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News Comments > Assassin's Creed Origins Released
27. Re: Assassin's Creed Origins Released Oct 27, 2017, 18:35 saluk
Another year another AC game...

... that I will buy and probably not finish until there are 2 more AC games.

Still, not all reviews have been that positive, ACG brought up some issues that seem a bit serious, though not everyone is going to care that it's the worst story so far considering how bad most of them are anyway. More worrying is the janky combat, but maybe he is picking nits.
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News Comments > Fortnite Battle Royale Launches
9. Re: Fortnite Battle Royale Launches Sep 26, 2017, 14:43 saluk
Yeah, because PUBG didn't borrow ANYTHING from other games, least of all epic.

While their innovation level is pretty low now, Epic helped create the genre and created the tech that allows PUBG to exist.

Fortnight is bleh and this probably wont make a dent.
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News Comments > Op Ed
25. Re: Op Ed Sep 15, 2017, 04:08 saluk
I find it interesting how some negative posts about valve/steam have everyone shouting "hear hear!" and others have people going "what a crybaby."

I for one wont be deleting my account any time soon but I can see his point. You can be rude anywhere on the internet, this is true. Some places are ruder than others, and a lot of steam has become pretty much on the awful side. And you can't always just avoid it as it is surfaced in the reviews or in comments sections when you are trying to figure out if you should buy a game or not. That hurts the games, hurts steam as a whole, and surfaces the asshole gamers to people who may still be on the edge about how much they want to game at all. Toxic af.

Anyway... it looks like those groups mentioned in the article have been disabled. So the tantrum worked, to an extent.
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News Comments > etc.
12. Re: etc. Sep 10, 2017, 00:39 saluk
Who'd have thought - making an action stealth shooter with some rpg elements is quite different from a turn-based (ok, realtime with pause) rpg.  
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News Comments > Songbringer Released
8. Re: Songbringer Released Sep 3, 2017, 11:44 saluk
Nucas wrote on Sep 2, 2017, 17:05:
this looks really, really gorgeous in motion. it actually genuinely rings of games from the 90s; like it's actually trying to push the boundaries of the art style and make the most of it, like the games had to back then, and not just putting on a retro-game suit.

that said, whether it clicks with you or not seems to depend on if "procedurally generated roguelike zelda" appeals to you. at this point that collection of words doesn't even get an eye roll from me anymore, just bored contempt.

Suppa7 wrote on Sep 2, 2017, 09:10:
The reality is most people are mediocre at what they do and hence most games are reflections of that.
this was extra funny to me because you fucked up an url link in your post.

Whereas for me, that's like my dream game. It's never been done well. Binding of Isaac was more bullet hell than zelda. And the theme was not very appealing, although it had character. The best version of this idea right now I can think of are the rom randomizers for the old zelda games, but I'd love to play a new game intentionally designed for that. I'm not sure about this game though. It has a trying too hard to be edgy vibe that's kinda rubbing me the wrong way. I'm still willing to give it a shot, if I remember it the next time I'm buying a new game.

Which, sure, isn't that likely.
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News Comments > Morning Legal Briefs
4. Re: Morning Legal Briefs Aug 31, 2017, 14:20 saluk
Every day on twitter I get that stupid "Killing title 2 is not killing net neutrality" ad from comcast that I then click on "I don't like this ad". Every day.  
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News Comments > EA: Mass Effect: Andromeda a "Great Game" Series May Continue
20. Re: EA: Mass Effect: Andromeda a Aug 25, 2017, 15:47 saluk
Meh. I wanted to like mass effect, but none of the games have been particularly good. They do some cool things but the writing has been pretty weak all the way back to the first one, and the slapdash assembly of game systems (with a very different mix in each game) has never gelled together in a strong way for me.

It could have been a great series if it had built on the success of mass effect 1 instead of always taking one step forward and one step (or more) back.

