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News Comments > Medal of Honor Trailer Redux
11. Re: Medal of Honor Trailer Redux Dec 15, 2009, 07:21 PacoTaco
The last attempt to save the franchise seems to be a fine try if they can figure out how to get COD on the box they might finally sell enough to keep EALA open, no where to go but up or out.

Medal of Honor: Call Of Desperation

This comment was edited on Dec 15, 2009, 07:23.
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News Comments > Brink Delayed
1. Re: Brink Delayed Nov 30, 2009, 22:01 PacoTaco
looks like the engine is running slowly, hope its fun ETQW wasn't.  
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News Comments > EA: Pandemic IPs "Will Live On"
3. Re: EA: Pandemic IPs "Will Live On" Nov 17, 2009, 17:18 PacoTaco
Yep agreed bad taste but Nick has never been known for taste.

The reason for selling is easy, the owners got a lot of money. When they sold they sold to someone else who then sold them again to EA, wasn't predictible at the time for them, but it was all apart of a greater evil plan, since everyone was avoiding to sell to EA at the time. I found it entertaining that the current CEO left EA, hooovered up Bioware and Pandemic, then returned to EA as CEO, at that point you knew Pandemic was doomed. When Bioware goes down, don't be too shocked. Buying the brands and ip and getting rid of the people is the EA way.

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News Comments > Pandemic Closure Confirmed
8. Re: Pandemic Closure Confirmed Nov 17, 2009, 16:11 PacoTaco
Lean and mean is the point not that they suck. EA needs to cut the fat and run as fast as they can to survive. They have another 5000 people to layoff. Once they are around 3000 people world wide they will be good to go. The devs aren't to blame, but if they want control they need to change the game. All EA engineers, artists, designers, should walk out for a week or two during next years crunch for Christmas during the Summer, if they can get other companies to do it great! They used to call this a strike back in the days when managers used to toss away and ruin the talent pool. If they do nothing but take it they have no one to blame but themselves.

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News Comments > Pandemic Closure Confirmed
4. Re: Pandemic Closure Confirmed Nov 17, 2009, 15:50 PacoTaco
LOL, I could but it was a big deal to hit the enter key to make it in paragraphs, it was just a big block of text.  
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News Comments > Pandemic Closure Confirmed
1. Re: Pandemic Closure Confirmed Nov 17, 2009, 15:24 PacoTaco

This comment was edited on Feb 15, 2017, 00:42.
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News Comments > Pandemic Closing?
29. Re: Pandemic Closing? Nov 17, 2009, 15:06 PacoTaco

This comment was edited on Feb 15, 2017, 00:43.
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News Comments > Modern Medal of Honor Rumors Resurface
17. Re: Modern Medal of Honor Rumors Resurface Nov 11, 2009, 18:39 PacoTaco
Yes you are right I am asking them to do for themselves what has already been happening, I look toward Nintendo as a model of a company that has kept its overhead and head count low, driven by perfection, quality, and care to what it's audience wants to buy. EA has killed every evergreen franchise that it has purchased, and company, they have hurt the overall industry, and customers that want to play games. The decline / implosion of EA only shows signs of continuing with the 400 million dollar Play Fish announcement during the same call announcing that it removing more staff. 400 million for a Facebook developer so they can copy Zyenga? Again, following a pattern that everyone knows is sustained only by marketing dollars, stealing information from the consumers who have not realized what is happening to him or her, the backlash has not even begun to come to surface.

Are they removing the right staff, no. Why as shareholders and customers are we waiting for these pinheads to figure out what their own corporate ego will not let them see? People still walk around EA thinking they work for the number one game software company in the world; they are blind, and doomed to failure with no sign of waking up. Next, we will see the term used re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic as they fire the CEO, and finger point to other executives that failed to make the calls that are required in a timely manor. Like so many publishers from the old days, Bally/Midway, Atari, Sega, they will fail until nothing is left, and leave behind what was once considered a great American company.

One thing to be very clear about with less people that are focused on making great games, they will increase the size of the company from a financial and market share perspective. EA peaked at the height of the PS2 and Xbox era they have made countless errors daily, but they still have enough power left to course correct if they have the will to do it.

