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Signed On Apr 30, 2005, 21:54
Total Comments 1238 (Pro)
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News Comments > MONSTER HUNTER WORLD Sales Rise, Reviews Fall
7. Re: MONSTER HUNTER WORLD Sales Rise, Reviews Fall Aug 13, 2018, 13:46 saluk
Game is hard and I suck at it. It must be a bad game.

Though I think that you should be able to refund after 4 or 5 hours for a game like this that takes time to get your bearings.
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News Comments > IGN Review Plagiarism Follow-up
6. Re: IGN Review Plagiarism Follow-up Aug 11, 2018, 15:53 saluk
"Show proof that I have done this kind of thing before"

Really? That's really your defense?
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News Comments > MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD's Monster Sales
11. Re: MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD's Monster Sales Aug 10, 2018, 18:07 saluk
Quinn wrote on Aug 10, 2018, 13:46:
Running around killing big monsters so you gain loot to kill other big monsters. I am honestly so confused about why this is such a success. I need a new game... so I'd love to try this... but... but... it just seems so fucking shallow? :\

That's the beauty of it. Instead of pretending that there is more going on in the game than that core gameplay loop, the monster hunter designers went "fuck everything else" and just made that loop as good as it can ever be done.

Some of the weird choices the designers made start to make sense the more you play. For one example, the environments are all kind of the same. This means that you actually learn how to get around the environments better. When you are facing a new monster, you will have learned skills facing previous critters in that environment, and can apply your knowledge to the new scenario.

It's a bit more like a roguelike in a way. Instead of going somewhere new, you are heading into a familiar setting on each run - but different things will happen and you have to learn how to react to whatever new challenges your current target will throw at you.

The frame is simple but the gameplay has depth (it would have to for people to play the same game over and over for 1000s of hours each)
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News Comments > No Man's Sky NEXT Multiplayer Delay on
23. Re: No Man's Sky NEXT Multiplayer Delay on Jul 25, 2018, 18:49 saluk
GoG is slow with updates. Anyone who buys games there should know that by now.

This is on GoG, and they do not make it easy on devs either. This isn't the first or last game that has had issues with multiplayer on the GoG platform. Some games have been pulled because keeping the GoG version in sync with other versions had become too difficult for the devs.

At least in this case it is just delayed.
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News Comments > Gone Gold - Shadow of the Tomb Raider
12. Re: Gone Gold - Shadow of the Tomb Raider Jul 25, 2018, 18:19 saluk
These are bad games. I don't know why people like them.

I'll pick this up on sale
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News Comments > No Man's Sky NEXT Tomorrow; Free Season of Content Planned
24. Re: No Man's Sky NEXT Tomorrow; Free Season of Content Planned Jul 23, 2018, 14:58 saluk
Tipsy McStagger wrote on Jul 23, 2018, 12:35:
Prez wrote on Jul 23, 2018, 10:56:
Say what you want about Murray and Hello Games, but they could have easily taken the huge bank they made off of No Man's Sky at release and walked away. Instead they put up with the criticism and derision and stuck with it, turning No Man's Sky into something many of us would really like to play. Not a lot of developers do that any more.

I was just thinking this but I also know he's smart enough to realize that if he wants the community to buy his next game he needs to win them back to MAYBE fleece them again.

He said in a recent interview maybe they don't even make another game, just keep investing in this one for a while.

This wasn't about fleecing, this was about someone who got really excited about what he was building, and didn't know anything about PR.
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News Comments > Evening Metaverse
8. Re: How to lose your job Jul 21, 2018, 01:54 saluk
Slick wrote on Jul 20, 2018, 22:54:
So dumb.

So he loses his job and possibly fucks up his career, meanwhile The President keeps his job and people just love him more and more.

If I ever make a twitter account, you can bet your ass I'm gonna be a Trump supporter, at least those guys aren't so retarded as ruin someone's career over a bad joke 10 years ago.

The ultimate irony is you can talk about how the butthurt trump-tards dug through Gunn's past to find something bad... but it wasn't the Trumptards who overreacted and tried ending his career over something so silly, it was the libtards.

There's overblown outrage coming from everyone. Don't join a "side" they are make believe anyway.
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News Comments > A Typo Broke Aliens Colonial Marines AI?
35. Re: A Typo Broke Aliens Colonial Marines AI? Jul 15, 2018, 16:03 saluk
Creston wrote on Jul 15, 2018, 01:22:
Another way to read this story is: "Gearbox did absolutely zero testing before shipping ACM, otherwise someone would have fucking found a simple typo bug."

"Never" tested is unlikely to be true. I work in QA, and you are constantly testing throughout development. Insufficient amount of testing before release? For sure. My theory is that in order to debug other more catastrophic bugs that were coming up, they were constantly tweaking the config file toward the end of development. At one point, the typo was introduced. There wasn't enough time for a full QA pass after those bugs were fixed - and all that was changed was the config file so how bad could it have been? Quick spot checks that the game loads and can be played are not enough to uncover something slightly subtle, like "if you go out of the ai bounds it doesn't do the evade routine and head to the vents".

