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News Comments > Alien Isolation Sequel Rumored
31. Re: Alien Isolation Sequel Rumored Apr 26, 2017, 05:47 Numinar
A lot of people hating on that first game, and I understand why. I am NOT into horror games at all, or movies for that matter, but for some reason this franchise is an exception in film and on PC.

I thought every aspect of it was phenomenal. No quick-saving your way through that baby! Art, sound, controls, animation. Wow. Maybe not best in class but so consistently immersive and well thought out, at least in the bit's I've done so far!

I put it under Alien 1 as an Alien experience, but above A2. Movies I both love dearly for their attention to detail and story telling.

The interactivity of hiding and peaking under a desk or table at the man in the rubber suit gives me the willies more than anything in film has ever done. It really justifies it's existence as a "Game" and this, a first person game from Creative Assembly! Holy Shit!

I'm such a pussy, I need to go back and finish it but there is not enough alcohol courage in the world to do this at the moment. I've been doing it bit by bit for the last 3 years. I need to close my eyes whenever the thing finds me, it's just too fucking real. And it's been a while since my wife did her last CPR refresh course, I'll time my next go for that. Or keep thinking of excuses. Fuck it, day off tomorrow, I'll try again tonight.

It is an amazing, intentionally uncomfortable experience, but unlike the arbitrary monster closet body horror bullshit of most "Horror" games I've tried, it's got a Spelunky-like set of rules, environment and AI behaviour which can be learnt and exploited in order to make progress.

If I was workshopping pre-production of this game I'd suggest a mid-game interlude of space marine bad ass power tripping nonsense and then yank that away from you for the end. Then it would be an awesome homage to the first two films instead of just the first.

Glad they are making a new one, those magnificent fuckers at CA have my attention, bigly.
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News Comments > More Star Wars Battlefront II Details
20. Re: More Star Wars Battlefront II Details Apr 17, 2017, 05:29 Numinar
Slick wrote on Apr 17, 2017, 03:05:
Nucas wrote on Apr 17, 2017, 01:04:
RoboNerd wrote on Apr 16, 2017, 19:24:
"and how in Star Wars, anyone can become a hero"

That is provided they are female...

8 star wars movies, 2 female leads. oh no, girls are ruining star wars.

i'd muse on why so many of you nerds have such a complex about girls and girl-coded concepts but it's not exactly rocket science.

Don't even get me started on how much genuine hate people had that there was a black character in TFA. A whole galaxy, and they managed to find a second black guy other than Lando, and people lost their minds.

Please dear god content creators, shove the diversity LGBTQ rod so far up their asses that they start to puke rainbows. Had enough of these racist sexist fuckers acting like they own the place.

I'm with this sentiment ever since I saw the rage the Towerfall people got for putting in a homage to that bad documentary making feminist. Like, I think her product is mostly garbage with a hint of an uncomfortable truth but to boycott one of the most amazing couch games ever because of a sprite you wouldn't know was her unless you read it online is ridiculous, and my joy at their angry tears continues to amuse me every day. I hope we get 8 years of Trump failing them because that is my second favorite taste of rage. Imagining those bulging veins in their forehead as the stress takes minutes of their life makes me happy. Maybe that's wrong but I cannot help it.
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News Comments > More Star Wars Battlefront II Details
19. Re: More Star Wars Battlefront II Details Apr 17, 2017, 05:21 Numinar
Unlike some of the vaginaphobes here, I don't mind female leads but Rey has another movie or two to get to be called "Iconic" (Though compared to many aspects of that new film, she was actually really good). Luke and Vader had it easy as they were in the first movie of it's kind.

Wasn't into the last BFSW game, though it was pretty. I love BF1 though and this product seems even more fully featured.

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News Comments > Destiny 2 in September; PC Included
10. Re: Destiny 2 in September; PC Included Mar 31, 2017, 03:57 Numinar
Not sure if they are changing the format for number 2, but though progression and loot are rather borderlandsy (less random/varied but more bespoke and I think cooler) the structure is far less open, though there was some attempts at making the open areas interesting for free-roam (Rarely successful, but I did have some good times cruising around meeting whoever).

