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News Comments > On Star Wars: The Old Republic's "Stylized Realism"
17. Re: On Star Wars: The Old Republic's "Stylized Realism" Jan 4, 2009, 03:46 PacoTaco
This look is disappointing, along with STO, Eve sucks a donkey but I like the art direction better then both of these current upcoming projects.

Lighting and the shaders, the same data would work fine, they just need to decide to put in the work to make the change. I doubt they will I am sure half the budget for both projects is justified by everyone going to every review meeting and thinking Hey this is our space version of WOW which is what the world really needs and will make us 1 billion a year for starters! And this art style is much easier to off shore to China and India and where ever else they are sending the work too.

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News Comments > Cancelled Stormbirds Revealed
6. Re: Cancelled Stormbirds Revealed Jan 3, 2009, 19:36 PacoTaco
If the game looked anything like that someone else will pick up, looked great in the video wonder what the real game looks like? Any videos of that?  
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News Comments > CCP May be Forced from Iceland
10. Re: CCP May be Forced from Iceland Dec 23, 2008, 16:43 PacoTaco
I have had a plenty of sleep! I am really happy Blues lets me vent the truth about something that gets censored and removed on the CCP forums.

Did I say they are cock smokers enough?

This comment was edited on Dec 23, 2008, 16:44.
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News Comments > CCP May be Forced from Iceland
8. Re: CCP May be Forced from Iceland Dec 23, 2008, 14:37 PacoTaco
Burn baby BURN... Reason for the Record was all the free 5 day subs they are sending out so they can make a press release.

As stated before CCP play their own game, cheating as much as they can get away with, source code was released, CCP employees were caught cheating t20 scandal, Tower exploit recently discovered which they have been using for years, on and on and on.

I have personally witnessed CCP devs on the server helping their own people out "friends of CCP" when trapped and locked down by paying players, this is not bs 20 of us watched this happen, then were all muted for hours when we kept screaming about it in local, we created petitions, they were all closed by the dev that did the move, he took a ship that was about to be destroyed worth billions with cargo and moved it to a safe system.

We had this ship and person locked down for 4 days, every day about 5 minutes before down time he would log in and attempt to get his ship out of trouble, we all responded as soon as he logged in, and kept him down, beating on him until logged again, then on the 4th day a dev came into the system in an indestructible ship as we had the entry gate camped it was pretty cool at first, he was talking to us, then we realized why he was there when the person logged in and he froze us in space, and watched as the ship was moved out of the system, we all lost our shit over him helping out someone he knew, he then threatened to ban us for profanity if we kept it up, and muted us all for hours, so we couldn't say anything.

It's all about Karma, they do bad things to people with the small amount of power they have and in turn that evil comes back on them. They are drunk cock smokers that deserve nothing less then pure karmic justice.

Do not take my word for it, watch this years Fan Fest videos, watch as the devs describe the new features and can't explain why they did these changes, watch them lie again about the time line for the release of Tech 3 and Walking in Stations to keep the few subscribers they have.

All the nerfs, who makes major changes to a combat system from the ground up 5 years after release? CCP did, as I look at the forums I see thousands of comments about the speed, and missile nerfs alone and people who love the game begging them to fix things that have been broken for years.

Eat a bag of Icelandic Dicks CCP while you can afford them!

This comment was edited on Dec 23, 2008, 14:44.
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News Comments > More EVE Online Follow-up
6. Re: More EVE Online Follow-up Dec 20, 2008, 22:17 PacoTaco
Both you guys are CCP sheep, look I played the game for 3 years with 3 accounts and never cheated, you know this "Tower issue" has been in the game for years and CCP devs are members of alliances that have used it.

Why do you think they kept feeding BOB T2 BPO's, How do you think BOB got 30 Titans, and live in an entire region the best part of Eve space that was changed over the years to become better. Keep being CCP sheep and paying these idiots to stay in business, I just finally woke up after all the nerfs this year I snapped out of it.

I know how you feel, read my old posts when I actually supported this game. Its a pile of shit so are CCP, and I wish I could tell more about how I know this but I can't, just save yourself from wasting time on this game if you think its fair, and if you don't care then it won't matter, have what ever fun you can have until you run out of content.

This comment was edited on Dec 20, 2008, 22:29.
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News Comments > More EVE Online Follow-up
3. Re: More EVE Online Follow-up Dec 20, 2008, 18:40 PacoTaco
People at CCP were using this "feature" for years then turning the profits from the duplication for real world money, and all the major alliances, just shows how much this game is so tainted.

