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News Comments > Op Ed

11. Re: Op Ed May 16, 2017, 23:04 goatman
If I recall correctly, Valve used the release of HL2, LFD, and TF2 to leverage the distribution of Steam. This gave them a broad install base. Naturally, they had a way into homes and decided to use it. It's a tool that serves a function that most users enjoy. Once that usefulness wanes or a adverse effect of using it appears then it to will slowly pass. Think of AOL. Adapt or die is the business model that dominates our economy.

I find it funny that many people demonize successful models that provide a genuine service, many times because individuals feel they have gotten too large, or too successful.

As to the comment about having to buy multiple games for your household: Anytime I've had an online game I needed a second copy to be online at the same time on that game(Doom and Quake the exceptions). I recall any thing from ID Quake II range and on used punkbuster and did not allow same CDs keys at the same time. I had 2 soldier of fortune games for my nephew to join me online. Single player non-connected games were a different story.

It's been a long trip these last 30+ years. From 3-4 computers per community to 3-4 computers per home.

I believe that Valve/Steam will stay popular as long as they continue to innovate and provide services that individuals find worthwhile.

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News Comments > NSA's Game Spying

16. Re: NSA's Game Spying Dec 9, 2013, 10:44 goatman
"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759
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News Comments > Activision Publishing Suing Worlds Online

10. Re: Activision Publishing Suing Worlds Online Oct 5, 2013, 16:55 goatman
I know very little about patents but can you have a patent for a concept? I was under the impression that they were given for designs, not just ideas.

Which in my mind makes patents for software about the stupidest thing ever ill-conceived. Might as well patent a religion.
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News Comments > SteamOS Announced

79. Re: SteamOS Announced Sep 23, 2013, 17:50 goatman
At the very least this should help the linux community with greater exposure to hardware issues and hopefully the continuation of better accelerated graphic improvements and driver adaptation.

I've got a spare box that should run this OS well and I will throw together a box to see how it performs.
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News Comments > More on Steam Living Room Plans Next Week

24. Re: More on Steam Living Room Plans Next Week Sep 21, 2013, 05:12 goatman
Many privately owned companies have investors and boards of directors. Private doesn't necessarily mean one owner. Now what Valve's status is I'm not sure as they have no incentive to make it public. I would assume that the CEO CFO and CAO all have money tied into the business and they have seats on the board as well.  
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News Comments > More on Steam Living Room Plans Next Week

9. Re: More on Steam Living Room Plans Next Week Sep 20, 2013, 15:18 goatman
I think we are missing the point here. As a primary PC gamer I agree with some of the comments.

However, Valve needs to keep their investors happy and the board happy and hence must find new revenue streams. They have always hinted that they are mainly a PC company but how can you ignore the console consumer base without seeing dollar signs in their eyes.

Its basically an untapped market share for Valve and thus a ripe revenue stream. I don't think that this will hamper their love or concern for the PC.

Hell you don't push Linux and then jump out the window. It takes money to run a company in a non-corporate traditional way. I work at a company like that and the bottom line isn't the last word. Its an important word, but not the last.

I hope they do well and it brings more people back to the PC through proxy.
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News Comments > id On RAGE "Cluster!@#$" and Lead Platforms

80. Re: id On RAGE Oct 8, 2011, 02:36 goatman
I would normally let all of these negative comments about a new release not bother me but as a life long PC gamer I am just fed up with the impatient group we have become.

Do we expect PC developers to test their product on every conceivable hardware configuration available?

How many are there? 50 different models? Made on 100 different manufactured cards? Sitting on how many MBs?

Doesn't sound very reasonable to me. I like to have a quality product for my money. I am not however, unreasonable to the fact that you cannot test every possible variance.

Do we want game developers to abandon the PC? I don't. But hell, when they hear the kinds of comments that are made on boards like this I really can't blame them.

Code an entire game based off of just two possible platforms with the PS3 and the 360? Sounds like heaven just to avoid the hate, and yes some here are spouting pure hate, towards something they put much time and effort into.

One week is not too much to ask. I would be patient with a car if it had problems off the lot and I spend a little more on vehicles.

OpenGL. Its been an issue with PC gaming from the word 3dfx and GLQuake. Nvidia didn't handle it well back then, turned it around, and now excels at it. ATI seems to be much more DX friendly. You need to pick and choose your battles friends.

id to blame? Sure somewhat. Drivers? Sure somewhat. Freedom with hardware choices we love? Sure somewhat. Unreasonable to hate? Sure. Will they get it sorted? Track record says yes.
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News Comments > John Carmack: No New id IP for Years

23. Re: John Carmack: No New id IP for Years Aug 12, 2010, 17:32 goatman
I think the reason that they never really deviate is that like someone else mentioned, they tend to sell their tech.

So if you start throwing out games in the popular styles of MW or what not who can you sell you're tech to? How many games were based off of Quake 2 and Quake 3 engines? 15 to 20? How much of a market would you have if you started making games other companies make and try to sell them your tech?

I also think Carmack and Company enjoy giving the community something to mod off of. I applaud them for the openness and helpfulness they have shown the mod community throughout the decades.

