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News Comments > Stargate Worlds Funding Woes Continue
46. Re: Stargate Worlds Woes Oct 15, 2009, 13:18 PacoTaco
I remember a bunch of people getting all excited about this product years ago, but never understood why myself.

Now that I take a hard look at it screen shots look like crap, and I don't get why anyone would care about this property. The movie was a B the show was a C or D and making a game about it never made any sense to me, so still confused why it was started and hate seeing all that work go down the toliet bowl no matter what or why they started this effort.
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News Comments > Shaba Games Closed?
3. Re: Shaba Games Closed? Oct 8, 2009, 12:48 PacoTaco
GH isn't a hard game to produce, and Activision has plenty of cheaper studios that can bang them out? Only thing I can think of, I like Shaba though hope its not true. Also when Activision closes a studio they seem to keep the people around for years like what was Z-Axis which became Activision Foster City, then became Underground studio's is still a functioning operation that has done GH: Van Halen, and it probally working on something new. Closing might be the best thing, because Underground was closed almost 2 years ago.

Never mind I just recieved confirmation.. sadness.

This comment was edited on Oct 8, 2009, 12:53.
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News Comments > EVE Online: Dominion Announced
6. Re: EVE Online: Dominion Announced Sep 1, 2009, 02:34 PacoTaco
CCP Dev 1: Numbers are dropping, subs are canceled, hurry hit the make announcement button filled with lies, maybe we can find more suckers out there who want to be raped, we need them.

CCP Dev 2: Roger that, hurry get auto generated splash screen up, OK do have any lies ready?

CCP Dev 1: Nope.

CCP Dev 2: Damit ok let's just link a video we released 4 months ago, it will really trick them, maybe they wont notice?

CCP Dev 1: Well it should give us time to figure out how to over promise and under deliver again.

CCP Dev 2: True at least we will have months to make up the things of why we didn't do what we said would be done already this year.

CCP Dev 1: Yep, keep it rolling.

A tale told by CCP ILUDRDOC (ILoveUsingDateRapeDrugsOnCustomers)

This comment was edited on Sep 1, 2009, 02:35.
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News Comments > PC Battlefield 1943 Delay
1. Re: PC Battlefield 1943 Delay Aug 21, 2009, 00:20 PacoTaco
Sort of sad that PC gaming gets the shaft this way, again. Please don't use Gamespy again it was terrible for bf2.  
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News Comments > id Interview
1. Re: id Interview Aug 19, 2009, 05:42 PacoTaco
Ship a good game dam it, lots of press lately no mustard in years, and years..

Most people were playing or trying to play Valve games at your own convention, I know you guys smell the coffee, and are trying, ship a game that sells 5mil across all platforms, then talk.

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News Comments > EVE Online Retail Bonuses
11. Re: EVE Online Retail Bonuses Feb 6, 2009, 15:33 PacoTaco
Rigs you get a 14 day free trial, I wouldn't go spend money on the boxed version, its just a load of hype with things you can download for free, if you like the free version and the cost of the box pays for the subscriptions then get it at that time. Free sub coupons cost them nothing.

The game hit its peak about a year ago, the last 2 expansions have ruined the game in my opinion. I was playing 3-8 hours a day for 3 years straight, now I just try to help people avoid Eve. Read my previous rants about Eve.
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News Comments > EVE Online Interview
8. Re: EVE Online Interview Feb 4, 2009, 22:33 PacoTaco
I fought in every type of fight there is in Eve, 3 accounts and specialized each main one for specific races, skills, spent 3 years training. I had some great times, but when they made all these changes to combat a few months ago all the things that kept me being interested in Eve went away.

I still have billions in Isk and could play the game for free via the GTC system for a year, but why even support a group of game dev's that don't listen to the people that pay for them to make the game.

You can read my other posts/rants for all my other reasons. FUCK CCP

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News Comments > EVE Online Interview
1. Re: EVE Online Interview Feb 4, 2009, 06:54 PacoTaco
I wonder if this is the idiot mofo that retuned the entire combat system and f****d it up? This newer crop of Eve Devs suck ass, why would anyone buy a boxed product when they can download it for free and then pay to be bored for a year until their character becomes good enough at making isk and combat then to have it nerfed to death like so many of us who paid to be f****d over.

I am waiting for Iceland to melt and take CCP with it, thank god for global warming.

