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News Comments > Steam Top 10
15. Re: Steam Top 10 Jun 23, 2014, 03:41 Numinar
Go Payday! You infuriating, untutorialised nightmare you! I guess discovery is part of the fun, even if that discovery is through being kicked from public games for not understanding the stealth mechanics. (I think I have 40 hours and I still don't quite get it). I got in last free weekend and have not stopped since.

Hot tips from a massive noob nobody asked for:

-Don't buy any assets. The second you put your own money into a heist you guarantee someone will screw it up within 2 minutes. Especially on the stealth only mission. Those level 100 guys you just grouped with can buy them for one fraction of a percent of their piggy bank, let them do it.

-Second Screen. The missions are complex, unless you want to work them out the hard way (Which is probably fun with friends) have a wiki up on your phone/second monitor.

-The missions are randomised, vaults, camera rooms, guard and camera placement, civilians. It's kind of awesome. The game wants you to fail. Never take anything for granted.

-If you play PUG's expect to fail. A lot. I think we blow 9/10 missions... but a big payday with a good crew will net you millions. Keep at it till you MM with someone decent, watch and learn if you are unsure what to do, run bags, watch the street, control civilians.

-Get the armoured car missions while they are cheap, they have decent pay, are not too hard on lower difficulties and are straight out shooting. Might have to level up a bit to get some armour but otherwise they are a great place to learn the basics of interacting.

-Don't start a server without a level limit then complain about noobs joining and wrecking the game.

-Don't proselytise Payday 2... wait...
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News Comments > Far Cry 4 PC Graphics Gimped
14. Re: Far Cry 4 PC Graphics Gimped Jun 20, 2014, 11:01 Numinar
PCMR tears are so tasty!

I play most my games/spend most my time on PC, plenty of unique experiences there yet to turn up in a cheap, wireless couch based environment. But I find it hard to sell as a superior experience to people who just want to sit down and relax for a few hours a night.

And the fact is, PC-only games are for the most part uglier, buggier and less ambitious than most iterations of Ubisoft Game(TM). These new space sims may change that. Sure, Metro or Bioshock Infinite looks gorgeous on your $400+ GPU, but it's the same game, plenty of fun, looks fine and runs well on a 200 dollar 360 as well.

If you are allergic to 30 FPS/shitty PoV then thats sad. I can still lose myself in the chunky VGA glory of OG X-com, Doom or Tie Fighter. Gameplay is king.*

I'm not going to argue that a Ferrari isn't a superior experience to catching the bus, but it's a bit excessive to label those not on that level sub-human retards, which is the vibe I'm getting from certain parts of the internet these days. So funny watching people at once play the victim card and the superior human being card all at once.

*Yes, for Chivalry or racing games or whatever the people who used to play Quake play now you need the frames for the gameplay to work.

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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
2. Re: Evening Consolidation Jun 20, 2014, 10:26 Numinar
It's 100x better than the DS3 for shooters. Not sure if it is as good as a 360 (Which I imagine Bungie had a fair bit of input on as well) but the deadzones seem tightened. Destiny was a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to spending more hours with it and the DS4.

Other than that, sick burn bra.
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News Comments > Steam Summer Sale
56. Re: Steam Summer Sale Jun 19, 2014, 19:56 Numinar
theyarecomingforyou wrote on Jun 19, 2014, 18:07:
Do not buy Dead Rising 3. It is capped at 30fps on PC.

Boo hoo if that's a dealbreaker for you...

Many reasons not to buy a game, but FPS lock? A solid 30 is more than fine for most things unless you have a 400 dollar video card to justify.

Except for racing games, fuck that shit. What are they thinking.
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News Comments > Phil Fish Baits YouTube; Becomes Twitter Quitter
21. Re: Phil Fish Baits YouTube; Becomes Twitter Quitter Jun 19, 2014, 06:15 Numinar
I dunno, he has a point. Nintendo is doing the same thing but with lawyers and professionalism and whatnot.

As for being a dick on the internet, well, the internet is full of them. Still prefer this to the corp-speak personality-less jerks that normally speak publicly about this stuff. I feel the same way about Notch, a lucky guy who's opinion gets listened to because he got lucky once and should be as free to make himself heard as much as ***RapeSister420***

Keep fighting the good fight Phil! Can you put your energy and unhinged mind to work on Fez 2? Loved the first one, absolute classic.

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News Comments > OpenXcom Version 1.0
11. Re: OpenXcom Version 1.0 Jun 16, 2014, 03:28 Numinar
Awesome. I've been back to this well a few times in the last 2 decades, but havn't ever had it running the way I want since I threw out my Tie Fighter/X-com box. (486dx2-66) in 2001 or so.

Sound or animations or something was always a little off and dosbox is amazing but far from as good as native. (See Dungeon Keeper on GOG). Will hit this hard.

New Xcom is also great, but it's not the same. Especially with enemy movement/spawning/random levels/destruction.
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News Comments > Destiny Still Destined for PCs?
35. Re: Destiny Still Destined for PCs? Jun 15, 2014, 12:04 Numinar
Story is the one thing I cannot call based on the alpha, seems to be just about none of it in there. I am guessing that the solo/co-op missions play out like a Halo campaign. With loot.

