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News Comments > Binding of Isaac Creator Leaving Publisher Nicalis Over Abuse Allegations
4. Re: Binding of Isaac Creator Leaving Publisher Nicalis Over Abuse Allegations Sep 14, 2019, 04:07 Numinar
Beamer wrote on Sep 13, 2019, 13:23:
mxmissile wrote on Sep 13, 2019, 13:03:
Ghosting? Like simply not replying to someone? Gesus, people have gone full on pussy these days.

That, or some "people these days" either can't read or can't think.

The example in the article is a company signing a deal with Nicalis, for Nicalis to do their port. They sign an NDA. They give Nicalis their source code. Nicalis then ghosts them and never responds to any additional communication.

At the very least, this is extremely unprofessional. At worst, they're stealing source code. In the middle, they're risking significant shipping delays by agreeing to do something then not doing it, likely costing several weeks of the team that made the deal wondering what the fuck is going on before they seek new partners.

If you think someone is a "pussy" for having a company they signed a deal with and sent their source code to going entirely silent, well, I really don't think there's anything anyone needs to say to you.

Ypur right, in almost every discorse these days there is a cadre of absoulte fuckwits that want to defend the otherwise indefensible and there is no rational, fact or idea that will make them think twice about their stated position. Fine if you are training to be a lawyer but otherwise I don't even know how you look at yourself in the mirror each day.
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News Comments > Men of War: Assault Squad 2 - Cold War Breaks Out
3. Re: Men of War: Assault Squad 2 - Cold War Breaks Out Sep 14, 2019, 04:04 Numinar
Burrito of Peace wrote on Sep 12, 2019, 20:38:
Absolutely brutal reviews on Steam and apparently quite well deserved.

The absolute heartbreak of this series is that for every amazing entry, Like Men of War or Assault Squad, there is an absolute dumpster fire like the Vietnamn, Russian WW2 or aparently this motherfucker.

Wouldn't Call to Arms be a better vehicle for this setting? Oh wait, that thing is also a dumpster fire. So sad.

Never has a series given me so much joy and grief entry to entry.
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News Comments > Gears 5 Released
9. Re: Gears 5 Released Sep 10, 2019, 23:46 Numinar
Rhett wrote on Sep 10, 2019, 17:48:
Great game, extremely polished. I've personally had very few issues outside of server issues, which have been pretty much taken care of. Beautiful, runs amazingly well, has an excellent benchmark built in.

Only thing that sucks is there's not many skins or characters atm, not sure why they held so much back.

Best $2 I've spent in years!

Skins is super thin, also no cool unlocks when you finish the campaign which is sad. I wonder if it's due to the fidelity of the character models? Which they have plenty to add if they get around to it. Give us Cole and Dizzy you cowards.

And yes, it is a good bribe for their already good subscription service (Depending on your tastes). Hope they realise we all going to cancel this shit if the spice stops flowing.
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News Comments > Gears 5 Released
8. Re: Gears 5 Released Sep 10, 2019, 23:41 Numinar
CJ_Parker wrote on Sep 10, 2019, 17:37:
Too little, MUCH too late, Microsoft. I'm a hard passin' on your formerly conslow exclusive garbage franchise that you attempted to use to force Xbox down PC gamers' throats. Fuck y'all and fuck this piece of shit franchise hard.

Force? Do you have to finish the campaign to activate windows now or something? For all it's flaws I'd have to put this franchise way up there though in terms of quality and feature set, especially if you are into co-op.
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News Comments > Gears 5 Released
3. Re: Gears 5 Released Sep 10, 2019, 13:19 Numinar
maddog wrote on Sep 10, 2019, 12:33:
Can anyone confirm if the versus team v team mode has AI bots?

I think there is a specific playlist for human vs AI skirmish, not sure how flexible or how good the AI is. I think I remember it being allright back in 2, have not tried it here yet.

Love the game, enjoyed campaign, enjoying escape and waiting for boys to get it sorted for a horde run but though the gameplay is smooth, the backend is still rather janky, I hope they clean it up soon.
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News Comments > Evening Interviews
1. Re: Evening Interviews Sep 10, 2019, 01:58 Numinar
Just finished this. Loved it. Felt a little too derivitive and not all the dialogue was top notch, but certainly better than any of the other games. Poor Del is still undercooked, but likeable but all the other characters went through a journey there. JD had a pretty good path there. Maybe a little rushed but it was fine, I think it's ok for side characters to grow a little off-screen.