This comment was edited on Feb 4, 2009, 07:00.
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News Comments > Op Ed
15. Re: Op Ed Jan 30, 2009, 21:30 PacoTaco
PC game industry was not hurt by MS that much, broadband did a lot more damage it allows everyone to steal the games and distribute them, customers also got more savvy now in the 4th decade of personal computer usage, things change and die if they do not adapt, consider me as hard a core developer and player of PC games in the world, makes you sick to know you spent years working on something that gets stolen all over the world, but I don't expect customers to change its human nature to take when you don't have to pay for something, and I can't blame the developers for not spending millions on copy protection that would get them flamed.

PC games aren't dead they have evolved to the MMO genre and are making very good money more then ever, centralized server, subscriptions it is done, billions are made every year.

The rest of the games put out for PC are just shovel wear ports from the console version in the hope of offsetting some development costs, most of these end up being given away for free as marketing tools.

Some people just missed the change I guess? Blaming MS is like blaming the sun for rising every morning, has nothing to do with them, same thing happened to the coin-operated industry back in the day when PC games were introduced, it was a better product and more assessable, in this case it is a group of products that cannot be stolen or played well by the mainstream customer with out the owner getting the money, slight change right? Just worth billions every year, and most of the new money spent on PC development is dedicated to chasing that pile of money.

The article is ridiculous and agreeing with it is proves a lack of total understanding of the games industry, and how it works.

This comment was edited on Jan 30, 2009, 21:41.
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News Comments > Earthrise Beta Signups
7. Re: Earthrise Beta Signups Jan 6, 2009, 18:05 PacoTaco
Could anyone post a link to screen shots of this game? I didn't see any for some reason, didn't want to waste time with out seeing the game.

Never mind I see them.

This comment was edited on Jan 6, 2009, 18:17.
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News Comments > On Star Wars: The Old Republic's "Stylized Realism"
17. Re: On Star Wars: The Old Republic's "Stylized Realism" Jan 4, 2009, 03:46 PacoTaco
This look is disappointing, along with STO, Eve sucks a donkey but I like the art direction better then both of these current upcoming projects.

Lighting and the shaders, the same data would work fine, they just need to decide to put in the work to make the change. I doubt they will I am sure half the budget for both projects is justified by everyone going to every review meeting and thinking Hey this is our space version of WOW which is what the world really needs and will make us 1 billion a year for starters! And this art style is much easier to off shore to China and India and where ever else they are sending the work too.

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News Comments > Cancelled Stormbirds Revealed
6. Re: Cancelled Stormbirds Revealed Jan 3, 2009, 19:36 PacoTaco
If the game looked anything like that someone else will pick up, looked great in the video wonder what the real game looks like? Any videos of that?  
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News Comments > CCP May be Forced from Iceland
10. Re: CCP May be Forced from Iceland Dec 23, 2008, 16:43 PacoTaco
I have had a plenty of sleep! I am really happy Blues lets me vent the truth about something that gets censored and removed on the CCP forums.

Did I say they are cock smokers enough?

This comment was edited on Dec 23, 2008, 16:44.
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News Comments > CCP May be Forced from Iceland
8. Re: CCP May be Forced from Iceland Dec 23, 2008, 14:37 PacoTaco
Burn baby BURN... Reason for the Record was all the free 5 day subs they are sending out so they can make a press release.

As stated before CCP play their own game, cheating as much as they can get away with, source code was released, CCP employees were caught cheating t20 scandal, Tower exploit recently discovered which they have been using for years, on and on and on.

I have personally witnessed CCP devs on the server helping their own people out "friends of CCP" when trapped and locked down by paying players, this is not bs 20 of us watched this happen, then were all muted for hours when we kept screaming about it in local, we created petitions, they were all closed by the dev that did the move, he took a ship that was about to be destroyed worth billions with cargo and moved it to a safe system.

We had this ship and person locked down for 4 days, every day about 5 minutes before down time he would log in and attempt to get his ship out of trouble, we all responded as soon as he logged in, and kept him down, beating on him until logged again, then on the 4th day a dev came into the system in an indestructible ship as we had the entry gate camped it was pretty cool at first, he was talking to us, then we realized why he was there when the person logged in and he froze us in space, and watched as the ship was moved out of the system, we all lost our shit over him helping out someone he knew, he then threatened to ban us for profanity if we kept it up, and muted us all for hours, so we couldn't say anything.

It's all about Karma, they do bad things to people with the small amount of power they have and in turn that evil comes back on them. They are drunk cock smokers that deserve nothing less then pure karmic justice.

Do not take my word for it, watch this years Fan Fest videos, watch as the devs describe the new features and can't explain why they did these changes, watch them lie again about the time line for the release of Tech 3 and Walking in Stations to keep the few subscribers they have.