The levels tend to be linear but wide, like the larger Halo encounters, with some kind of boss action and some wave based encounters strewn throughout. The missions re-use areas, but often start in different parts and end in more unique mission specific areas that are closed off other times.

There were also some cool raids and some other stuff. It's mostly 3 player co-op. Shooting feels Halo awesome and weapon feel even more sublime considering the variety of weapons. Some of the unique were super fun to earn and use. The raids were 6 player and more mission types supporting that player count would be nice now that they have dropped PS3/360 support.
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News Comments > Destiny 2 PC Hype?
20. Re: Destiny 2 PC Hype? Mar 31, 2017, 02:39 Numinar
CJ_Parker wrote on Mar 30, 2017, 20:07:
Hype? LOL

Why would there be hype over a casual consolized as fuck garbage FPS sequel, the first part of which never made it to PC? They can fuck right off with this crap is what they can.

Wow you REALLY don't like this kind of shooter do you? Actually even with all it's flaws and tuning for controller, I would hold it up against most PC FPS games modern and old.

Good art direction and attention to detail with weapon and movement tuning does not seem overly common on any platform these days. I feel like enemy AI/reactivity suffers a little compared to their older games due to the online-ness but the lag tolerance is much better than the older games and probably makes up for it.

No it's not the disembodied gun floating in space, spinning 360 degrees in 0.1 seconds and railgunning someone in the face kind of shooter, but we have heaps of them already and I find them kind of boring now in any case.

Bad Bungie has and will continue to earn more money off of me than most devs on a good day, and I will probably follow them to whatever platform they decide to go to town on. Luckily, for the first time since Myth:The Fallen Lords, they are coming to me!
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News Comments > Battlefield 1 DLC Sharing
3. Re: Battlefield 1 DLC Sharing Mar 31, 2017, 02:10 Numinar
Awesome. I haven't gotten the premium yet, and now I don't have to! Good value considering the hundred odd hours I've spent on this game, but there are always other, newer or more alcoholic things I can buy with the not insubstantial asking price.

Lack of progression is sad but at least I can play the maps with the old man. Great game.
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News Comments > The Witness for OS X Observed
4. Re: The Witness for OS X Observed Mar 26, 2017, 04:55 Numinar
MacLeod wrote on Mar 25, 2017, 15:53:
Bundy wrote on Mar 25, 2017, 15:49:
Thought I would be really into this game but I was disappointed. I thought it was supposed to be an island of puzzles. But it was just hundreds of the exact same puzzle, the island was basically just background. Would have been better if the environment was the puzzles

I had the same issue. It was just different variations of the same puzzle. And most the time, it wasn't trying to figure out the puzzle that took the longest, but the exact rules of what the new variation was.

Even that wouldn't have bothered me so much if there weren't SO many puzzles. Literally to open one part of a path, of which there were about 8 different things to open, each section was like 10 puzzles long. It was honestly boring me to death trying to play it.

I got stuck on the sound section, but I loved this game and the game seems to go out of it's way to teach you the puzzles. The reason there are so many as that almost every puzzle in the game is a tutorial for another set of puzzles. Maybe it didn't ramp up fast enough for you but they can get really tricky after the first few areas, and very satisfying for my age and booze addled brain to work out.

The game doesn't prevent you from playing them out of order either for the most part, but usually you know that by the fact you have no idea whats going on.

And though the maze puzzles are the only puzzles, they get embedded in and interact with the environment in surprising ways. The totems scattered around the island track and give clues to the environment puzzles nearby. One of the guys from Giantbomb even finished the game without realising the other half of the game was right in front of him the whole time.

One of the best games I've ever played. Very unique and polished. Now mac snobs can play as well!
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News Comments > Destiny 2 in September?
7. Re: Destiny 2 in September? Mar 24, 2017, 01:48 Numinar
I think it's an amazing looking game as well, way up there. I'm definitely excited for D2. I've been on the Bungie bandwagon since Myth and I think their attention to detail has been astounding in almost every release.