The world of Eve Online is made for people to cheat and steal including the developers, get a full body condom out before playing you will get sticky, and the "CCP moto if you aint cheatin you aint tryin!" is something that you need to think about before you waste your time on this game, only good news is the numbers of active accounts are dropping.

Eat a bag of dicks CCP and go to hell, its warmer then Iceland.
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News Comments > EVE Exploit Follow-up
9. Re: EVE Exploit Follow-up Dec 16, 2008, 13:48 PacoTaco
People take it more seriously then a game like WOW because in Eve when you lose your life you really lose everything you had at that time, its a much harder game played by very hard core people, fighting over 0 space takes billions of isk, people spend months earning isk to achieve goals it is the grind, which these people have avoided for years, CCP knew about it, and the employees even used the system to create isk by selling the items and then buying and selling "GTC" Game Time Cards to make real world money, its why they let it go on for 4 years, they knew about it, many people did, the amount of ISK generated was in the Trillions and created the 0 space landscape that most players have to live and fight over in Eve today. The whole game is tainted and people should know this before the invest time into it.

The devs have also fucked up the combat system, and speed systems in the latest patch that they just made the game less fun to play. I canceled my 3 accounts, it was a fun game, too bad it will slowly die over the next 2 years or sooner if they can't right the ship.

CCP are a bunch of deadbeat drunken idiot developers who deserve to go out of business at this point. They add crap nobody cares about medals, and do not fix horrible design changes to a game that worked better then it does now.

Sense bitterness? Well yeah I really liked this game at one point, spent a lot of time fighting these cheaters in 0 space, had a great time, and still would be fighting had they not patched the game right out of being any fun!


This comment was edited on Dec 16, 2008, 13:55.
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News Comments > EVE Online Exploit
2. Re: EVE Online Exploit Dec 11, 2008, 12:02 PacoTaco
Avoid Eve, like stated in previous posts, my 3 years ended last night as my last account expired. CCP can eat a bag of dicks, this is only more proof on how badly the manage the game. The last patch removed whole ships classes being useful and weapons that take 6 months to train for, they had a good game that was fun, but they have "balanced" it right out of it being worth paying for or wasting time on.

Former hardcore player of Eve!
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News Comments > Hi-Rez Fallout 3 Textures
8. Re: Hi-Rez Fallout 3 Textures Dec 9, 2008, 18:42 PacoTaco
Might be cool anyone have any before or after shots they can post? Now that Eve Online is a pile of crap Fallout 3 is the game for me right now!  
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News Comments > EVE Online Updated, Now on Steam
1. Re: EVE Online Updated, Now on Steam Nov 12, 2008, 21:19 PacoTaco
Why would you pay for a free expansion? Or is this trial subscription along with the free expansion? I read the Steam site a few times and didn't really get it.

Also the QR patch is terrible, makes Eve a game to avoid, wait for STO or play WOW until something good comes out.

This comment was edited on Nov 12, 2008, 22:40.
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News Comments > Galatron Gold; Demo
2. Re: Galatron Gold; Demo Nov 12, 2008, 01:41 PacoTaco
Sadly I got it to work, its nice to see people trying to make independent games but this one was removed quickly.  
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News Comments > EVE Shooter Plans?
16. Re: EVE Shooter Plans? Nov 9, 2008, 18:23 PacoTaco
Eve and CCP are dead to me, the Quantum Rise patch is the worst patch for the game ever topping the previous worst patch the last one, they cant even keep the primary game fun as it is now pre-patch.

Why are they going to make a shooter, they need more ISK (US dollars) and a console game would help that, also Walking In Stations Expansion or what I am calling WISE is so far behind schedule that all the environments are sitting collecting dust, if they design the game around using these art assets they can pay themselves back the cost of creating it all as adding this content to Eve is going to break the games engine even more then it is now, thus they have slowed the entire game down with QR patch and re-tuned every weapon and made the whole game much much lamer in hope of figuring out a way to get WISE to work at all, yes they are taking fun game play out to add the ability for it to be more of WOW like game with WISE, and then create Vampire Army of Darkness on top of that system. Also with this console announcement they might get suckers to keep funding their ill conceived plans.

They lost customers already and will continue to look for ways to stay around using these already paid for assets for a plan (WISE) that was not vetted well to begin with, no reason to fire anyone you will all be looking for work sooner or later.

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News Comments > EVE Online Update Next Week
6. Re: EVE Online Update Next Week Nov 5, 2008, 01:17 PacoTaco
I have played the patch on the test server, and have been playing Eve for over 2 years, in one word this patch sucks! Why? They have rebalanced the entire combat system and destroy many fun parts of flying ships in space, and made a lot of poor decisions with every change, they have lost the magic they had. It's so bad I canceled all my accounts, and I loved this game!