Fun though, putting in my Pre-order based on this. It's no Halo in terms of Combat (Where my one-hit melee to the back at?) Though it feels like it at first it's not as sharp. Gunplay and movement are 100% Halo, but the AI doesn't react to being hit/exploded in the same way, and it's lacking that sweet "Dual to the Death" one mistake from game over that Halo has on Legendary when up against an Elite. It's just you vs bullet sponge.

It is waaaaay better than the Warframe/BL/Diablo/MMO combat that normally comes along with this stuff however.

That's me though, probably too simple for a lot of you PCMR's. Seems like a good mix. I am pre-ordering based on this content, hopefully they haven't pulled a bait and switch with the amount of content in the full game.

As for not doing 60FPS? I don't feel it except in passing. Content+Gameplay over tech anyday. Got plenty of games that claim 60FPS and they don't feel or look as good as this.
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News Comments > Evening Mobilization
4. Re: Evening Mobilization Jun 14, 2014, 12:16 Numinar
Neal Stephenson called it!

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News Comments > Evening Previews
5. Re: Evening Previews Jun 14, 2014, 11:54 Numinar
One of the games I am most excited about.

But remember Spore, remember X-Rebirth. Nice trailers and an ambitious design doc do not a good game make by themselves.

But damn, even if it's barely a screensaver these guys deserve some cred... the trailers from this game are the least "fakeable" I've ever seen, no indie, even with Sony backing, could afford to render-targetise this game. (Though I'm sure there is some staging going on).
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
11. Re: Morning Consolidation Jun 13, 2014, 14:28 Numinar
Yeah, thanks for the tip! Only noticed the prompt for that today. Maybe it will still turn up. Maybe the system was upset by my PSN account not matching my current geographical location. Someone donated me a Key that seemed legit and that still didn't work.

Played a few hours after work on a friends account though, feels like Halo weapons and movement with a bit of COD style softness to other players in MP. Weapons felt good except the starting shotgun reminds me of the handcannon from Actionquake, point blank or GTFO.

Some dodgyness where the AI stands still staring at you now and then that I assume is lag/back-end hiccups (And probably the reason they need to shake down the servers), but otherwise it seems polished and awesome. Much smoother than some other co-op with AI games I've played.

Seems well beyond "Alpha" but for a few hundred million I imagine someone was smart enough to say "Hey, lets spend 5 times longer polishing this instead of the usual 3 weeks" and it shows.

Much like Halo, it doesn't seem like so much something new as something put together with care, attention and ambition. I've got a post history attesting to my rabid fanboi status but mostly I'm just gutted to miss out on the shared experience as despite having heaps of friends who game, getting them all in one MP session is a pain in the ass that only seems to happen every blizzard, gears of war release, LAN or free weekend of something and this game seems like it would be a sweet co-op jam.
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News Comments > Into the Black
3. Re: Into the Black Jun 13, 2014, 09:06 Numinar
Ribbberrry! Nooooooo!  
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
9. Re: Morning Consolidation Jun 13, 2014, 08:37 Numinar
Hmmm, didn't get a key. Must have stuffed up the sign up process somehow.

Wanted to get a taste before plonking down the pre-order, guess I'll wait for post launch feedback now.

At least EA knows how to send me keys! Battlefield Hardon looks alright from what I've seen so far.

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News Comments > Oculus VR Era Projections
21. Re: Oculus VR Era Projections Jun 12, 2014, 13:38 Numinar
Mr. Anisotonic wrote on Jun 12, 2014, 13:25:
I'm still baffled at all the interest there is for this while 3D Vision, which is arguably a superior and much more versatile system, remains largely an underground thing. Personally I'm done with 2D, it has about as much relevance in gaming for me as black & white. Even the hand drawn games like Rayman are meant to be played in 3D now.

It's not the 3d that this is about, although even on the DK1 (The only one I've tried) it is so natural you stop thinking about it.

It's that you are IN THE GAME. Except you are wearing ski goggles.

My biggest disappointment is that it doesn't wrap around your entire peripheral vision, but it's still way more than a triple monitor setup. But apart from that, you are totally in the game. Only thing missing when I played Lunar Flight was the leaning forward to look down/over the lower windows of the capsule, and thats in now. This will fucking rip in Elite/Star Citizen/No mans sky. (Any game in which your body is sitting really).

Is it the future of gaming? Maybe, maybe not... but it's the future for enthusiasts that put immersion near the top of their list, which is what anyone who wants frames/pixel density/surround sound is into.

Will probably end in more games that are fun without constant murder as well just due to how freaky it kind of feels and how awesome just looking at shit is.
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
5. Re: Morning Consolidation Jun 12, 2014, 13:23 Numinar
Hmmmm... sick day or take in PS4 and hope nobody notices we don't make this game?

