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News Comments > Operation Flashpoint: Red River Trailer
11. Re: Operation Flashpoint: Red River Trailer Nov 19, 2010, 03:11 Shadow=ASP=
Jerykk wrote on Nov 19, 2010, 00:44:
$10 says they're going to try and be more like CoD this time.
Ditto. They've already confirmed that the only driveable vehicles are Humvees. No armour, air or amphibious vehicles.
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News Comments > US Army on MoH Taliban Controversy
32. Re: US Army on MoH Taliban Controversy Oct 3, 2010, 04:34 Shadow=ASP=
The only scary thing about this controversy is that the US Army has such influence on the game developers. EA is bowing to whining about something that has never been an issue before.
Whats next? No more movies based on actual events where uncle Sam is involved?

We had Russia as the badguys in Operation Flashpoint, ArmA and ArmA2. Neither Russia nor the US whined there. If anyone had the right to complain, it should have been Russia for being pictured as bad.
Now uncle Sam is whining about what name the developers used as the opposition.
If the US Army cant handle that a game developer is using the correct name in a setting based on actual events then the US Army should condemn the war they themselves are a part of and pull out. Renaming Taliban to "OpFor" is just sugarcoating the truth.
Grow up, uncle Army.
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News Comments > Ubisoft Considering EA-Style DLC Scheme
3. Re: Ubisoft Considering EA-Style DLC Scheme May 19, 2010, 10:47 Shadow=ASP=
We have been using keys starting last year on our products. Those keys were allowing some customers to have content if they were buying the product in specific stores

eeh its been 3 weeks since I bought the SC:C collectors ed. and I have yet to see any "exclusive content" because the KEY for that part didnt work Furious2
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News Comments > DCS: Black Shark Patch
6. Re: DCS: Black Shark Patch May 18, 2010, 05:43 Shadow=ASP=
Bard wrote on May 17, 2010, 16:19:
GETTING longbow2 running on modern hardware is the nail in its coffin - not this product.
But there is no problem getting LB2 to run on a modern PC.... : SimHQ LB2 forum
Post your issues there (if any) and we'll help you getting it to run.

I play both LB2 and Ka50 but comparing them is like comparing apples to oranges. One is 13 y.o., the other is new, one is a study-sim, the other a gameplay oriented sim. Richard Hawley's (Flexman) Combat-Helo will be the nail in LB2's coffin once its released because it aims to follow in LB2's footsteps and improve the overall experience.
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News Comments > MS Denies EA Buyout Rumors
10. Re: MS Denies EA Buyout Rumors Sep 24, 2009, 13:34 Shadow=ASP=
If and when MS buys EA, that will basically be it for PC gaming, because MS will just immediately kill every EA studio, and force them to make 360 exclusive games.

Nah. The "console exclusives" have always been shallow crap that I would never bother with on a PC anyway. You make killing EA sound like a bad thing
Shallow games can be successful on a console, but the PC-market is a completely different audience and most publishers understand that.
I'm mainly a PC-gamer but I do own a 360 aswell. I find Streetfighter 4 to be alot of fun but I would never bother to buy such a game for a PC where I'm used to games with more depth...

This comment was edited on Sep 24, 2009, 13:35.
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News Comments > MS EA Takeover Rumors
30. Re: MS EA Takeover Rumors Sep 24, 2009, 09:13 Shadow=ASP=
Oh great! Now not only will the games lack any innovation, but they will also be released on the PC years after the console version.

Excuse me, but have you been sleeping under a rock for the past 12 years?
I'm only asking because that is how many years ago since EA was innovating anything but their check-book.

If MS was actually buying EA I hope it would shut down EA permanently or make a decent games developer and publisher out of EA, as it once was over a decade ago.
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News Comments > ARMA II in NA Next Month
12. Re: Re:PCG 84% Jun 22, 2009, 10:58 Shadow=ASP=
Is it true that multiplayer is limited to 50 players per server?

The actual limit is "no limit". There is no hardcoded limit. It really depends on the server bandwidth more than anything else. 50 players is pretty much the highest that have been tested. There has been community tests with several hundred players in a game of Arma1.
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News Comments > Transformers Unlockables
3. Re: What I want to know is... May 30, 2009, 04:17 Shadow=ASP=
It should be atleast the first 3 episodes of season 1. You know.. the part the movie from 2007 got so wrong.  
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News Comments > ARMA II Delay
8. Re: What gun? Apr 29, 2009, 11:57 Shadow=ASP=
Anyone know what gun that is in the second screen shot?

MK48 Mod 0

I'd love to see a game like this with a few factions on an island and have a dynamic campaign play out like the old flight sims had. AI generals issuing missions of whatever type (armour, soldier, spec ops, close air support) as you watch the war play out like a massively detailed RTS and when you go on a mission, whatever soldiers you kill, tanks you destroy or buildings you demolish, that's those units/assets gone in the grand RTS. It's doable, maybe ArmA III?

