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News Comments > DCS: World Free Weekend
9. Re: DCS: World Free Weekend Sep 30, 2018, 05:44 Numinar
jdreyer wrote on Sep 29, 2018, 19:49:
CJ_Parker wrote on Sep 29, 2018, 14:21:
That's a mighty generous demo offer by Eagle Dynamics. Note that the F-18 is not finished yet though. It is missing quite a few systems (2018 DCS roadmap) but in a three days demo you will still only be able to scratch the tip of the iceberg of what is there already.

A good starting point might be the YT channel of Eagle Dynamics' very own Matt "Wags" Wagner who has posted a series of Hornet tutorials and development update videos. Make sure to check out the playlists for a sorted overview.

Not sure it's that generous. It takes months to learn to fly these sims, so you can't accomplish much in a single weekend.

If you have someone who is a bit ahead of you in learning to fly to learn with you can start having fun in less than 30 minutes, and that is with drinking. Compared to a lot of planes the F18c is super pilot friendly and over-engineered so it is super forgiving. Weapons/Nav/ECM/radar take a while to learn and find bindings that work for you but you do that over time. To start with just take off and landing are required and there isn't much to learn there that you wont get by practice, ragequit, quick video tutorial, repeat till success.

Sure doing it properly probably takes hundreds of hours of practice (My attempts at proper case 1 pattern ends in a fireball a quarter of the time, and bolters half the time) but nailing it is exhilarating, even when your approach is courts martial worthy.

Learn the buttons for flaps, hook, gear (F,G,H) and check the carrier bypass switch (Lower front left console), and emergency jettison button to cut your weight down to 33000 pounds (thing will land much heavier believe me) and find a diagram of the on speed indicator and you are good to try and plant the thing anywhere.
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News Comments > DCS: World Free Weekend
8. Re: DCS: World Free Weekend Sep 30, 2018, 05:33 Numinar
CJ_Parker wrote on Sep 30, 2018, 02:17:
OK, back from some test flights (and glorious kabooming! ).
The Hornet -as expected- is pretty awesome to fly and as long as you don't plan on doing fancy air combat stuff but just flight training (the tutorial missions are pretty good but incomplete since the Hornet is still in early access) it is not too hard to get into it.

The tutorial flights took place on the (new) Caucasus map instead of the Persian Gulf map so I can only comment on the F-18 + Caucasus performance.
It ran pretty well on my aging sim PC which is still powered by a Z-68 chipset Asus board, an i5-2500K@4.2GHz, 32GB DDR3 RAM and a GTX 1080.
Anyway, I got between 40 and 50fps with everything maxed at 1440p. Everything was smooth and no crashes so that's great.

I'll give the F-18 some more time in the oven and I'm going to wait for at least a minor sale. The price will probably stay high for a long time to come but the current almost €70 really is a bit too harsh. I'll bite when it hits the 50s or so...

Besides, I have yet to continue learning to master the A-10C and I have also owned the L-39, the Huey, the Black Shark, the P-51 Mustang and FC3 for years which have also gotten way too little time and attention. Don't really need another (expensive af) module right now as nice as the Hornet may be.

When you click instant action for the plane you can select which map to play on before which mission. I have Persia and Red Flag as well as the Caucasus and most the canned missions can be played on all of them. My Dad and I raid the ED forums for user missions and then often edit them for co-op purposes. Get the stingers platcam mod and mission and watch their videos to learn how to crash into the boat for maximum fun!

The Persian map is great as the lack of foliage means the canyon-running shenanigans go at an even better framerate! Don't forget to switch to Radar Altitude...

F18c is EZ mode as far as these things go though compared to many modules. It's been engineered and revised to reduce pilot workload so you can just concentrate on bombing hospitals or whatever. The FCS is kind of like a videogame itself, so compared to the Spitfire it's an absolute dream and you can learn the startup pretty quickly. I've gotten dozens of hours out of it and expect dozens more. Like Kerbal, the more you put in the more you get out with what seems like no ceiling...

