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Nickname BurntSoul
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Signed On Feb 10, 2006, 03:46
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News Comments > King's Quest III Redux
2. Re: King's Quest III Redux Apr 8, 2011, 18:54 BurntSoul
Just for your info (maybe you know, maybe you don't), they have done King's Quest I Enhanced, King's Quest II Enhanced, King's Quest III Redux, and Quest for Glory II Enhanced. Guess what? They are free downloads. So hopefully they will also remake 5 and 6, and hopefully they will also be free.  
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News Comments > The Lord of the Rings: War in the North Trailer
3. Re: The Lord of the Rings: War in the North Trailer Mar 9, 2011, 20:49 BurntSoul
The end of the trailer shows PS3, XBox360 and Games for Windows logos.

PS: While I'm not a fan of this game, I know that games can have average graphics and still be amazing.

I'm also certain that if this game had amazing graphics (as amazing as you could imagine), that some Blues members would tear it a new one - citing something like, "if it looks that good, there's no way they put any work into the AI"...

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News Comments > The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Trailer
3. Re: The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Trailer Feb 24, 2011, 12:07 BurntSoul
Well, he is the dragon boner, after all.

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News Comments > Dead Space 2 Key Remap Patch Plans
19. Re: Dead Space 2 Key Remap Patch Plans Feb 8, 2011, 15:57 BurntSoul
Okay here it is, plain and simple.

12 things you need to have ready before you ship your game to PC users. Understand that these items are already expected by the game community, since the majority of PC gamers cannot get themselves a refund for your product if they are not happy. In no particular order:

1. A workable, playable Demo that is 100% representative of the game. Hell, make it timed shareware! All I need is 5 days...

2. Not having to continually authenticate your game with the Internet to play offline, and allowing us to uninstall/reinstall said game without limit.

3. Allow users to make mapping changes in as many combinations as available with a mouse, keyboard, joystick and yes - gamepad.

4. This game must feel as responsive with its controllers, as a natively developed PC game can naturally be.

5. Dedicated servers for multiplayer.

6. Allow for LAN matches when not connected to the Internet.

7. To have the game feel complete AS IS, without DLC. If there is DLC, the rule should be that it cannot splinter the multiplayer community. In other words, freely share that DLC with everyone, if it is a multiplayer mappack for example. I'm sure more people will flock to your game, if it's good enough...

8. Modding tools should be developed and freely sprinkled among the community to bring new life and breadth and length to their product.

9. If patches are needed, patches should be made.

10. Developers that care about their product should have meaningful discussions with the non-whining part of the gaming community to help figure out what to fix, what to tweak and how to effectively strengthen their franchise with the gamer base.

11. If the single player game/co - op game has a story, it follows that the story should be complete (aka, it should have an ending...).

12. The game should be stable enough not to crash. I know this one is open ended. The idea is that if a consumer buys the game, it should be a working game that they bought.

I know I left something out. Initially, this was only 3 points. I also know that a good number of these options will not happen again, because the publishers/marketers want to shape how you will spend more money on their game. I'm guessing they are doing this with DLC/no modding tools, as well as no dedicated servers for example (less/no control for the users). We can all dream, though.

This comment was edited on Feb 8, 2011, 16:19.
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News Comments > Homefront PC Details
13. Re: OT Batttlefield Jan 28, 2011, 16:45 BurntSoul
It's great that they have all these things. It's a shame however, that we all are getting exited about it. For the most part, these PC centric 'bonuses' were once the standard.

In any event, Kudos to KAOS Studios for bringing back - the old school.
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News Comments > Police Quest and Zork on
11. Re: Police Quest and Zork on Jan 18, 2011, 18:47 BurntSoul
When I think of Police Quest my initial, happiest memory is the ringing telephone sound effects in the office. Back in the day the coolest 'technology' for me wasn't the graphics, it was sound cards w/ midi.  
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News Comments > Quote of the Day
6. Re: Quote of the Day Jan 6, 2011, 11:43 BurntSoul
Why do casual MMOs instead of hardcore?

1. The casual group is much easier to appease with the quality of development. No one is expecting the next coming for their game in terms of precision, strategic depth, innovative concepts of play or even high quality visuals/physics. It just has to have bright colors and be 'breathing'.

2. There are many, many, many more casual gamers than hardcore gamers. Casual gaming is the gateway to video gaming in general. Casual gamers hit all ages. My wife is a casual gamer. She tells me the games she likes consists of one or two buttons, or 'baby games'. After working all day crunching numbers, she doesn't want to have to think about shopping for the weapon that will give her the best damage per second. She doesn't want to learn about strategic counter attacks for a given creature. She just wants to mash the damn buttons.

3. Casual gaming means casual money. What does 'Free to play and pay when you want' system mean to a casual gamer? "Ahh, I'll buy that hat for a buck, sure what the hell...looks cool!" The odds get higher that the casual gamer will buy something for the game the longer they play it.

4. It doesn't matter if someone sets up an account and plays for a week or two. What matters is micro-transactions. As long as they spend a buck, the company is good. What's 85 million customers times 1 dollar spent per customer? The answer is a WHOLE lot more money than any development + hardware overhead for this type of game.