Loved the way the third act looked. Destiny's Cosmodrome architecture and Mar's deserts combined into one gorgeous landscape and sick soviet era mega-architecture. But act 2 was the highlight with those freaky labs and an explanation for the whole Locust-swarm origin, relationship and motivations. Glad they finally stopped trying to be so fucking mysterious, but also greatful that the underlying lore made sense and paid off.

Skiff sequences felt like the boat sequences from God of War, not quite as good but still a decent way to have characters talk without the slow walking/craming it in cutscenes.

Still needs some stability/networking work on PC at least, though it runs and looks great on X1X as well. These devs are solid, can't wait to see what's next.
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News Comments > Gears 5 Launch Trailer and Reviews
7. Re: Gears 5 Launch Trailer and Reviews Sep 5, 2019, 10:59 Numinar
HorrorScope wrote on Sep 5, 2019, 10:02:
Buy, Wait imo sold out a little here, he really didn't like it and in the end he still called it a buy. Imo his words added up wait until sale, but something tells me he was pulled a little here.

Yeah 12 hours at $50/$60 isn't gonna cut it for me in 2019. But luckily there is something called Gamepass, I can easily do this and 1 or 2 more things in a month in the near future. That, that will be worth it. Gears with 12 hours at best is $20 for me and more like $15. I'm around $1/hour now or better.

12 hours is too much if you donít like it after 2 or 3 hours! But it seems like a good package to me even at 60 dollars. It has campaign co-op (3 player, but one player is a support robot), 4 5v5 multiplayer modes, a 3p co-op escape/L4D style thing and 5p Horde mode which are probably fairly replayable. Only tried each mode except horde once but they seem very solid. I also probably wouldnít spend retail unless friends were playing but not because of value, but because I just have trouble justifying spending sixty bucks on anything these days. With gamepass itís a no brainer. Definitely a quality package compared to a lot of 60 dollar games. I actually canít remember the last time I got one of them for something other than a first party Nintendo game for the family.
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News Comments > Gears 5 and More Coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC This Month
3. Re: Gears 5 and More Coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC This Month Sep 5, 2019, 04:00 Numinar
Rhett wrote on Sep 4, 2019, 15:40:
Just the fact you can play Gears 5 for one or two dollars, for a month, is pretty awesome. Nevermind the other good stuff.

Now if only the app and the store weren't complete garbage, competing for worst storefront with EGS.

Oh it is trash. Just installing stuff to different hardrives is borked on my system.

As for the store... don't buy anything? All the first party stuff is free and the other stuff is good to. It's especially cool if you have PC and XBox in the house and family, in my setup at least it allows for at least one of each to donwload and play the same game together using gamepass ultimate (XBlive and Gamepass together). Sea of Theives, Forza Horizon and I'm hoping in a few hours, Gears 5 all work well this way!

In the old days that would be 5-600 dollars AUD worth of games right there. Best deal in gaming right now before you get to the smaller stuff they put on like Blair Witch, Void Bastards, Shadow of War, which varies in quality month to month but I've had some absolute winners. Outer Wilds (Xbox gamepass only, I guess EGS got exclusivity on PC?) is one of the best games I've played all year. And I probably would never have tried Opus Magnum if it wasn't in the PC gamepass but I'm so glad I did. Amazing game.
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News Comments > Gears 5 Launch Trailer and Reviews
4. Re: Gears 5 Launch Trailer and Reviews Sep 5, 2019, 01:06 Numinar
WaltC wrote on Sep 4, 2019, 16:31:
Angry Centaur was interesting--I heard "12-hour campaign" and massively cringed. The graphics and game modes looked like Half-Life 2 meets Unreal tournament(s) meets Doom3 meets Borderlands (all those cartoon colors) meets a couple of other notable games of the past few years. I also found it somewhat amusing that the guy was using both a PC with a 2080ti in it and an xBox running at a scaled up fake 4k...I couldn't help wondering what his review would have been like had he been confined to the console only--as very few people will own a $1400 3d card in a $4k computer and an comparatively very inexpensive xBox. (What would be the point?) Ah, well, I don't like mindless shooters, anyway, so I'll pass, and with gusto! Console fare just does nothing for me at all--never has. Give me Witcher 3 and presumably Cyberpunk 2077 all day long. Now those are games worthy of the appellation! This looks like penny arcade fare with delusions of grandeur...;)

Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk were/will be released day and date on consoles, with feature parity in all but rendering and and control input. They are as at least as much console games as Gears. I also own a PC and multiple consoles. There are benifits to such depending on what your friends and family use for multiplayer and how broad your tastes in games are.
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News Comments > Op Ed
11. Re: Op Ed - SJW Echo Chamber Sep 5, 2019, 01:03 Numinar
Mashiki Amiketo wrote on Sep 4, 2019, 15:52:
Numinar wrote on Sep 4, 2019, 09:06:

How is it an echo chamber? Is that how you justify your crappy ideas by deciding no, everyone else is just a sheeple? Crap like you wrote seems to be more than welcome around here aside of the odd callout when people can be bothered. You people and your persecution complex are insufferable.
How many times has callout/outrage culture ruined someone simply because of an accusation? False allegations cause someone to suicide out because they couldn't take it, or they were found innocent and suicided out because the abuse didn't stop? Remember the bullshit over Nolan Bushnell and Matt Taylor? How many singular people offended over dongle jokes, politically incorrect shirts, and mining through someones history back 20 years to ruin their career, by creating a mob of offend-o-trons do you need anyway.

Mobs doing this shit never end well. I'd figure most people would remember stuff like the witch trials, claims of heresy, and deals with the devil which are of similar vein to modern socjus. With the original sin(take your pick of 'isms, misogny, and phobia'o'holics), shun the unbeliever, and attack those who left the church of socjus.

Yeah, there are malicious women who use accusations to enrich themselves or for revenge or whatever. Iíve known people who have been ruined by them. Itís a terrible shitty thing to do and usually only the rich can afford to get justice out of the situation.

So itís vey much like rape/sexual harrassment. But unlike abusers preying on the vulnerable using power dynamics and the scorned woman narrative as a shield, way more common for you average woman to have to worry about at work, in transit or even at home on a day to day basis.

So telling them heir only recourse is through the justice system that often fails them is an absolute joke. Get back to me on this witch hunt shit when we start burning people at the stake.
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News Comments > Op Ed
5. Re: Op Ed - SJW Echo Chamber Sep 4, 2019, 09:06 Numinar
Jonjonz wrote on Sep 4, 2019, 06:35:
The SJW echo chamber is alive and well.

Keep up the pompous circle jerk and tilt those windmills, just as long as they are small, struggling gaming houses, just look the other way with the big guys.

How is it an echo chamber? Is that how you justify your crappy ideas by deciding no, everyone else is just a sheeple? Crap like you wrote seems to be more than welcome around here aside of the odd callout when people can be bothered. You people and your persecution complex are insufferable.
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News Comments > Alec Holowka Dead
95. Re: Alec Holowka Dead Sep 2, 2019, 08:39 Numinar
Asmodai wrote on Sep 2, 2019, 06:53:
And because of the inevitable backlash, I'll state clearly to save you chumps from making up a narrative.

I don't know if Holowka did or did not do anything.
I don't know if Quinn was lying.
I believe in the rule of law and the presumption of innocence.
I believe if a person is found guilty of the crime of rape, that the full force of the law should fall on them from a great height.

If you believe that a person should be shamed, fired etc without an official verdict, you do not believe in the law, you believe in the rule of the mob. And you're a fucking moron.

We drone people without trial, fire people without reason and rely on the wisdom of crowds to vote people into the most important jobs on the planet. We have a Justice system that jails the innocent and frees the OJ simpsons of the world. It's not perfect, it's designed to err on the side of caution and that is very important but we make movies about vengence fantasies because victims and those who survive them are not often served well by the judiciary. We sell Batman to kids.

