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News Comments > Steam Top 10
24. Re: Steam Top 10 Jul 7, 2014, 17:19 OpticNerve
Some combat tips I've discovered with my play-throughs:

- Don't underestimate barrels. If one of your characters is strong enough, they can actually loot and save various water or oil barrels to toss or place in battle to set up an elemental combo. You can loot candles too (hint, hint).

- Mages are OP simply because they can trigger devastating elemental field combos. Lay down an oil field and light them all on fire with a fireball. Blood also acts as water so bleed them if you're a witch or warrior and electrocute them. There are even some multi-trigger elemental combos that you can do that'll pretty much devastate the enemy group.

- Remember that you can flee in battle, so don't be afraid to flee and tackle that group of enemies later when you're better equipped or skilled.

- Try to get a well-rounded team going. So far there are only two Companions (basically henchmen with voices) but the hireable Henchmen are just as good.
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News Comments > Steam Top 10
17. Re: Steam Top 10 Jul 7, 2014, 07:11 OpticNerve
Just to let everyone know, you'll eventually find a way to reroll characters in-game for a cheap cost. The only downside is that you lose the spells/skills that you've learnt and have to get/buy those books again.

I will say that the game can be unexpectedly hard at times and is a bit more punishing due to all the variables and quirks that make the game great. But that's part of the fun and makes finding builds that work much more satisfying (I'm loving my modified 2h Knight/Hydro/Witch build with his Leech trait - If I can't heal myself, I just bleed em' all and let their blood soothe my wounds muhaha).

I do recommend modifying the premade classes since there's a ton of depth there with the builds, skills and traits. The premades pretty much only decide what starting gear you get since you can customize them and create your own defining class. If you wanted to make a glass-cannon, 2h-wielding, armored mage, you could easily do that by picking Knight and just customizing him just with INT and mage spells. He might end up blowing balls or maybe he'll let you roflstomp your way through the game on hard mode with ease. That's what makes this game's customizable class system great IMO.

This comment was edited on Jul 7, 2014, 07:27.
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News Comments > Divinity: Original Sin Sells Like the Devil
22. Re: Divinity: Original Sin Sells Like the Devil Jul 5, 2014, 17:07 OpticNerve
Love the game and the emergent gameplay that's been popping up. People in one forum have come up with a fun wacky build where they max out STR, telekinesis and get the pack-mule trait.

What they do is find a chest, put a bunch of heavy junk items in it, put that in another chest and put that in another chest (dubbed Chestception) since that increases the total weight of the one final chest (heavier items = more damage when thrown). Then they put it in their inventory, get into battle and basically use telekinesis to throw that one heavy chest at enemies which does a ton of AoE damage (someone said that a certain weight-class chest can kill a level 20 enemy in three throws).

Hopefully the devs don't nerf that since I love games that reward people for thinking outside the box when it comes to builds and gameplay. I'm really glad that Divinity: OS is selling well and has been the #1 top-seller at Steam for a while now. Hopefully it'll stay there for a good long while!

This comment was edited on Jul 5, 2014, 21:09.
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News Comments > Far Cry 4 Co-op Support
15. Re: Far Cry 4 Co-op Support Jun 11, 2014, 04:23 OpticNerve
I hope FC4's co-op isn't like Assassin's Creed 5's bullshit co-op missions crap. It's really grating how they'll now use "co-op" as a feature bulletpoint when it's essentially tacked on separate co-op missions.
Avatar 23638
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News Comments > Steam Top 10
66. Re: Steam Top 10 May 12, 2014, 15:12 OpticNerve
For DS2 with a K+M, just use AutoHotKey and pick whatever script's being tossed around in the Steam or reddit forums and edit it to your preferred layout tastes. Voila, no more input lag.

Yes, we all wish that From Software would actually fix the thing in the first place but it's hardly a game-ender for keyboard and mouse users if you just look around a bit.
Avatar 23638
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
9. Re: Morning Consolidation May 8, 2014, 14:14 OpticNerve
Everything I'm reading and seeing of Destiny makes me get a Defiance + flying vehicles vibe from it. That doesn't bode well. Defiance is fun in bursts but it gets very repetitive and boring after a while and I see the same happening to Destiny.
Avatar 23638
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News Comments > Transformers Universe Founders Packs On Sale
6. Re: Transformers Universe Founders Packs On Sale May 2, 2014, 14:32 OpticNerve
I've always wondered why they haven't made a Transformers game where you could design your own Transformer. It could have various RPG elements where you pick a class, pick a vehicle form and pick body parts which would alter the transformation animation in different ways and then you could pick an overall color scheme.