It doesn't help anything that the writing has gotten worse in each game of course.
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News Comments > Ghost in the Shell Shooter Ending
5. Re: Ghost in the Shell Shooter Ending Aug 25, 2017, 15:43 saluk
I'm a big enough fan I would have played it. If I had heard about it. Oh well, probably no big loss.  
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News Comments > Bethesda Reveals VR Release Dates
24. Re: Bethesda Reveals VR Release Dates Aug 24, 2017, 16:15 saluk
Bundy wrote on Aug 23, 2017, 19:10:
Drayth wrote on Aug 23, 2017, 19:03:
Wish games would make the teleport movement in VR an option for those of us with stomachs iron enough to handle normal movement. I was all excited to get Obduction VR, until I started playing. I actually prefer the normal version because of having to blink forward everywhere in VR.

VR is incredibly immersive until you start using the touch controller to throw your feet forward...

I thought Obduction added locomotion movement in a patch.

Yeah they definitely did. Unfortunately the top speed is about half where I would like it, so after being all "immersed" for a bit I switch to teleport to actually work on solving puzzles. Still one of my favorite games to play with the headset though.
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News Comments > Steam Top 10
31. Re: Steam Top 10 Aug 14, 2017, 17:41 saluk
Lawbreakers is on the list, but isn't it a huge disappointment saleswise? I guess being 5 on the top 10 your first week isn't the best, but still seems decent. Are the people who bought it just not playing it yet?

It's nice to see Hellblade at #2, although it did get a ton of press. I like small teams really focused on making the game they want to make do well.

Never heard of foxhole, might have to check it out in a few years when it's ready.
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News Comments > Lawbreakers Launches to Great Reviews, Poor Sales
35. Re: Lawbreakers Launches to Great Reviews, Poor Sales Aug 10, 2017, 15:17 saluk
videogame crash of 2017 starting?  
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News Comments > Morning Interviews
8. Re: Morning Interviews Jul 24, 2017, 19:43 saluk
Fuck GOT/GRRM/Neil.

Nihon Falcom: bring it on.
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News Comments > Gatherings & Competitions
6. Re: Gatherings & Competitions Jul 24, 2017, 19:42 saluk
Victoria Secret ad - using sex to sell sex. Makes sense.

Random FPS game - using sex to sell violence. There's a disconnect there and that well has been dipped at conventions far more than it needs to be.

Personally, I don't care if the models are sexy girls, sexy guys or unsexy something else. The very concept of having a model advertise a video game seems very strange to me. I prefer the booths to sell themselves. If you can't do that with your booth alone it really feels like pandering.

But anything goes in marketing I suppose.
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News Comments > Morning Metaverse
13. Re: Morning Metaverse Jul 21, 2017, 18:17 saluk
Cutter wrote on Jul 21, 2017, 18:06:
The Half Elf wrote on Jul 21, 2017, 17:35:
Cutter wrote on Jul 21, 2017, 12:37:
Fuck Amazon! What a shitty company.

Amazon is giving me a VR headset for free, so SHUT YOUR PIEHOLE!

No. They're a shady company, man. I bought some shoes off what I thought was Amazon and it turns out it was some 3rd party reseller marketplace bullshit from China. Doesn't state it anywhere, or shipping times, or refund policy or that it's not actually from Aamazon. So they didn't fit, went to return them and much to my surprise they tell me they're not responsible for any of this - when in fact they are. So they're telling me I have to ship the fucking shoes back to China, insured no less in order to get a refund.

What the fuck? That'd cost 3 time what the fucking shoes cost to begin with. As I explained this. Had they made it clear - as is their responsibility - I never would have bought the fucking things to begin with. So front line CS at Amazon is useless as I expected so I told them to escalate it to management, and if they don't fix the problem I'll b e disputing the charge with VISA and reporting them to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, etc.

All this drama because Amazon doesn't make it clear that these are sellers aren't affiliated with them because they know people won't buy from them otherwise and they won't get their cut. So yeah, fuck Amazon.