What Destiny lacked in PC grunt/technical prowess it made up with in art design, like older Blizzard games. It needed to run on X360 and PS3 remember, and apparently did it very well.

Although there is a lot of terrain in that game you replay it all again and again forever, so the art design and the fact that it feels amazing (unless you are allergic to a controller based FPS like most of you guys here) is what has kept it's fanbase mostly intact despite never getting close to matching the promise of it's art and marketing.

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News Comments > Arma 3 Free and Paid DLC Plans
1. Re: Arma 3 Free and Paid DLC Plans Mar 22, 2017, 21:28 Numinar
Awesome. I need to get back into this. I wish I had the patience to mod and find a group, and I'm a little nonplussed by the near future setting and co-op campaign in the last release, but happy the platform continues to get some love. Malden DLC sounds awesome so fingers crossed.  
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News Comments > Evening Interviews
2. Re: Evening Interviews Mar 17, 2017, 05:32 Numinar
I think I enjoyed it a lot more than 3 though it was a far more conservative design. The 4p Co-op in GoW3 watered down some of the narrative (don't mock me!) and encounter design strengths of the first 2 games. 4 is tight, a top tier linear 3rd person cover shooter with an awesome windows port. Cliff might have taken more risks with it but not sure if it would have been a better game with Epic.

Need to wake up early tomorrow to play some Horde with the lads in Europe. At least the netcode can manage that without issue so it gets my thumbs up just for that.
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News Comments > Sid Meier's Civilization VI Demo
8. Re: Sid Meier's Civilization VI Demo Mar 17, 2017, 05:23 Numinar
Task wrote on Mar 17, 2017, 04:41:
Maybe in a while when it's fully "expansioned" and modded?

It's weird, it actually has most the mechanics from V already. It just dosn't work that well, havn't touched the thing since launch. Religion, trade, espionage and a few other things felt bolted on in V and not quite right, but the game itself still felt civ-epic. At least after Gods and Kings.

This one feels a little too close to Civ-rev. I don't mind the faster games or graphical style, but some of the awesome has been streamlined out and I'm not sure how to articulate it.
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News Comments > On Sale
8. Re: On Sale Mar 10, 2017, 02:14 Numinar
In the unlikely case you don't already own FTL, pull the trigger. it's amazing.  
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News Comments > Shroud of the Avatar Free Trial
26. Re: Game Developers Choice Awards Mar 6, 2017, 02:45 Numinar
Zoom wrote on Mar 5, 2017, 02:45:
Rigs wrote on Mar 4, 2017, 19:46:
Where have all our heroes gone? Roberts, Molyneaux, Garriott, Carmack

I think about the only ones left are Sid Meir and Will Wright. I'll have to dig out my copy of PC Gamer's 'Game Gods' issue from the 90's and see who else was on Jon Romero. I guess we can thank the heavens above we still have Derek Smart, eh? Wacko

Warren Spector is still here and working on a new System Shock, even if his studio isnt called "Looking Glass" anymore. And to be honest some "new" names like CD Projekt Red are now up there and very much kicking ass and taking names. Out with the old, in with the new !

If we are talking LGS, would prefer a decent Underworld spiritual sequel. A good one that captures the amazing immersion of the OG game.
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News Comments > Europa Universalis IV: Mandate of Heaven Announced
3. Re: Europa Universalis IV: Mandate of Heaven Announced Mar 3, 2017, 01:21 Numinar
Cutter wrote on Mar 2, 2017, 20:21:
Jesus, Paradox is the only company in the world that makes games to go with its DLC.

Do you play this, CK2 or Hearts of Iron Cutter? All were pretty well formed at release. The effort required to develop formerly abstract parts of the game into fleshed out, bespoke player experiences is worth it to most of us. Especially those savy enough to wait for the next release to get the previous for a fiver or less on special.
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News Comments > Steam Adding 10% GST in AU
26. Re: Steam Adding 10% GAT in AU Feb 22, 2017, 19:36 Numinar
Cutter wrote on Feb 22, 2017, 19:35:
Darks wrote on Feb 22, 2017, 15:31:
Yea, you say that up until the enemy shows up in your back yard and you cant do a damn thing about it. Its called preventive measures. Always be prepared no matter what!

