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News Comments > Twilight for Twilight War
30. Re: No subject Jan 5, 2006, 18:43 random.thought
Sure I think blizzard is raking in the money. I just dont think its anywhere near as much as you think. It wouldn't surprise me at all if they were paying out at least 50% of the income in bandwidth costs.

That is absolutely, positively insane. You have no idea how much money they're making. Think all you want, but you'll still be wrong.

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News Comments > Twilight for Twilight War
28. Re: No subject Jan 5, 2006, 17:54 random.thought

My basic point is this: Its more expensive to operate these kinda things than the average person thinks. If you think there's so much money in it, why dont you get into that field?

We all know there's lots of money in oil, how come you're not an oil tycoon? Plenty of money in diamonds, how come you're not a jeweler? There's also lots of money, I hear, in drug trafficking. How come you're not selling coke, bucko? Because you're quite obviously a stupid fucking bitch with a stupid fucking argument. If you don't think Blizzard is raking in tons of money from WoW, you're delusional. There's no way bandwidth or development costs would even come close to equalling $75 million per month. Idiot.

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News Comments > Twilight for Twilight War
22. Re: No subject Jan 4, 2006, 22:27 random.thought
Mr. angry, random.period, you should reread some of that guy's sentences abit clearer cause a lot of what he said wasn't how you angrily answered back.

Actually, it was perfectly clear. Unless you can explain to me exactly how they aren't, please, kindly shut the fuck up.

edit: I'll save you some time, and explain to you in a manner that's easier to understand.

He attributes the folding of Source engine developers to the existence of Steam. Not only are these not related whatsoever, but not all Source engine developers use Steam. And in fact, the two that have folded, Troika and this one, didn't and weren't planning to use Steam.

Now in #2, he says that a Source MMORPG would fail because Valve fans only like CounterStrike. This kind of correlation is laughable. I'll reiterate my point: you don't need to be a fan of the engine developer to enjoy games that use that engine. If that was true, like i said, only fans of Epic would play Unreal Engine games. Only fans of iD would play Quake/Doom-engine games. Yeah, right.

Then in #3 he goes on about how it's impossible to make anything but a simple multiplayer mod. How in the fuck does that have anything to do with Source developers going under? A Source developer isn't making a mod. Seriously, what the fuck?

Now tell me again what isn't clear? Dude, before you say anything to me in the future, i suggest that you yourself read things more carefully, you goddamn douchebag.

This comment was edited on Jan 4, 22:38.
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News Comments > Maryland's Violent Gaming Bills
3. Re: No subject Jan 4, 2006, 22:25 random.thought
Fuck you, Hellbinder. If there was jail time for stupidity, you'd be serving a life sentence.

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News Comments > Twilight for Twilight War
15. Re: No subject Jan 4, 2006, 18:55 random.thought

I think this is due to:

1. Valve's fascist STEAM protocol and micromanagement. If you mod on the Source engine, you have Valve breathing down your neck.

2. The majority of dedicated Valve fans are of the Counterstrike variety. They don't really have any intention to try other types of gameplay, and certainly not a pay MMORPG, they just want more free Counterstrike or "bonus content."

3. It's extremely time-consuming to make anything but a simple multiplayer mod. It's also difficult to make anything complex with an inexperienced team. It's not impossible, but you have to be realistic with your options and capabilities.

And I think that you're just fucking stupid.

1) Source Engine games don't have anything innately to do with Steam. You don't have to use Steam and many licensees won't. Furthermore, just because a game doesn't use Source doesn't mean it won't use Steam -- look at the non-Source Steam games like Red Orchestra. Also, modding a non-Steam Source game like Vampire won't have anyone breathing down your neck. It's your problem that you're too goddamn stupid to seperate Half-Life 2 from the engine it uses.

2) You don't have to be a Valve fan to enjoy a Source game. Do you have to be an Epic fan to enjoy Unreal Engine games, like Splinter Cell, Lineage 2, or Deus Ex? That's one of the most ignorant fucking conclusions ever made.

3) This wasn't a mod, smart guy.

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News Comments > Twilight for Twilight War
4. Re: Another Source engine Developer Down Jan 4, 2006, 13:07 random.thought

Coincidence that Source engine developers are biting the dust faster than Sony Rootkit CDs?! "If you build it, you will fold!"

Uh... what other Source engine developers have gone under? Troika? They went under after they shipped Vampire. Their next game was not going to be Source.

I would have expected someone to chime in with the usual "another MMO developer bites the dust!" but you pleasantly surprise me with your dumbassery.

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News Comments > UT2007 PC First & Demo Plans
53. Re: No subject Jan 2, 2006, 23:01 random.thought
Someone still needs to explain to me what the difference would be in UT2K7 if its designed for the PS3 first and then ported to the PC.

