence at all, a single half-assed star system out of 100, a 24 player max limit in a single fucking instance, ZERO finished gameplay systems... !Z-E-R-O! ... and to add insult to injury all of this half-assed shit is buggy as fuck, as stable as a wobbling bewb and connections about as reliable as back in the dial-up 56K US Robotic days

What CIG has "achieved" so far is so underwhelming that there are no words to properly describe the entire patheticness of it all.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Squadron 42 Delayed
128. Re: Star Citizen Squadron 42 Delayed Oct 12, 2016, 15:43 CJ_Parker
MacLeod wrote on Oct 12, 2016, 15:33:
but has a post history of 59 posts, at least 50 of which are all about SC, and includes paragraph long rants about how they're doing everything right.

Sockpuppet much?

But... but... but... he is only interested in the SUPER-AWESOME TEKNOLOGEEEEE!!!111

I mean no other developer has ever had 64-bit precision in their game. No one has ever done procedural generation before. And no one has ever made a game where you can choose to play in 1st person or in 3rd person. ALL OF THIS IS GROUNDBREAKING U IDIOT!!!
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News Comments > Star Citizen Squadron 42 Delayed
106. Re: Star Citizen MMO Oct 11, 2016, 22:01 CJ_Parker
Hanneth wrote on Oct 11, 2016, 21:56:
As for when 4.0, that will be late 2017. Chris said the are going for a release every 2-3 months.
3.0 - December 2016
3.1 - February-March 2017
3.2 - April-June 2017
3.3 - June-September 2017
4.0 - August-December 2017

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News Comments > Star Citizen Squadron 42 Delayed
102. Re: Star Citizen Squadron 42 Delayed Oct 11, 2016, 20:26 CJ_Parker
djinn wrote on Oct 11, 2016, 19:58:
Agree with almost all your points, but have reservations for the above. What Palmer did with Oculus would seem to be a viable option for CIG if they ran out of cash. A lot of hard work is already paid for which is a springboard for future investors. With the SW franchise it would be added incentive to put in a few extra bucks as they could cut the convoluted stretch goals, focusing on one or two planets with loads of SW based content. A next gen Dark Forces maybe?

I don't see that happening because EA/Disney simply would not need this. Look at SWBF. EA/DICE could very easily produce a single player or (another) multiplayer Star Wars game based on their own work and their own assets.

DICE are experts at Frostbite. They have all the tools and a workflow to produce content in relatively high amounts per time unit.

What would they need CIG for? Art assets? No. DICE have photogrammetry where they port art straight from the movies to the game and say what you will about SWBF but the art (aside from looking very artificial) is second to none.

Would they need CIG for the multiplayer basis? Hell no. SWBF supports 40 players while CIG currently supports only 24 players per instance. The difference is that SWBF is somewhat stable at 40 players while SC is a lag/disconnect/crash fest many days of the week (with only a tiny fraction of the final feature set "stressing" the servers so far).

It remains to be seen whether CIG will ever be able to pull off a true persistent universe (MMO). At this time the "net code" is under extremely heavy construction (has been for months and months and won't be finished for another 12 to 18 months because SC 4.0 is the earliest where you can expect anything resembling MMO gameplay).

I really don't see why EA/Disney would be interested in SC/CIG at all. There is nothing -so far- they (or DICE for that matter) couldn't do better in a fraction of the time at less risk and money. Seriously.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Squadron 42 Delayed
101. Re: Star Citizen Squadron 42 Delayed Oct 11, 2016, 20:03 CJ_Parker
theyarecomingforyou wrote on Oct 11, 2016, 19:50:
CJ_Parker wrote on Oct 11, 2016, 19:25:
[Whining about the game running out of money]

Huh? I didn't. Dude? Seriously. Reading comprehension? I only replied to this other dude who was fantasizing about a Disney/EA takeover.
I know that there are enough cultists to keep CIG rolling for a long time to come, though this year's CitCon seems to have upset quite a lot of cultists going by the forums.

The question is: Are these the first signs of a real crash or are they going to get away with a little scraping?