Yeah, and that sort of institutional paranoia - which is common for Americans in a way they don't understand themselves - that continually allows the MIC to keep fleecing people like you. Jesus Christ, man! Eisenhower warned the American public about that very thing when he left office!

Eisenhower, who actually stared down the Soviets at what was probably their most dangerous so you would think they would have fucking listened to him.
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News Comments > Steam Adding 10% GST in AU
24. Re: Steam Adding 10% GST in AU Feb 22, 2017, 19:06 Numinar
This affects me, but I am surprised they were not charging the GST already.

Our conservatives (The same ones that bought back our guns) bought it in ages ago, and it's on almost everything. The exceptions are so complicated and numerous that it ruined whatever tax simplification benefits it might have had, but at least you then get a cut of anything the cash economy (Drugs, off the books work) spends on.

But yeah, just spent my gaming budget for the year on the dentist, so any increase will actually decrease my likelihood of buying anything. It equates to about half an hour extra work at minimum wage to afford a AA game if you lived in a vacuum/mums shed and had no other living costs.

edit to say we have just had our minimum wage Sunday penalty rates cut in half so that helps anyone busing tables to pay for their their new GST enchanced Steam Purchase.

This comment was edited on Feb 22, 2017, 19:35.
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News Comments > Crusader Kings II Turns Five
1. Re: Crusader Kings II Turns Five Feb 15, 2017, 00:59 Numinar
Hasn't aged a day. Happy Birthday you glorious nightmare!  
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News Comments > For Honor Beta Concludes Today
20. Re: On Sale Feb 13, 2017, 07:20 Numinar
Kxmode wrote on Feb 12, 2017, 17:57:
rawbelly wrote on Feb 12, 2017, 17:25:
Wanted the combat to feel like Chivalry.

Why would the Chivalry developers include this screenshot on the Steam store page showing terrible hand placement? It looks bad. Like amateurish bad.

Sounds a little pedantic. Do any games get this kind of thing right? And also support 64 player online melee? I hazard to guess that most compromises would be due to having to animate and model something that works in first person and for external observers/opponents.
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News Comments > Sunday Tech Bits
4. Re: Activision Blizzard Record Results, Layoffs Feb 13, 2017, 05:14 Numinar
Stormsinger wrote on Feb 12, 2017, 23:19:
Tom wrote on Feb 12, 2017, 18:13:
Easy to blame the mayor here but Linux is a total failure as a desktop OS and there are strong fundamental reasons why that will never change.

(Windows is only a partial failure, firmly established as the least horrible option.)

-Maybe- that was true, right up until Microsoft spent a year proving that they consider your computer to be their property. No longer. They are now an active purveyor of malware, and are treated as such in this household.

You know, that's a fair opinion but still seems lauaghable to me. I wish they wouldn't do the analytics and spying and selling anonymised data or whatever it is they do with it and there is stuff that I miss from the older ones. But I think every other software or hardware product I use does it and older versions of Windows, OSX and Linux all seem less capable and more annoying to maintain than WIN10 when it comes to what I want to use the PC for. There are no platforms that do games as well and with as much software and hardware compatibility. For a reasonable premium people would prefer a less spyware choice but no such choice exists.

Maybe not doing the google information vacuum thing would leave MS further behind in the marketplace than they are already. I'm sure something like that would have been the justification. Or maybe the aliens are coming to annihilate us and the world elite are pushing for good human behaviour models so they can back us up somewhere.
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News Comments > etc., etc.
7. Re: etc., etc. Jan 10, 2017, 07:20 Numinar
DOOM was probably my best game last year, or at least top three. Nice to have an SP shooter campaign that wasn't just 5 hours of set pieces.  
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