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Nickname swedishfriend
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Description Smart, loving and confident.
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Signed On Jun 29, 2005, 17:37
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News Comments > Morning Metaverse
4. Re: Morning Metaverse Oct 25, 2011, 10:05 swedishfriend
I don't know anyone who has netflix who doesn't love it. Between 2 adults and 2 kids in our household we easily watch 3-4 hours a day on average. I don't have cable and I haven't rented a disc since the local video store closed down. There are lots of shitty content for sure but there is great content added faster than anyone could possibly consume it. If you are only looking for the most prevalent(available everywhere else) Hollywood blockbusters you may want to look elsewhere but anything less common than that you will probably find. I especially like all the great films that aren't easy to find on disc or through file sharing that I can watch instantly.

As for hastings, he has created a great company that has grown a huge customer base so I don't think one flub makes him a sucky business man.
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News Comments > Evening Legal Briefs
1. Re: Evening Legal Briefs Sep 13, 2011, 10:21 swedishfriend
I was hoping West & Zampella win their Modern Warfare name ownership contention. Now I see that Activision has plenty of time to dig themselves a hole by using the name they don't actually own. I will laugh so hard if Activision looses this one.  
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
5. Re: Morning Consolidation Aug 8, 2011, 15:26 swedishfriend
Carmack's comment was that even though a PC is 10 times as powerful it is a struggle to get the game running as well on a pc as on a console. The abstraction layers on a PC costs that much processing power.  
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News Comments > Sunday Legal Briefs
1. Re: paypal Aug 1, 2011, 00:03 swedishfriend
Seems to me that it is paypal who needs to be on guard. Doing shady things at the expense of hackers is not a good idea.  
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News Comments > BioShock: Infinite E3 Trailer
21. Re: BioShock: Infinite E3 Trailer Jul 10, 2011, 10:50 swedishfriend
But the developers have already said that it is still mostly systems. You could run straight to the horse and shoot it. You can kill random civilians. You can avoid the Vox as much as possible, or just shoot them. I liken it to a GTA style game. You may find a scripted event or you may not. Interactions with various civilians or the Vox are scripted like if you run into police in GTA or rob civilians (except obviously more AI). There is scripting going on but it reacts to what is going on and what you do.  
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News Comments > BioShock: Infinite E3 Trailer
12. Re: BioShock: Infinite E3 Trailer Jul 10, 2011, 01:11 swedishfriend
It is mostly systems! The faction of people that notice the two protagonists are looking for them. You can avoid them and avoid raising their attention as much as possible. Same with the bird. The zip-lines you can jump on and off anytime you want in any direction you aim. They show you where you will land with that circle which probably has some auto-aim to make it easier to navigate at high speeds. The bird scare at the store and then the bird taking the girl away were the only two events that I would call strictly scripted. I mean you could say that everything in a game like GTA4 is scripted but I don't think that is what people usually mean when they say a game is heavily scripted.  
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News Comments > Morning Safety Dance
5. Re: Morning Safety Dance Jul 9, 2011, 16:56 swedishfriend
people drink to feel less self conscious. Girls have more and more body image pressures which may explain the difference.  
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News Comments > etc.
2. Re: etc. Jul 9, 2011, 16:10 swedishfriend
Cannabis is a powerful stimulant. Wipeout HD and CODBLOPS are my examples. When I pick up these games after not playing them for a few days it may take me 30-45 minutes to get good enough and fast enough to play them well. If I am using cannabis I will be up to speed in 4-5 minutes. Same with my singing. I can skip the warm up process if I have consumed cannabis.  
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News Comments > Call of Duty Convention in September
18. Re: Call of Duty Convention in September Jul 1, 2011, 09:42 swedishfriend
Darks wrote on Jun 30, 2011, 12:02:
I was about to bash this too, but seeing how itís going to veterans, and I am a former veteran knowing those guys need this type of support. Then itís good as long as they are getting the proceeds.

It would be better if the money came out of the Pentagon's budget that way there would be less money used creating wounded soldiers and veterans. How about a charitable organization that lobbies government for better care for soldiers and veterans?

Plus I would be willing to bet a large portion will go to pay salaries for the people running the charity. Is bobby on the board? Some charities 90% of the money goes to 2-3 people at the top!
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News Comments > Call of Duty Convention in September
17. Re: Call of Duty Convention in September Jul 1, 2011, 09:32 swedishfriend
But the end result is that a charity gets money which it otherwise wouldn't have gotten. And that's good.

End result for charities helping veterans: The pentagon has more money to spend creating wounded veterans.

We should demand that larger portion of their budget go towards helping the soldiers. That way they would have less money for wars which create problems for everyone, especially soldiers.
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News Comments > Morning Legal Briefs
2. Re: PS3 hacker expects jail term Jun 22, 2011, 10:57 swedishfriend
"sued by Sony for Ä1m following his involvement in efforts to restore Linux compatibility to PS3."

Going to jail because he cannot keep fighting the charges nor pay the court fees.