If you pull enough bullshit don't expect everyone to be hush hush about it. That it's what so many of you expect is exactly the kind of thinking that lets these pricks get away with this behaviour for decades.

I probably don't have enough money for a predatory woman to make up bullshit about me, and the stuff that is true probably barely rates an annoyed groan. Maybe I should be afraid of some misandrist reign of terror but I just don't see it, though I lost a dear friend to a scenario including false accusation by a scorned woman that seems like a scenario I could (very unhappily) deal with in the unlikely event it happens. I doubt this scenario is reflected accurately by the shockingly low prosecution rate of sexual offenders in the minority of cases that even make it to court.

Sexual abuse is rampant and something women have to think about everytime they leave the house and sometimes whilst in it. It's probably worth more of our concern and impotent internet activism unless you have a lot of people in your past you need to keep quiet.

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News Comments > Alec Holowka Dead
91. Re: Alec Holowka Dead Sep 2, 2019, 05:21 Numinar
Nidian wrote on Sep 2, 2019, 00:44:
Icewind wrote on Sep 1, 2019, 23:47:
anonymous anonymous wrote on Sep 1, 2019, 23:08:
Didn't Zoe work on some game with Chuck Tingle? Did they finally release it?

Even better, Zoe stole the money, spent it all on a vacation, did zero work on the game, and Chuck now vehemently denies he was ever a part of the game and claims he never accepted anything.

She's a liar, a cheat, a manipulator, and a talent-less troll that blackmails others for money. That's her job.

Anyone defending her is clueless.

This right here... this is that hurdle that my mind just cannot jump over. Why anyone would even consider giving Zoe the time of day is beyond me. She's a pathological manipulative lying sociopath that keeps on crying wolf just for the hell of it or to keep herself relevant. And like the boy in the story... she reaps what she sows with me at least as I won't believe a single solitary word that comes out of her mouth.

If she is a con artist it dosnít matter. She didnít kill anyone. Dude killed himself. If Zoe kills herself over these allegations would that make GG as
murderous as #metoo? No. Iíve come close to guilt motivated suicide, Iíve lost friends to it as well. Thatís on those that choose the easy way out, not on the accusers, even when itís false (which Iíve also lost people to). Bullying and abuse should and is outlawed, calling out assholes isnít and shouldnít be.

Alex felt the same way. You canít weaponise his death against your ideological enemies when he himself denounced such behaviour. His chickens came home to roost, and despite support and professional help he wasnít able to cope. Itís an absolute tragedy, in an ideal world we would all have the strength to deal with mental illness and the consequences of our actions, even if those actions were long forgotten by the perpetrator.

Itís beyond pathetic how the personal responsibility and snowflake slur crowd seem to get selective about their principles based on the identity of any given victim or abuser.

If anyone is worried about past actions coming back to haunt them bring them up with a therapist and find a way forward. If you live in a libertarian nightmare or otherwise failed state where that is impossible to afford in your current situation Iím super sorry and hope you find something.
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News Comments > Destiny 2 Steam Migration Nears
3. Re: Destiny 2 Steam Migration Nears Aug 31, 2019, 05:55 Numinar
Tipsy McStagger wrote on Aug 30, 2019, 23:31:
What a cluster fuck... Destiny 2 was a milk run and about a 1/5th the content of Destiny 1 in release and now these assholes quit Activision (which is good) so everyone has to move their shit manually? Like why do I have to re-sign up for this?

I just did this and activated the cross-save support after 6 beers. Seemed like a lot of logins and agreements to deal with but compared to modding fucking kerbal or literally ANY OTHER PC ACTIVITY other than watching youtube it seemed quite reasonable, considering it was dealing with multiple platform holders.

Thanks for the news Blue, didn't realise I had a month to do it or lose my game! This is going to catch a lot of motherfukers out.
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News Comments > Get Assassin's Creed Odyssey Fields of Elysium for Free
15. Re: Get Assassin's Creed Odyssey Fields of Elysium for Free Aug 28, 2019, 09:32 Numinar
Creston wrote on Aug 27, 2019, 18:13:
The Half Elf wrote on Aug 27, 2019, 16:46:
Creston wrote on Aug 27, 2019, 15:37:
Fields of Elysium is pretty fun, especially because you can get fairly different endings (for the NPCs, not for yourself) depending on your decisions. It's also beautiful, excellent for screenshots.