GAME TO AVOID! CCP Eat a Bag of Dicks!!!!
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News Comments > CCP Games & The Economy
7. Who cares? Oct 17, 2008, 15:54 PacoTaco
EVE Online is going to be dead when the patches come out in a few weeks. This press release was made to cover up all the nerfs coming down the pipe.
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News Comments > EVE Expansion Announced
7. Its really sad... Oct 16, 2008, 22:08 PacoTaco
The changes they have made are on the test server and pretty much ruin the combat system, the players have filled 1000+ forum pages on their hatred of the Speed Nerf, and general combat changes, and CCP seems to be blind that they are about to lose the few customers they have.

The live Dev Blog today was a joke, the also took away a great feature for you to be able to train a skill while your account was a sleep a feature that brought people back to play the game when they got to busy. This change doesn't effect me as I keep my accounts going, but a lot of people are upset, A LOT OF PEOPLE!

I could write 50 pages on the current flaws in Eve's game play mechanics, but this one patch alone will create 50 more pages, everything great comes to an end and they had a good run.

They are wide open for someone to come along with a game to replace this one! I have canceled my 4 accounts over these changes, and so have many others. EVE ONLINE is the game to avoid, starting now is only a waste of time!

If you read previous posts of mine that promote eve, just ignore them now.

-Paco a very sad panda former Eve Online customer
This comment was edited on Oct 16, 2008, 22:19.
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Medal of Honor 10th Anniversary Edition
12. this is just dandy.. Sep 25, 2008, 17:46 PacoTaco
Woo hoo, bringing back the good ole days before EA let all the talented people leave, and they made decent games, couldn't they come up with catchy named like "10 years since we crushed our own dick in a door jam and gave the franchise to Activision Millennium Falcon Addition"? Maybe for BF franchise? Now only one product away from total failure. Keep the paddles on the chest boyz she still have life, just start firing all the dead beat managers and hire back the people who cared about making games, oh and let them do the job this time.

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News Comments > Multi-GPU Issues
23. It's a rip off and always has been... Feb 10, 2008, 06:10 PacoTaco
I bought an extra card to test SLI on my own system, 580 for each 8800 ultra, after seeing the amazing 5 FPS increase in Crysis I took it back. I tried 3 different drivers, including a Beta driver for Crysis. All I could get was 5 FPS during the same tests, even with different features on or off, the difference in the FPS was at max 7 FPS, not worth a penny if you ask me. This test and trouble was gone through again after getting duel 6800's a few years ago, then noticing BF2 ran slower in SLI, I brought this up to the Nivida reps at the BF2 launch party and them admitting it's just marketing and the driver support isn't there for SLI, yet. "Yet" means never will happen because this was 4 years ago. I love Nvidia cards, and hardware, but the SLI thing is just for those people that have more money then sense, since most people don't run SLI in the world they never fix the drivers, but this same SLI trick has been going on since they bought 3dFX who HEY also had the Duel Voodoo setup that collects dust in a box somewhere in my home. Great marketing bad driver support!

SLI if you have two monitors? Hey let's reboot every time we want to switch to SLI or maybe use that second 24 inch wide screen, god loves me and hates me at the same time.

I just upgraded to the EVGA triple SLI board (awesome board), but I will never place a second card in this box again, 3 cards what is that 5 Xbox 360's worth of cards? 20 Wii's? 1500? LOL maybe then I will liquid cool my ass so when I poor gas all over myself, and then set myself on fire at least my prison "friends" will recognize me from my remains... in the great words of Kurt "I Love Shotguns" Cobain... RAPE ME.... RAPE ME AGAIN!

This comment was edited on Feb 10, 06:32.
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News Comments > Hellgate London Lifetime Subscription Deadline
9. Your life time... Jan 21, 2008, 21:29 PacoTaco
could be longer then Hellgates... fun game but I am bored already... if it was doing well, then they would have ended the offer a long time ago.

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News Comments > Star Trek Online Team Laid Off
32. Re: tanked Jan 19, 2008, 20:13 PacoTaco
I looked at your screen shots dismart looks like pretty old tech, or maybe just the art direction, good luck I dont think it will sell that well. You might check out Eve Online's new rendering engine and content, looks a lot better.

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News Comments > Dead Space to PCs
5. Wow.. Jan 17, 2008, 02:21 PacoTaco
not that game, super I cant wait to play EA's Doom3 clone, I hope it has death match where you can play as Tiger Woody, or Maddenia, that would be sweeeeeeetness wrapped in bacon!

Long Live MC and Timmy, work hard, work fast. Badness to anyone named Bandy!

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