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News Comments > Diablo Hellfire on

5. Re: Diablo Hellfire on Jun 5, 2019, 15:58 BurntSoul
There were many people looking for the Hellfire expansion immediately after Diablo was first sold on GOG, so there's a lot of nostalgia for it, apparently. Funny, I remember it having a lukewarm reception. I've never played it myself and now I have it, so that's a bonus: People that already purchased Diablo on GOG before Hellfire was integrated need not have to pay for the Hellfire expansion.

To be clear, you can run Diablo either by itself or with the expansion separately from the splash/startup screen. You are not required to play with the Hellfire expansion.

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News Comments > Bloodlines 2 Pulled from Epic Mega Sale

17. Re: Bloodlines 2 Pulled from Epic Mega Sale May 17, 2019, 14:21 BurntSoul

Why would you not clearly communicate with the publishers that are allowing you exclusivity to only your storefront?

They are already trying to stick their neck out for you by doing so, knowing full well they'd get more sales from Steam in a shorter time frame than you ever could at this point.

If it was a mistake then fine, otherwise it looks pretty deceitful from the viewpoint of the publishers, and weirdly a bait and switch tactic while also trying to generate some kind of hurried action on to your potential buyers...

(in the voice of Justin Roiland)
"Hey! Look at us! Come on down! Look at our storefront, we have cheeeaap deals! We're slashing price cuts ON TOP of the regular sales that these publishers are giving you! Tell your friends!"

(two days later), Whoops! But look at our cheap deeeaallls! Better hurry up and buy these games before the rest of our cherished (yeah, whatever) game publishers catch wind of what we're doing!"

PS: Yes, I do like the sales. It just feels so cheesy, Epic.
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News Comments > Saturday Metaverse

9. Re: Saturday Metaverse Dec 8, 2018, 21:15 BurntSoul
For anyone that has read the Microsoft Edge/Chromium article, this is a strategy Microsoft uses for control. The author may have missed something.

Please look up the term 'Embrace, Extend, Extinguish', and you'll understand what's probably really going on...

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News Comments > FIX PUBG Campaign

8. Re: FIX PUBG Campaign Aug 8, 2018, 16:40 BurntSoul
Saying 'The campaign is an illusion' sounds like you are trying to make this a negative thing a company shouldn't do...

I don't think it's an illusion and I don't think it's negative at all. It's an obvious PR marketing campaign and there's nothing wrong about it - even if it is also obvious that 'The devs and publisher are sticking to their priorities and haven't deviated from them'.

Chest Thumping is a fantastic method of rallying the troops.

Yes, I think it's a great way to show to their existing (and potential) playerbase that they are trying to be as transparent as possible and show the things that they will be resolving along a concrete, reality-based timeline. It evokes a sense of serious commitment towards working on their product.

Yeah, I don't agree with Loot Crates and I don't agree with them filing a lawsuit against Epic games. I think both are bullshit.

But let's get this one thing straight (if you haven't inferred it already): I still think PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is better than Fortnite.
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News Comments > Star Wars Battlefront II Grind Complaints

34. Re: Star Wars Battlefront II Grind Complaints Nov 13, 2017, 13:26 BurntSoul
I think if EA needs clean, honest feedback from their customers I suggest they try this method out:

1. Develop a multiplayer game with different classes and weapons (depending on what class they are), armor, and add-ons.

2. Make all classes and weapons available to everyone in the same way. Everyone can get everything if they grind long enough.

3. Allow people to do the level-up thing, but the level blankets across all classes. At Certain levels different weapons, ammo, add-ons etc. open up for all classes. So maybe at level 5 the grunt gets a pistol, while the sniper gets faster reloads on their basic rifle. This allows everyone to be able to jump into another class at the same blanket level, regardless of how long they did the grind in another class. So A sniper that attains 5th level items will have the same equipment available as any other sniper. A 5th level grunt that plays just grunt can also switch to the sniper class in a round and be presented with the same 5th level sniper equipment. Because everything is equal, everyone is also grinding at the same rate. The only way to be 'faster' than someone else is if you put more time into the game, or maybe if you get certain in game achievements.

4. As we all know, the longer you grind the more boring it is - so don't make the grind longer per level. Add more levels and spread the weapons/add-ons/armor whatever out. Add fun things like little bits you can add to your gun, paint sets or new outfits as the levels increase.

5. Add daily experience point challenges, weekly challenges, set up ranked matches where you can get extra experience points for winning etc...

6. Don't use loot boxes or allow any cash based transactions.

7. Tell gamers at the 3 month point that something exciting is coming, and it will change everything - in 2 months. Push this advertising heavily. Whip up a marketing storm.