I think the Atlantis episode is cooler (if shorter), but this is a solidly good DLC.

I haven't gotten very far into the game (just got through the tutorial for the land grabs), and while hanging off Zeus Testicles was fun, does the story pick up? AC:Egypt was ok, but I really had to push myself to finish the game.

Yeah, I mean, right now you've literally seen 2% of the story. So it definitely does pick up, although it's not going to reach earth-shattering heights or anything.

I actually thought the story in the last 3pack of DLCs was better than in the main campaign.

I feel like the weird end/post game shit with Pythagoras is pretty awesome. But I liked most of it... usually burn out is self inflicted when I'm trying to clear islands/teritories for OCD reasons. Just go do a fucking assasination/story mission and it's all good! Like with Witcher/Skyrim, almost everything is optional.

The freeform assasinations themselves are the best the games have seen. Good variety, not as bespoke as some previous but definately more flexible and numerous. (Often there is a reason/clues for limited aproach targets).

Sometimes you pull off a brilliant stab and gone act, often it's a shitshow, but the combat is better than any other supersized open world game I can remember so it's all good. Traversal is good as well but nobody is ever going to beat Saints Row 4 at that, which was a much smaller game anyway.

The interactions/conversations? Well it's super basic outside of the usual monologues from historical celebrities. It's not going for the quality of witcher or bland quality of a bethsoft title, it's usually just a little decision tree to help work some context out of the stabbing. But some character moments are outstanding. That kid on crete is brilliant, and shoving the cyclopses eye up the goats ass and other bestiality gags are all refreshingly repugnant.

Whatever it's flaws and liberties taken, no game has done Pellopenesian War greece this good. Athens is shockingly good to clamber about in, the regional stuff is usually interesting for at least a character or historical or cultural lesson. Bayek from Origins rules, and as a character was a lot more interesting than Kassandra, but she has her own "Get paid, get laid!" no nonsense sytle, and I think Odyssey is the better game.
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News Comments > Kerbal Space Program 2 Announced
6. Re: Kerbal Space Program 2 Announced Aug 20, 2019, 05:37 Numinar
eRe4s3r wrote on Aug 20, 2019, 02:57:

Although for the record

0 in-game scenes
60$ price-tag

Yeah..... good luck with that

Just got home and watched it. Seemed like just an awesome tribute to the OG game, like the community movies that were (Are) popular back in the day, which would be brilliant if that's what it was, until the base building stuff. (Which, with the other features in the pcgamer article mentioned sounds spot on for what I'd expect out a sequel, dev says all the right things).

My experience tells me it's a warning though. Paying a CGI concepting studio/marketing firm to make your assets all high res and raytraced smells like the Dead Island 2 trailer and how that's working out isn't great. Maybe they made this then shopped around for people to make it? Like a render target?

Hope I'm wrong and this is how this game looks! Could be one of the few titles that would make me get a second job to pay for that 2080super.
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News Comments > Kerbal Space Program 2 Announced
4. Re: Kerbal Space Program 2 Announced Aug 19, 2019, 22:59 Numinar
The Half Elf wrote on Aug 19, 2019, 20:55:
I wanted to love this game but just could never get out kerbals gravity and into orbit

Itís a struggle but itís the one I needed to finally understand why and how things orbit and transfer to different orbits. Along with working out rendezvous and docking this title has given me some of the best moments Iíve ever had at a computer. Worth working the tutorials and watching some YouTube until you grok it.

Such an awesome game, probably the most educational and satisfying Iíve ever played. Iím super hype for this. KSP is already gorgeous by accident, actual graphics and multiplayer will be amazing. I love multi crew in the DCS F-14 and Janes Longbow 2, that experience in space could be sooooo good.

Or it could be hot garbage. Fingers crossed though not many sequels id give more than a meh to these days. Facebook really does know me well, woke up this morning and first two notifications were Kerbal 2 and Homeworld announcement tease. I played both this week, crazy!
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News Comments > Spelunky 2 Delayed
1. Re: Spelunky 2 Delayed Aug 17, 2019, 08:44 Numinar
Nooooooooooooo! I'm going to have to go sacrfice some yeti's to Kali in frustration.