And it makes me sick.
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News Comments > EA Server Shutdowns
36. Re: EA Server Shutdowns Jan 5, 2011, 20:35 BurntSoul
If anyone cares: I found out that the remaining fans of The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth (and LotR: BFME II and LotR: BFME II, RotWK) have pitched their last stand, and are now using GameRanger to play against each other.

Better than nothing, I guess.
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News Comments > Windows 8 and Gaming
7. Re: Windows 8 and Gaming Dec 22, 2010, 22:19 BurntSoul
What a load of Horseshit!

Question: Is that "real new push" when Microsoft pushes their customers down on their hands and knees - in front of a cliff? Here comes another uncomfortable screw...

The only real pushing you have been doing lately is when your customers go to linux and apple. You're doing a fantastic job.

Microsoft, please prove me wrong...
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News Comments > No PC Dead Space 2 Demo
8. Re: No PC Dead Space 2 Demo Dec 8, 2010, 21:37 BurntSoul
For me: No PC Dead Space 2 purchase.


1. PC Dead Space 1 required me to use a hex editor to change the keys the way I wanted (and right out of the box, too - what a bonus!). Thanks for the patch, guys.

2. NO DEMO to see if I had to deal with that kind of stupid shit again - which of course would mean no purchase.

3. They wouldn't even think to read this forum to get an atom of an idea of how to make their PC customers happy.

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News Comments > Manual Borderlands Patch
5. Re: Manual Borderlands Patch Sep 30, 2010, 18:19 BurntSoul

It's nice that they patched the game and all, and that bug was annoying, but why was this patch 900megs?

This patch was 196-197megs, from what I could tell. That's much better than a 900meg patch.

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News Comments > Dungeons Interview
4. Re: Dungeons Interview Sep 26, 2010, 18:48 BurntSoul
If the monsters are just standing there (like you place them), it sounds like an iteration of Turret Defense to me.  
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News Comments > Supreme Commander 2 Patched
3. Re: Supreme Commander 2 Patched Aug 31, 2010, 18:48 BurntSoul
No sting for me - paid $7.47 US for this game on Steam awhile back. In comparison, I bought Hinterland for $20. In reality, the prices should have been switched. It's a weird world!

I Might have played it 3 hours so far. I should truly play it for another 3-4 hours to get my money's worth. For the price I paid, the updates are a nice addition, and it's good to know that maybe they still somewhat care about the game / their community...

...even though the majority of them probably left 2 weeks after it was released - which was the reason for those deep Steam price cuts.
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News Comments > Sunday Consolidation
2. Re: Sunday Consolidation Aug 22, 2010, 19:05 BurntSoul
Yup, they definitely should lock that shit down with DRM and not allow for returns at the store after buying a crappy game. Throw some of that PC love toward the mass console market. Maybe the publishers will see just what happens when they fuck with a mob of crazed Halo gamers.

Oh wait, maybe the console gamers will just accept anything thrown at them and hand more money to the publishers - no questions asked.

That sounds about right. Damn. No one can win, can they?
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News Comments > MS Recommits to PC Gaming Again
3. Re: MS Recommits to PC Gaming Again Aug 17, 2010, 11:04 BurntSoul
That Free to Play game is probably going to be 'Free to Play' with no real substance until you've spent about $30 in micro transactions.

Microsoft is just waiting for a point until all the hardcore PC crowd is too old to want to care and the new crowd will just expect to pay $50 a year for their shiny new 'service'. It happened once and it didn't work out. But wait for it. It will come back in a different form. 'Free to Play' is just the beginning...
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News Comments > Stronghold 3 Details
4. Re: Stronghold 3 Details Aug 12, 2010, 21:27 BurntSoul
If thats state of the art graphics I am the king of france ^^

It's good to be the King!
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News Comments > Torchlight 2 Announced
5. Re: Torchlight 2 Announced Aug 5, 2010, 12:18 BurntSoul
Noted: It will have Internet Multiplayer, AND LAN Multiplayer. Here's to hoping we don't have to authenticate with an Internet server for LAN play first...  
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News Comments > Dungeon Siege III Movie, Interview
5. Re: Dungeon Siege III Movie, Interview Jul 27, 2010, 18:52 BurntSoul
Totally looking forward to some fun co-op bash-athons. Let's get away from Space Siege and move back to Dungeon Siege!  
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News Comments > On OnLive Game Prices
12. Re: On OnLive Game Prices Jun 21, 2010, 22:20 BurntSoul
Wow! I hear something in the background...


What does that mean?
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News Comments > Kotick: Audience "Clamoring" for Subscription CoD
60. Re: Kotick: Audience Jun 20, 2010, 21:49 BurntSoul
Creston wrote on Jun 20, 2010, 20:43:
Hey Bobby, doesn't that idea kind of completely destroy the entire concept of piracy? Why are pirates playing shit for free when they could go to the store and PAY for it?

Bobby does not think it destroys the concept of piracy, and he's right. It's piracy from a different perspective.

I wish I could just post, 'Flagshipped!' and be done with it. The sad thing is, the XBox crowd cannot help themselves. They are slaves to their system (what they unknowingly bought into). Now we're all fucked because of it. You cannot veto this stuff because the wave of people who will blindly purchase everything that glitters just proves his point. People want to be robbed!
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