Going to jail for efforts to restore linux capability to the PS3 = totally fucked up!
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News Comments > GRID Off the Grid
2. Re: GRID Off the Grid Jun 20, 2011, 10:42 swedishfriend
Three year lifespan? That is ridiculous. I buy plenty of games for the first time when they are that old or older. So the game will never work as advertised for someone like me? They could have at least let the community take over. Where are consumer protection laws for this sort of thing?  
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News Comments > It Came from E3 2011, Part 6
2. Re: It Came from E3 2011, Part 6 Jun 10, 2011, 10:43 swedishfriend
If they talked about stuff that was already available no-one would care. These conventions are advertising to consumers while being a place for managers, executives and distributers to get together to decide how much to order and how much promotional space to give to upcoming products. How many copies of X game should the main buyer for Best Buy order? This has to be determined many months in advance so that the publisher can manufacture enough discs and boxes and arrange for their distribution.
Optional nickname wrote on Jun 10, 2011, 09:05:
Gotta love E3, so much paper launch, nothing to show for on shelves now.

Now that the BS is done and overwith, let's get Diablo3 ready, ok Blizzard?
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News Comments > Evening Tech Bits
4. Re: best buy Jun 9, 2011, 22:47 swedishfriend
In the letter they say that reportedly your video shows, bla bla bla. They send a cease and desist letter without looking at the ad that is readily available? I hope Newegg peeps got a good laugh out of that one. Nothing that Best Buy complains about is actually in the video. Height of stupidity.

And, yes the brief 2 months I worked at best buy was a glimpse into corporate ineptitude on a grand scale. We'd get conflicting messages in the same meeting (no pressure on the customers, must sell certain numbers of insurance plans). People would straight up lie to customers or pressure them to buy insurance plans by refusing to finalize the paperwork after an hour of going through a computer package (pc, monitor, printer, cables) if the customer didn't buy all the plans, etc. Needless to say someone like me who actually knows my stuff and cares about customers didn't last. They just made my life miserable the more customers liked me (some would even ask for me by name, at a Best Buy!!!) and the more I sold, the more the manager would keep telling me to go clean this or that isle while him and the rest of the scumbag crew stood around joking while waiting for another customer to mentally rape. Oh and the cables they keep trying to sell, 2000% mark-up I kid you not!!! I bought a printer cable (yeah it was a while ago) we sold it for $40 it was $2 our cost.
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News Comments > RAGE Trailer
58. Re: RAGE Trailer Jun 5, 2011, 12:46 swedishfriend
The game looks gorgeous compared to borderland and fallout3. Each enemy looks unique, each piece of wall and flooring, etc. Besides all that it will be fun to play! ID has never let me down when it comes to outstanding, fun gameplay. DOOM 3, their last FPS game, is still fun for me to play when I go back to it once in a while. It is a good reminder of how shitty most single player FPS games play. Yes other games have interesting concepts and genre-mixing but few feel as fun to play.  
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News Comments > GRIN on Square Enix
7. Re: GRIN on Square Enix May 30, 2011, 01:15 swedishfriend
Square killed this studio. Square had decided to drop the project and never paid Grin a dime but they kept approving milestones and telling them everything was fine for over half a year while the studio was bleeding its own money. The crazy demands started towards the end when Grin became more and more worried about why they weren't getting their promised money and started pressing Square for the by then very late payments. I guess Square was hoping the studio would survive long enough to finish the game without their money but then when Grin couldn't afford to let Square slide anymore on its payments They started to come up with ridiculous reasons to not make the payments for milestones that had already been approved by Square's producer. Grin apparently has an email trail to back their side of the story up. After they realized Square had no intention of paying them it was too late and the studio was out of money. BTW Wanted got plenty of good reviews and quite a few people really liked the mechanics of the Bionic Commando game once they got good at it.  
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News Comments > SSFIV AE Uses Always-On DRM
27. Re: SSFIV AE Uses Always-On DRM May 26, 2011, 02:04 swedishfriend
Exactly, this "solution" doesn't solve the problem they say they have. Either they are dumb or greedy. But my bet would be on "trying to stop second hand sales" which is both dumb and greedy.  
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News Comments > SSFIV AE Uses Always-On DRM
26. Re: SSFIV AE Uses Always-On DRM May 26, 2011, 02:00 swedishfriend
NoCD says hi! All DRM is too draconian. None solve piracy and all inconvenience the paying customer. Greed causes many businesses and people to make decisions that that are generally illogical, hurt others and ultimately hurt themselves. Sony doesn't talk to the young smart person who figured out something about their security, they attack him first (now they pay the price for making the first attack). Back in the day on the Amiga they would format the discs weird to make them hard to copy. This would mess with people's drives or the game wouldn't work at all if the drive wasn't in perfect alignment. Meanwhile people who downloaded a cracked version that might also run off of your hard drive had no problems and could start up the game faster. Companies should have learned by now assuming they can think straight...  
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News Comments > SSFIV AE Uses Always-On DRM
25. Re: SSFIV AE Uses Always-On DRM May 26, 2011, 01:48 swedishfriend
The only horror story here is Capcom's own description of the DRM! Pirates will still be able to play their cracked version offline and the paying customers won't be able to. And if you loose your connection you have to leave your game running until you can connect again or loose your progress.  
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News Comments > Evening Consolidation
4. Re: Evening Consolidation, LA Noire May 7, 2011, 00:25 swedishfriend
I like the ideas and elements this game offers but could be great or terrible depending on how they implement everything. Will definitely wait to see what people say about the finished product.  
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