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News Comments > Stellaris Humanoids Species Pack Next Month
9. Re: Stellaris Humanoids Species Pack Next Month Nov 24, 2017, 19:02 Numinar
Why all the butthurt? Game was good at release, even better now even without buying the gameplay DLC.

Yeah, this is expensive cosmetic DLC. You don't need it, but it's nice to have and will eventually be a couple of bucks which makes it worth it if it's a game you play all the time and will probably play forever like CK2 for me, and EU4/this for others.

Once I get 100+ hours into a game, all that nickle and dime action seems a lot more palatable. That CEO or whoever that said games are underpriced was only half right. If you make a product good enough people will accessorise it, as with these well supported regularly updated Paradox titles. But if you product is crap and forces people to buy lootboxes to progress in a meaningful fashion, well that is not going to work out.
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News Comments > Door Kickers Adds Co-op
1. Re: Door Kickers Adds Co-op Nov 24, 2017, 18:46 Numinar
No pause after start in co-op, but that should be ok, though much harder to get those perfect mission completes. Bit more like the OG Rainbow Six games that way.

One of the best little games I've ever played. Was awesome to have when I was relegated to a potato for gaming.
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News Comments > etc.
24. Re: etc. Nov 21, 2017, 23:01 Numinar
And I would pay those higher prices if the product is worth it. With boardgames, there are products in the more premium range that go for triple or more the standard price.

Though to get away with it, production value, content and quality need to be through the roof.

Games like Kerbal and Factorio have given me thousands of dollars of entertainment, on the other hand I don't buy COD because even when I like the campaign, it's lucky to last a weekend.
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News Comments > A Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia Announced
3. Re: A Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia Announced Nov 15, 2017, 00:10 Numinar
They have done this before, but it's a good setting and period. Hope it's more like Warhammer 2/Shogun 2 in terms of quality and given the more limited scope, it should be.  
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News Comments > For Honor, LawBreakers, and Squad Free This Weekend
4. Re: For Honor, LawBreakers, and Squad Free This Weekend Nov 11, 2017, 18:31 Numinar
As a massive Chivalry fan, not feeling For Honor. I appreciate what they are going for but the quasi-freemium feel that it shares with Siege is a turn off, even though it's part of why UBI has been sticking with these titles Blizzard style which is too be commended.

I think it's the lack of Monty Python-esque limb and head severing and third person view. Maybe the executions have that but that's not as fun as getting covered in heinz mid battle in an immersive fashion.
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News Comments > Decksplash Grinds to a Halt
5. Re: Decksplash Grinds to a Halt Nov 11, 2017, 04:12 Numinar
Still waiting for some indie studio to grab the Skate 4 money EA is leaving on the floor.  
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
20. Re: Re: Out of the Blue Nov 5, 2017, 12:24 Numinar
Kxmode wrote on Nov 4, 2017, 19:49:
Origins has taken the top spot for hours played.

AC1 - 22 hours
AC2 - 89 minutes (was unplayable on PC so I ended up watching playthroughs on Youtube)
Brotherhood - 32 hours
Revelations - 35 hours
AC3 - 32 hours
Black Flag - 63 hours
Rogue - 26 hours
Unity - 50 hours
Syndicate - 62 hours
Origins - 74 hours and counting

Origins and Black Flag are neck-in-neck in terms of which one I like more. I still absolutely love the pirate stuff and the pirate ship mechanic is super fun. However, Origins is just amazing in all the things it gives you. From its lethal chariot racing in the Alexandria Hippodrome to tomb raiding to eliminating bounty hunters after you called Psylackes to the gladiator arenas. So much stuff to do. Plus the game is just beautiful to look at.

The game looks amazing, and is nice and smooth once I reduced the FPS cap to 45, as it doesn't handle big swings well. If I put it to the 1080 TV I can probably get away with 60 again. (390x with most the options at or near max)

I've decided I like it a lot more than Black Flag. BF was more ambitious, but this one has had almost all the fat trimmed off. It's one of the largest worlds I've tooled around in, and yet it's also the most lively. Syndicate was fun, in a Saints Row crossover kind of way, but was otherwise super safe and suffered from the stagnation of 8 years of yearly releases. In this one I almost never feel like I'm not having fun or that I've wasted my time. All the risks they took seem to have come through for them.

Every part of it feels like the distilled fundamentals of another AAA game that I love. Destiny/Witcher 3/New Tomb Raider/Red Dead Redemption/MGSV. It's all in there to some degree or another and all simplified but fully engaging.

