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News Comments > Star Trek Online Team Laid Off
32. Re: tanked Jan 19, 2008, 20:13 PacoTaco
I looked at your screen shots dismart looks like pretty old tech, or maybe just the art direction, good luck I dont think it will sell that well. You might check out Eve Online's new rendering engine and content, looks a lot better.

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News Comments > Dead Space to PCs
5. Wow.. Jan 17, 2008, 02:21 PacoTaco
not that game, super I cant wait to play EA's Doom3 clone, I hope it has death match where you can play as Tiger Woody, or Maddenia, that would be sweeeeeeetness wrapped in bacon!

Long Live MC and Timmy, work hard, work fast. Badness to anyone named Bandy!

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News Comments > ETQW Patch Delay
2. Re: No subject Dec 21, 2007, 21:29 PacoTaco
I only see 746 out of 2347 players playing this game using qtracker, I am surprised more people aren't into it? I had high hopes for this game being something I would buy, anyone who plays it please let me know why you think people are avoiding it, I figure it's COD4 and Crysis, and other games in this category, but I would like the hear any ideas anyone has.

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News Comments > DNF Teaser Video Tomorrow
63. Will it have... Dec 19, 2007, 01:28 PacoTaco
Quests and place to meet people and sell things, and ride a dragon around? Maybe just a donkey? I always wanted to ride a donkey as a Duke, I didn't know they added the duke class to WOW but I cant wait to play as him. :-)

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News Comments > EVE Online Expansion Next Week
14. Re: So whats this game like? Nov 28, 2007, 18:56 PacoTaco
This type of player will not last long in the game, I would love this feature as well, but thinking about it because they could do it, why don't they? Well if you are forced to log in you see you enemies, you see your friends, you can check your market orders all very quickly during a skill change it keeps you focused on the game, and the best part is it weeds out players that don't want to work for the bigger items in the game, like I said in my post you have to create your own goals, and the bigger they are the more you realize how much ISK you need to make them come true, you never have enough if you goals keep expanding, if they don't then you fall into this trap described in Lorcin post, I have seen it many times, another trap is thinking that you can fight before you can, getting your ship destroyed, then quitting, that more then anything seems to cut out the non hardcore.

Fly safe! o/

This comment was edited on Nov 28, 18:56.
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News Comments > EVE Online Expansion Next Week
12. Another thing for new players... Nov 28, 2007, 18:30 PacoTaco
Do a search on YouTube, players have created movies of the fighting using Fraps, this way you can watch what you can do if you put in the time.

Some advice even if you are going to be a PVP player in the game you have to have a safe way to generate ISK, getting out to 0 space in a large Alliance will also help you learn quickly, and the isk is much better, but along with that comes the risk of being shot on site even what you would like to think of as safe space. I been playing for about a year, and I feel it's the most brutal game ever created along with the best game I have ever played, it's for very hardcore people, the grind is waiting for skills to end along with generating ISK (money)

My goal is to get a new ship to fly every month, and have the isk to buy it, and equip it. My favorite part of the game is trying out a new ship and seeing what I can do with it, testing it out in PVP.

I did mine when I first started, used the ore to build ships and sold those for more isk, also ratted the 0 space rats, used what they dropped to reprocess it into materials, then built and sold items that were worth more.

You have to create your own system to generate ISK to offset loses, the sooner you do that the happier you will be in this game. Your system can be a variety of things, people who have only played the game for a few weeks never really understand what is happening to them, and most important make new friends so they can help you out. I was really lucky I found people that knew the game well, and gave me pointers.

The new engine is a free upgrade if you have a video card that can run it, if you don't have one you still can play all the same new changes it just wont look as pretty. The test server already has the new engine running, along with the new graphics upgrades they look very nice. CCP did a great job, and I am very pleased as a player.