I fully acknowledge that the jury is out on that. I've never been among the people saying that they will run out of money (that's -among others- jdreyer's specialty). I've just been critical of all the broken promises, pipe dream promises, hype machine lies, the pies in the sky and the fraudulent actions of CIG.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Squadron 42 Delayed
99. Re: Star Citizen Squadron 42 Delayed Oct 11, 2016, 19:53 CJ_Parker
theyarecomingforyou wrote on Oct 11, 2016, 19:33:
The latest footage of the game is excellent. It wasn't long ago the critics were saying it wasn't possible to make the game that Chris Roberts pitched and that the funding would run out before.

Please stop repeating this retarded lie.

What the so called "critics" are claiming is not possible (and it won't be) is the vision of the full PU, i.e. that ~100+ people per instance (or whatever number of people you deem essential for this to be called as MMO) will be sharing this universe at the advertised fidelity and CIG has shown absolutely NOTHING in that regard.

Where are the videos of dozens of fighters attacking a capital ship with multicrew ships, EVA, boarding etc. all happening simultaneously?

No one ever claimed that procedural generation would not be possible (see Elite Dangerous with its 400 billion(!!!) star systems or NMS) or anything of the sort.

What is impossible or will be impossible is to piece of all of this together into a true MMO. That won't happen. If they ever deliver the game it will be instanced like fuck with a low player number per instance.

Remember: They have confirmed this CitCon that "travel to multiple star systems" won't be out before 4.0 (early 2018? mid 2018?). This means that the entire MMO infrastructure (multiple instances etc.) has also been delayed to AT LEAST 4.0. Until then we'll be stuck in Stanton, a single star system and a single instance with 24 players max... unless maybe they raise it to a whopping 32 players(?) ... wow ... a real MMO that is!
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News Comments > Star Citizen Squadron 42 Delayed
97. Re: Star Citizen Squadron 42 Delayed Oct 11, 2016, 19:41 CJ_Parker
djinn wrote on Oct 11, 2016, 19:23:
Kxmode wrote on Oct 10, 2016, 21:57:
Mass Effect 1 kind of had procedural worlds that quickly angered players; especially the M35 Mako (what a nightmare of a vehicle!). BioWare learned from that mistake and made planet missions in ME2 and ME3 much more focused.
Am I wrong in this conclusion? If I am please let me know.

Hm. Remembering Mass Effect the opposite to the audience if what you say is true. I actually liked the Mako missions as they gave the impression of an expansive universe, even if it were all smoke and mirrors. It was enough to feel like it was bigger 'world' than it actually was. As opposed to the probing missions which felt like a total gimmick in the sequels.

I don't think he just meant the probing but also the story missions. Probing was boring as hell, yes, but it was still less boring than driving around in a shitty vehicle on barren planets with horrible, clunky controls.
So I'm going to have to side with Kxmode. I also found ME1 to be the worst of the series. The Mako did not really add anything to the gameplay in terms of a fun factor. It was terrible.

But SC is definitely a different beast. CIG used the Constellation Aquila for this demo which has a rover on board as a default but the missions are going to have to be fun for everyone including the vast majority of people who don't have a rover on their ship.
It's not like ME where everyone is Captain Shepard of the Normandy with a Mako (unless this here was Squadron 42 single player footage instead of PU but they advertised it as PU footage so let's assume it is).
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News Comments > Star Citizen Squadron 42 Delayed
95. Re: Star Citizen Squadron 42 Delayed Oct 11, 2016, 19:25 CJ_Parker
djinn wrote on Oct 11, 2016, 18:51:
Rabbit trail: If they get their game systems solid but eventually run out of money, this would be a very easy pitch to take to Disney and retrofit to do something in the Star Wars universe. Since everything they've done so far is already paid for I'm sure Disney would unload buckets of cash to make that happen, especially since the franchise is currently making it's own comeback.

Sorry but those are complete bullshit pipe dreams. Disney has sided with EA for Star Wars game development. If Star Citizen goes tits up, EA would have to pick up the pieces. That is very unlikely in the first place for many reasons. If Star Citizen fails it's because it is a clusterfuck of a project. Why would EA or Disney buy a clusterfuck? Not gonna happen.

Besides, many employees would jump ship and EA mostly has people familiar with Frostbite or maybe Unreal but CryEngine is kind of exotic. Star Citizen's underlying CryEngine is so heavily modified by now that it's all but a custom engine now.
Why would EA/Disney buy this shit when the people they put to work on the leftovers would need a minimum of 6 months of training before they could even begin to work productively on the project?