I think they realized that warner were doing their combat system better than they ever did and gave up on it for this Darksouls-lite new thing, whilst retaining some cool canned animations. I'm now interested in the combat for the first time in this series, even though I had to crank it up to hard to make it properly interesting, and even then it's still a relaxing romp where the loop of explore/kill/loot/treasure hunt/quest cycles so damned fast with almost never a frustrating second let alone minute and I can't turn the fucking thing off and now it's 4am and this is even worse than Warhammer 2 and my life is falling apart and oh god there must be 100 hours more of this and Egypt is awesome and fuck those guys who ripped the casing stones of those big pyramids and how amazing is it that they recreated a mini-me version of a whole fucking country circa 2000 years ago.

Oh, it takes a while to get going. But So do most games this size. It's worth sticking with it.
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News Comments > Ubisoft Denies Denuvo Slowing Assassin's Creed: Origins
29. Re: Re: Ubisoft Denies Denuvo Slowing Assassin's Creed: Origins Nov 2, 2017, 09:34 Numinar
Muscular Beaver wrote on Nov 2, 2017, 08:54:
Beamer wrote on Nov 2, 2017, 08:45:
LittleMe wrote on Nov 2, 2017, 02:22:
jdreyer wrote on Nov 2, 2017, 01:47:
NamecaF wrote on Nov 2, 2017, 00:55:
Rigs wrote on Nov 1, 2017, 23:52:
Kxmode wrote on Nov 1, 2017, 23:10:
Most of the complaints appear to come from people with hardware specs like two 1080TIs and an i7-4770K.


Hmmm, I seem to remember when Ubi said it was essential to have always-online DRM and that it 'enhanced' the experience. Crazy


Fuck off racist

Please take your snarkodetector in for calibration. It seems to be off.

NamecaF's comment was pertinent considering what's happening today. Seemed like NamecaF delivered poetic justice to me. As we all know, all white people are racist and it's perfectly fine to attack and slander white people based on the color of their skin. Oh wait that's racist.

NBC news called all gamers racist recently in their propaganda hit piece. The wound is sore and soft and Rigs hit it. Not Rigs' fault but really, don't go there. No I don't expect Blue to post the link since it so clearly exposed the alt-left lies so here it is anyway.

Isn't there some Flat Earth rumor you should be off believing?
Of course you're also concerned about racism against white people, and of course you also say something dumb like NBC called "all" gamers racist. Does NBC say "all?" No. But you're so desperate to be offended you hear it.

Gamers like their hardware to be ugly and full or idiotic lights. Do all gamers like this? No. But no one gets angry when it's said, people just acknowledge that yes, there are gamers who do. And, if you go to reddit, there are lots of gamers who are into white power politics. If you go onto literally any voice chat there are gamers screaming it all day long. But if someone says out loud that gamers do this, someone like you doesn't go "yeah, why do you hear this stuff more while gaming than anywhere else," you go "HOW DARE YOU ACCUSE ALL GAMERS OF THIS!"

I generally find those that get most angry at this tend to also be the ones screaming the n word in every game they play. It's not a perfect correlation, but fairly close. The "how dare they call me deplorable" people typically end up being the deplorable people.
You fling around quite a lot of stereotypes for a morally superior person.
Just the usual hypocrisy on the way to hell, paved with good intentions...

Is it hypocrisy? I meet trolls and white supremacists all the time in games that allow people to communicate freely (My first abuse ever was being called 'fucking dinosaur' in Halo 2).

In real life I (Almost) never meet anyone like this. Conservatives and racists maybe, but nothing like what happens online for whatever reason. I don't know how serious they are being but I don't see a reason not to take people at their word.

The stereotypes are awful, and our communities are getting stained by these pricks. My personal theory is that since gaming culture is global, you see more of the backwards ass thoughts that still dominate most the planet when it comes to views on race and gender combined with anonymity that lets closet assholes be their true selves but that is just me being a little bit racist/bigoted myself maybe.

Unlike twitter, the insane bullshit you say in an MP game is not broadcast to the whole planet or even recorded. Some people see that as a license to go full cunt.
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News Comments > Far Cry 5 Co-op Trailer
15. Re: Far Cry 5 Co-op trailer Nov 1, 2017, 04:25 Numinar
Ripperjack wrote on Oct 30, 2017, 19:31:
NicklePop wrote on Oct 30, 2017, 17:52:
Killing Republicans, the game.

Now with coop!

Hillary would be So proud!