I'm sure it will be worth it though! Can't rush perfection.
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News Comments > Hyper Light Drifter & Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden Free on Epic Games Store
12. Re: Hyper Light Drifter & Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden Free on Epic Games Store Aug 17, 2019, 04:22 Numinar
heroin wrote on Aug 15, 2019, 23:47:
Both great games - surprised MYZ was put up for free though!

Probably too niche to get good sales? It's been on gamepass since day one as well, which might affect percieved value. It's a good game. Gave it 5 or so hours, was impressed but not in love.

Hyper Light Drifter though... fucking phenmomenal. One of the best games I've ever played. Has a a style and sensibility it's going for and it nails it 100%. Couldn't stop playing until I finished it. As good as those old Amiga games are in my memory and a million times better than they were IRL.
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News Comments > No Man's Sky: BEYOND This Month
26. Re: No Man's Sky: BEYOND This Month Aug 12, 2019, 08:19 Numinar
Creston wrote on Aug 3, 2019, 12:50:
Oh it's that one. I got confused with something else. The thing that's always put me off about this game is that twenty minute timeloop thing. It seems like you'd just be repeating the same few minutes over and over and over again, and that really gets on my nerves after just a few playthroughs.

Anyone play this and have any experience with how that actually works?

Ok this is a necro possibly with no chance of being read but this is a very important game.

I gave the timed-run mechanic and cartoony indie graphics a big MEH at first as well but stuck with it and now I consider it one of the best games I've played. I found the game to be fairly non-repetitive though, at least for the first 25 hours or so when you can just go do something else if you are sick of exploring any given planet/area. After that, when you are trying to finish it, you might wonder around certain places looking for clues or trying to fill gaps in your log but I enjoyed that as well.

The solar system is like a little toy, you can see each planet from each location usualy, even if faint or distant, and since you have unlimited fuel you can burn halfway to wherever you are going, and then suicide burn to the surface. The time limit encourages going as fast as you can to maximise exploration which you use to fill out an always sunny style digital rumour diagram which IS persistent between runs and displayed on your ship computer, and lets you know when you have cleared a place out or not. Most trips only have a few minutes of travelling, but others take longer or may involve unimaginable horrors. The locations themsleves are solvable if you have done the groundwork fairly quickly, I almost never had the issue of "god damn it I almost had that!" because I was either following a lead and getting what I needed done, done, or cleaned a place out of narrative and clues long before things reset. Also the reset is actually really awesome, I never got tired of it.

It feels physical and real in a way that NMS struggles with, it's probably misleading to call it a friendly, fly by wire version of Kerbal flight model all in first person, but that's what it feels like. Maybe a little Lunar Flight in there, or Elite but with actual shit to do on the planets you land on other than collecting rocks and scans. It does the walk about-EVA-ship-planetisimals transition thing really well.

The time loop feeds into the story very well. A perfect mix of structure and framing narrative. The only bit you have to repeat is the launch tower lift, but once you get on your ship where you go and how you get there is all up to you. The end is the same as well if you manage to not blow your reactor, drown, impact somehting too fast or burn up in the sun. There are at least 7 or 8 planetary bodies/structures orbiting the sun, once every minute for the close stuff and maybe only once or less for the further out stuff, and most of them have multiple areas, requiring specific piloting or timing (One planet is falling apart into itself, another two transfering matter between each other, so they change a lot depending on when you get there).

You will work out some fast travel stuff, but it's a physical system built into the world and narrative and becomes part of the endgame puzzle solving. The ending is amazing and fucked up at the same time, very Stephen Baxter/Greg Egan deep time shit but I loved it, including a final high stakes run that could be straight out of a movie. No game has done this style of hard sci-fi in FPS this well before as far as I know, though I havn't played them all.

It's super unique. I can't talk highly enough about it. An adventure game without an inventory. A survival game without grinding. A space game that expects you to take the environment seriously without being a prick about it. A story like something out of an early Aurthur C Clarke book. Graphics and sound that seem undercooked at first but are consistantly awe inspiring when they need to be. Brilliant.
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