8. At the 5 month point the gamers will be ravenous to know what's up. The developers will know that gamers will be half-way through their grind, so at this point switch right back to the loot box/pay to win method. Just flip the switch!

9. Make the grind twice as long to slog through.

10. Tell players they will enjoy playing the game more if they buy the 'all weapons' pack, or pay $$ for 2x experience points for the week.

Tell them the intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different boxes/heroes.

Study the feedback.

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News Comments > For Honor Cheaters Banned

11. Re: For Honor Cheaters Banned Feb 24, 2017, 17:12 BurntSoul
HoSpanky wrote on Feb 24, 2017, 15:06:
I've never understood the need to cheat in online gaming, and ESPECIALLY don't understand those cheaters then complaining about being punished for cheating. If you cheat to win, you didn't actually win. There's no victory there.

Totally this. I think that maybe the cheaters should be notified by UBI, saying they know who they are and that they will only be able to be matched up with other cheaters, banning the use of the store to scavenge or buy 'upgrades', and slowing player growth to 1% of regular users regardless of what initial package they bought.

This allows them to still be able to play while at the same time disarming the idea of cheating (because now everyone is at the same 'level').
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News Comments > Far Cry Primal Launches Survival Mode

9. Re: Far Cry Primal Launches Survival Mode Apr 13, 2016, 19:31 BurntSoul
Cool, The large map still available + more fog of war and the stamina trade off for fast travel are really great. I Didn't know this as I'm currently focused on playing the game on Normal settings, and normal difficulty. I wonder, do they remove or severely nerf the opening up of the fog of war upgrades? I would think so, just curious.

Yeah, so for those that are griping about a huge company getting on the band wagon - well why not? They are not stupid. The single player campaign is in a pretty unique setting (not many FPS games are in BC), they can pull in the FarCry mechanics that work for them, the game is absolutely beautiful and taming pets + using them as a weapon or for travel is a bonus and smart. The fact that they added Survival mode + permadeath option (free as part of an update, I think) is fantastic as it just adds and enhances future play throughs with a different feel.

Am I a fanboy? Did you really have to ask? Loved Blood Dragon, really cheesy jokes - I was in 80's heaven. Same mechanics as other Far Cry games. I'm not looking for the 2nd coming of Christ in a game, I just want to enjoy myself at the end of a long day!

PS: This is a little off topic, but...I think people on here should post something positive about a game they like once a week, or something hopeful about a game they haven't played. It may just change your future outlook on games in general.

Anyway, I was stoked when I first played and finished Castle Wolfenstein on my Apple II+ back in 1981. It was the height of graphics and sound back then and the story was fleshed out in two sentences on the box. My friend and I would take turns playing the game having chips and soda. I know I still remember it because it was just an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon in the summer. I don't ever remember bitching about how simple the game was, or how much the sound wasn't like real-life, how much it cost me to buy it. Not even sure if there was music. I could have complained that the f'n keys were set for a righty, but then again I don't think you could even rebind the keys. I think I would have had a seizure (pissed my pants and foamed at the mouth uncontrollably) if the next game I played in '81 was Far Cry: Primal.

In the early 90's I wrote a paper in college about Virtual Reality, that it would be available to consumers in 20 years, and you can experience it today the way I imagined it would. It's only going to get better!

Life is short. Stop bitching and enjoy yourself!
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News Comments > Far Cry Primal Launches Survival Mode

7. Re: Far Cry Primal Launches Survival Mode Apr 13, 2016, 11:07 BurntSoul
Beamer wrote on Apr 13, 2016, 09:04:
This sounds miserable.

Roguelike options are fun in games that are played in short bursts, not 40+ hour open world games. These changes don't add enough variety to play through multiple times, but are too restricting for your first playthrough.

Not to mention taking away navigation and fast travel options would make any game like this miserable. Exploring is fun, but returning to explored places is significantly less so. I didn't mind so much in FC4, because I just autogyroed everywhere, and autogyroing with a grenade launcher in one hand never got all that old (and getting places never took too long), but... though I've yet to play this FC, I can't imagine there's a short manual way from point A to point B.

I like the idea of the new options, -and- I also agree the game should be played the first time as originally intended. That being said, in survival mode there should be some way to 'paint' persistent caveman arrows or symbols to figure out your orientation (to find your homebase). Otherwise you won't be able to upgrade anything and just get lost.
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News Comments > Developer n-Space Closes

27. Re: Developer n-Space Closes Mar 30, 2016, 16:48 BurntSoul
MT Silver wrote on Mar 30, 2016, 16:33:

I think the game got dragged in the mud because they tried to be like NWN, not for being a D&D game. Specifically, much of the hype was about the freedom you would have to make your own adventures. But SCL is nowhere near as free as NWN was. I played some incredible modules made with the NWN editor. There's nothing like that in SCL. Icewind mentioned a few of the limitations in SCL above.

