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News Comments > Alec Holowka Dead
94. Re: Alec Holowka Dead Sep 2, 2019, 06:53 Asmodai
And because of the inevitable backlash, I'll state clearly to save you chumps from making up a narrative.

I don't know if Holowka did or did not do anything.
I don't know if Quinn was lying.
I believe in the rule of law and the presumption of innocence.
I believe if a person is found guilty of the crime of rape, that the full force of the law should fall on them from a great height.

If you believe that a person should be shamed, fired etc without an official verdict, you do not believe in the law, you believe in the rule of the mob. And you're a fucking moron.
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News Comments > Alec Holowka Dead
93. Re: Alec Holowka Dead Sep 2, 2019, 06:25 Asmodai
Beamer wrote on Sep 2, 2019, 00:45:
And for what it's worth, his co-workers came out and said they believe the allegations. His family came out and said they believe the allegations. A bunch of dudes on the internet that had never heard of him prior to this week, though, seem pretty convinced he is innocent and no one should have had advanced notice of what he'd done in the past.

Ah Beamer, you are the left personified.

No one said he's innocent. People have said that it should have been dealt with via the justice system rather than trial by social media. As usual, you can't find a real point to defeat so you build a strawman to beat up. It's getting more pathetic than Zoe Quinn...
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News Comments > Alec Holowka Dead
92. Re: Alec Holowka Dead Sep 2, 2019, 06:18 Asmodai
RedEye9 wrote on Sep 1, 2019, 18:38:
So the following people who went dark on twitter; Scott Benson, Bethany Hockenberry, Zo Quinn, Albertine Watson, and Eileen Holowka
are just supposed to leave their accounts up so every mouth breathing lowlife, misogynist, angry clueless gamer, inbred incel and ignorant 13 year old can continue to post death threats, abuse and harassment on their respective accounts.
You really didn't apply much thought to that did you.

More than you apparently. If you can throw baseless accusations that may have contributed to a persons suicide and they have to deal with the consequences, surely these fucking stunning brave people can deal with a little return critique? X D
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News Comments > Alec Holowka Dead
29. Re: Alec Holowka Dead Sep 1, 2019, 18:00 Asmodai
jdreyer wrote on Sep 1, 2019, 17:12:
We don't actually know why he took his life. Maybe it had nothing to do with her. Maybe it was because he was kicked off the Infinite Fall team. Or maybe it was something completely unrelated. We shouldn't jump to conclusions.

To clarify, do you support the theme of #metoo, that is, the ability to make unsubstantiated accusations on social media to incite mob justice? I don't want to assume or put words in your mouth, but based on your past posts, I have you pegged as leaning in that direction.

I'm really curious, because there are a lot of people in this thread leaping to the conclusion that this guy is a rapist or abuser or w/e with no evidence other than a single accusation. The essence of your post applies to any party involved in this, we just don't know whether this guy did anything wrong, and we don't know whether Quinn and co's dogpile caused him to kill himself.

Yes, we should absolutely not jump to conclusions about why he committed suicide, just like he should have been presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Of course, in the pile of circumstantial evidence, it doesn't really help that a bunch of people that piled on this story have shut down their twitter or deleted posts/tweets where they went balls deep on nothing more than the accusation...
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News Comments > Op Ed
32. Re: Ugh Aug 18, 2019, 17:11 Asmodai
007Bistromath wrote on Aug 18, 2019, 07:00:
As a bisexual, this is one of a thousand reasons the series lost its shine after the first game. Being pandered to feels disgusting unless you're a politics-obsessed moron.

I love how all the progressive posers ignore your comment since, ya know, you actually have that whole lived experience...

Kinda hilarious. They want to disagree with you but your 'otherness' gives you invulnerability lest they be tarred as intolerant. +1 internets to you!