Even though I'm a bit tired of MMOs now, something like this would actually work well in a MMO format and make me interested. I know the kid in me would have LOVED that kind of game where I had my very own unique Transformer :]
Avatar 23638
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News Comments > Diablo III XP Bonus
55. Re: Diablo III XP Bonus Apr 7, 2014, 03:29 OpticNerve
Diablo 3 - Reaper of Souls first-patch 2.0.4 datamined class changes

Here's some datamined info on the class changes that'll probably show up after Tuesday's maintenance downtime. Keep that in mind that things might possibly change though.

If these tweaks are true, some of them are a bit baffling, especially for the Crusader Steed Charge - Endurance rune since that gains a whole whopping 0.5 seconds of duration boost. And it doesn't really help fix the issue with most Crusader spenders being very wrath-inefficient aside from a scant few such as Sweep Attack and Blessed Hammer.

BTW, here's my current Crusader: Broodblade

The build spits out insanely rapid damage numbers, makes me tanky and it's still changing since I'm currently re-enchanting certain items and I keep indecisively going back and forth with my three main 2-Handers (Maximus, Blade of Prophecy and Scourge). Ignore the paper DPS since the various + Lightning % boosts the damage considerably.

This comment was edited on Apr 7, 2014, 03:38.
Avatar 23638
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News Comments > Diablo III XP Bonus
51. Re: Diablo III XP Bonus Apr 6, 2014, 20:57 OpticNerve
I main a level 70 Crusader with a bunch of pretty good gear (Maximus, Blade of Prophecy, Scourge, etc.) and I've found a pretty strong build that works really well for me and in pub games (a ton of various legendary items that have proc chances on hit or when getting hit + charged up) but I will freely admit that Crusaders are a bit underwhelming as they currently are since there are other classes who can do what they can do but with less effort and are better at it. They're extremely gear-dependent if you want to keep up in a high Torment pub game (moreso than possibly any other class at the moment) but it's really a null argument right now since a Blue rep posted this in the EU forums:

Blizzard Blue Rep wrote:
While I can't share any specific details right now, we have been monitoring the performance of the different classes since launch and we do have some adjustments planned for all classes that will be implemented in an upcoming patch. In the upcoming patch notes, the Crusader will likely be listed with the most adjustments of all the classes.

Hopefully they'll work out the kinks for the class since I really do like the Crusader but it can be a bit annoying to have to use every single skill to rotate through to take down an elite on higher Torment difficulties whereas a Wizard can jump in, spam one skill and effortlessly kill that same elite with crappier gear.
Avatar 23638
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News Comments > Diablo III Reaper of Souls Launch Party
34. Re: Diablo III Reaper of Souls Launch Party Mar 24, 2014, 17:50 OpticNerve
Cutter wrote on Mar 24, 2014, 17:38:
I'm almost finished my first run through and I'm 51 atm. So can I play with people running harder levels or do I have to grind those out alone first?

I think you need to beat the game first to unlock Master difficulty and be level 60 first before you can join a Torment 1+ difficulty game based on this:
Avatar 23638
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News Comments > Diablo III Reaper of Souls Launch Party
32. Re: Diablo III Reaper of Souls Launch Party Mar 24, 2014, 16:53 OpticNerve
Darks wrote on Mar 24, 2014, 15:59:
Malachii wrote on Mar 24, 2014, 11:29:
I love the positive vibe in these threads lately. I am excited for launch tonight! Is there a blues group created in D3?

Hey Mal, yes there is. Im invited but havent joined it yet myself because Im in the brothers Group. I wish you could belong to more then one. Ill let the Group leader know you are looking for an invite.

