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News Comments > Champions Online Beta Status

11. Re: Champions Online Beta Status Aug 18, 2009, 04:35 Asmodai
I'm getting more and more tired of spending hours trying to figure this crap out just to get a look at games I'm not even sure I want.

Don't play beta then... = \

Hell, don't play release either, wait for a month or two until it's settled down. I'm not saying that to be sarcastic, but the people that feel entitled to perfect service in a beta test are quite frankly windowlicking morons... Does it really need to be emphatically stated that beta's are, by their nature, bug and issue prone?

As for today, meh, they handled it fairly well. If more people put in intelligent posts on the bug forum rather than "OMFG I R SO MAD AT YOU F@GS!!!!!11ELEVEN", then they might get an answer. A CSR/Dev answered my post re: a corrupted game client directly and the fix provided got the game up and running in no time.

The quality of the game is not just delivery on the dot, it's supporting it when things go wrong. All in all, today hasn't been the worst first day of open beta I've participated in, and it probably won't be the worst launch either. If issues during this period make you rage, why not avoid it all together?
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News Comments > Onyxia Returns to WoW

30. Re: Onyxia Returns to WoW Aug 14, 2009, 09:22 Asmodai
They HAVE to update the encounter mechanics given that it's soloable content right now, not to mention the raid encounter mechanics themselves are antiquated. Jerk.

Nope, they could have just updated her HP and dmg and left it at that, but Onyxia's tactics are pretty half rate compared to a lot of the newer content.

Good to see the old duck get a polish up. The first time I solo killed her on my druid I really felt a bit empty because I remember the first kill waaaaay back when when it was unnerfed hard core content and how great that felt. Seeing something that used to stymie 40 good players dropped by one bear with nothing better to do was a bit of a downer.

As I said, it's the lazy design approach.

When's your world beating MMO coming out? Oh, you're just an arm chair douche expert?? Mmmm'kay... \= |

As an ex-wow player, this isn't something to interest me coming back, but the idea of making all old instance content available at 80 as heroic level stuff has been tossed around and it has some merit. A lot of those instances are great at the right level. Most newer players never see them or get twinked through them. Having to actually fight through them almost as intended would open up many hours of fun to players.

More power to them, Onyxia deserves another chance to thrash the crap out of people.. =)
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News Comments > Huxley Beta Opens

15. Re: Huxley Beta Opens FRUSTRATING Aug 5, 2009, 04:27 Asmodai
I think we're all still waiting for someone to capture the battle feel of Planetside combined with the compelling nature of MMO's (PS just felt empty after a while, getting to BR20CR5 and then chasing a zerg around the map looking for a battle sucked at the end)

It seems Huxley is not going to do it either.
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News Comments > X-Wing, TIE Fighter Teases

31. Re: X-Wing, TIE Fighter Teases Aug 4, 2009, 18:29 Asmodai
rofl, if you think about the Alliance, some days, if you lost one minor cap ship, it could be entirely over... ; )

Tie Fighter is still one of my all time favourites and my Sidewinder 2 is still in working order to have at it again (best money I ever spent on a PC peripheral). I loved starting out in scrub TIE's only to work your way up to Adv. and Defenders where you could really start taking out the rebellion trash with some efficiency... =)

There's a reason Lucasarts is breaking out the old classics... They're f#cking good... They've already got the gameplay sewn up and now they're getting a graphical and compatibility update. Nothing wrong with that, the people who played them the first time around are all hanging out to play them again anyway. ; )
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News Comments > Valve on Racism Accusations

15. Re: Evening Consolidation Jul 31, 2009, 00:08 Asmodai
Ok if there were no black zombies they would be racist too:)

They prefer the term "African American Infection Challenged Citizens" tyvm...

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News Comments > Minorities in Games

2. Re: Minorities in Games Jul 30, 2009, 09:57 Asmodai
You ever get the feeling that these studies are there to justify themselves..?

"Oh yeah, the game allows you to create a minority character but because we randomly rolled up a white dood, well, minorities must be underrepresented."