I'm kind of excite.
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News Comments > Assassin's Creed Unity Female Lead Follow-up
11. Re: Assassin's Creed Unity Female Lead Follow-up Jun 12, 2014, 08:45 Numinar
For Newt I always assumed the smartass aliens were using her as bait to get a spaceship to come pick them up. Worked!  
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News Comments > Magicka 2 Announced
6. Re: Magicka 2 Announced Jun 10, 2014, 11:46 Numinar
nin wrote on Jun 10, 2014, 09:27:
Numinar wrote on Jun 10, 2014, 09:21:
Best Trailer award E3 no contest. Sorry No Man's Sky.

The thing about the NMS trailer was it was basically the same as last years: Look around, hop in ship, fly into space with no loading screens, etc...

It could be awesome, but I didn't see anything I'd not seen it do before.

Well, this was trailers for trailers sake not how they indicate game quality, not sure if there is much correlation between the two these days. It did have big ass dinosaurs instead of giant worms! And did it have dogfighting without AI last year?

But yeah, Spore and X-Rebirth looked like super amaze-tech in trailer form. No saying how this will turn out but it seemed to be pushing a lot of details for something that is meant to run on a mere mortal's PC or PS4.

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News Comments > Magicka 2 Announced
2. Re: Magicka 2 Announced Jun 10, 2014, 09:21 Numinar
Best Trailer award E3 no contest. Sorry No Man's Sky.  
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News Comments > etc.
24. Re: etc. Jun 10, 2014, 04:02 Numinar
Stormsinger wrote on Jun 10, 2014, 00:24:
Redmask wrote on Jun 9, 2014, 22:44:
Cutter wrote on Jun 9, 2014, 18:51:
Yeah, 1 hit is the very definition of lucky. Guys like Meir, Molyneux, Carmack, CliffyB, Spector, et al. have been knocking out pretty major hits for over 20 years.

Highly debatable. No one said hes an industry authority, he gets to have an opinion like anyone else. If an armchair internet guy like you gets to have one then I think the guy who made millions making a Java voxel game gets to have his opinion too.

No shit...I'd say the one-hit-wonder has infinitely more cred than a no-hit-wonder.

All those guys have a pretty shocking hit rate TBH. Worse than Metalica in some cases if we want to stick with the Music comparison.

It was a Molyneux quote in that Minecraft doco that was my big clue that at least some of these old codgers would have loved to have put their name to it, and I wager each one of them respects MC and Notch more than some of the people here do, though I wouldn't dare speak for them it's a confident guess.

Edit-Well, Sid is fairly unassailable here, and still codes. MtG, Pirates, Railroad Tycoon, Gunsip. Amazing stuff. Ace patrol is one of the only "Real" games IOS has and is well worth a few bucks. But if you need that record to have an opinion on industry trends there would be very few opinions. And even he has a few questionable releases (Still a little upset with how Railroads was a little underbaked, but certainly still worth dozens of hours of my time).

Even he wishes he had made Tetris though, another one hit wonder.

This comment was edited on Jun 10, 2014, 04:37.
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News Comments > etc.
18. Re: etc. Jun 9, 2014, 18:00 Numinar
Fion wrote on Jun 9, 2014, 15:26:
Minecraft was very much a solid and nearly complete game by the time you could buy into it (for $12, lets not forget). Many of these early access titles are charging twice as much as a fully released AAA game for what amounts to a game that barely functions or has any content at all, and too many people are buying into the 'hype' alone of those products. The ever-present bandwagon, I have friends who are throwing $60, $80, $120 at a game and bitching about how broke it is or how it barely has anything to do, and a month later doing it all over again because the bandwagon suddenly says x game is the new 'rising star'.

I kind of disagree, the $5 or whatever it was beta I got in on was a mere shadow of what it is now (Though promising and valuable at 1/4 the price for early adopters). But it is one of my biggest arguments for why Early Access can be a good thing.

But as with this industry and entertainment as a whole, for every Minecraft, Kerbal or Prison Architect there are a thousand phoned in, amateur hour, poorly conceived wastes of time. This is what the bearded one was getting at with his critique I think.
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News Comments > etc.
9. Re: etc. Jun 9, 2014, 12:58 Numinar
Cutter wrote on Jun 9, 2014, 12:12:
If this guy ever moves beyond a one hit wonder and establishes himself as a real designer with some longevity I might give him some credence. The reality is so far he's a punk who got lucky once, so no.

Lucky? Really?

This is a guess, but I wager most "Real Designers" would give up ten of their games to have one Minecraft in their resume. More than one hit? How many designers even have one? Of anything approaching this scale? Until something happens to the worlds supply of 10 year olds this thing will keep rocking because everything else seems cheap, bloated or just stupid by comparison.

Guy gets some hate, and fair enough if he wants to voice opinions he deserves backlash. Better than the usual robotic "Don't piss off the current/future publishers!" devspeak from those souls living contract to contract if you ask me.

Hitting him in the credentials though? Seems a bit of a stretch. Would you get called a hack that nobody should listen to if you only had one highly successful, money vomiting mid sized business to your name?
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