Just to let you know, if you're already in a Clan, you could join the Blues News community group, that way you'll still be able to party up and chat with other Blues people on there. Think you have to search for the "Blues News" community group in the English (British) section.
Avatar 23638
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News Comments > Diablo III Double XP Weekend
56. Re: Diablo III Double XP Weekend Mar 22, 2014, 22:31 OpticNerve
Hey Verno if you're reading this - I think you asked for a Multishot build for the Demon Hunter in an older D3 topic. There's actually a skill that works hand-in-hand with the skill which would let you pretty much endlessly build Hatred for you to spam Multishot as long as there's enough enemies to tag.

It basically requires you to use the following:

- Whatever main Builder attack skill you prefer.

- Multishot (Supression Fire rune): adds 1 Discipline for each enemy hit (max of 6 per MS attack).

- Preparation (Punishment rune): converts Discpline into Hatred, it basically turns MS into a feedback loop.

- Perfectionist passive: Lowers Discipline cost of skills by 10% plus it adds to Life, Armor and Resist All by 10%. This isn't entirely needed but it can help save some Discipline > Hatred cost.

- I would suggest picking another spender to use alongside these skills since this build is weak against single targets due to Multishot not having enough targets to generate Discipline. I'd recommend Cluster Arrow (Shooting Stars or the Loaded for Bear runes are popular) since that does so much damage now and that makes it one of the more popular spenders for the DH at the moment.

- Fill the rest with whatever skills you like. Some of the often used skills are Vault (Tumble) for mobility, Smoke Screen (Healing Vapors) for healing and a brief stealth, Companion (Wolf) for the huge 20% damage buff to you and party members when you activate the skill, Rain of Vengeance (Stampede) for knockback and a shitload of area damage.

This comment was edited on Mar 22, 2014, 22:52.
Avatar 23638
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News Comments > Diablo III Double XP Weekend
37. Re: Diablo III Double XP Weekend Mar 22, 2014, 06:25 OpticNerve
It's hard to pick since there's upsides to each. Getting a bunch of Paragon levels now will give a boost to all of your characters from the start but once RoS arrives, you'll have to put Paragon leveling on hold until you reach level 70 with a character. On the other hand, getting different characters to 60 now will let them experience the RoS content right away once it hits.

I'd personally recommend leveling up characters to 60 this weekend first so you'd have more characters to experience the new RoS content right off the bat. Plus if you find a legendary for another class, you don't have to slog through 60+ levels of non-boosted-xp for a new class before they can use it.

Quinn wrote on Mar 22, 2014, 05:47:
Altight so Paragon levels make a change sooner than in the hundreds huh? i think I'll lvl the paragon levels before release then.

Or... is it smarter to level another class I'm interested in to 60 with this bonus? I would like the advice of you guys on this. Dilemma! xP
Avatar 23638
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News Comments > Diablo III Australian Server Launches; Reaper of Souls Trailer
38. Re: Diablo III Australian Server Launches; Reaper of Souls Trailer Mar 19, 2014, 17:48 OpticNerve
Someone should create a Blues News community group so that those of us who are already in clans can interact with other people from here.

I think that one of the problems that Blizzard is facing when it comes to balancing 1h vs 2h weapons is that they've made it so that skill damages are tied to how much damage your weapon does. Up 2h damage too much and it'll invalidate the need for 1hs aside from tanky builds and nullify dual-wielding.

As it currently stands, a 1h/1h or 1h/1s setup is typically better due to the extra socket and extra stat/mod/proc bonuses compared to the single socket and stats that a 2h can get. Right now I'm using a legacy Skorn 2h due to the crit damage, socket and life leech but I'd easily drop that like a bad habit that it is if I ever found a 1h Thunderfury for my Barb.

Once RoS comes out, that'll further complicate things since Crusaders will be able to wield a 2h and shield due to a passive skill. I'd imagine that it would be a tough thing to try and balance due to the poorly thought out base skill/weapon/rune system that Jay Wilson originally put in place.

This comment was edited on Mar 19, 2014, 17:58.
Avatar 23638
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News Comments > Diablo III XP Bonus
54. Re: Diablo III XP Bonus Mar 4, 2014, 16:04 OpticNerve
Yeah with the Torment levels, the game is definitely not easy but it's also not unfairly absurd like Inferno difficulty initially was on release (unless you had a specific class and build). The skill/rune system is still iffy imo (I prefer skill trees) but the newest patch did alter the skills and runes quite a bit so that there's a lot more build diversity now. And the Loot 2.0 system is addictive since you're always playing and hoping to get a Legendary that can completely alter your build and playstyle.  
Avatar 23638
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News Comments > Diablo III XP Bonus
46. Re: Diablo III XP Bonus Mar 4, 2014, 14:58 OpticNerve
Axis wrote on Mar 4, 2014, 14:34:
Well D3 has been plastered hardcore - every tiny scrap of info - here on BN for the last couple weeks.