Don't worry, I'm sure Far Cry 6 through 10 will be back to helping you fulfill your dreams of murdering brown people.
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News Comments > Destiny 2 Expansion I: Curse of Osiris in December
18. Re: Destiny 2 Expansion I: Curse of Osiris in December Oct 31, 2017, 05:11 Numinar
Slick wrote on Oct 31, 2017, 03:06:
Oooh, okay, I just discovered the "Guided Nightfall" which becomes available when you hot 240 light.

So it's a way to get "guided" by 2 other higher level players through the nightfall. And it costs one "Nightfall ticket" to do.

You can also queue to be the 2 people who guide other noobs through it, which costs no ticket, but you have to be in the same clan.

Ugh, all these arbitrary systems to force me into consuming content the way they want me to. Taking choice from the player is never a good idea. While kinda neat, I'd far prefer to just queue in a public matchmaking to do all this shit. I hate having to jump through all these hoops.

The guided games feature is in Beta. I don't like it either, but I have a moderately active clan. I've used it a few times when I've wanted to get a quick nightfall in and spent 20 minutes reading the internet while waiting. The Nightfall's have not really been hard enough to warrant it but it would definately suck to MM with two under leveled drunks/kids.

The fear is that difficult, time consuming content with lots of fail states is not conducive to solo queuing/matchmaking. They also don't allow it for Trials, the PvP end game.

Still, give us the tools to make and find friends in the game. Rate people on their completion rate or voice comms or whatever, do it in the game, allow you to meet up or invite people easily from public spaces.

The lack of MM in the campaign sucks as well. I'm with you there. But for the high level stuff I can see why they choose not to do it. I think the fear that everyone queuing up and getting shitty games/teams is valid though.

The best thing they could do is let you put a flag on your roster status (The thing with your name, level and selected banner) so that others that see you in their clan, friend or tower list and know that you are looking for a specific campaign, raid, MP or other gametype. The game is already great for quick joining people and messaging is easier on PC than console but joining, loading in, hoping they are on voice and up for whatever you're looking for is time confusing and could be solved with a little bit of extra UI work.

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News Comments > Destiny 2 Expansion I: Curse of Osiris in December
15. Re: Destiny 2 Expansion I: Curse of Osiris in December Oct 31, 2017, 02:35 Numinar
Slick wrote on Oct 30, 2017, 22:27:
DangerDog wrote on Oct 30, 2017, 22:07:
In the beta I had randoms showing up in my game. I didn't even mess with the menu settings.

I guess you have to buy the super mega deluxe edition for $85 to get the complete game.

Yeah, I also had people showing up in my campaign missions in the Beta.

The only way I got it to happen in the retail version was to plead with some randoms to help me with my last few missions before the campaign ended. Was nice to find a couple carebears.

Also, I call it the "anti-social social game" (very edgy I know) because there's no "all" chat ANYWHERE in the game, even in the SOCIAL areas of the game. I literally have to invite randoms to my fireteam just to be able to chat with them, which is a pretty backwards way to go about it.

I also didn't even figure out how to interact with other players until day 3. You have to press G then F1. You know, the old "G+F1 combo that is so familliar to PC players... Rolleyes

You DO NOT WANT all chat. Evidence: the lobby/plane in PUBG.
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News Comments > Assassin's Creed Origins Released
52. Re: Assassin's Creed Origins Released Oct 29, 2017, 10:03 Numinar
Creston wrote on Oct 29, 2017, 00:12:
NKD wrote on Oct 29, 2017, 00:04:
Verno is definitely right about visiting Giza. Hit up those pyramids and tombs and explore them for a nice boost of skill points without really having to fight anything.

Also your bird is an awesome replacement for the minimap. Much more interactive.

So where is Giza? I don't see anything on my map...

Guessing it's the settlement at the foot of the 3 big Pyramids? Or the Pyramids themselves? Should be able to spot them from just about anywhere.

I don't have it yet but I've liked all the AC's to some degree or another. Even if it becomes more of a digital tourism/time travel thing. Unity setting was amazing even if the game was a bit meh to horrible. From what I have read from you guys it sounds like this one is a winner for those that can get past the templateyness (Which I definitely can!)

Also this setting. Wow. Makes me want a children of the nile remake more than ever.

Wonder if you end up in Rome for the next games? It's a very interesting time for it! Lots of assassinating going on.