Can you guys not grasp that at least for this generation the Xbox and PS3 are a step ahead of the PC space for gaming? The version should be virtually identical.

Specifically for a game like this it just wont nor would it ever make any difference considering the hardware and the changing face of console design anyway.

Nobody should need to explain this if you've read these boards at all you giant fucking douche. Games that are designed for consoles are typically made to appeal to the lowest common denominator, i.e. players that are not as technically savvy as PC users. Games that are designed for consoles first and PC's second are typically dumbed-down to cater to the "common gamer." It's a trend that's gone on for as long as console/PC ports have existed. Another thing is that consoles use gamepads and PC's use keyboards and mice. Games that make the console to PC transition often have terrible controls as a result. Even the ones that don't suffer from dumbed-down "consolitis" as much, like KOTOR, end up with a less-than-intuitive control scheme (no vertical mouselook?!).

You know what I think is funny? You say consoles are a step ahead of the PC when it comes to gaming. But consoles are just now starting to get the features that we've enjoyed on the PC for a decade: broadband, intuitive netplay, messenger services, CRT and LCD-quality visuals, etc. Keyboards and mice still aren't even standard and won't be for a long time. And all that awesome tech that the 360 and PS3 have, well, it'll be trumped by PC hardware in a year, maybe 2 years tops. And then it'll be another 2 or 3 years before the next console generation. Your arguments are, as usual, absolutely fucking stupid. Good day, douchebag.

This comment was edited on Jan 2, 23:01.
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News Comments > Vivisector Demos
43. Re: Wuzzat? Dec 31, 2005, 22:08 random.thought

You are indeed an idiot. So I wouldn't expect you to understand concepts like "logical consistency", because that would require you to read above a kindergarten level. But here's a clue: Someone pointing out that you are being hypocritical doesn't make someone hypocritical, asshole. Of course, if you really believe it does, I suppose every time you call someone a retard, it makes you a retard... Wait, you might be on to something there.

Sigh. Logic is most definitely not something you should be lecturing me about. If you become a hypocrite in the process of "pointing something out" then yes, it does make you a hypocrite. Glad we cleared that up. Now, kindly shut the fuck up and stop your own goddamn whining. Pathetic, just pathetic.

I hope your mom remembers to give you your medication today, kid. It's the New Years, wouldn't be nice if you once again spent the evening biting on everyone's calves. Oh, and have her wipe that froth from your mouth, or people might assume you're old enough to shave.

Another fan! Glad you enjoy the show. Maybe you should shut the fuck up, though, before you get involved in something you shouldn't b--- oops, too late for that. Who are you again? Since when did shaking your finger at people in internet forums become "cool"? Right, it isn't. And it never has been. Perhaps you should go back your job of telling people to "sshhhh" at the library. Fucking wanker.

This comment was edited on Dec 31, 22:08.
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News Comments > Vivisector Demos
25. Re: Wuzzat? Dec 31, 2005, 06:30 random.thought

Not that that stops you from whining about their whining. Or that you take your own advice and just "don't fucking read it". But hey, don't let a little hypocrisy get in your way.

Whoa there, asshole. I wasn't complaining about what he said. He can say whatever he wants. If you think that me telling someone to "stop whining" constitutes whining in itself, well, you're fucking retarded. By your definition you would now be "whining" about my own "whining." Hypocrisy is a funny thing, yes. Especially when someone becomes a hypocrite in accusing someone else of hypocrisy. Man, you really should have kept your fucking mouth shut.

Well said Bhruic... Well said.

Right, bitchface. Nobody asked you. Hope Bhruic bought you some dinner before you sucked him off.

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News Comments > Vivisector Demos
14. Re: No subject Dec 31, 2005, 00:13 random.thought

I have no interest in this game, but the smack talk of either:

A) Why are the graphics so bad?
B) Why are the graphics so good, but the gameplay sucks?

gets old on every title.
Every couple days we get one of you tards in here. There must be a breeding pool somewhere. Look, this is bluesnews. The community here is one of the most critical you will ever find. If you don't like the commentary, it's very simple: don't fucking read it. The people here are often brutal, and if it offends you then perhaps this is not the place for you. Stop whining.

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News Comments > America's Army Sequel
24. Re: No subject Dec 27, 2005, 21:15 random.thought
Hellbinder lecturing people on logic? SkullCrapper claiming AA portrays actual combat? HAHAHAHA. Oh man, i love you guys, if only for the lessons in how the stupidest, most ignorant 1% of the population lives and acts.