Air to air refueling can go eat a whole bag of sausages though. I'm not sure if it's the X52 or me (Well, it's almost certainly me) but that is way harder than boat traps.
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News Comments > Frozen Synapse 2 Released
1. Re: Frozen Synapse 2 Released Sep 14, 2018, 02:22 Numinar
Got it on GOG this morning, benefiting from what looks like a local pricing mistake (31 AUD is much cheaper than 30 USD!)

No I just need these kids to leave me alone/go to sleep so I can play some serious murdertron. Here is hoping the procedural and dynamic nature of the missions can compete with the awesome encounter design in the first game. Will be amazing if that city simulation pays off!
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News Comments > Shadow of the Tomb Raider Reviews
22. Re: Shadow of the Tomb Raider Reviews Sep 11, 2018, 08:07 Numinar
I shouldn't be happy that a game sucks but... it's sure nice to save the money! So much on it's way, so much in the account I could spend a hundred more hours in. And those last two games were so good it almost doesn't matter that they Arkham Knighted' this one (A game I loved on PS4, but this dosn't seem as ambitious even without the bugs)

Also I think I had my fill of (Jim sterling voice) TRIIIPLE AAAAAAAAAA with the glorious God of War. Maybe playing that again will be a good enough fix of TPP action.

Like, Spiderman seems great but I bet it will be even better at 60% off in 4 months!
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News Comments > Halo 5 Guardians Coming to PCs?
22. Re: Halo 5 Guardians Coming to PCs? Sep 11, 2018, 07:58 Numinar
I'm a massive Halo tragic, but I still don't have an X1. Been thinking about it more seriously for a year.

Red Dead 2 is my cutoff. My old man dosn't have a PS4 so I'll need to get a x1s so we can drink whiskey and do cowboy shit once we are too drunk to fly planes.

Would also love to take the kid through the Haloz, those games are important to me and I feel hold up better than a lot of their contemporaries. Especially the co-op.

Also taking turns in Sea of Theives is fun but if we could get a mini-lan going that would be great. Even a x1x is less than a quarter of what a meaningful 2nd PC/upgrade would cost. Shit, it's less than the videocard alone I'd need to see meaningful gains over the one I have.

So good work Mircosoft. You've finally almost convinced me maybe to get one. Announce MCC for Win10 with cross-platform play and I'll think about it even harder... let me do that lease to own deal the yanks get and I'll grab a x1x immediately.

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News Comments > etc.
8. Re: etc Sep 10, 2018, 04:52 Numinar
Ding Ho wrote on Sep 9, 2018, 19:58:
You've just shot a guy in the head, or perhaps beaten him to death with a shovel, but you're delicate sensitivities are offended by a four letter word. Is that the typical BF player now?

Offended is the wrong word for me. 4chanite edgelord manbaby assholes with their Swastika's made out of dicks for player logos spewing absolute trash in general chat are just something that takes away from the fun of digital murder for me and I assume many others. If that means I have to keep the swears I love to Discord than so be it. I can't call people at work, the cinema or the kids soccer games cunts either but I'm not going to whinge about it.
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News Comments > Assassin's Creed Odyssey Specs
6. Re: SOS Early Access Sep 8, 2018, 05:12 Numinar
Angrius Maximis wrote on Sep 7, 2018, 22:25:
Why would anyone buy this on the PC lol?

Because the previous entry was pretty awesome on PC? And ran at higher resolution and framerate than console? (That said my GPU is only slightly better than their minimum, so it might not work out so well this time).

I know that's just me though. "Consolised crap" isn't popular around here unless it's a Rockstar or CD project game.
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News Comments > etc.
6. Re: etc. Sep 8, 2018, 02:11 Numinar
I feel bad for them, I never had the patience to go more than a few thousand LY of star-hopping but Frontier said quite clearly many years ago that those who strip down their ships for jump efficiency will pay for not having teeth and shields at some stage.  
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News Comments > Morning Legal Briefs
8. Re: Morning Legal Briefs Sep 7, 2018, 06:03 Numinar
Cutter wrote on Sep 5, 2018, 17:11:
jdreyer wrote on Sep 5, 2018, 16:35:
Mr. Tact wrote on Sep 5, 2018, 16:27:
RedEye9 wrote on Sep 5, 2018, 14:57:
Once valued at 9 Billions Dollars and now dead. Who gets to keep that magical "valued" money.
I have little doubt Holmes cashed out most if not all of her shares well before the collapse. She knew it was a scam from the beginning, so she would have been careful to grab the money when it was available.