I guess what I'm saying is that N-Space should have either lived up to their inspiration source or not cite it at all.

Though maybe if they did that we wouldn't be talking about it at all.

I agree to all of this.

Reading the NWN forums back in the day would bring me down a bit as there was a lot of griping, but I was always looking for that perfect module remake.

We know publishers have a heavy hand at leaning hard on the hype machine as no one in their right mind would sell their product as, 'yeah, it's almost like NWN, but not quite the experience you remembered'. I wished I had bought the game 4 weeks later, as that's the price point that would have made more sense for it from the beginning. But the hype machine stirs shit up big time, and when weakened I can get suckered in to motorboating me some big titties getting waved at me like that...
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News Comments > Developer n-Space Closes

24. Re: Developer n-Space Closes Mar 30, 2016, 16:05 BurntSoul
MT Silver wrote on Mar 30, 2016, 15:27:
You're missing the point. Icewind is saying that the game being licensed as a D&D product didn't improve it in any way. They wasted the story and setting aspect and they didn't use the mechanics of 5th edition. It may as well not be based in the Sword Coast at all.

No, I get what he's saying. What I'm thinking about is, could the game have been viewed with any less criticism without the marketing hoopla that comes with the D&D albatross attached to any game? So if you market your game with the D&D license, you are tasked with raising the bar or failing before getting out of the gate. No D&D license? Bar is not set as high for a new dev company, less of a direct comparison to previous D&D licensed games, more of a chance for people to see that the devs actually working on improving the game month by month (they were trying their best if you followed them).

and so my question was, did Icewind think the game could stand on its own as a D&D game and eventually flourish even though certain very D&D-ish items were not used (and explained in marketing as such) so as not to clash with the fanatic fan base while also providing and adding to the story (canon)? Or should they go the way of no D&D story entirely? Did he think that could bypass the online vitriol?

My opinion is that the story and game could survive as a D&D title while not also having to be strictly bound to the D&D ruleset. Or even not be part of the D&D world at all.

I have my own opinion about how things went down. It's not ridiculous to think of a different possible line of reasoning. It's conjecture to open a forum of thoughtful conversation.
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News Comments > Developer n-Space Closes

22. Re: Developer n-Space Closes Mar 30, 2016, 15:00 BurntSoul
Icewind wrote on Mar 30, 2016, 13:18:

Are you Dan Tudge, by any chance?

Seriously though, the game had a lot of faults, and saying you can "remove" the D&D license and it would be fine is ridiculous. Yeah, they could have, but then it would just be another bland CRPG amongst a sea of bland Steam CRPGs that already exist. Go play Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms if you want an example of that.

SCL barely used 5th edition. It used it in much the same way Pool of Radiance 2 used the 3rd edition rules...which is to say *barely*. The system they implemented was extremely watered down and bared little resemblance to 5th edition. Not the way ToEE/BG/IWD or any other D&D license game used their own rule edition at the time.

the mediocre reviews it received were deserved. The game's combat was abysmally bland, the story was bland, and the character creation? Yup. Everything about the game was middle-of-the-road average. Not bad per se, but just "bland". We live in an age where a hundred RPGs get shoved out onto steam every year, so if you want to make money you better make something with some real heart behind it, or risk going out of business.

No I'm not Dan Tudge.

Okay, so you say that removing the D&D license is ridiculous. How about removing the ruleset but staying on with the same World? If you knew for a fact that the ruleset in the backround wasn't official 5th edition, could you handle playing the game, or would it annoy the hell out of you?

The question is: Does a D&D game have to have the official ruleset attached to be enjoyed? or just not make the game at all if you cannot do it that way? Personally, I'm all for it if the story fits and adds more to the World they have attached the game to. It's a computer game, I'm not necessarily going to need to see dice rolls if the game feels good.

or do you think it needs to be so tightly bound in the rules that it's an exact simulation?

I think we are almost skirting around the realm of talking about Dragon Age - that actually did alright as I recall, with it's own ruleset and no D&D license...