Doesn't the thought occur that a minority might roll up someone that looks like them. Or perhaps that, for example, WoW might not exactly be flush with Latinos, Asians and African/Af.American's because that was not the original fantasy setting?

Give me a random set of population demographics and I'll be able to spin something offensive to some minority. It doesn't mean it exists, just that it can be made to exist if you try hard enough...
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News Comments > The Force Unleashed on PCs

78. Re: The Force Unleashed on PCs Jul 25, 2009, 23:30 Asmodai
Since most PC gamers seem to own consoles out of necessity these days (just picked up my PS3 not long ago), if they wanted to play this game, they probably already have. Few people are going to pay full price just because it's been ported over.

If they put this out in the 20 buck bin with the rest of the one year old games, mebbe, but these fucktards expect full price for recycled hash.
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News Comments > Mobilization

5. Re: Mobilization Jul 12, 2009, 16:18 Asmodai
Alexa's mom says it doesn't matter that her daughter was text-messaging, the manhole should not have been left open. The family plans to file as lawsuit.

Alex'a mom should throw away her mobile phone and tell her daughter to open her stupid c#nt eyes... One wonders how many government agencies raise their taxes annually to account for lawsuits/insurance/settlement to morons like this...
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News Comments > New MechWarrior

45. Re: New MechWarrior Jul 9, 2009, 19:03 Asmodai
I think what a lot of the FPS vs RPG elements argument is missing is that most Mechwarrior games don't account for the standard problems you get on the board in re: aiming/movement based checks.

If you took enough damage in one turn, you had to make a piloting skill check to see if you maintained your upright stance or fell ass over (and took damage). Similarly there were skill checks to moving over tarmac (slippery), certain jumps or changes in elevation or overriding a thermal shutdown.

If you were a light mech pilot and you had to expose yourself to fire, you tended to move in cover or move the largest distance possible to you because you only get a one time negative to your gunnery because you're running, but the more hexes you have moved from the original hex, the harder you were to hit.

As opposed to MW3/4 where it was entirely too easy to unload PPC's in to a scout mech. Biggest mech wins stuff...

The other interesting thing is that a couple of the mechs mentioned (Warhammer, Rifleman) were both dropped from newer Battletech stuff because they were copyrighted designs from Robotech (along with stuff like the Battlemaster, Locust, Phoenix Hawk and Marauder) and were used illegally iirc. They are classics however and are well and truly in place in a 3015 setting.

ps. For all those Clan alpha strike junkies, get ready for no modularity, no double heatsinks, no ER/pulse lasers, gauss/streaks etc. I only hope there's a Hatchetman in there somewhere... *grin*
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News Comments > On Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Race Relations

35. Re: oh yes, lets all be Jun 30, 2009, 18:52 Asmodai
Edit: Damn you Mozilla Firefox random crashing!!! ; )

removed dupe

This comment was edited on Jun 30, 2009, 18:54.
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News Comments > On Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Race Relations

34. Re: oh yes, lets all be Jun 30, 2009, 18:48 Asmodai
So yeah, people oversensitive and wrongly up in arms over a non issue in a video game and some forum goers acting like idjits...

How un-fucking-usual...
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News Comments > ARMA II Specs

16. Re: ARMA II Specs Jun 26, 2009, 02:14 Asmodai
Maybe you just don't know how to keep your system in check... who knows. On a side note, why are you telling us you have a 9 year old sidewinder? Is that a good thing?

Yes, that joystick is truly one of the best production sticks ever made. I've still got my old FF2.

Incidentally, there is a vid of a guy running a game with 1500 AI's in it and it manages to still hit 20 FPS with a reasonably good look and feel to gameplay.
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News Comments > Into the Black

19. Re: Into the Black Jun 26, 2009, 00:05 Asmodai
The guy never had a childhood, I think once he got stupidly rich he basically went a bit mad and lived like a child as much as he could. He probably saw the children thing as a sleep-over (although that doesn't rule out anything more happening).