This comment was edited on Nov 28, 18:47.
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News Comments > Open Letter to CCP
18. Re: Some thoughts... May 27, 2007, 17:20 PacoTaco
Yes, I read the posts before my response to it all. The Dev/QA/ ISD departments should not be allowed to play the game with the public, but if they do not change that policy, then cheating by those same people is not a surprise to me. Playing the game knowing these problems will always exist is part of the game for me, let's say I feel that even with cheating going on I can still "win" my definition of win = having fun blowing them up, mining ore, building things, ratting, fitting new ships and old, mission running, hanging with my online corp. mates, etc. Just because the cheaters are crazy enough to risk everything they have to cheat a bit here and there will end up costing them everything eventually including the entire player base if it happens to be CCP over and over, but I will still win / play until I see the entire game, or bore of it before then.

Even normal players boast of cheating on vent and other non in-game IM clients, cheating and getting away with it in life is just the way some people live their lives, and play games, it is human nature. When I hear about people cheating, ie: macro mining frauds, etc. I have a choice to report them or not interact with them anymore, etc just like real life, I always choose to not associate with them anymore, and move on, I do this because I am greedy with my playtime, and wasting it on them is pointless.

One thing I have learned is that it all comes around, cheating, lying, stealing, in real-life and in a game, you end up losing in the long run, watched and done it over and over again myself. The only people I want to continue to try to cheat is the US government, or anyone I consider being ďthe manĒ as they will always default to cheating, lying, starting wars, etc for no other reason then to make more money / gain more power then they will ever be able to use in their life times.

The real fight in life is for humanities freedom, and attempting to educate the unaware. My only question about these events would require a lot more data, seeing how many posts have been made about this subject, press coverage, player base number changes, subscription cancellations, on and on, only with that data could I see if this actually helps the game make more money or less.

What if it actually increases the player base by all the web coverage, and people becoming interested in the game because of it? Could it be a CCP plan to get free press around the world every few months? I tell you the first time I heard about Eve was when a scam artist stole billions to buy a mother ship BPO and then blew it up, I was like thatís crazy, and somewhat cool. A year later I was bored of FPS games, and started playing EVE, the evil seed took hold, and grew.

Who really knows, thatís why life is fun to live, you never know.

This comment was edited on May 27, 17:23.
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News Comments > Open Letter to CCP
14. Some thoughts... May 27, 2007, 14:50 PacoTaco

This comment was edited on Feb 15, 2017, 00:35.
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News Comments > Morning Preview
5. Get on the BETA program... May 24, 2007, 13:22 PacoTaco
If you can, people have been able to play this game for months.

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News Comments > Battlefield 2 Update
37. Let's GO TO THE TOP.... Jun 3, 2006, 22:51 PacoTaco
Everyone email Larry the CEO or President of World Wide Studios, or anyone else that will throw the hammer down, fire the people who currently run this franchise for EA, and put someone in charge that actually gives a shit. It takes balls to not ship crap, everyone remembers that they held Bf2 for almost a year just to get it run as well as it did when released? That is not easy EA, they need that type of leadership again. These problems can be fixed, damit already.

PROTEST, and dont give them a dime of your money until they fix this game, it's a great if it just worked, after the patch it started taking almost 5 mins to connect to the player veri server, what the F? Again AGAIN? This happens everytime that change anything, the partnership with IGN / Gamespy is an F-ing joke, EA dosen't even control the dam thing it's GSI / IGN?

If you are having probelms with the internal useless browser, and like everyone else ASE died on me, THANKS YAHOO! Great! Started using Qtracker, it works very very well right now.

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News Comments > Battlefield 2 Update
11. EAUK stop sucking already? Jun 3, 2006, 02:49 PacoTaco
Great thread about how EA has crapped on the BF players, good points.

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News Comments > Battlefield 2 Patch
17. EA AND DICE ARE DEVILS... May 23, 2006, 13:36 PacoTaco
They are satan, we all know this, we dont realy care if they make good games.

So are we done now with this thread, and stuff?