This comment was edited on Nov 11, 2009, 18:47.
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News Comments > Modern Medal of Honor Rumors Resurface
9. Re: Modern Medal of Honor Rumors Resurface Nov 11, 2009, 14:04 PacoTaco
EA are firing people left and right, if you were sitting at your computer right now reading all the headlines would you be working hard to HELP EA make are great MOH, just so they can lay you off after you finish your work? Do you expect them making any bonus payments to you or are you working while also looking for a job that does not exist? EA torched this franchise out of greed 6 years ago and it has never been the same, and never will, all the talent is gone, it is very sad for me to watch.

When Medal of Honor: Generation Kill fails expect to see the EALA studio gutted, it will no long exist. Pandemic has not generated any return it will be closed as well, the hundred mil a year they spend to keep both LA studios running will be money well saved after they are both closed. After these closings expect the current GM Decker to go back to DICE Sweden with the Medal of Honor and C&C brands and start building them back there. I am sure he would be happy to do it right now if he could, and you can see the process has already started. This will be true for the Dante team at EARS, and Dead Space team which has been recently raped of all key talent in the starting of the new Activision Bay Area studio.

EA is hopeless, and will continue to decline over this next decade. Why? EA stopped having game makers make games, marketing people are in charge of every label, and the entire company, this is a smaller problem when compared to the fact that the company stopped caring about it is consumers, you have a corporate culture built on greed where 90% of a persons day is spent working to keep his or her job, not the products, by 2015 EAs value will be low enough that Sony and or MS will purchase it to lock the other out of the next generation console war so that one hardware manufacture has the EA sports label and franchises, these sports franchises and maybe the SIMS label will be the only thing left of EA worth any value, which will be 1.4 billon which is what the company is really worth at this point.

My formula for EAs turn around limit the releases to 20 products a year, limit each team to 80 people including management, marketing, sales, productions, engineering, art, design, audio per product. Keep 200 people to keep the lights on, the bathrooms clean, and the food warm world wide, total of 1800 people, give these people a bonus structure so they share in the companies success (the system was there but was also removed over this past decade), put the company back into the hands of people that actually build games for a living, remove the corporate culture based on greed, try to push it toward a culture that believes that making games for a living is a craft that requires rare talent, and that by creating a great game the reward is felt through out the entire team, every person being able to afford to build a life for themselves where they feel like they have a secure future, reward the faithful customers that work hard to save money to buy your game by giving them entertainment, and a pure joyful feeling that they made the right decision to trust you with their time and money.

This comment was edited on Nov 11, 2009, 14:47.
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News Comments > Zenimax Eyeing Valve?
26. Re: Zenimax Eyeing Valve? Oct 26, 2009, 17:17 PacoTaco
Dumb rumor will never happen.  
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News Comments > Stargate Worlds Funding Woes Continue
46. Re: Stargate Worlds Woes Oct 15, 2009, 13:18 PacoTaco
I remember a bunch of people getting all excited about this product years ago, but never understood why myself.

Now that I take a hard look at it screen shots look like crap, and I don't get why anyone would care about this property. The movie was a B the show was a C or D and making a game about it never made any sense to me, so still confused why it was started and hate seeing all that work go down the toliet bowl no matter what or why they started this effort.
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News Comments > Shaba Games Closed?
3. Re: Shaba Games Closed? Oct 8, 2009, 12:48 PacoTaco
GH isn't a hard game to produce, and Activision has plenty of cheaper studios that can bang them out? Only thing I can think of, I like Shaba though hope its not true. Also when Activision closes a studio they seem to keep the people around for years like what was Z-Axis which became Activision Foster City, then became Underground studio's is still a functioning operation that has done GH: Van Halen, and it probally working on something new. Closing might be the best thing, because Underground was closed almost 2 years ago.

Never mind I just recieved confirmation.. sadness.

This comment was edited on Oct 8, 2009, 12:53.
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News Comments > EVE Online: Dominion Announced
6. Re: EVE Online: Dominion Announced Sep 1, 2009, 02:34 PacoTaco
CCP Dev 1: Numbers are dropping, subs are canceled, hurry hit the make announcement button filled with lies, maybe we can find more suckers out there who want to be raped, we need them.

CCP Dev 2: Roger that, hurry get auto generated splash screen up, OK do have any lies ready?

CCP Dev 1: Nope.

CCP Dev 2: Damit ok let's just link a video we released 4 months ago, it will really trick them, maybe they wont notice?

CCP Dev 1: Well it should give us time to figure out how to over promise and under deliver again.

