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Nickname Carver
Email Concealed by request - Send Mail
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Description I carve you !!
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Signed On May 14, 2005, 23:53
Total Comments 90 (Suspect)
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News Comments > Morning Legal Briefs
3. Re: Video game rage ends with mom attacking kids Dec 29, 2011, 17:38 Carver
I thought it was a story about John Carmack/id Softwares latest game having an offensive ending or something, My bad . . .  
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News Comments > QUAKE LIVE Mac & Linux Status
4. Re: QUAKE LIVE Mac & Linux Status May 5, 2009, 19:26 Carver
Linux is crap, theres a reason no one uses it, and Hardware/Software manufacturers/developers ignore it it the main, it sucks, has next to zero market share, is way to fragmented, everything is harder to do than it needs to be. Linux sux  
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News Comments > UT3 Free Weekend Underway
6. Re: You know this game has problems... Mar 14, 2009, 00:30 Carver
They should just remake UT with the new graphic engine and release that.

They did, UT was a turd, UT3 is a shiny turd. You got your wish, next time you might be a bit more careful what you wish for.

UT3 sux. pure and simple.
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News Comments > Evening Tech Bits
1. Happy 15th Birthday Linux Mar 14, 2009, 00:23 Carver
Lets hope it's your last. 15 years and still <1%. Apps are still crap, still futzing around in terminals/konsole, still next to zero support from hardware/software manufacturers, but the year of the Linux Desktop is coming right? . . . lol, when is it again? this year? or will it be next year? it was supposed to be last year wasn't it? and every year for the last 10 or so years? must be coming soon? lol

Die you pathetic P O S, the only good thing about Linux, is that you can't run UT3 on it, other than that, die bitch!!
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News Comments > UT3 Sale & Free Weekend Return
7. Re: UT3 Sale & Free Weekend Return Mar 11, 2009, 02:54 Carver
UT3 already had a boatload of official content . . . This is a good old-fashioned real expansion pack with sixteen new maps (18 counting the two from the previous update), new gameplay modes, and other goodies

As they say, it doesn't matter whether you've got a truck load of shit, or a shovel full of shit, in the end you've still just got a pile of shit.

That is what UT3 is, a steaming pile, always has been, and always will be. After the initial surge in interest dies, things will return to normal, ie, nobody playing, and people will go back to seeing UT3 for what it really is, a steaming pile.
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News Comments > UT3 Patch & Titan Pack
9. Re: UT3 Patch amp; Titan Pack Mar 5, 2009, 15:57 Carver
You can't polish a turd, 'nuff said.  
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News Comments > UT3 Free Steam Weekend, Sale Price
7. Re: UT3 Free Steam Weekend, Sale Price Mar 5, 2009, 15:55 Carver
You can't polish a turd, it's that simple.

The online numbers will spike briefly, but they will then quickly return to the abysmal numbers that UT3 has enjoyed since release, once people realize, that while it may have a new coat of gloss, a shiny turd is still a turd, just a shiny one.
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News Comments > Sunday Tech Bits
6. Russia - Linux Jan 25, 2009, 18:38 Carver
Linux - You get what you pay for.

But we didn't pay anything

The Prosecution rests You Honour
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News Comments > Op Ed
2. Re: Op Ed Jan 14, 2009, 08:00 Carver
Well, it's nice to see that there are still some delusional people out there.

lol. yeah, Linux might be fun and all, but I doubt it will ever come out of the 'enthusiast' space where it mainly exists. Microsoft/Windows may have it's problems, but at least you can do the things you want with it. With Linux, if you want to do more than surf the web, Emails, and some light Office type work, you start to run into problems. Want to play games, sorry, but that game won't run on Linux (Most games), or if it does, it's no where near 100% functional, want to do some serious graphics work, PSCS4, 3dsmax, sorry your out of luck, try Gimp or Blender (lol, while I'm at it, I might as well just trade in my Ferrari for a Hyundai, lol, yeah right) How about some serious Music production, oh, that's right, most of the good programs won't run on Linux, and even if they did, that uber expensive piece of hardware you got . . . , well, out of luck again, you could always try Rosegarden or Ardour I guess (lol), etc, etc, etc . . . . . .

For all of Windows short comings, being able to do the things you want with your PC isn't one of them, Linux hasn't got a chance at going toe to toe with Windows, let alone on the gaming front, it's not even in the race. There's a reason why hardware/software developers don't support Linux, and there's a reason why not more than 1% of users choose to use it, yeah, yeah, Windows pre-installed, yada, yada, yada, we've heard all the excuses before.

Linux is a fun curiosity, an amateur hack, and it's amateur nature is evident when it is stacked up against commercial OS offerings, Windows, Mac.

Linux isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Winblows, yeah maybe, but Linsux.
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News Comments > PenguinPlay
1. Re: PenguinPlay Jan 3, 2009, 20:34 Carver
The project currently supports three games

Which funnily enough, is about the same amount of games that will actually run correctly on Linsux Linux.