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News Comments > Battlefield 2 Patch
15. WHERE IS edited. May 23, 2006, 13:02 PacoTaco

This comment was edited on Feb 15, 2017, 00:44.
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News Comments > Lost Game Found
7. Looks like shovel-wear... May 22, 2006, 12:49 PacoTaco
to me. By the time the game hits the stores the show will have dropped so far in ratings that it will end up being a Crytek console powered Mod that goes out at some lower price point. What are the ratings on this show anyway? Oh not even in the top 20? I dont know much about tv is this true it's not even a 20 show?,1002,272|||season,00.html

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - X-Men: The Official Game
21. Hey..this thread has nothing... May 18, 2006, 00:05 PacoTaco
To do with this game at all? It has nothing to do with products from Raven; it is from Z-axis and a 3rd person action game? Did everyone miss that? Pc people do not usually buy third person action games, Splinter Cell ended being given away as a free download for Gamespy but it was a good console game. Consoles gaming is where most of the money is these days, and has been this way, Gears of War is a Xbox360 title first, and PC second, Ut2007 is going to be a PS3 title first and a PC title second. Why? Because you can sell about 700,000 copies of a good PC title, Madden sells what 4 million a year? Pc games are also much more expensive to support after its shipped patches, different hardware, etc. The exceptions are the Sims and WOW which are some of the most profitable game products ever created, you still have that 700k ceiling that most products top out at, which doesnít justify the risk of a PC only title. Now people are going to keep on trying, if you can create a WOW or Sims your are sitting on a gold mine, the entry to create a PC game is very low, a decent PC, and some software so I donít think PC gaming is going away, I look forward to it as a way to provide more innovative indie development, and for first timers to learn with all the tools, and great engines to play with.

BTW donít think anyone who makes games thinks that the people who buy them are stupid at all, most people in the industry are gamers who buy games, I think of gamers as the most well informed costumers on the planet, that have high standards. Some one please play this game and tell me if it is any good.

Thanks a bunchÖ

This comment was edited on May 18, 00:15.
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News Comments > BF2 Community Update
13. WHERE IS ?? May 10, 2006, 01:24 PacoTaco

This comment was edited on Mar 6, 2011, 01:37.
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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Empires
12. Actually... Mar 6, 2006, 02:28 PacoTaco
Downloaded the trailer, and for what they are doing for game play the art fits in my opinion. A RTS, and FPS looks pretty cool, reminds me of some older PC games.

A few things on the trailer to the creators, I noted the borrowed music is from the movie "The Rock" I know this because it's a great sound track, I would remove this before you get busted, they are Naziís about this shit. If you are using it in the game, again, remove it.

Second, the transitions take too long that blur seems to take forever.

Besides those to minor things, I am going to download this mother, and see if the game play lives up to the trailer.

Hat's off to the team for breaking new ground with a new idea.

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News Comments > Battlefield 2 Patch Plans, Euro Force Delayed
30. EAUK? Feb 21, 2006, 00:26 PacoTaco
What the F are you doing with this great franchise? Test your shit before you waste anyones time? Give the expansion packs away they aren't worth paying for and you are splitting the community, you have been told this before, people internally know this. This short term greed will ruin you long term, like the rest of the franchises that are now run into the ground, you dont have that many to just F them up.

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News Comments > Cuts at EA
17. Re: Anyone... Feb 2, 2006, 04:58 PacoTaco

This comment was edited on Mar 6, 2011, 01:38.
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News Comments > Cuts at EA
14. Anyone... Feb 2, 2006, 04:36 PacoTaco
...who is bashing on someone for losing their job or attempting find work to feed their families is complete an utter jackass. You people have no idea how hard we all work to make games, one day I said I need to go, found another place to work, got lucky to find another studio that was worth working for in Northern California, not many left. EARS is a great facility, and some of the most talented people in the industry work there, or did and some are still there, killing themselves to make something great for you to play.

What you two idiots perceive that an employee can control is about the stupidest thing I have ever read on BLUES. I wish badness on both of you and anyone else who is stupid enough to post that type of BS. Guy gets fired you throw salt and gasoline all over him?

BTW, Laidoff I am sorry. If you were Godfather or Bond or something else I know how hard everyone worked to make those game under a crazy schedule and even crazier management.

Good luck to you, I wish you all the best!

This comment was edited on Nov 11, 2009, 18:56.
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