Hellbinder, i'll just leave that alone, i think your comments speak for themselves. SkullCrapper, AA doesn't even have blood, and you think that shows people what it's really like to get shot? When they make it so that after you're shot either your player is permanently dead or you're forced to go through rigorous physical therapy to acclimate your player to living with a lost limb, then it's getting close to the real thing. Fucking idiots, i swear.

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News Comments > SiN Episodes Delay
88. Re: I wish Dec 18, 2005, 05:31 random.thought
I know they've got a bad rep for employee treatment with that "EA spouse" blogger and all, but i haven't personally been on the receiving end of the kinds of things she mentions, and i've worked there for almost a year. I'd be willing to bet that those sorts of things are team-specific. In fact, i rather enjoy my job, and i'm paid well for what i do. There are always two sides to every coin, though, i suppose. Someone, somewhere in EA, i'm sure isn't as happy with their job as i am.

That said, i want them to start putting their money with their mouth is and start "challenging everything" like the slogan says. Last year only 2 EA games that shipped were original ip's, and that's out of 26 (i believe) in total. You're not challenging much, in my opinion, if all you're doing is pumping out sequels. I'm really hoping that changes soon.

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News Comments > SiN Episodes Delay
86. Re: I wish Dec 18, 2005, 04:39 random.thought

Yeah... You may want to read some posts from a person claiming to be a dev.

Ya know Tumbler, i was going to save you from looking like the giant fucking dick you are by not uploading these images after you backed off in the last thread. But now, i don't really give a shit. And in case you're wondering why i took the time to do this, it's simple, really. I think you're a douchebag. And at 1:30am on a Saturday night waiting to take the girlfriend to the airport, i really have nothing better to do than expose the full scope of your douchebaggery. Let's move on though, shall we?

So what do we have here, hmm.. looks like something an EA employee might carry.

This looks interesting, perhaps something an EA employee might acquire when hired?

What about this? Seems like a handy packet for an EA employee to have!

What ever could be inside...

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News Comments > UFO: Afterlight Announced
19. Re: No subject Dec 13, 2005, 15:13 random.thought
Why turn based these days>??????

I can understand its roots in real table top games, but now your on a multiprocessing fast gaming machine..turn based games are redundant now. This game was cool back in 1994 or whenever it first came out but now its boresome...

Then you're wrong -- you don't fucking understand anything about these games at all. Turn-based has never been used because computers were too slow to handle realtime. Ever. I'm going to take a guess based on your profuse use of question marks that you're a young'n who probably doesn't "get" these types of games. And if you don't "get" them to begin with, i don't think anyone can explain the reasoning behind them to you. But to sum it up, some of us just like a slower, more deliberate pace. Take that whatever way you want.

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News Comments > UT2004 Megapack Plans
76. Re: @Tumblefuck Dec 13, 2005, 00:48 random.thought

I'm not a big Renderware fan from the gamer's perspective. It seems too generic and thus doesn't excel at much. I can seem to pick out those games from a mile away, but I'm not sure if that's because it's good, or from it's mediocrity.

To be honest I'm not a huge Renderware fan either. But, mostly because of the games that use it. Although BLACK, the new RW game by the Burnout guys, is freaking amazing. I'd love to be on that team, but if i recall correctly they're based in EALA, and that's a long ways from here. We have a huge BLACK poster on the wall near the entrance to our floor that's covered in about 400 small images of various modern weaponry. It's great.

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News Comments > UT2004 Megapack Plans
71. Re: @Tumblefuck Dec 12, 2005, 22:54 random.thought

You were the one that was working on a System Shock style game, right? Someone posted a link to their company who was working on a Reality Engine game, I can't remember if it was you, though.

No, we don't use Reality Engine at EA, it's almost entirely Renderware. And while i'm pretty sure we published one of the System Shocks a long time ago i would have definitely heard about it if we were making a new one. Sorry.

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News Comments > UT2004 Megapack Plans
67. Re: No subject Dec 12, 2005, 21:11 random.thought

Oh you're a game designer hunh? Like hell you are. Give us a specific title. Give us a game you've worked on. I'm a game designer too, it says so right here in my imagination. How about a company you work for?

Electronic Arts, Redwood Shores office. Godfather The Game, Bond: From Russia With Love (my name's in the credits, beat the first level to watch them). I'm a 3D artist who works on characters and static level objects. Oh, did you want my real name? Too bad. I don't enjoy being fucked with in real life by internet pissants like yourself. And honestly, i don't give half a shit if you think i'm lying, but there's specifics for you. They're no more "concocked" (it's concocted, by the way!) than your fucking "creds" -- so suck it. I'm telling you these even though i know you still won't believe me, because that's just the type of asshole you are -- and yet, i believe you, so who's being the bigger man here?