This and Mario want my money bad. And AMD finally fixed the issue I had with the previous Wolfenstein so I'm sure I'll want more of that when I'm done there as it's awesome (Once vsynch started working anyway). Problem is, between Destiny, Warhammer 2 and BF1 I am already into way more games than I can humanly play right now.
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News Comments > Total War: WARHAMMER Free Content
9. Re: Total War: WARHAMMER Free Content Oct 27, 2017, 00:04 Numinar
Blood and Gore for this one and the new campaign is free if you got it for the first game. Which of course you did!

DLC doesn't bother me. Each race takes a lot of work, and each one is like a whole new game. I only finished 3 campaigns (Totaling hundreds of hours probably) in the first game so didn't feel the need to buy extras. They include the most important ones in the base game unless you are some kind of Chaos freak. As for price they are a lot cheaper than buying the metal and plastic versions.

New game is great. Looking forward to playing old factions with new optimisations. Fan-tweaked and modded versions of this new map will be insane as well.
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News Comments > Destiny 2 Bans Follow-up
13. Re: Destiny 2 Bans Follow-up Oct 26, 2017, 02:36 Numinar
If you do it in a loot game due to time, then you obviously don't enjoy the game as is. Maybe it's not worth playing?

If you do it in PvP then you are an asshole. Just own it, admit it. Or you have some mental disorder where you have to collect all the fake video game loot without doing the hard work. Either way check yourself, maybe get therapy.

You can Lance Armstrong it all you want with 'everyone does it' but no, not everyone does, and you are fucking things up for them and you suck at playing worse than a 38 year old alcoholic which is pretty sad. Grow the fuck up.

If you actually want to ruin other peoples experience than well there is no helping you. I'm sure you will get yours eventually, and have a big cry about it like those pro gamers who get caught.

I enjoy PvP in this. It's lag tolerant roll-backy nature is very first year BF4 but I've had lots of close games and comebacks and narrow defeats which means the matchmaking works. Maybe the cheaters end up matching with each other in a game with this big a playerbase and so few MM hoppers.

End game PvP in Trials of Osiris is super high stakes, I think you need 9 out of 11 wins for the unique gear, and there is a reward for going 9 flawless. It tends to attract the super competitive and cheaters and has no solo queue (You need your own team of 4) so I stay away, that's not for me. I don't need every gun and I haven't been wrecked by any that I cannot get myself so it's all good. Maybe if the clan needs a +1 I'll give it a go but if I want high stakes stress I'll boot up PUBG.
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News Comments > Destiny 2 PC Keeping Controller Aim Assist
23. Re: Destiny 2 PC Keeping Controller Aim Assist Oct 24, 2017, 23:55 Numinar
I haven't jumped in on PC, but some weapons actually have extra aim assist as a perk.

M/KB actually affects the console balance, as the hand-cannons (Big chunky pistols weapons) have reduced tracking compared to the original Destiny. I'm guessing this was a balance thing. It's a weapon class that should shine in M/KB use.

Bungie has always been good about tuning each individual gun to feel great on a controller. It's why the Gearbox port of the original game felt 'off'. I bet anyone using XIM will feel the same, advantages of aim assist with mouse and keyboard but without the same acceleration curves that make the experience feel awesome and hand tuned that anyone who has ever tried to set up a HOTAS will attest to.

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News Comments > Destiny 2 Season Details
18. Re: Destiny 2 Season Details Oct 22, 2017, 06:48 Numinar
HorrorScope wrote on Oct 22, 2017, 00:14:
heroin wrote on Oct 21, 2017, 21:17:
I don't have a problem with comment #1 Bungie made great Mac games and only 1 or 2 I remember being ported to PC, MYTH 1 & 2. Then what happened? They made console port trash and forgot about the computer gaming scene that made them. They were great until Halo and now I have to see this shit in my Battle.Net app? Fuck them.

I bet you whoever ran Bungie then, will tell you something different in terms of what made them. Myth's were fun little games for their day, but a total drop in the bucket vs what was to come.

I love the Myth games. That is what made me a Bungie fan. I think they lost so much money on that Myth 2 "uninstall root drive directory" thing that they needed Steve Jobs or Billy G to bail them out and finish a game that started as a sci-fi RTS and turned into Halo which also needed to be torn down and rebuilt in some ungodly short amount of time (Hence re-used levels), which everyone here but me hates but that's ok.