CCP Dev 2: True at least we will have months to make up the things of why we didn't do what we said would be done already this year.

CCP Dev 1: Yep, keep it rolling.

A tale told by CCP ILUDRDOC (ILoveUsingDateRapeDrugsOnCustomers)

This comment was edited on Sep 1, 2009, 02:35.
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News Comments > PC Battlefield 1943 Delay
1. Re: PC Battlefield 1943 Delay Aug 21, 2009, 00:20 PacoTaco
Sort of sad that PC gaming gets the shaft this way, again. Please don't use Gamespy again it was terrible for bf2.  
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News Comments > id Interview
1. Re: id Interview Aug 19, 2009, 05:42 PacoTaco
Ship a good game dam it, lots of press lately no mustard in years, and years..

Most people were playing or trying to play Valve games at your own convention, I know you guys smell the coffee, and are trying, ship a game that sells 5mil across all platforms, then talk.

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News Comments > EVE Online Retail Bonuses
11. Re: EVE Online Retail Bonuses Feb 6, 2009, 15:33 PacoTaco
Rigs you get a 14 day free trial, I wouldn't go spend money on the boxed version, its just a load of hype with things you can download for free, if you like the free version and the cost of the box pays for the subscriptions then get it at that time. Free sub coupons cost them nothing.

The game hit its peak about a year ago, the last 2 expansions have ruined the game in my opinion. I was playing 3-8 hours a day for 3 years straight, now I just try to help people avoid Eve. Read my previous rants about Eve.
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News Comments > EVE Online Interview
8. Re: EVE Online Interview Feb 4, 2009, 22:33 PacoTaco
I fought in every type of fight there is in Eve, 3 accounts and specialized each main one for specific races, skills, spent 3 years training. I had some great times, but when they made all these changes to combat a few months ago all the things that kept me being interested in Eve went away.

I still have billions in Isk and could play the game for free via the GTC system for a year, but why even support a group of game dev's that don't listen to the people that pay for them to make the game.

You can read my other posts/rants for all my other reasons. FUCK CCP

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News Comments > EVE Online Interview
1. Re: EVE Online Interview Feb 4, 2009, 06:54 PacoTaco
I wonder if this is the idiot mofo that retuned the entire combat system and f****d it up? This newer crop of Eve Devs suck ass, why would anyone buy a boxed product when they can download it for free and then pay to be bored for a year until their character becomes good enough at making isk and combat then to have it nerfed to death like so many of us who paid to be f****d over.

I am waiting for Iceland to melt and take CCP with it, thank god for global warming.

This comment was edited on Feb 4, 2009, 07:00.
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News Comments > Op Ed
15. Re: Op Ed Jan 30, 2009, 21:30 PacoTaco
PC game industry was not hurt by MS that much, broadband did a lot more damage it allows everyone to steal the games and distribute them, customers also got more savvy now in the 4th decade of personal computer usage, things change and die if they do not adapt, consider me as hard a core developer and player of PC games in the world, makes you sick to know you spent years working on something that gets stolen all over the world, but I don't expect customers to change its human nature to take when you don't have to pay for something, and I can't blame the developers for not spending millions on copy protection that would get them flamed.

PC games aren't dead they have evolved to the MMO genre and are making very good money more then ever, centralized server, subscriptions it is done, billions are made every year.

The rest of the games put out for PC are just shovel wear ports from the console version in the hope of offsetting some development costs, most of these end up being given away for free as marketing tools.

Some people just missed the change I guess? Blaming MS is like blaming the sun for rising every morning, has nothing to do with them, same thing happened to the coin-operated industry back in the day when PC games were introduced, it was a better product and more assessable, in this case it is a group of products that cannot be stolen or played well by the mainstream customer with out the owner getting the money, slight change right? Just worth billions every year, and most of the new money spent on PC development is dedicated to chasing that pile of money.

The article is ridiculous and agreeing with it is proves a lack of total understanding of the games industry, and how it works.

This comment was edited on Jan 30, 2009, 21:41.
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News Comments > Earthrise Beta Signups
7. Re: Earthrise Beta Signups Jan 6, 2009, 18:05 PacoTaco
Could anyone post a link to screen shots of this game? I didn't see any for some reason, didn't want to waste time with out seeing the game.

Never mind I see them.

This comment was edited on Jan 6, 2009, 18:17.
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