Linux, a gaming platform Laugh2

Yeah right . . . Rolleyes
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News Comments > Linux Steam Clues
8. Re: Linux Steam Clues Nov 29, 2008, 19:04 Carver
Linux will never make it as a replacement for Windows on the Desktop, let alone as a gaming machine, lol, give me a break, Linux sucks for gaming, always has, always will.

There is a reason software/hardware manufacturers/developers in the main do not support Linux, and that reason isn't going away anytime soon.

I used Linux for a number of years, the best thing I ever done was get out of that Linux induced mentality, get away from the Linux Zealots, get away from Linux, and use an OS that CAN actually do EVERYTHING I want to do, and do it with ease, something which Linux, unfortunately, can not do, and probably never will.

In a word, Linsux
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News Comments > UT3 Linux & Mac Ports Live
8. Be careful what you wish for Sep 19, 2008, 19:03 Carver
Linux people, you should be thankful that you don't have UT3 yet, as has been mentioned, and as just about all the known gaming world already knows, UT3 sucks, it is not popular, not many people play the game as it is, so the 2 and a half people that use Linux as a gaming platform lol, Linux for gaming, ha ha, that's a good one, aren't really going to help much.

Ut3 is dead, it was still born truth be known, even most of the die hard UT'ers dumped it, most of the community mappers/modders dumped it. EPIC FAIL.

Save yourself some money, perhaps invest that money into an Operating System which doesn't severely restrict you in what games you can play, in an OS which you aren't at the mercy of developers/publishers, only getting the scraps they are kind enough to toss at you. I used Linux for 2 or 3 years, ditching it and returning to Windows was the best thing I ever done, I'll never return to Linux. Windows, it just works, and everything is made for it, it's a no brainer really.

After you get over all that crap that the Linux community fill you head with, and realize all the stuff you are missing out on, you'll never look back. Linux is supposed to be all about choice, well let me tell you, if you are a gamer and use Linux, you've got no choice.

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News Comments > Unreal Tournament 3 Patch
2. UT3 Patch 1.2 Feb 21, 2008, 17:59 Carver
It's too late Epic, it's like a doctor trying to revive a patient after they have been dead for 3 months, a waste of time, it's decaying and stinks to high heaven. Let it die, to most people it is, and has been dead for sometime.

UT3 failed, miserably, let it Rest In Peace

UT3 Dead - age-Day 1

This comment was edited on Feb 21, 18:00.
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News Comments > Evening Q&As
1. Epic Feb 15, 2008, 02:35 Carver
You take your time and do it right. That is the only way to do games these days.

lol, UT3, just lol . . .

The users demand so much out of games, they want the experience, want it to work well. They want it to be fast – especially with UT. Our players have such a clear idea – they want the weapon to work like this, they want the flak to work like that. They want so much and it is up to us to get it right. It takes time.

lol, Then why not give them what they want. You had a beta demo (for a beta game) received heaps of feedback, but changed jack shit between the beta demo and the beta Final release.

There’s a lot of content in this game, there’s something like over 40 maps. It’s insane.

The only thing that is insane Mr. Rein, is you, one of the major/most talked about downers with UT3 is the fact that most people think that UT3 has a LACK of content. What ever planet you are on, you better get back here quick, because you have totally lost touch.

This comment was edited on Feb 15, 02:36.
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News Comments > Morning Q&As
1. Consoles, Epics Priority #1 Feb 14, 2008, 23:29 Carver
lol, UT3, Tears Of Bore . . . . dom

We know, we know, it's been obvious for quite a while.

Epic Games - Press F10 for console

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News Comments > UT3 Patch Plans
2. UT3 Patch Plans Feb 7, 2008, 21:03 Carver
It will take far more than a few patches to resurrect this failure of a game, even bonus packs may not be enough to help. It may be to late for UT3, people just don't play it, it's simply not fun, unfinished, buggy, consolized, a steaming turd pile to be honest. Epic may as well just drop it now like the turd it is.

Better luck next time Epic . . . . , oh, that's right, as far as UT is concerned, there may not be a next time.

UT3 = Epic failure

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News Comments > Mark Rein - Consoles "Stealing" Hardcore PC Gamers
94. Mark Rein Feb 1, 2008, 01:39 Carver
Mark Rein is a dip stick, at least consoles aren't stealing UT3 players from PC. Epic lost those players because they made a crap game, they can't handle that, so they are willing to blame anything they can find.

UT3 - Epic Failure

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News Comments > Unreal Tournament 3 Q&A
3. UT3 PS3 Jan 28, 2008, 00:22 Carver
As the title of the article suggests, they are focused on the game's appearance on the PlayStation 3, obsessing on technical details of things like memory management and other development hurdles mentioned by other developer, before going on to discuss gameplay.

True, would never have guessed, all this time and everyone thought Epic was working on their Bread and Butter, the PC version. Shock Horror

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News Comments > UT3 Beta Patch Change List
6. UT3 Jan 24, 2008, 22:03 Carver
UT3, lol, just lol.

Nobody is playing it, nobody is buying it. Epic Failure.

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News Comments > Unreal Engine 3 Customers Subpoenaed
16. No subject Jan 24, 2008, 16:56 Carver
Mark Rein -
We know that, like us, they just want to make great games.

Well how about you start doing it you arrogant prick.

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