Though I don't know why. It still holds up better than most games of it's era, mostly because the RTS bones that it was built from still exist in the way the physics, vehicles, AI and playspaces interact with each other. Also split screen and later internet co-op! When PC games could not be bothered trying since Doom. I prefer it to Half Life 2 which came out years later and had fancy tech, but the encounter design and AI interactions blow HL out of the water. (cue rotten vegetable matter assault)

I too was disappointed when they went MS exclusive on the OG XB, which I had no interest in, until I saw the attract mode from the game running at target. It blew anything I had seen until that time out of the water. PC's still had that polygonal cheapness look to almost every game out there (And did for years afterwards), this thing looked amazing at a fraction of the resolution I was playing on at home. Best console launch title ever. Maybe second best after SMW.

As for Destiny 2, it's missing a lot of what made Halo great. Vehicle boarding for one, split screen and encounter design again seems sub standard outside of Nightfall/Raid situation and there are some obvious concessions to being network friendly (Which it is, it works with people playing from 4 continents somehow) that all detracts from the sharpness of the older games. It's still great though. Maybe the loot isn't as good as some looters, but the game itself is way more fun for me than speedrunning boring levels and then playing the menus in Warframe or clicking and cycling abilites until things die in Diablo. So there are not many guns compared to the wealth of fancy swords and combat bras in Warcraft, who cares. It plays as a really nice shooter with some of that stuff to chase while shooting. Plus the guns all work better than most games can manage when they only have to design a dozen of the things.

I'm glad I'm down to a few days a week. I cannot afford another vanilla WoW situation, too divorcey. I'll probably do another 20 of the next Iron Banner and raid with the clan/lads from work but will see. Might also get it on PC, depends who in my group makes the plunge. Bungie art in HD is delicious though the PvP will lose it's relaxing charm when the 360 headshot crowd get their hands on some mice.

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News Comments > Destiny 2 Day One Issues Outlined
46. Re: Destiny 2 Day One Issues Outlined Oct 21, 2017, 10:31 Numinar
JohnBirshire wrote on Oct 20, 2017, 19:18:
RedEye9 wrote on Oct 20, 2017, 19:15:
What is causing the player number to drop like a rock?
Or is losing 2 million of your 3.5 mil peeps to be expected.

Destiny 2 has imploded on the consoles, I have no idea why any self respecting PC gamer would touch this.

After 6 weeks of playing 6 hours a night some people ran out of things to do? Not bad! It's not PUBG. It's not designed for infinite replay.

Whats there is fun. Maybe if you like the poker-machine loot aspect of a snoozy clickfest in something like Diablo, well, lucky you that game is launched from the battle-net client as well.

After a month of playing (I missed the launch) I can get most my raids and other activities I like done in a couple of evenings. But that's cool. Plenty of other good games to play. I don't demand any of them entertain me for eternity either. This one does a damn good job of it, and that's on a little baby console. It's good value. Internet whingers are just exactly that.
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News Comments > Forged Battalion Announced
4. Re: Forged Battalion Announced Oct 17, 2017, 05:15 Numinar
loomy wrote on Oct 16, 2017, 22:56:
> develop the blueprints of your emerging faction to create ever-evolving factories and units

this has been my RTS fantasy for some years now. TA where you can design the units. glad someone is attempting it

Sounds like a real-time version of the Alpha Centauri/MOO1/2 system. That was stressful and annoying enough in a TBS!
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News Comments > Another Star Citizen: Squadron 42 Delay?
66. Re: Another Star Citizen: Squadron 42 Delay? Oct 17, 2017, 05:06 Numinar
NKD wrote on Oct 17, 2017, 04:45:
jdreyer wrote on Oct 17, 2017, 01:58:

Can it being trolling if the poster believes it to be true? KXMode is a great guy, but when science contradicts the Bible, he tends to go off the deep end.

Huh. I knew he was religious but I wasn't aware he was also a YEC. That's why I assumed I was misinterpreting his post, or later, being trolled. Could be worse I suppose, he could believe in the myth that is Star Citizen.

But did he post on the Sabbath? Surely a YEC would have to be equally dogmatic about the rest of that nonsense? Probably awesome to have a Beer with though (If he is allowed by the book, Jeebs was more a wine guy yeah?). Us Atheists are so boring and predictable.
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News Comments > Another Star Citizen: Squadron 42 Delay?
65. Re: Another Star Citizen: Squadron 42 Delay? Oct 17, 2017, 05:03 Numinar
By the time this thing comes out Elite D will have feature parity.

Hyperbole? Considering they are promising things Elite is not even thinking about maybe. But also frighteningly possible.

It's nice to have the old Origin feeling of games that just DO NOT play well until 3 PC's after the one you first tried to run it on though. Creating worlds bitches!
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