Or why would EA/Disney undertake the massive effort of consolidating what has been worked on in L.A., Austin, Manchester and Frankfurt? There are so many, many reasons why *especially* places like EA or Disney would never ever do this... we could sit here all day and fill several novels with reasons.
At the end of the day, EA -if they *really* wanted to- could easily shit out something like what CIG has achieved so far in a much shorter time than it would take them to build something new from the imagined ruins of SC.

You also need to get into the mindset of a corp like Disney. Disney is not interested in awesome Star Wars games. They are only interested in games as a marketing vehicle and an additional source of income.
They will always try to take the minimalistic approach.
Little effort --> Maximum revenue.
Look at SWBF and the crap EA puts out. EA and Disney are a perfect match.
Star Shitizen is the antithesis of minimalist. It is megalomaniac clusterfuckery at its best (or worst depending on your point of view).

Aside from all the practical reasons like CIG's engine, employees and studio structure, your so called "rabbit trail" would totally go against what EA and Disney stand for from a business point of view. This is simply completely unthinkable and won't happen.

P.S.: This doesn't mean that I deem it entirely unthinkable that someone would be picking up (some of) the pieces but it won't be EA or Disney for Star Wars. No fucking way.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Squadron 42 Delayed
92. Re: Star Citizen Squadron 42 Delayed Oct 11, 2016, 17:20 CJ_Parker
theyarecomingforyou wrote on Oct 11, 2016, 16:11:
I don't know how anyone can watch the latest presentation and question the direction of the game.

Maybe because people have previously watched presentations like the Star Marine reveal in 2014 and absolutely none of what was shown in that demo is in the game today even though Roberts said it would be out in early 2015? (yeah, I know, it's all Illfonic's fault, of course Rolleyes2 )

And you are crazy to claim that what was shown at CitCon last year is in the game now (hint: A huge chunk of CitCon last year was the S42 reveal and S42 won't be out this year and most likely not even anywhere early 2017 either... if 2017 at all). It isn't. Or at least not nearly at the quality (FIDELITEEEEHHHH!!!!11 ) and stability they have shown in all of their fabricated, fake, scripted demos.

Virtually everything they have shown off at shows and conventions these past four years is either a total no-show like Star Marine or has never arrived in the game at the quality (FIDELITEEEEHHHH!!!!11 ) they have presented and advertised. Not even close.

Everything has been released spit&glue half-assed (after many delays) just to sort of deliver on the promises and then it's been abandoned to rot for the next big thing to create MOAR HYPE and extract more money from gullible fools.

But, sure, keep lying for them. No problem. You make a good cultist. Chris is proud of you.
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News Comments > Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary Edition World Tour Released
11. Re: Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary Edition World Tour Released Oct 11, 2016, 15:59 CJ_Parker
Ummm... OK, asking for a free upgrade might be sort of greedy but there's not even a fucking discount for owners of the Atomic or Megaton shit or whatevs it was called??? $20? Are they fucking serious?

Gearbox --> shitlist
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News Comments > Gone Gold - Skyrim Special Edition
19. Re: Gone Gold - Skyrim Special Edition Oct 11, 2016, 03:25 CJ_Parker
jimnms wrote on Oct 11, 2016, 00:53:
I wasn't too crazy about Skyrim, even though Steam says I put almost 600 hours in it.

So how many hours do you have in games that you are "crazy about"? Thousands? Hundreds of thousands?
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News Comments > Star Citizen Squadron 42 Delayed
63. Re: Star Citizen Squadron 42 Delayed Oct 10, 2016, 19:32 CJ_Parker
descender wrote on Oct 10, 2016, 19:25:
Do other publishers hold the copyright on sand and mountains? I've pretty certain that you both would have made your same post no matter what it looked like.

It obviously depends on the degree of the similarities and this shit in the CitCon demo was as straight a rip as it gets without violating any copyrights (although if whoever owns Dune would care and persecute this, I would say they have a decent chance to make into an actual courtroom).
The "Tuskens" aren't courtroom material because they are just barely different enough but it's 100% clear where the "inspiration" came from.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Squadron 42 Delayed
61. Re: Star Citizen Squadron 42 Delayed Oct 10, 2016, 19:22 CJ_Parker
The Half Elf wrote on Oct 10, 2016, 19:15:
That last link is bullshit. pro. generaterated planet my fucking ass. Lets see, a sand planet with a big snake/worm on it (obvious shot at No Man's SKy)

NMS? It was a 100% Dune rip or maybe 98% Dune and 2% Sarlacc from Star Wars RotJ. Just like those sand people were a 100% rip off of Tatooine Tusken raiders.