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News Comments > Op Ed
24. Re: Op Ed Aug 18, 2019, 05:55 Asmodai
Borderlands is a loot shooter, not a cheesy romance game. If Athena wants to smash some puss puss on her down time, that's her business, but when I'm driving her, she's there to kick ass and take names, not pine for the "fjord". Same for the rest of them, what they do when I'm not playing is up to them. X D

If Gearbox wants to be like Bioware and shoe horn cheesy romance options (straight and gay, cept Tali, she's awesome) in to the storyline, go nuts, but it's not what the game is known for and I doubt it'll sell more copies. Of course, they'll always have the glorious excuse if the game fails to be a hit that it 'was the haters because we're stunning and brave and shit' to save them from any sort of introspection, so I guess that's a plus...

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News Comments > Op Ed
1. Re: Op Ed Aug 17, 2019, 00:41 Asmodai
Ignore politics and never apologise... The old "arguing with idiots" adage applies, you can't just create something you think is cool and deal with every butthurt sperg on the planet because there is always someone who is offended. You win by not playing their game.  
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News Comments > Cyberpunk 2077 Date
27. Re: Cyberpunk 2077 Date Jun 10, 2019, 02:45 Asmodai
MoreLuckThanSkill wrote on Jun 9, 2019, 20:03:
Also, how much fucking money has CD Projekt RED spent on this game? Keanu as one of the voice actors +whatever it costs for his likeness? Ugh, it's cool, but that was probably 20million of their budget right there...

I'm willing to bet he did them a pretty sweet deal, Reeves has always been a huge fan of cyberpunk and I suspect he jumped at the chance.
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News Comments > Path of Exile: Legion Marches Out
12. Re: Path of Exile: Legion Marches Out Jun 7, 2019, 23:29 Asmodai
Tipsy McStagger wrote on Jun 7, 2019, 10:41:
my problem with PoE after 1000 hours of play is that I don't have enough time in each league.. Kinda wish they would do 6 month leagues.

There's quite a good vid from GGG about the market research they did in long term user retention and the short turn around keeps the game fresh for what is essentially a "rinse, repeat" grind. Obviously they are courting the whales (and I don't really blame them for this) but longer season iterations showed significant user drop off who wouldn't return the next season, where the shorter turn around keeps players playing.

And as an interesting peak behind the curtain, between post release support and pre-release promotion, they really only get about 4-5 weeks of work time on each new season. While they certainly reuse assets and have a bank of ideas saved up for future use, it's still pretty impressive how they manage to put out so much in such a short period of time.
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News Comments > The Surge 2 Surging Out in September
1. Re: The Surge 2 Surging Out in September Jun 6, 2019, 01:34 Asmodai
The Surge was quite a good souls like (in terms of controls on PC, miles better than any of the From products) although the storyline wasn't the greatest. Well worth a look if you are a souls-like fan.  
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
23. Re: Out of the Blue May 8, 2019, 06:46 Asmodai
If you're in the market for a gas grill, check out the quartz IR barbeques (radiant quart tech or RQT), where the gas heats up a quartz crystal half pipe which then radiates heat up to the food. As the meat cooks, the fat and juices drip down on the superheated quartz and then return as flavourful smoke. As a side note, the heat diffusion from the half pipe removes dull spots on the grill where gas elements would usually heat straight up and miss the bits in the middle. Another benefit is that the quartz mostly protects the element from direct exposure to salty drippings which can cause corrosion over time.

Alternately, you can get ceramic head holders to go over your grill which serve the same purpose (smoke creation and heat diffusion) but I prefer the simplicity of the quartz.

Strangely enough, I don't think the US has RQTs yet... = \

This is the advert blurb from BBQ's Galore in Aus,
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News Comments > Anthem Patched; Further Act 1 Changes Delayed
15. Re: Anthem Patched; Further Act 1 Changes Delayed Apr 24, 2019, 08:01 Asmodai
Creston wrote on Apr 23, 2019, 20:36:
There are a few good things:

1) Added the ability to access the Forge during Missions, Strongholds and Freeplay. You can now change your gear without having to return to Fort Tarsis or the Launch Bay!

2) Added the ability to select contracts from the start of expedition screen rather than going to the individual contract boards in Fort Tarsis or in the Launch Bay.

3) Added the ability to launch a new mission from the end of expedition screen without having to return to Fort Tarsis or the Launch Bay.