A lot of lessons to be learned here for devs everywhere. You should not be able to disable key game logic from the same ini file shipped in the release. Put that stuff in a debug.ini that only alters the default settings if debug.ini is present, and don't ship with that file. Production must schedule enough time for QA before shipping - and if the code changes at all, sorry bub, you have to do a full regression again, which is going to push things out.

Of course the real issue is the production of this game was a huge money sink for all involved, went off the rails early and stayed there, and should have been canceled but everyone was trying to recoup their losses. This AI bug is the tip of the iceberg of things wrong with this game lol.

Imagine QAing this beast. Playing it over and over, and trying to keep track of the bugs. As one bug is fixed, 12 more are piled on. Knowing it's never going to be a good game, but playing that level one more time to see what comes up. Scary.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Refund Refusals
8. Re: Star Citizen Refund Refusals Jul 15, 2018, 14:22 saluk
saluk wrote on Jul 15, 2018, 14:18:
Awesome, terms of service can now be changed and apply to people who agreed to an earlier revision. I can't wait for companies to start taking advantage of that precedent.

Whoops, read it to fast. The case was not ruled on, merely dismissed. No precedents set. Phew.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Refund Refusals
7. Re: Star Citizen Refund Refusals Jul 15, 2018, 14:18 saluk
Awesome, terms of service can now be changed and apply to people who agreed to an earlier revision. I can't wait for companies to start taking advantage of that precedent.  
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News Comments > Morning Metaverse
4. Re: Morning Metaverse Jul 6, 2018, 15:52 saluk
How will they know what content I actually like? Seems like they are cutting off a valuable source of data mining. Stupid.

But of course user reviews have been de-emphasized for quite some time now. I kind of forgot they were ever a thing.

You can still leave reviews on imdb or rotten tomatoes for this content if you really want - from a consumer perspective I don't know that having the reviews be on netflixes platform is that important. I'm OK with the internet being decoupled and not having every site implement its own social features.
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News Comments > Guild Wars II Writers Fired Over Social Media Spat
37. Re: Guild Wars II Writers Fired Over Social Media Spat Jul 6, 2018, 15:48 saluk
If the person who responded to her article (with reasonable criticism) had done so in a DM, or if the writer had taken a second to ask where the criticism was coming from (in a dm), both sides of this particular spat would be better off than they are now.

Twitter is an awful platform and encourages this kind of behavior, although it's only an extension of the dangers of the internet encouraging full connectivity where conversations that should be one-on-one tend to happen in public view.

For all of the hubub about our privacy being stripped away with things like our personal data, it is THIS erosion of privacy - the loss of private conversations - that has actually been the most dangerous. Humans are just not built for this level of exposure.
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News Comments > Morning Interviews
11. Re: Morning Interviews Jul 3, 2018, 17:38 saluk
The Pyro wrote on Jul 3, 2018, 13:57:
I wish the interviewee had talked about specific issues and why they didn't fix them. Thee game's budget was supposedly more than double ME3's - surely you can't blame all the problems on resources?

Yeah it wasn't very illuminating.

But a high budget doesn't tell you much. It's how you spend it. You can blow your budget quick in the beginning if you don't plan well, which seems to have played a part here. It sounds like they spent a lot of time getting the systems working in the new engine, and going down rabbit trails developing code that ended up not being used. And only hiring writers toward the end of the project. A ship without a rudder.

Games like ME:A are technically very challenging, and it's not a surprise that there is at least one high profile whiff every year or two.
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News Comments > Morning Mobilization
5. Re: Morning Mobilization Jul 3, 2018, 17:27 saluk
Excellent article, I have nothing to add.
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News Comments > Serious Sam 4 Gameplay Footage
14. Re: Serious Sam 4 Gameplay Footage Jun 19, 2018, 18:11 saluk
CthulhuFan wrote on Jun 19, 2018, 15:54:
Beamer wrote on Jun 19, 2018, 13:59:
Gadzooks wrote on Jun 19, 2018, 13:30:
all it had going for it was number of enemies at once. That was the sole differentiator between it and value software. Of course, if you liked a lot of enemies at once, that made it an amazing game, but the visuals were bland and the times you weren't facing 50 guys the combat was super bland and generic.

Nerd/Fanboi here, yup. Love it just for that and I'll buy every one. Weakness? Probably. Guilty pleasure? Absolutely. This game series shines when there are a million enemies on the screen and you and your crew are just aping everything. I don't dig zombies so LFD ain't for me but this is.

To each their own though.