Star Wars/Dune clone = CIG creativity department.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Squadron 42 Delayed
49. Re: Star Citizen Squadron 42 Delayed Oct 10, 2016, 15:54 CJ_Parker
The Squadron 42 delay was more than expected given the state of the "game" (flight model, animations etc.). According to the CitizenCon presentation, the S42 campaign has been split up into 28 chapters comprising 60+ missions. We will have to see how many chapters they are going to deliver per episode. I would not bet on more than a single chapter in 2017... if that.

The much bigger surprise (to me at least) than the S42 delay was the fact that travel to multiple star systems has been delayed all the way to version 4.0.
Even the most optimistic people don't seriously expect 4.0 before early 2018 at the very earliest.
This means that Shitizens will be stuck in the single Stanton system for the entire calendar year of 2017 or easily 18+ months total from today. Wow.
This also means that they are even further behind and struggling even more massively with their infrastructure development ("net code", multiple instances and MMO backbone) than even pessimist boaters like myself suspected.

So, early 2018 and there will still be 99 star systems missing. Will the artists be able to finish more systems up to that point so they could theoretically release a bunch of systems in one go? Maybe... but I doubt it because the systems will have to go through extensive live testing. You can not have missions spawn inside a planet or an asteroid and all that crap that can hardly be tested in an isolated sandbox. The art asset creation per se is only a fraction of the whole shebang. It takes a lot more before you can put a star system online.

At this rate the full game with the promised 100 star systems at launch will definitely not be finished even close before the turn of the decade. Realistically, we're talking ~2022-ish at this point if things work out pretty well until then (which probably won't happen given the track record so far).
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News Comments > Evening Tech Bits
3. Re: Evening Tech Bits Oct 6, 2016, 23:00 CJ_Parker
FWIW I also have a 1070 with Micron GDDR5 oc'ed to +400Mhz on the memory and stable as a rock...  
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News Comments > Beyond Good and Evil Sequel Confirmed
13. Re: Beyond Good and Evil Sequel Confirmed Oct 6, 2016, 17:15 CJ_Parker
Acleacius wrote on Oct 6, 2016, 16:37:
MattyC wrote on Oct 6, 2016, 15:55:
Acleacius wrote on Oct 6, 2016, 13:49:
I'm guessing it will only be free on ubi's drm site? I wouldn't mind getting this for free on GOG.

How generous of you... BG&E was a greatly underappreciated game, it wasn't say Planescape Torment, but it was as critically undersold.

Who knows if the sequel will be anywhere near as good and DRM shouldn't be forced, but asking for it for free is not going to get more quality games published.
This article is about the sequel and getting the original game for free. It didn't mention which service it was going to be free on. All I did was make my preference known. How the hell do you get to a point, where this is my fault? Yousaidwhat Giggle

Actually reading the news post you are commenting on is completely overrated and sooooooo 2009.
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News Comments > Wasteland 3 Crowdfunding Begins
18. Re: Wasteland 3 Crowdfunding Begins Oct 6, 2016, 10:27 CJ_Parker
Darks wrote on Oct 6, 2016, 10:21:
And yea, I agree taking PayPal out of the loop also took me out of funding this game. Another one of those loop holes they are trying to avoid by not having to pay Pay Pals percentage.

Credit card fees are usually higher than PayPal's measly fee so that can not really be the main reason. And I have read some other place (so take it with a grain of salt but the person seemed to be well informed) that they will enable PayPal as an option once the $2.75 min goal has been achieved.
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News Comments > Torment: Tides of Numenera Trailer
2. Re: Torment: Tides of Numenera Trailer Oct 6, 2016, 10:19 CJ_Parker
Yeah. December 2014 according to the Kickstarter.

Ooops. That date seems to have passed ever so *slightly* eh?

OK, seriously... they have delayed it again to "early 2017". First they gave the bullshit excuse of localization and when they revealed the console versions it turned out that the true nature of the delay lies in the planned simultaneous release on PC and consoles.
Which is really nice for the PC gamers, of course, who have been waiting (or will have been waiting) for over two fucking years from the original release window by the time it might finally come out next year.
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