All the nerfs, who makes major changes to a combat system from the ground up 5 years after release? CCP did, as I look at the forums I see thousands of comments about the speed, and missile nerfs alone and people who love the game begging them to fix things that have been broken for years.

Eat a bag of Icelandic Dicks CCP while you can afford them!

This comment was edited on Dec 23, 2008, 14:44.
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News Comments > More EVE Online Follow-up
6. Re: More EVE Online Follow-up Dec 20, 2008, 22:17 PacoTaco
Both you guys are CCP sheep, look I played the game for 3 years with 3 accounts and never cheated, you know this "Tower issue" has been in the game for years and CCP devs are members of alliances that have used it.

Why do you think they kept feeding BOB T2 BPO's, How do you think BOB got 30 Titans, and live in an entire region the best part of Eve space that was changed over the years to become better. Keep being CCP sheep and paying these idiots to stay in business, I just finally woke up after all the nerfs this year I snapped out of it.

I know how you feel, read my old posts when I actually supported this game. Its a pile of shit so are CCP, and I wish I could tell more about how I know this but I can't, just save yourself from wasting time on this game if you think its fair, and if you don't care then it won't matter, have what ever fun you can have until you run out of content.

This comment was edited on Dec 20, 2008, 22:29.
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News Comments > More EVE Online Follow-up
3. Re: More EVE Online Follow-up Dec 20, 2008, 18:40 PacoTaco
People at CCP were using this "feature" for years then turning the profits from the duplication for real world money, and all the major alliances, just shows how much this game is so tainted.

The world of Eve Online is made for people to cheat and steal including the developers, get a full body condom out before playing you will get sticky, and the "CCP moto if you aint cheatin you aint tryin!" is something that you need to think about before you waste your time on this game, only good news is the numbers of active accounts are dropping.

Eat a bag of dicks CCP and go to hell, its warmer then Iceland.
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News Comments > EVE Exploit Follow-up
9. Re: EVE Exploit Follow-up Dec 16, 2008, 13:48 PacoTaco
People take it more seriously then a game like WOW because in Eve when you lose your life you really lose everything you had at that time, its a much harder game played by very hard core people, fighting over 0 space takes billions of isk, people spend months earning isk to achieve goals it is the grind, which these people have avoided for years, CCP knew about it, and the employees even used the system to create isk by selling the items and then buying and selling "GTC" Game Time Cards to make real world money, its why they let it go on for 4 years, they knew about it, many people did, the amount of ISK generated was in the Trillions and created the 0 space landscape that most players have to live and fight over in Eve today. The whole game is tainted and people should know this before the invest time into it.

The devs have also fucked up the combat system, and speed systems in the latest patch that they just made the game less fun to play. I canceled my 3 accounts, it was a fun game, too bad it will slowly die over the next 2 years or sooner if they can't right the ship.

CCP are a bunch of deadbeat drunken idiot developers who deserve to go out of business at this point. They add crap nobody cares about medals, and do not fix horrible design changes to a game that worked better then it does now.

Sense bitterness? Well yeah I really liked this game at one point, spent a lot of time fighting these cheaters in 0 space, had a great time, and still would be fighting had they not patched the game right out of being any fun!


This comment was edited on Dec 16, 2008, 13:55.
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News Comments > EVE Online Exploit
2. Re: EVE Online Exploit Dec 11, 2008, 12:02 PacoTaco
Avoid Eve, like stated in previous posts, my 3 years ended last night as my last account expired. CCP can eat a bag of dicks, this is only more proof on how badly the manage the game. The last patch removed whole ships classes being useful and weapons that take 6 months to train for, they had a good game that was fun, but they have "balanced" it right out of it being worth paying for or wasting time on.

Former hardcore player of Eve!
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News Comments > Hi-Rez Fallout 3 Textures
8. Re: Hi-Rez Fallout 3 Textures Dec 9, 2008, 18:42 PacoTaco
Might be cool anyone have any before or after shots they can post? Now that Eve Online is a pile of crap Fallout 3 is the game for me right now!  
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News Comments > EVE Online Updated, Now on Steam
1. Re: EVE Online Updated, Now on Steam Nov 12, 2008, 21:19 PacoTaco
Why would you pay for a free expansion? Or is this trial subscription along with the free expansion? I read the Steam site a few times and didn't really get it.

Also the QR patch is terrible, makes Eve a game to avoid, wait for STO or play WOW until something good comes out.

This comment was edited on Nov 12, 2008, 22:40.
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