She won't go to jail. She's pretty and blonde.

They'll make an example of her because of that. She'll see 20 plus years.

Yep, she's not part of the protected class. She should have tried this after 40 years of making lots of compromised deals with other rich friends. Then you get looked after. Unless you go full Madoff. (Although if you do it as a Bank executive you get a bailout and bonus instead of jail).
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News Comments > Morning Safety Dance
5. Re: Morning Safety Dance Sep 7, 2018, 05:55 Numinar
Yep. It's not for crime fighting, though pedo/terrorist hunting will be used to justify making tech firms comply. It's to get a leg up in trade negotiations/industrial espionage (Stealing German wind turbine tech and passing it to US firm, passing on info from private conversations of a Japanese trade delegation are known examples, our fucking allies!) oh and of course influence elections to benefit us most economically and spy on each others citizens to circumvent domestic protections so they can suppress dissent.

Not like those nations are the only ones who do it, but it makes us basically all client states of the US and the pretending to be so much better than the Ruskis and Chinese whilst doing the same bloody shit is pretty gross.
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News Comments > Sunday Interviews
13. Re: Sunday Interviews Sep 3, 2018, 04:55 Numinar
born2expire wrote on Sep 3, 2018, 03:25:
Valve will never make HL3, they have way to much to lose, if the game isnt the "best thing ever" then they are sunk. They are just better left messing up CSGO.

Yeah what are the chances it will be as good as Metro Last Light? (Which could almost pass for HL3 if you lost the stealth bits, same dedication to post apocalyptic first person story telling with cutting edge rendering).

And even though they have the resources and could hire multiple 200 man AAA teams for decades and write the cost off as a rounding error, if they were successful they would probably make themselves a prime target for a monopoly busting regulator to split them in two anyway. Surprised it hasn't happened already to be honest given how represented Dota2, CSGO and TF2 are in the Steam rankings (I suspect there is no favoritism given to them, or if there is it's very subtle, I guess even silicon valley tech bros have some measure of honor).
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News Comments > Battlefield V Chat Will Have Profanity Filter
9. Re: Battlefield V Chat Will Have Profanity Filter Sep 3, 2018, 04:48 Numinar
RedEye9 wrote on Sep 2, 2018, 14:43:
What folks want is the ability to mute 13 yo's spamming the n word, I guess that's too hard to implement.

Yeah I hate that shit as well but it's probably period accurate.
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News Comments > Steam Top 10
11. Re: Steam Top 10 Sep 3, 2018, 04:06 Numinar
Anyone actually playing scum? Is it the next PUBG (Which I love) or is it some edgelord flash in the pan?

Getting anxious waiting for Frozen Synapse 2 to drop so I just purchased Into the Breach for the second time on Switch... it's so good. Nothing else interesting seems to be happening in PC world at the moment.

As for Theme XXXXXXX game, I think those are the only two Bullfrog games I didn't like, but I respect the taste of several people who love them and if this new game does it well then that's awesome. I'm still waiting for my modern take on Syndicate/Magic Carpet/DK/Powermonger/Populous. (Satellite Reign/Dungeons do not count, I've checked)
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News Comments > Evening Previews
8. Re: Evening Previews Sep 2, 2018, 06:09 Numinar
So excited! This series is the inheritor of Half Life as far as I'm concerned.  
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News Comments > Violent Game Researcher's Third Retraction
4. Re: Violent Game Researcher's Third Retraction Sep 1, 2018, 07:58 Numinar
Science at work! No single paper is worthy of trust. Maybe you can start thinking about policy changes when you have a dozen independent and consistently replicated papers.

