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Description mmmm... sacrilicious.
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Signed On Jan 27, 2000, 01:12
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
78. Re: Stern Oct 29, 2004, 18:30 indiv
The only reason he asks questions no one else asks, is because he's the only guy interviewing porn stars and asking them if they like anal sex.

You think so, huh? When someone famous comes out with a new movie or whatever and is doing the rounds on all the tv & radio shows, do the following:

1) Tape the interview they have with Letterman, Leno, and Conan.
2) Tape the interview they have with Howard Stern.

After you've taped them all, listen to them back-to-back.

For case 1, you'll find that they're cookie cutter interviews. They ask the same questions, and the people give dumb and boring answers. "Yes, it was great working with him because he's just a genius and ..." ... ugh ... Usually they tell the same anecdotes on each show, too. These shows are for promotion first, "funny" anecdotes second, and interviewing third.

For case 2, you'll find that the interviews are almost always entertaining and interesting because Howard focuses on the interview first and foremost. Howard doesn't ask the cookie-cutter questions, and when the guest tries to tell their 'funny' anecdote that they've told a million times before, Howard will always cut them off and ask an interesting question. When he's not getting a good interview, he goes to great lengths to create a good interview and that's usually where the sex-oriented questions come in, and that's usually the topic that makes people uncomfortable about the show. But when you listen to enough interviews, you'll discover that it's part of his overall interviewing style: a carefully crafted sequence of questions and comments that often brilliantly manipulate the interviewee into providing an interesting segment on the show.

There are other good interviewers out there who do have interesting interviews without resorting to 'smut', as people call it, but nobody can force a good interview from someone like Howard can.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
86. Re: Worth watching Oct 28, 2004, 23:34 indiv
I wonder if blue would object (or want to object) if I made that my new .sig?

Way too big for a sig. But if you use it for anything, use your mad haxx0r skills to secret text the periods.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
95. Re: Coke takes over parts of the brain Oct 21, 2004, 01:50 indiv
I earned it, I know. I bashed your little download system, over and over. And then in a fit of (Space) Madness, I gave it a shot and low and behold, like Tyrone Biggins on crack cocaine, I LIKED IT

Waaaaaaaaaaaaait a minute... why were you bashing steam if you'd never tried it? Just didn't like the concept of downloading retail games? Broadband envy?

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Gold
121. Re: WOOT! Oct 18, 2004, 17:37 indiv
I second that WOOT!

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News Comments > New ATI Drivers
2. Quick correction to the post Oct 14, 2004, 23:31 indiv
(throwing a curve to those who thing version 5.0 follows version 4.9.

a) Think, not thing.
b) End your parentheses!

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
58. Re: No subject Sep 24, 2004, 23:43 indiv
Damn, that Kobe thing (Inaudible).

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News Comments > Deer Hunter 2005 Demo
7. Re: No subject Sep 20, 2004, 00:00 indiv
Good grief, does anyone here actually buy this crap?

Maybe not that many people here buy this crap... but the series has enough of a customer base that Microsoft delayed Windows XP SP2 because Deer Hunter 4 wasn't working. I'm not joking.

(also 4 other apps were apparently on the list .. google for: Deer Hunter 4 SP2)

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
14. Re: Monday Sep 16, 2004, 11:22 indiv
the opening of that monday thing gave me Sewer Shark flashbacks.

three - six - niner!
This comment was edited on Sep 16, 11:24.
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News Comments > Sunday Tech Bit
10. Re: Creative adds Sep 13, 2004, 23:07 indiv
Cons: That damn 80 minute limit per cd...

I got a CD player that does MP3s too. 80 minutes just isn't enough, but 700 MB of MP3s is just right usually.

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News Comments > Duke Nukem Forever Using DOOM 3 Engine?!
26. Re: Not likely Sep 9, 2004, 23:45 indiv
Don't know, but by the time it's finished it'll be the Quake-43 engine.