Meanwhile tonight or tomorrow's news will show a blip of what a tiny ARPG company has managed with it's next 4-month league.

And frankly that's the only news worth of mention - throwing wads of $$$ from a gigantic corp with gigantic dev teams to make a 2-year game somewhat enjoyable to those who would like it if it was covered in shit sure isn't news to me.

I really, REALLY wanted to get addicted to PoE and the devs have my utmost respect with what they have done as a small studio. They really do try and to do things differently with the ARPG formula and I do think that PoE is honestly a very good game regardless of my criticisms about it.

But the thing that stuck out with me and sort of relates with your comment is that due to Blizzard throwing millions of $$$s into the game, it really does show with how slick and smooth combat is with Diablo 3 and what I didn't feel from Path of Exile. Even back when I was hating on release Diablo 3, I did notice and comment on how slick the base combat system was with the feedback, hit detection, ragdolling and even just how the mass numbers get spat out.

I really do hope that with the money that the PoE developers are making, that they'll go back and rework the combat animations and feedback since I think that it's one of the more common initial criticisms that I tend to see from people about the game.
Avatar 23638
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News Comments > Diablo III XP Bonus
42. Re: Diablo III XP Bonus Mar 4, 2014, 14:31 OpticNerve
D'oh, double post.  
Avatar 23638
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News Comments > Diablo III XP Bonus
41. Re: Diablo III XP Bonus Mar 4, 2014, 14:30 OpticNerve
I would have to disagree here.

I currently play a Demon Hunter and there are a bunch of popular Demon Hunter builds that strictly rely on specific Legendaries (such as the current FotM "Endless Frozen Arrow build" that requires the Krider Shot Legendary bow) or requires specific types of gear and skills/passives such as the Unlimited Chakram/Multishot build, etc. I'm sure the same applies to the other classes as well.

I was probably one of the more critical people of release Diablo 3 due to my love of Diablo 1 and 2. It still has glaring flaws but the Loot 2.1 patch really did help make the game a lot more fun now. I never thought I would say this since I vehemently disliked release Diablo 3 and I have to eat crow to my friends, but I really am looking forward to the expansion.

InBlack wrote on Mar 4, 2014, 09:49:
Think back, think back to Diablo2:LOD please. Think of the builds you tried or attempted to make, think of the Javazon, the Burizon, the Hammerdin, the Zealot, the Warcrier Barbarian.....the myrad number of possible builds for every simple class.

A lot of those builds depended on specific loot items and combinations (Still missing in Diablo3)

A lot of those builds depended on specific skill tree progressions and synergies (Still missing in Diablo3)

ALL of those builds were playable on the hardest difficulty even without the best equipment (Unless you spent your points willy nilly, but Still missing in Diablo3)

Also, (mostly) completely random levels, mini bosses, monster placements. Nuff said.

Also replayability, why would you ever roll more than one character of each class in D3??

Still think it was ALL about the loot?

This comment was edited on Mar 4, 2014, 14:46.
Avatar 23638
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News Comments > Age of Conan Character Transfers
6. Re: Age of Conan Character Transfers Jan 14, 2014, 23:37 OpticNerve
Hellbinder wrote on Jan 14, 2014, 20:24:
someday i know AO will be shut down and i dont want to feel the pain i did when i went to log in last year to City of Heros to play their Christmas stuff after a year of non play only to discover they are gone.

even though its not perfect and there is stuff to bitch about.. man i love AO.

Doubt it'll be anytime soon since that whole graphical engine re-haul for AO is in beta at the moment.
Avatar 23638
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News Comments > Outrise Revealed
8. Re: Outrise Revealed Jan 9, 2014, 21:04 OpticNerve
The name made me think of Outcast for some reason. I want an Outcast sequel :[  
Avatar 23638
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