Problem is media just reports the exciting shit when it happens, and it warps our view of what is actually probable and supported by evidence.
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News Comments > Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Free Weekend
3. Re: Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Free Weekend Aug 31, 2018, 04:59 Numinar
Osc8r wrote on Aug 31, 2018, 01:46:
I'll give it a shot, but the streams i watched seemed to be nothing more than left mouse button spam.

When done well it seems like that for some characters, but you die fast if you stuff up. You need to create and maintain space, choke points and callout specials, juggle your resources correctly and stay together, though lower difficulties are not so bad.

I love it, but haven't played in a while. It can be very stressful! Might jump on this weekend and get back into it after all the patches and not feel like such a useless grub due to the new people everywhere. I loved it even before the loot rework and balance changes, it's the first of these since Payday 2 that has really grabbed me.
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News Comments > Steel Division II Trailer
1. Re: Steel Division II Trailer Aug 31, 2018, 02:20 Numinar
Fuck yes x1000. Especialy if it comes with some of the advanced co-op missions from SD44's DLC.  
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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
2. Re: Evening Consolidation Aug 30, 2018, 07:21 Numinar
Who knows if they have really fixed the Mister Cheif Collection shitstorm they had at launch (Mostly in the MP part if I recall), but 4K HDR on X1X, and a release to gamepass which I already pay for?

Well MS, it's taken you what, 5 years? But I think you've finally sold me on this thing.

Look the fuck out credit card, you are about to get some serious damage, it's OLED time!
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News Comments > Riot Commits to Change
32. Re: Riot Commits to Change Aug 30, 2018, 06:14 Numinar
Asmodai wrote on Aug 30, 2018, 03:48:
And before anyone joins Seph on the 'ass in the clouds, head in the ass' brigade, I did read the article and there was some wacky shit going down there.

I firmly believe that rather than just addressing the problem directly with some firings, they are doing this purely for the brownie points from people who won't even play their game. More power to em for throwing away money for pyrrhic gains, because we all know that as soon as they step out of line, any fans garnered by them will immediately turn on them. The left eats itself, that is well known by now. Fix your shit and stop pretending to be white knights.

Vritue Signal, the made up act that only sociopaths without empathy believe in because otherwise they would have to face the fact that they are an absolute cunt.

I think the problem is the article that bought this on was a nasty exposé of Riot (What, ethical journalism? We didn't mean that!), and that has damaged their reputation in a way that makes working with other companies and hiring people that are not the typical MOBA meatheads become more difficult. Hence meetings, maybe some outside consultants, more meetings, some considered damage control and a plan of action as seen.

They might not fire anyone, but if they take action and this is not just a 'virtue signal' (Which would only make things worse) I'm sure a everyone will be put on notice. It's like substance abuse in the workplace. Maybe first warning or two you have to take the course or get a bit of unpaid leave, then OUT.

I mean, I get it, I've said some gross inappropriate shit in my time and will continue to do so. But If I do it in a professional setting I can expect to get the ass and I'll have nobody to blame but myself.

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News Comments > Xbox All Access Announced
11. Re: Xbox All Access Announced Aug 28, 2018, 05:51 Numinar
Kxmode wrote on Aug 27, 2018, 16:39:
Mainly video games for people who can't afford the system. So now we have three tiers of gamers. The PC Master Race, the console peasants, and the gamer dregs consisting of Xbox One X renters, casual Phone apps, and Microsoft Solitaire. Ironically that last segment is probably more profitable than the prior two.

I'm already in all three of those categories. There is good stuff happening everywhere, and some indie stuff is better on Switch depending on your lifestyle. Sure PC is the best, but to play the laterst stuff at least at QHD it would cost as much as buying every single console. Shit, even my mid range 2016 video card cost more than any console currently on the market at the time.

Probably going to crack and get an S if it takes much longer for this deal to reach AU, or if it gets here and is even more ridiculously overpriced. Sure it is just Sea of Thieves MP with the kid and Master Chief collection I want, but the backwards compat isn't bad, and the X is currently the best place to play Read Dead Redemption.

That said for the price of an S I could get Track IR so I can have less excuses for being rubbish in DCS... god this hobby is a money sink. I kind of wish I was just a narrow minded single platform supremacist sometimes.
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