Oh, come on, that's rediculous.

Everyone knows it'll never be finished.

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News Comments > Afternoon Tech Bits
4. Re: SP2 vs. the plug-ins Sep 3, 2004, 22:47 indiv
What we found was that most users were becoming accustomed to saying 'OK' and not reading the (ActiveX warning) dialog," said Doug Stamper, an IE group program manager who worked on SP2.

I say "FINALLY!". Most people don't understand the ActiveX prompt dialog, and typically they just click 'yes' to make the dialog go away. I've been walking people through a series of steps before trying to get them to do something, and I've learned to tell them well in advance "Ok, a window is going to pop up and you're going to want to click NO." If I don't give the advance warning, most people won't wait and just click yes as soon as it pops up so that they can get straight to the useful info. And then, of course, the spyware installs itself. Oy. The problem of just clicking 'yes' isn't limited to people with little computer knowledge, either.

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News Comments > Game Reviews
10. Re: Doom3 reviews Sep 3, 2004, 20:47 indiv
I thought I checked all the PDAs I had for one that matched the name on door. I do have his PDA though and he said that he's going to lock the BFG in his office. Guess I just missed it.

Yeah, the premise was that his office is in the delta labs, but he had to go check on something in the alpha labs. That's why you found his PDA so early in the game.

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News Comments > Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space
6. Re: definite dates Sep 2, 2004, 00:33 indiv
I can't wait for more content and complexity. I don't have a problem with the length. 5- to 10-minute games are a great time waster. On the bright side, it doesn't matter when you have a really crappy game because it doesn't last so long.

All they really have to do for me is keep the core game the same and just add more of everything else -- weapons, enemy types, events, items. When you start playing SAIS it seems like there's tons of stuff to do and learn... but soon you realize just how few things there really are to experience.

But nothing feels quite as satisfying as nuking the Kwangi with a limited vacuum collapser.

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News Comments > Game Movies II
13. Re: So Sad... Aug 20, 2004, 23:00 indiv
I agree - if I spent as much time telling my boss/customers how great my work will be and so little time doing it, I would be unemployed.

Similarly if marketing guys spent as much time working on the game and so little time telling people how great the end product will be, they would be unemployed too. Thus, we have the videos.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
2. Re: w00t Aug 20, 2004, 00:43 indiv
AHHHHHH! I think I've shifted into a parallel dimension.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
4. Shazbot! Aug 19, 2004, 01:18 indiv
The morning news before I go to bed? I'm not sure what to think.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Movie
52. Re: No subject Aug 15, 2004, 23:07 indiv
Exactly, and most people dont seem to understand this. Its all an illusion in Doom 3, provided by the excessive use of bumpmapping, normalmapping, and lighting. The textures themselves are very poor, and are masked by these new technologys that "cover them up" so to speak.

Congratulations! You just discovered what computer graphics is all about.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Movie
5. Re: don't care Aug 15, 2004, 15:29 indiv
No, Tango, nothing new. It's a series of video clips from previously released material. I must say that the game looks bad ass, however.

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News Comments > Street Legal Racing: Redline Demo
21. Re: Who remembers Fatal Racing ? Aug 15, 2004, 13:37 indiv
The days of Fatal Racing seems like yesterday for me.

Fatal Racing (aka Interplay's Whiplash) was bad ass. One of those games that was just plain fun. I'd always put the number of laps to max and damage to max and inevitably nobody would finish the race because everyone would be destroyed. The split screen was fun, and your choice of car actually mattered on certain maps. Good times.

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News Comments > DOOM 3 Duct Tape Mod
118. Re: No subject Aug 7, 2004, 01:39 indiv
It's funny how people get angry about this mod because it's not the way they think the game should be played. They don't have to download it and why do they care how other people play the single player game on their computer.

They probably care for the same reason why they care that people turn on god mode and rush through the game -- because then they come into the forums and complain about how easy, short, and boring the game is.

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