Where would many of the popular franchise be today without the willingness of id to share their knowledge?
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News Comments > StarCraft II is Year's Biggest PC Game Launch

44. Re: StarCraft II is Year's Biggest PC Game Launch Aug 3, 2010, 17:30 goatman
$60 dollars for a PC game? I will never pay that much no matter which game it is. Could I afford it? Easily. What I won't do is allow game companies to establish a trend with my money. If everyone else is fine with paying one hundred dollars for games with in the next five years have at it. Not me.

$50 max. $45 much more likely. $40? I'd let em poke me in the eye.
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News Comments > A Song of Ice and Fire Games

19. Re: A Song of Ice and Fire Games May 13, 2009, 08:11 goatman
Why can't publishers ever get it right? You don't make a game based on an exsisting IP with an author, you create a new one with an author. Every reader is going to want to play as their favorite character in a world they know well, not some village serf. Get a writer that people like a lot to start you a new IP. You get the big name and the game has a much better chance at not sucking sweat from a dead man's balls!!!!  
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News Comments > Out of the Blue

29. Re: Out of the Blue Nov 21, 2008, 11:36 goatman
Happy Birthday Blue and many more!  
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News Comments > MS on the State of PC Gaming

10. No subject May 8, 2008, 07:30 goatman
Microsoft published a lot of games, but they didn't develop them. Their only claim to fame is DX, which made me cry those 13 some odd years ago. Long live OGL.

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News Comments > How Valve Got Steamed

8. better anti-cheat... Apr 30, 2008, 23:53 goatman
I like Steam for the feature set it has brought to online distribution. However, I am not a big fan of having yet another piece of software trying to run something in the background. While this might seem nit picky I hate the fact that steam stays active after I exit CS:S, it starts automatically, it should end automatically.

On to my particular subject: ''better anti-cheat''

VAC sucks. They have had one or two major updates and then the system has taken a huge backseat to new roll-outs on the distro side of the house. 2 plus years into it and the same holes in the game are being exploited. It does allow for simple tracking, banning and reporting, but lets be real about their pursuit of 'anti-cheat'. More likely they should call it anti-tolerate. They don't prevent cheating anymore, just make it easier to track it.

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News Comments > EA/Take-Two Follow-ups

1. No subject Feb 25, 2008, 08:47 goatman
Well if you can't build a better sport game you might as well buy the competition so there is no other option. Wouldn't this fall under anti-trust violations? lol

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News Comments > EA Looks to Take Take-Two

43. No subject Feb 25, 2008, 06:35 goatman
If this goes hostile what keeps the personnel from jumping ship and forming another dev house? Granted they would loose any capital they had unless they sell their shares, but why not do that. Sell what you own, announce it, and leave. That would really tank the stock right before a buyout.

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News Comments > Sony's Free Game Engine

2. Re: No subject Feb 21, 2008, 11:20 goatman
I would hypothesize that graphics are one of the leading causes for poor PC gaming diversity and why we are seeing a decline of seemingly every type of game except the MMO.

Sure the best PC can blow the best console out of the water visually right now. One could argue that the reason for this is that so much time and money is dedicated to just appearance and that gameplay has suffered because of it.

As for Sony's governing or dumbing down that is pure speculation. An engine can be created with more features then is needed or used. I think that for you to state this is pure speculation especially considering that the cell architecture utilizes more then one core.

It may be true that this new engine can't push the beefiest computers to the limit but I am sure that it would be dumbed down.

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News Comments > Christmas Eve Tech Bits

4. No subject Dec 24, 2007, 20:39 goatman
Yeah digital distribution.... Not for 10 years. Ever download 15GB of data? Want the HD experience? Buy a physical media of it.

To get the best sound and video you need a physical media. We as a country don't have the bandwidth for 1080p with lossless audio.

As for the article, its just plain stupid. These aren't blu-ray problems, these are production problems and should be titled as such. Internet 'news' blogs suck at being truthful with headlines. Its all about the clicks, not about the truth.

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News Comments > Sunday Tech Bits

6. No subject Dec 24, 2007, 10:46 goatman
You make this sound like a good thing CJ. That the gap is negligible now. When you release a new product like Vista, it should never be a step back.

Microsoft screwed the pooch on this release. "Check out this great new OS. To get DX 10 you NEED it! And we have a new feature, games for windows. Its the greatest." One year later its performance compared to XP is negligible?

No thanks.

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News Comments > Thousand-player Deathmatch?

4. No subject Sep 11, 2007, 14:02 goatman
I think you read that wrong Atomic. It says that it will use AI to predict background players. Which I take to mean people not close to you.

A lot of MMOs use this feature, albeit it not for FPS twitch, but they track 100s of players in a rendered world.

Q3 64 deathmatch with people with pings under 50 were some of the most chaotic games I've played.

This strategy will only work if the players are some how divided with terrain. What about snipers?

I think todays engines would have much more trouble rending 1000s on screen at one time that this wouldn't be feasible anyway. At least not with any modern engine, maybe a quake or quake 2 engine.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue

6. Bad Bosses... Aug 5, 2007, 22:31 goatman
When I was in the Navy there was a saying. Fuck up move up.

If you have people who can do a job any tard can lead them.

This is nothing new....

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