Just curious see how you would have done it.
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News Comments > Developer n-Space Closes

20. Re: Developer n-Space Closes Mar 30, 2016, 14:46 BurntSoul
Cutter wrote on Mar 30, 2016, 13:29:
I still say there was some sort of payola scam going on here because all the press previews don't come remotely close to jibing with the actual game they released. And n-SpaceDE's marketing was really scummy to boot, implying that this was the next NWN when it clearly wasn't. This is one of the few games I feel I actually got scammed on by a company's marketing - classic bait n' switch. And because I bought it through GMG there's no chance of a refund. Sigh.

So double whammy. Yeah nowadays with alot of games, it's like the publishers are practically waving tits in your face and hoping you motorboat. You motorboated, damn it! Hehe

They had the D&D license behind them which means to a lot of people that an comparison would be made point-by-point to the previous Bioware games. They had to know that (right? a no brainer) there would be a reaction from D&D fans (to make a direct comparison) upon release. They took the chance and it didn't work out.

So how many years do you think will go by until some other devs try it again?
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News Comments > Developer n-Space Closes

19. Re: Developer n-Space Closes Mar 30, 2016, 14:35 BurntSoul
ldonyo wrote on Mar 30, 2016, 13:44:
I know of at least one game-stopping bug. My wife found it while fighting the humongous spider right before you go into Underdark. As far as I know this has not yet been fixed.

You fight the gigantic spider, then kill off the waves of little spiders. This happens three times, then the large spider is supposed to drop down for the final fight. It drops down, but then goes right back up, never to be seen again. Meanwhile, you're stuck in combat mode until you exit the game. You can re-fight this over and over, you can choose to reset as far back as the game allows, but it always ends the same way once you get this bug. The only option is to start a new game and hope it doesn't happen again.

Arrgh, sucks. Hopefully some kind of community patch will come out that can fix it plus tweaks on difficulty or something. Who knows if that's even a possibility.
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News Comments > Developer n-Space Closes

7. Re: Developer n-Space Closes Mar 30, 2016, 12:13 BurntSoul
Primalchrome wrote on Mar 30, 2016, 12:02:

What fact are you referring to....the toolset? They've indicated there would be one since early in the process. They only later indicated that it would initially be a tileset. The one they delivered was anemic. "Create your own epic adventure to share with your friends" - a quote still on their website....

I respect what you've pointed out - I hear you, I get it! but...

Hold up, is that the whole game? Not only that, what they call Creating Epic Adventures - they have to live up to what the Bioware folks did and surpass it? Are the only people buying the game advanced module makers? and from what I remember, a lot of people thought the NWN toolset was shit. There was always a lot of bitching and moaning in their forums, from what I remember. Also, I'm not saying that these guys should slack off. That's not the point, and I don't think they did. I think that if they had more time and resources, they could have turned that particular issue around. The toolset was not the whole game, is my point. and I'm kind of bummed about it. It will be that much less of a chance that other devs would touch it with a ten foot pole.

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News Comments > Developer n-Space Closes

5. Re: Developer n-Space Closes Mar 30, 2016, 11:58 BurntSoul
You know, I think the reason why Sword Coast Legends devs closed their doors was not because they had a shit game. I believe it was closed due to reviews made by a part of the community that felt/thought they were told one thing about the game and it didn't meet their expectations. Then you have the, 'yeah, me too' crowd that pig pile on top of those initial reviews causing a tipping point where no one will buy the game - merely because the Steam or Metacritic review score was bad. I can understand where they are coming from, but the issue itself became what the game was about to those who don't care to read. In short, a small group of Rabid, very loud fans of D&D (and what they think a D&D game should be) destroyed the chance of the game getting better. The devs in turn made less money than what could sustain themselves and the game in the future. Boom.

If it were advertised without D&D attached to it, the game would have had a much better survival rate and the devs would have probably continued working on it. When you attach D&D to your game, you'd better make it just like the tools in NWN, I guess...maybe they should have developed for another year?

It's too bad, really. The game itself never had any game stopping bugs, the story was good, it has an interesting multiplayer game mechanic that looks like something not seen in many RPGs (an easily accessible, live action dungeon master role using on-the-fly randomized dungeons + tilesets).
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News Comments > Steam Top 10

16. Re: Steam Top 10 Jan 31, 2016, 21:54 BurntSoul
Yeah, but I don't remember Guild Wars 1 having a large instance in which you could create a team on the fly and roam around, just bumping into and fighting multiples other teams in an open area (this is what was available for the beta, anyway). Guild Wars 1 PVP was instanced, and you waited in a queue to play a match against another group. This is more open boxy type, more traditional MMO PVP area like. Your character also has a separate level system in the PVP area and if you die you can lose only items to your attacker that you have found (but not 'extracted' yet) in the PVP area. You also lose some PVP cash and experience. Your single player campaign 'half' doesn't get touched.  
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News Comments > Sword Coast Legends Free DLC

8. Re: Sword Coast Legends Free DLC Oct 31, 2015, 01:25 BurntSoul
Cutter wrote on Oct 30, 2015, 21:21:
I wrote this in my review of the game....