Look for "Sold by: LLC" on the item in your cart. I'm pretty sure most third party items will also specify on the store page how fulfillment will happen.
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News Comments > Age of Heroes VR Released
9. Re: Age of Heroes VR Released Jul 21, 2017, 18:08 saluk
Wave arena combat... say it ain't so!

Looks cool, but just not enough depth there.
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News Comments > GORN Early Access
2. Re: GORN Early Access Jul 11, 2017, 14:02 saluk
Accurate trailer.  
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News Comments > Independence Day Safety Dance
3. Re: Independence Day Safety Dance Jul 5, 2017, 18:53 saluk
Correlation is not causation.

That said, if you have mild mental health issues, I buy that extreme internet use could enhance symptomatic behavior.

Anxiety can definitely be a mental health problem. No joke when it's a real thing, though hard to tell what they mean in a survey like this by "anxiety".
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News Comments > Unannounced Five Nights at Freddy's Game Cancelled
5. Re: Unannounced Five Nights at Freddy's Game Cancelled Jul 3, 2017, 13:50 saluk
Guess what guys, I also have unannounced games that I have canceled.

Quite a few actually. It's a pretty big achievement if I do say so myself.
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News Comments > Police Simulator 18 This Year
51. Re: Police Simulator 18 This Year Jun 28, 2017, 19:21 saluk
Cutter wrote on Jun 27, 2017, 17:48:
jdreyer wrote on Jun 27, 2017, 16:40:
The problem isn't that we hate all cops and love criminals. The problem is that police culture itself goes to any and all lengths to protect those bad apples from reprocussions. Also police acadamies spend 10 hours on deescalation techniques but 90 hours on firearm training. And so we end up with hundreds of innocent lives lost.

The UK and Japan average about one suspect killed by police per year. We average 1000 in the US. That's a primary cause of the ill will cast at police despite the majority being good people trying to do a hard job.

That's pretty much it. People in general are either pro-authority (conservatives) or anti-authority (liberals). And while some people are pretty rabid in their extreme views whether it be pro or con I'd agree most people agree that some degree of law enforcement is at least necessary.

As you said, the major problem is when the thin blue line closes ranks to protect the psychopaths that shouldn't be cops to begin with. They really need to be going the other way and drumming them out of the force ASAP because it doesn't just give that department a bad name it makes cops EVERYWHERE look bad.

I've certainly had my share of run-ins with both. Some have been really good guys and some have just been complete sociopaths. One of the other major problems is that there's absolutely zero real oversight or punishment for cops who do wrong. When I had a run in with one several years ago I filed a complaint with the police watchdog and nothing came of it. So I checked their stats and it turns out that they dismiss 97.3% of all complaints. That's outrageous! If someone is taking the time to fill out an official complaint than odds are they have a legitimate beef.

Even in the cases where a cop is found guilty - and that's usually only if it's caught on camera AND involves multiple witnesses - the threshold is ridiculously high - nothing happens to them. Cases of assault - most common - and other things and at most they get docked a few days pay. They won't even apologize. Are you fucking kidding me? Any civilian in most of these cases would be losing his job no questions asked and likely looking at jail time. Nor will the departments - here at least - hand over any information on a cop, if there were prior disciplinary problems, etc. nor does the civilian services board take that into account either. It's a fucking joke and a waste of several million tax dollars to boot for a feel good, do-nothing discipline board. I'm sure the story is the same most everywhere else.

Not to mention, here cops are the number one major drain on resources and we get the least in return for them. The crime clearance rate in the GTA is 33% and they cost the taxpayers over a billion dollars a year which is 3X more expensive than the next major expense which is the budget for city infrastructure. Try to cut that budget and they go full out trying to paint you as some criminal, terrorist loving, pedophile. The money would be better spent so many other places which would reduce the need for police in the first place. Authoritarian based systems are always and only a downward spiral for all concerned except those in power at the top.

Great post.
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News Comments > Morning Metaverse
4. Re: Morning Metaverse Jun 28, 2017, 19:10 saluk
OMG, the snark-on-snark-on-snark echo chamber here is going to be nuts.  
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