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News Comments > UC & BCM Patches
12. Re: Patching Mar 5, 2004, 23:19 indiv
Wait a minutes. Didn`t he say we weren't getting any support or patches for UC because the publishers ripped him off?

Yeah, but then he pseudo-won his court case with the publisher and that changed. I say pseudo-won because he had a small victory even though he didn't manage to get the publisher to re-price or stop the distribution of the game, but the judge's actual decision would have given him an advantage when he sued them later. Therefore, it was in his best interest to support the game, or else it could be used against him in future court cases as sabotaging the game sales. Just conjecture on my part, but that's probably why.

Unfortunately, his future court case against the pricing of his game is looking grim. The word is out that the game sucks and the publisher overpriced it.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
27. Re: So-pr0n-o's Mar 5, 2004, 15:55 indiv
If I had HBO I might check it out, but I never could get into the mob-movie genre so I'm not so sure I'd enjoy it.

I'm into the mob-movie genre, so I think I'd like it, but I've seen only about half of one episode. Sometime in like the 2nd season I managed to catch an episode, but I was so lost about who everyone was and what they were doing it wasn't worth watching the whole thing.

That being said, perhaps I wouldn't like the show even if I watched it from the beginning. I always hear people raving about these awesome shows on some premium channel, but then when I get a chance to see the show it completely sucks. I won't name any specific examples, but let's just say that's happened with, oh, about all of them.

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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
1. Redundant link Mar 4, 2004, 11:29 indiv
You linked to the "File-Swap 'killer' article yesterday, Blue.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
17. Re: NYT Feb 29, 2004, 15:03 indiv
If you're getting tired of changing the NYT login to the latest Blue's News one, you can always generate your own:

Just go to that page, save it to your hard drive (just an .html file) and then run it from your local machine. You have to run it from your local machine because the NYT blocks registration requests coming from that domain (or you can tell your browser not to send referrer information if your browser supports it).

I mean, even if you're going to register, you're going to put in fake info anyway, right? Why not just randomly generate the fake info to make the process quicker.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
7. Photoshop article Feb 29, 2004, 12:21 indiv
From the article:
Photoshop may have been a boon to print advertising, but the compelling artworks it has facilitated have been scarce.

Obviously the author of the article has never been to SomethingAwful.

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News Comments > DX: Invisible War Patch
44. Re: No subject Feb 28, 2004, 11:19 indiv
Levels are TOO SMALL due to the fact of development for the XBOX. XBOX and it's very limited resources are holding back PC gaming more and more as time goes on.

Halo had massive levels with practically no level load times, and that game was for the XBox.

edit: fixed quote
This comment was edited on Feb 28, 11:20.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
45. Re: E-frowns? Feb 27, 2004, 21:18 indiv
Whoa!!! They have traffic light signal changing devices??? I thought only Law enforcement and Fire Department had those? Are they legal??? Can't be.

The devices are legal, but using them to change a traffic signal isn't. Most states (if not all) have laws varying from no interfering with a traffic signal to no interfering with pedestrian and/or vehicular traffic flow. Basically, if you're caught, I bet they'd find something to charge you with.

Around my area I've noticed that most new lights no longer change to green for emergency vehicles. Instead, all the lights at an intersection turn red, so all traffic flow is stopped, and then the emergency vehicle goes through. Maybe they changed it for some sort of safety issue, or maybe just to twart these devices.

Eventually I'm sure the traffic-light system will change to include some sort of authentication, but everything I've read indicates it's an open system now. There's apparently not even a command you need to transmit to the light--just an IR pulse at a specific frequency.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
25. Re: Warthog Launch Feb 27, 2004, 14:39 indiv
Woo! Finished all the levels.

Levels finished: 40
Grenades used: 13989
Launches made: 754
Warthog bounces: 2297
Engineers popped: 5139
Time spent: 1:28:00

Actually that should read:
Time spent: Way too long.

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News Comments > Origin Closure Official
21. Goodbye Feb 26, 2004, 23:59 indiv
Farewell Origin. We said our goodbyes years ago, but I'll always remember that you produced the best games ever.

I anticipate that Ultima 7 & add-ons will be my favorite game for a long time to come judging by the state of the game industry these days. Ultima 5 rocked, too.