"The reason for the reviews being so polarized and almost equally split between like and dislike are easy to see when you look at them. The dislikes are from old school players like myself who were hoping for a spiritual successor to NWN. It's what we were promised and what they failed to deliver. The likes invariably seem to come from younger players who are more familiar with ARPGs than CRPGs, unfamiliar with NWN and classic CPRGs, and zero actual PnP experience. From their perspective I could see where this would be a fun game. For those of the old school, not so much."

If they can deliver the Dec. 3rd update as advertised that'll go a long way to placating those of us who feel like we were conned.

God I think this is the most properly distilled answer I've seen yet. From what I'm seeing, it's that different people are talking about different things. 33% of the people are saying, "yeah it's got a decent enough quickly moving SP story, I like the action, I like making a randomized Dungeon Crawl in 5 minutes, being the DM and throwing monsters at players" 33% are saying, "You mofo's didn't make a 5e NWN successor like you said you did, it could be sooo good but you fucked it up, I want my money back! Game over dude, game over!" The last 33% sadly, you don't hear at all. I understand all 3 and I think the devs are sincere in turning the game around to hit more of their audience.

With the Dec 3rd update they are drawing a line in the sand, they are making a very large statement. If they can do it, it will be a pleasant surprise indeed. Some may say too little too late, should have been in the game. Okay, I hear ya. They should have delayed the game even longer with what they promised from day 1. Now shut the F up and let them fulfill the roadmap they just laid out!

On the positive side: I've watched the 4 players, 1 DM in dungeon crawl mode gameplay on Quite entertaining if the DM is good at managing the monsters and those DM points and loot he gets on the fly (streamer's name is inaliz). I've also watched a particular DM (streamer's name is Jakonian) really use the game the best he can to it's fullest for the D&D experience as it is right now. I've got to say he pulls it off the best I've seen yet. This guy doesn't need any other tools than what he's got right there and things are running quite smoothly...
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News Comments > New GeForce GPUs & Drivers

48. Re: New GeForce GTX 980 & 970 GPUs & Drivers Sep 19, 2014, 16:40 BurntSoul
ForgedReality wrote on Sep 19, 2014, 16:28:
Jamil20 wrote on Sep 19, 2014, 16:24:
So hard to decide if I should upgrade from a 770 to a 970. The performance increase is okay, but the TDP sweetens the deal. 230W->145W

If I were you, I'd wait until probably next year for the 20nm refresh. Hell, I've waited all this time with a 580, and it's definitely time, but a 770? You'll hardly notice.

I have an EVGA 670 FTW edition, and it's time for me to get a 970. My general rule of thumb is every 2 iterations of the product and it should cost in the $300 range. I'll probably get the EVGA 970 FTW edition at the very most ($369), or the GTX 970 SC. I'll pass the 670 FTW down to my son, as it's going strong as well as a contender for decent graphics.

Anyway, I was reading a review this morning (will link it if I find it again) and it showed that the 670 was 46% of the speed of the 970.
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News Comments > Gauntlet Next Month

3. Re: Gauntlet Next Month Aug 28, 2014, 22:02 BurntSoul
Just so you know, I'm an old school PC gamer that has only played the coin operated version of this game. I'm looking forward to it, quite honestly. The fact that they are up front with us about pushing the date back, getting us an in-game vid and a free item for pre-ordering seems fine by me. If they need to polish it, I'm cool.

I watched the in-game video and was satisfied by what I saw. The graphics reminded me of Titan Quest. I like the idea of traps,being able to rank up your character, having specifically crafted as well as procedurally generated areas, grabbing turkey on a plate for health and 'friendly' pvp/competitive mode with your buds by grabbing pickups and treasure before they do (a la the Chaos Engine? I think that's it). Anyway, Not only will it have local co-op but online as well (or a mix).

It's a new Gauntlet for only $20 bucks. That's an awesome price to pay for an update to an arcade classic in my opinion, and it looks like they are doing it the right way.
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News Comments > Morning Safety Dance

15. Re: Morning Safety Dance Jul 22, 2014, 13:16 BurntSoul
In my defense (plus blurring reality some more), if I didn't shoot them, they would have shot me first. These games don't win themselves, you know...

* And Hell, don't I have a right to bear virtual arms, too?
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