How about anything that makes this post more than a blatant frikkin lie that took you 3 hours (that is the time from when I posted to when you posted) to complete.

Before you wrote that did you realize it took you 3 hours, nearly the exact same amount of time, to respond to my last post? Holy fucking irony. Your stupidity knows no bounds.

I'm a hypocrite? You've got to be kidding me!

For Telling the five of you to get a job, a life, a dictionary? You need lives. Look at that post about the comments I made. How long did that take?

Yeah, hypocrite. HYPOCRITE. You lecture us about insults and then fucking insult us in the process! So yeah, fuck you, dicktriscuit, if you can't see the irony then i'm wasting my time. Oh, and your post length almost mirrors mine, hmm, perhaps you should shut the fuck up before you make yourself look stupi----oh, nevermind.

And I really love the part about the 4 year college. I graduated from SFSU, a 4 year college, but anyone who actually goes to one knows how to refer to it.

What the fuck does that mean? Refer to it? I did refer to it by saying "4 year college," are you fucking braindead? I graduated from UCSD, top honors, is that better? Oh wait, I forgot! You really don't care, you just want to be a giant fucking bitch and pretend you're better than us. Well, mission accomplished, you've achieved a level of bitchery i never even imagined.

Review this thread, look at all the stuff you guys keep throwing out, and you don't think you've earned the judgement that you're acting like a bunch of bums with nothing better to do?

If this is true, what does it have to say about you, who keeps managing to respond to all these "bums"? I've read this thread, and there's only one person who's acting like a sorry, sore little bitch, and it ain't us. Stop your fucking whining, act like the man you claim to be, and suck it up. For someone who was in the Navy, you sure don't act like it. But, the Navy is known for its homosexuals...

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News Comments > UT2004 Megapack Plans
62. Re: No subject Dec 12, 2005, 16:43 random.thought
Fucking nice! If that doesn't illustrate how much of a hypocrite he is, i don't know what does.

I'm saying as politely as I can, to stop doing that. It doesn't encourage banter and chatter to insult people, it stiffles the conversation.

Actually, it does, you lump of human waste. Also, what kind of moral high ground do you really think you're occupying after you berate us for insulting people when you post vile diatribe like this, you fucking hypocrite:

Go get a life. Get a job, go to school, get a dictionary, do something besides waste all our time.

That's not an insult? You think that we don't have lives, or jobs, have gone to school, or read a dictionary? My spelling, vocabulary and grammar is near-immaculate. I make $60k a year, and guess what i do -- game design. I graduated from 4 year college 3 years ago with honors. I'm in a 3-year relationship and enjoy my life immensely. You are a petty, immature, presumptuous piece of shit, and while you think you're so much better than us, you're not. You don't see me telling you to do any of that, do you? No, because it's not relevant, and it would probably backfire on me anyway, because i know that most people have gone to school and hold down jobs no matter what kind of content their blues posts contain. So fuck you very much.

So please, stop or GO AWAY. If you don't have something to offer stop wasting our time.

No, we don't have to leave. This is not your personal fucking playground. I don't give half a shit if you don't like what you see here -- it's not our responsibility to cater to you, it is your responsibility to adjust to us. We are all not going to leave because Tumbler sheds a few salty bitch tears. We are the kitchen here and if you can't stand the heat, get out of the fucking kitchen. The kitchen has no responsibility to you.

It's annoying and Blues news deserves better.

Fuck you, Tumbler. Nobody, and certainly not Blue, ever appointed you as the representative voice of Blues News. You hardly succeed at representing yourself, let alone anyone else. This board does not fucking bow before the whims of Tumbler or any other sole individual besides the operator of the board. You would do well to remember that.

This comment was edited on Dec 12, 16:45.
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News Comments > Quake 4 Stupid Angry Bot
34. Re: No subject Dec 12, 2005, 13:20 random.thought
You should also get used to people writing in captitals. I don't think your eyes suddently exploded when you read this.

MY EYES!@#!one!$%! They've exploderized!@#! Ever see that movie Speed? My situation is similar, except as soon as a certain number of capital letters appear on my screen in a row, my monitor explodes. So give a man a break!

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News Comments > Quake 4 Stupid Angry Bot
23. Re: No subject Dec 12, 2005, 05:02 random.thought


Your caps lock is right above the left shift key. Just to let you know. Grandma asrof is probably wondering why you're yelling at her so much.

Oh by the way, ever seen a little section called Out of the Blue? Notice how it doesn't have anything to do with games? In other words, you're a douchebag, and nobody gives a fuck what you have to say. There's a reason why these forums are unmoderated. Get used to it, or get the fuck out.

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