"He's dead, Avatar!"

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
181. Re: Whoa Feb 26, 2004, 23:10 indiv

Stern fired. Speech-restricted gays married Dan. Mayor Blue, ;President.

Yes, good summary.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
19. Re: The Flybar Feb 25, 2004, 19:07 indiv
I watched a vid yesterday of someone using one, and based on that, the answer is "they don't have to" ... this guy was hopping maybe two feet in the air.

Well now that's disappointing. Maybe it's just a sign that it's up to me to build a pogo stick that launches people 6+ feet in the air.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
7. Re: The Flybar Feb 25, 2004, 11:42 indiv

I love the picture on the company's home page. Looks pretty damn cool, but I have to question just how safe they can make something that launches you 6+ feet in the air.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
42. Re: image woes. Feb 25, 2004, 11:29 indiv
Interesting how other files on the HD, completely unrelated to your current task except for the fact that they live in the same folder, could corrupt new files before you even save 'em. Only Microsoft could screw up something like this.

Actually, not quite. The "Downloaded Program Files" folder contains ActiveX controls that piggyback on IE. Things like Java, Quicktime player, and Flash sit here so that they can appear integrated into the browser instead of being external objects that you have to download and run. They are not "unrelated to your current task" by any stretch of the imagination, they're plug-ins that are part of the browser, and they can affect standard browser operation.

As to this issue being an IE-only issue, I noticed that you posted a link to Mozilla. A very quick search turns up Bugzilla bug 83376, where a certain configuration change causes the Java plugin to crash Mozilla, making it unusable. Same problem because the plugin is part of the browser, just like IE plugins.

On a similar note, I read that the next XP service pack will actually detect crashes caused by plugins instead of crashes caused by the IE core. Since most people don't know that IE plug-ins exist, or are removable by clicking "View Objects" in the settings, its probably a good idea that they are adding this feature (especially since plugins like Gator install to this plug-ins folder).

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
29. Re: image woes. Feb 24, 2004, 18:51 indiv
can any of you smart computer fellows tell me why when i right click on an image to save it in IE (v.6) it ALWAYS defaults to an "untitled" .bmp? even when i'm sure it's a jpeg, it defaults to bitmap. it's really frustrating.

You can try this:;en-us;810978

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
34. Re: Someone must stop this man... Feb 23, 2004, 20:28 indiv
I have not heard much, how is Arnold doing? Has he fd California up even more, or still just the same ole same ole?

Actually it's a perfect time to ask that question. Arnold's been in office just over 100 days now and you can read all the "first 100 days" reports that the news likes to do. According to the reports, Arnold didn't complete everything he said he'd do in the first 100 days, but he did complete some things and most of the rest are in progress.

There's a link to CNN's article on the topic. You probably won't hear any major mainstream press about Arnold until he starts making progress with the budget, or if he screws up something major. So I guess to answer your question, it's just the "same ole same ole".

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
33. Re: No subject Feb 20, 2004, 19:08 indiv
If you can't figure it out just reinstall the browser.

So much for the browser removing all the frustration of IE.

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News Comments > Out of the π
25. Boo ya Feb 18, 2004, 14:12 indiv
I am my favorite irrational number, e.

Although to be fair, with the exception of the Spongebob question I knew what to pick to get e.

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News Comments > Half-Life Science and Industry
3. Re: ... Feb 18, 2004, 01:15 indiv

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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
18. Re: Games X Copy Feb 17, 2004, 18:49 indiv
I just remember squinting at that damn dark red paper with the black ink on it (as a form of copy protection), trying to read it...

I think they should bring back the copy-protection code wheels. Those were fun!

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News Comments > Game Reviews
9. Re: UT2004 Feb 16, 2004, 22:01 indiv
I went way out of my way to try and get used to it but it just feels very unnatural.

If there's one universal truth in life, it's that you'll always get used to vehicle controls. I think UT2K4's vehicle controls are actually fine, but I remember back when Tribes 2 came out and I first hopped in a Shrike. I thought those were the worst controls ever, but eventually I got used to them, got good with them, and gradually even started appreciating them.

Good times.

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