These are good things.

No, they are basic quality of life "no brainers" that only imbeciles or incompetents would leave out...

Everything on the delayed list is everything that actually sparks any interest.
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News Comments > Evening Legal Briefs
1. Re: Evening Legal Briefs Apr 20, 2019, 05:38 Asmodai
Ironic, the guy that built a business about sieving through personal data now wants privacy...  
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News Comments > Gatherings & Competitions
2. Re: Gatherings & Competitions Apr 16, 2019, 02:19 Asmodai
Of course polygon is leading the butthurt brigade over a little cussing...

Jeebus, they would have a fucking stroke over the language we used to use back in the Quake LAN days... X D
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News Comments > What Happened with Anthem?
16. Re: What Happened with Anthem? Apr 3, 2019, 02:40 Asmodai
I dont think we knew what Anthem was going to be when it shipped,

Well there's the problem right there... That's sort of a pre-requisite to even attempting to make a fucking game..

As for the suggestion that Div 2 is in the same league as Anthem, lemme just say this. You can view your inventory and equip that shit hot gun that just dropped any time. You can cruise across the entire zone barring dark zones with no load screens. Loot can be adjusted to some extent taking out a lot of the RNGesus effect...

This isn't even talking about story yet, just core looter/shooter mechanics which are a no brainer. Div II isn't game of the year by any stretch, but Anthem was a complete turd. Glad I got to play it on Origin Premier for 20 bucks with all the perks and it'll remember my progress if I ever choose to go poke my head in again.
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News Comments > BioWare Offers Anthem Post-Launch Thoughts
12. Re: BioWare Offers Anthem Post-Launch Thoughts Mar 20, 2019, 03:46 Asmodai
Enjoyed playing for the 20 buck (AUD) sub price to Origin Premier (also finished Battlefield 1 stories and a decent part of Darksiders III finished) and now I can let the sub slip with little regrets.

All told, some 160 dollars worth of value.

Plus I was one of the lucky ones that got a legendary worth something (+250% weapon dmg was one of the mods, making grandmaster II content fairly easy to solo).

And if by "trying something new" you mean "showed the most epic battle imaginable via cutscene rather than let the players play, then send them back to the same 4 boring quest types", sure. Groundbreaking stuff. Player agency discarded, seems to be working a treat...
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
16. Re: Out of the Blue Mar 18, 2019, 06:20 Asmodai
Ah I didn't see the news about Gunnar yesterday, really sorry to hear about that Blue. Funny to think that a lot of us started coming here almost before Hudson came along iirc, and how the page, you, Mrs. Blue and the boys have all been a much loved part of our lives for so long. My condolences and best wishes for Mrs. Blue and you.  
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News Comments > Fallout 76 Content Roadmap
9. Re: Fallout 76 Content Roadmap Feb 22, 2019, 23:59 Asmodai
Medvanis wrote on Feb 22, 2019, 19:29:
Sad really. I consider myself a Fallout fan boy but after reading all the comments, reviews, and watching the videos I wouldn't touch this game with a 50ft pole.

I still have not been able to play Fallout 4 as I'm not prepared to again launch in to the plethora of fixes and bullshit required to get it running on ultra widescreen. I've done it with so many Beth games (ironically, the Scrolls MMO works fine in UWS) and dealing with it breaking every patch and always been community work has left me completely over it.

So it wasn't a big deal to completely pass on 76 and everything that happened with it just left me feeling completely vindicated.

Fuck Bethesda and their crap.
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News Comments > On Tomorrow's Public Anthem Demo
24. Re: On Tomorrow's Public Anthem Demo Feb 1, 2019, 03:47 Asmodai
Gawd, is it showing my age that I don't even care about Anthem at this point?

It's nothing particular about the game, EA or anything else, but looking at some of the demo footage, it's just a big old 'meh' to me.
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News Comments > We'll Always Have Paris, Overwatch
3. Re: We'll Always Have Paris, Overwatch Jan 31, 2019, 02:18 Asmodai
I wonder if one side get's yellow vests...

Too soon?
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