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Signed On Aug 23, 2005, 19:39
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News Comments > Ubisoft: PC Piracy Rate 93-95%
25. Re: Ubisoft: PC Piracy Rate 93-95% Aug 22, 2012, 11:13 MercilessMing
These Companies (UBI specifically dug their on grave I think with the gaming community) moaning about piracy just ticks me off and have pushed me away from Movies/Music/Gaming in general and as domino effect I am no longer a consumerist of the ancillary companies/products that are needed.
IE. No longer a gamer I don't need the better high end gaming cards...nor generally MS Windows. And the industry I work in I dont' need my overall pc upgraded beyond OS needs so I forsee going years before an upgrade. And disregarding any other aspects of populous opinion of windows 8, I am not looking at Windows 8 because I don't need it for anything until we upgrade to it at work and Windows 7 isn't supported...and at that point, the few games I still play like civ 5 I will be tired of at that point, I will just virtualize win x for work related activities on a linux host that possible will be mostly FSF compliant.

As such , while raising my daughter she may follow my examples and be less a consumerist... continuing the downward spiral of companies.
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News Comments > Linux Steam Plans Confirmed
15. Re: Linux Steam Plans Confirmed Apr 25, 2012, 13:27 MercilessMing
Gaming is really the only reason most of us ever use Windows. That's why it's always boggled my mind that MS doesn't understand its in their own interest to support it as a gaming platform.

yes yes I second that , though I have given up gaming I am still a lazy server programmer so I still use windows for that... but get me a good WYSIWYG "almost" PHP IDE for the GUI part of web programming alot like VS and I would be tempted to switch to typical LAMP development
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News Comments > Analyst: Blame CoD Decline on PC/Wii
13. Re: Analyst: Blame CoD Decline on PC/Wii Apr 18, 2012, 07:16 MercilessMing
Wait a minute the obvious question. I thought PC sales didn't exist, there wasn't a measurable pc market, companies don't make money on PC version, hence the bottom shouldn't be adjusted no matter how the PC version does? Hypocrisy at it's finest, next follow up will be
"the Piracy" is hurting sales? Analyst make up your mind, PC versions doesn't helps sells, piracy hurts sells, non-selling pc version hurts sells which is it?
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News Comments > Treyarch on Bugs
11. Re: Treyarch on Bugs Feb 9, 2011, 09:40 MercilessMing
I think there exist other problems behind bugs in games.

1) companies build up anticipation for a game was to soon, causing delays to turn away the fanboy and just making expectations to high and rush jobs. Seems to me lately the biggest non-franchise games to come out with huge satisfaction was less to no advertised games. Many of the RPGs of late except Blizzard ones get very little attention until right before release. August of last year rumors and such had already started for the Next SledgeHammer lead COD, Black Ops hadn't even been released yet.

2) PC configurations can't really be that widely different ATI and Nvidia both have unified Driver architecture, I have bought the cheapest motherboards and better motherboards and "compatibility" was never an issue, "Build quality of the product changed OVERALL experience not just one game or application. I find it hard to believe that PC gamers being such loyalist don't consist of a majority of certain brands and configurations (Asus, EVGA, XFX, Saphire, MSI, INTEL, AMD), Thus feel "very" buggy game is inexcusable, plus ever heard of demos release a demo earlier and let the gamer be a tester.

3) Lets be real, when talking about the COD series is re-hash tweaked graphics engine, overall, I played MW1/2 and black Ops and don't see much innovation in the graphics just tweaks...So at this point the COD re-runs should be perfected.
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News Comments > Steam 2010 Revenue Nearly $1 Billion?
11. Re: Steam 2010 Revenue Nearly $1 Billion Feb 3, 2011, 10:47 MercilessMing
I am a PC gamer, no longer own any consoles, but I don't get to happy with these numbers,for example COD: Black Ops on 360 in America sold 7mill copies and 10mill copies world wide, steam sold about 2 million copies. Most likely enough to keep the PC alive with New Games Coming but it will not be the dominant platform in Publishers list.

I would guess a publisher list platform Importance for many games as 360, PS3, PC, Wii and portables.
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News Comments > No Medal of Honor Sales on US Bases
37. Re: No Medal of Honor Sales on US Bases Sep 3, 2010, 12:10 MercilessMing
Isn't this kinda like China blocking/censoring the internet because it doesn't like or sees it's citizen shouldn't have freedom to choose...

And to the one or few ranting on immorality and how we just want freedom to be immoral. Well what is wrong with that, freedom doesn't mean you have the choice of only the Moral Majority.

Definition of freedom for the FEW here that seem to forget
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News Comments > MS Recommits to PC Gaming Again
24. Re: MS Recommits to PC Gaming Again Aug 17, 2010, 15:30 MercilessMing
Sometimes I wonder if what is hurting overall PC sales is internet reviews, especially all of us rushing out to give our "IMHO" reviews. NOT 1st party,3rd party support piracy etc. In the old days, I would have to mostly read the back of the box, pay attention to who developed the game and some word of mouth from people I knew and thus knew how they reviewed games. Now before you can even "pirate" a game, there are majority of bashers out here in the virtual then in turn yeah people may "pirate" a game to just see is it that bad then never buy it, and same for the supposed Console low sales pirating is harder, so less people may pirate a game but not buying is no different than pirating to the bottom line (Studios don't make this connection), people will at best just rent/borrow/buy used.. of course this domino effect into Farmville, Assassins Creed, GTA repetition/serialization/whole game divided up in 10 hour multiple COD games and ripoffs occur.

When asked I usually rate a game, based on a BUDGET, and preface my review with how long I have owned/played it... I believe any game can be given a dollar amount, hard to say in present day game with 10hours of play is worth 60, and any game that gives me 5 hours of fun play is worth 10$...this gives my friends a ranking that means something to them, and makes it easy for them to determine how much they may like the game...
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News Comments > Driver to Return
16. What Went Wrong With Driver Aug 23, 2005, 15:46 MercilessMing
In my humble opinion what went wrong with The Driver franchise was it wanted to become GTA3, everyone I know said "have you tried Driv3r it is like a bad GTA3" and this was from some people who hated the GTA series. I remember playing the first Driver and loved it just drive the car from a to b usually as fast as possible without harming the car or running out of time. Hopefully the new installment will not let you get out of the car. Playing Driver without being "IN" the car is like watching Knight Rider without having KITT in an episode...What is the point.

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