Yeah the serious sam series does one thing right, anything else is gravy. Thing is, that one thing is pretty hard to find anywhere else.
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News Comments > Star Trek Online Victory is Life
11. Re: Star Trek Online Victory is Life Jun 18, 2018, 16:59 saluk
I never tried it - it looks like the kind of unpolished game I could get into though!  
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News Comments > etc.
5. Re: etc. Jun 18, 2018, 16:51 saluk
Dang, another PAL game I don't get to play (unless I want my monitor to go all screwy). Come on europe, port more games to NTSC!  
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News Comments > WHO Classifies "Gaming Disorder"
29. Re: WHO Classifies Jun 18, 2018, 16:43 saluk
Pigeon wrote on Jun 18, 2018, 13:16:
Gaming disorder is characterized by a pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behaviour (‘digital gaming’ or ‘video-gaming’), which may be online (i.e., over the internet) or offline, manifested by: 1) impaired control over gaming (e.g., onset, frequency, intensity, duration, termination, context); 2) increasing priority given to gaming to the extent that gaming takes precedence over other life interests and daily activities; and 3) continuation or escalation of gaming despite the occurrence of negative consequences. The behaviour pattern is of sufficient severity to result in significant impairment in personal, family, social, educational, occupational or other important areas of functioning. The pattern of gaming behaviour may be continuous or episodic and recurrent. The gaming behaviour and other features are normally evident over a period of at least 12 months in order for a diagnosis to be assigned, although the required duration may be shortened if all diagnostic requirements are met and symptoms are severe.

It's a copy paste of the requirements for gambling disorder, so basically if you’re fucking up your life because you can’t stop gaming you’ve got a problem. I can’t say I particularly support it getting its own classification, the same thing can be said about any process addiction, like shopping, and treatment is more or less the same. Maybe someone with influence owns a gaming addictions treatment center.

To play DA, while known treatments may be similar, there may be nuances where having separate classifications may lead to better care. If gambling gets its own classification, why not gaming.
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News Comments > etc., etc.
1. Re: etc., etc. Jun 15, 2018, 21:48 saluk
Another week, another change in steams policies.  
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News Comments > MS on PC Gaming
54. Re: MS on PC Gaming Jun 14, 2018, 19:06 saluk
Slick wrote on Jun 14, 2018, 15:44:
Slashman wrote on Jun 14, 2018, 14:49:
Slick and several more people on here are acting like MS hasn't done this shit already!

Fallout 3 on Games for Windows Live sure was lovely right? The Arkham games on Games for Windows Live were divine weren't they? I'm sure we all lamented when GFWL got removed from these and Red Faction Guerilla.

This has nothing to do with wanting MS to sell through some one else's store, it has to do with the fact that they keep proving they are shitty at managing their own. And to answer your questions Slick, I do not buy through Origin or play EA games pretty much ever because Origin itself keeps flagging my geographical location incorrectly and charging me stupid extra.

If you want to use the wonderful Windows store, go ahead. I, on the other hand, have no interest and don't want the bother.

The shitty OS and DirectX exclusivity is yet another reason for me to take a step back from this. Jesus Slick, do you just post for the sake of being the contrarian?

I mean I honestly have no idea why I should give a flying frak about poor, downtrodden MS taking whatever hit the other digital stores charge. I'm a consumer. I consume what is best for me. Others have that right and I'm fine with people who use Origin or the Windows store, it just won't be me. And from the looks of things, I'm not alone.

First of all, I like that you said my name 3 times in your post. It's where I draw my power from. I'm like beetlejuice, only less handsome.

Anyways, to your points:

1) I never said their store wasn't shitty, infact I've offered evidence of how shitty it is. That being said, it has improved since the days of GFWL. They're like a big dumb dinosaur, they're slow, but they're learning.

2) There's no love lost for a giant megalithic corporation. I'm just refuting the line that people (one in particular in this thread) say that they'll only buy from Steam. The irony of only buying from one multi-billion $ corp over another is usually lost. My point has always been that devs/bankrollers have the right to sell their own wares. If people GENUINELY want the product, then the store they buy it from shouldn't be too much of an obstacle. If it is, then I'd argue that they didn't REALLY want it that badly in the first place.

III) Also, that sucks about your Origin woes, I never heard of that bug. I know that all the stores have different region pricing. You can always try a VPN or just get a key from a grey-market site like Kinguin. But again, I'd be willing to bet that you prooooobably don't really want to play any of EA's games that badly

D) Windows 10 isn't a shitty OS. It's the best OS for gaming, and I like playing games. Sooooooo that's pretty much a non-starter. Also, DirectX has it's pros and cons, it saved the PC gaming industry from a fragmented scenario and did a better job than OpenGL. If Vulkan gets traction I'm all for that too. I don't really give a flying fuck to be honest. What game doesn't use DirectX? DX12 actually has alot of that good low-level shit developers have been wanting after seeing it with Mantle. The holdup is mostly nVidia with zero fucks given to Async compute, and developers not wanting to re-invent the wheel mid-console cycle. Around 2020 we'll see DX12 take off if Vulkan doesn't beat them to it (they won't), and then we'll see some shit. But really, who the fuck cares about APIs? And how is that a contrarian view? I have actual contrarian views you know... just enjoying PC gaming isn't one of them.

If windows 10 would get out of my fucking face and let me play games I would say it is a great OS for playing games. Multiple times this year I've lost a day or 2 fixing something that they broke when they forced through one of the overnight updates after I said "don't fucking update" enough times that they decided my "no" meant "yes". Or I've had a subpar experience for a couple weeks until I got around to fixing it.
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