We call it Hi-Command. You'll see it if you buy this game

This comment was edited on Apr 29, 2009, 12:07.
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News Comments > Deus Ex 3 Details
31. Re: Deus Ex 3 Details Jan 30, 2009, 13:42 Shadow=ASP=
I think I'll keep hoping for a) a remake of the original in Unreal Engine 3 or Cryengine 2 and b) a new Deus Ex 2 that ignores the one actually made, where you play as JC after merging with Helios.

I agree. Or let us play as JC or Paul in the prequel. If I'm not mistaken, Paul was working for UNATCO long before JC came aboard.
Both characters are someone "the original fans" can relate to.
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News Comments > Legal Briefs
3. Re: Norway gives Apple deadline Sep 30, 2008, 07:06 Shadow=ASP=
I can see you gave this alot of thought.
Considering Finland, Sweden and Denmark fully agree to Norway's demands it really isnt that simple any more.
Personally I couldnt give a shit how this ends. I'm Norwegian but I'd never buy a overpriced crappy "i-product".

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News Comments > DOOM 4 Not Titled DOOM 4
11. Re: ... Aug 2, 2008, 03:50 Shadow=ASP=
The explanation is that the next DOOM game will not be a continuation of the story in DOOM 3, though they are not giving out any details about the setting or story at this time.

I thought I read in an interview a while ago that Doom4 would be kinda like Doom2 (on earth instead of Mars).
I hope that scenario is still what they are working on.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - ArmA: Gold
14. Re: No subject Feb 21, 2008, 03:25 Shadow=ASP=
I see alot of down-right lies here so I feel I have to clarify. The 1.09 beta patch was never anounced as final.
We are working on the next patch that might be "final".
I cannot tell any dates, but I can tell it will be worth the wait.
Just because we are working on Arma2 doesnt mean we have abandoned Arma1 so please stop spreading such lies.

Designer, BIS.

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News Comments > ForceWare Beta Drivers
3. Re: No subject Oct 12, 2007, 03:54 Shadow=ASP=
Another demo, another driver...
I bet Nvidia hates game-demos by now

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News Comments > Söldner 2 Cancelled
7. Re: Shame... Oct 2, 2007, 09:30 Shadow=ASP=
Will never happen... There's no profit in it and the publisher will just happily sit on the IP for years until someone offers them enough money to buy it

Plus the fact that part of the content/code might end up in another project further down the road.

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News Comments > Crysis Demo Delayed
21. No subject Sep 22, 2007, 04:50 Shadow=ASP=
It doesnt look like anyone here knows that making a demo means taking resources away from the development of the final product. If you read the announcement again you'll see thats exactly the reason they are delaying the demo. Besides, we get the editor too. Which other game demo have you gotten the in-house editor with before?
They dont earn money by releasing a demo, they earn praise and positive feedback. Nice words dont put food on a table. Selling a product does.
Also, dont you want the final product to be all it can be or do you just want to test the demo asap?

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News Comments > New NVIDIA Drivers
14. No subject May 3, 2007, 05:28 Shadow=ASP=
Why people even bother to download drivers at Nvidia is beyond me.
I always get my latest drivers from Guru3d. They modify the 8xxx-only drivers to support all cards.
165.01 is working sweet with SLI(7950GX2) in XP for me. They're not listed in the download list but if you head into the forums you'll find them.

This comment was edited on May 3, 05:29.
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News Comments > Global Agenda Revealed
2. Re: No subject Apr 26, 2007, 12:54 Shadow=ASP=
Considering its their debut title and it aint out yet, can you tell me tomorrow's lottery numbers too?

The anouncement seems interesting, but I've never been into any MMOs before. Maybe this will change that (or perhaps Funcom's "world" will). The others are too sci-fi for my taste.

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News Comments > Operation Flashpoint 2 Announced
11. No subject Apr 19, 2007, 12:32 Shadow=ASP=
Klotz is right. OFP2 has nothing to do with BIS (the devs of OFP1, Arma & "game2").
OFP2 is made in-house by CM with an engine they so far have made a rally game on
Good luck with making a combat sim on it, CM.

This comment was edited on Apr 19, 12:32.
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News Comments > Thursday Game Reviews
5. Re: A:AA Feb 15, 2007, 16:47 Shadow=ASP=
Even if the campaign is still broken

That example about the guy not getting the satchels right was his own fault. If he had just placed the darn satchels where his waypoint was the mission would have worked just flawlessly, but he made it overcomplicated by himself.
Btw that PCG "review" is very inaccurate. He mentions bugs that no longer exists in the EU-release so it must be the CZ-version he was reviewing.
Just take that entire review with a grain of salt and wait for the more non-commercial and less run'n'gun websites to review the EU-release.
Dont trust websites who believe the BF-series is a reallistic recreation of war

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