Micheal was broken from the word go. The baby over the balcony incident kinda shows that. It was a stupid impulsive thing a young kid would do without thinking. That's the way he lived his live, regressed in a childlike state.

That's not to say he did or didn't molest anyone, but I think a tortured soul is finally at peace.
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News Comments > AU to Block Web Games and Sales

4. Re: AU to Block Web Games and Sales Jun 25, 2009, 09:54 Asmodai
How the hell do these guys stay in office?

Because computer games don't rate highly on our politicians agendas.

Because the majority of Australia is unaware that censorship and more control are coming.

Because they give cash hand outs during a financial crisis and appeal to the lowest common denominator.

Because both the Labor party (who are typically socialist left) and the Liberals (which is a joke, they are conservative right) are now run by conservative rightward people. It's fundie or fundie in our two party system. We have other parties and independants but they really act only as a braking force on our senate.

looks like aussies will only be playing games like Thomas the tank, kitties island adventure and barbie & the puppies adventure.. they must be so happy that their goverment is looking after them, isnt that great

Nope, we'll do what we always do for R18+ games. Import from Asia typically or pirate it. Incidentally, RC content is neither illegal to own or view.. work that one out... It's illegal to sell it in Aus and the filter will block it, but it's not illegal to possess. RC is obviously different to actual illegal (snuff, CP etc).

Yes, the government's internet censorship will probably increase piracy.

Oh yeah, their proposed filtering system can be worked around by a simple DNS redirect or a VPN connection.

And yes, those of us in the know think our government is a pack of wankers, but that's nothing new in Australia. ; )

This comment was edited on Jun 25, 2009, 09:56.
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News Comments > Fallout 3 Patches

28. Re: Fallout 3 Patches Jun 23, 2009, 18:44 Asmodai
Do you always act like a child when someone disagrees your opinion, or is that merely the internet personality you have developed for yourself?

Man, you were too fucking thick to figure out that mebbe you should turn in the guy wanting to nuke the town to the fucking sheriff you actually meet in a scripted event as you walk in the door. It's because of nimrods like yourself that games have been dumbed down so far.

If anything, I think Creston's response was restrained and polite compared to what I think you deserve... =)
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News Comments > Choplifter to Fly Again?

17. Re: Choplifter to Fly Again? Jun 22, 2009, 00:44 Asmodai
Wake me up when they make Wumpus.

Parsec was better... =)

Ti99-4A, keeping it real... Real fucking old that is.. X D
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News Comments > On Assassin's Creed III

4. Re: On Assassin's Creed III Jun 10, 2009, 01:15 Asmodai
Be nice if they could concentrate on ACII getting out the door before worrying about ACIII.  
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - The Sims 3

11. Re: Ships Ahoy - The Sims 3 Jun 2, 2009, 21:58 Asmodai
Apparently you can buy a furniture set for your sims that costs 2000 pts. ($20) Ouch. How much do they expect people to spend playing this game?

The fun of micro transaction systems, there is no effective end point. If you keep putting in new shit, people might buy it. You are turning out a virtual product which costs almost nothing to produce (an hour or two in modeling and texturing, mostly reusing existing resources) and a few nuts are going to plunk cash down for it...
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News Comments > Fallout 3: Point Lookout Trailer

6. Re: Fallout 3: Point Lookout Trailer Jun 2, 2009, 21:47 Asmodai
One might even hope they fix all the bugs they introduced in Broken Steel (a fitting name if ever you could have one). =)  
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News Comments > Left 4 Dead 2 Announced

92. Re: Left 4 Dead 2 Announced Jun 1, 2009, 19:00 Asmodai
I'm going to be one of those piping up with "so what about supporting the original fucking game with this extra content?"

Between the abysmal server browser and the griefers that you just couldn't do shit about, this game was fun but overpriced/technically flawed.

Won't be getting this unless it's bundled or the price is dropped to about the same level as Killing Floor (19.99 USD).
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