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News Comments > The Division 2 Open Beta Plans Revealed

7. Re: The Division 2 Open Beta Plans Revealed Feb 11, 2019, 14:11 Alamar
As a big fan of Fantasy and Sci-Fi stuff... I loved Anthem, and The Division 2 (Private Beta) bored the shit out of me... Some of the mechanics aren't bad, but I feel like I'm fighting against the controls all the time (which is ironic, since I got used to Anthem's bad beta controls pretty quickly), and the fucking cover system... Neat concept (running from cover to cover is done well), but I just keep hitting space to jump, and there is no jump (only vault/climb).

I picked up the first for like $5 at some point, and enjoyed it for a dozen or two hours, but ultimately just ditched it, instead of grinding through the content to get to the end of the story. I guess I've come full circle here, because I also had complaints with auto leveling RPG mobs, but at least I could just rip through the Destiny 2 story with very little non-story-grind to get to the next spot... Was usually over leveled because I was enjoying myself enough to explore and what not.

And the super duper armored enemies... I don't mind some bullet spongyness in my shooters, but there appeared to be zero feedback on whether I was making any progress (with bullets; explosives showed some numbers, but were on a long ass cooldown, and grenades were scarce during a long, boss-only fight).
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News Comments > 2018 Steam Awards Results

6. Re: 2018 Steam Awards Results Feb 8, 2019, 20:52 Alamar
I slowly went through this list on Steam when it showed up, and for more than half, I was barking out, 'Seriously?!?!'... Good times ; )

VR and Labor get the biggest WTF's from me... Not surprising that AAA titles beat out Indie titles, but still a little frustrating...
Avatar 22996
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News Comments > Anthem Launch Trailer

3. Re: Anthem Launch Trailer Feb 8, 2019, 20:50 Alamar
ForgedReality wrote on Feb 8, 2019, 20:37:
Looks like it's trying to be Warframe. But Warframe is much better and you don't have to deal with EA.

I mean... Sure... The character wears suits made of metal... And all those other things that are 'unique' to Warframe... Like that, uh... Ninja stuff... No... Randomized room based maps... Hmmm, nope...

What does Warframe do that this is trying to be like again? That a dozen others don't already do, that is...
Avatar 22996
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News Comments > Anthem Endgame and Post-Release Content Details

2. Re: Anthem Endgame and Post-Release Content Details Feb 6, 2019, 21:15 Alamar
MoreLuckThanSkill wrote on Feb 6, 2019, 19:36:
at least until some company makes some text to speech plugin readily available and cheap.

Time to bring back Dr. Sbaitso ; )
Avatar 22996
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News Comments > Boycott May Cause Next Metro Game to Skip PC

41. Re: Boycott May Cause Next Metro Game to Skip PC Feb 2, 2019, 15:02 Alamar
How are they going to determine how many perceived lost sales are due to the boycott... Or lack of interest in the stores it's available on... Or a reaction to this quality Public Relations response ; )

I'm so over over-react culture... Shit is tiring.

Buy the shit you like, don't buy the shit you don't... But stop demonizing every little fucking thing people, or companies, or whatever, do, because you want to make some sales, likes, karma, views, whatever...
Avatar 22996
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News Comments > Anthem Open Demo Live

45. Re: Anthem Open Demo Live Feb 2, 2019, 14:05 Alamar
Aww man... The more games change, the more Blues News comments stay the same...

So I'm on the fence, leading towards purchase... There are a number of design issues I disagree with... But in the end, I had fun (when it didn't just break completely), and I'm logically hopeful launch will be considerably better (but not nearly perfect).

But I certainly understand why many others are not convinced... There are a LOT of varied issues in the beta (VIP and Open being 99% the same issues).

As for flight, out of combat, I agree it's a (minor) hassle to have to land every few hundred meters for 5s to cool off, or fly through some mist, or fly right above water to maintain... But missions are also designed to not have you need to fly a crazy distance either, so it's really a minor grievance for me... But the main counter, again, outside combat, is, why not just allow further/higher traveling... That's how the scenery gets shown off in the inevitable hundreds of 'this game looks amazing' videos/gifs we'll see on reddit over the next few months...

In combat... A little bit of flying during combat is great, and other times, other events (mobs or environments) limit that... Outside of that, each Javeiln can hover for a little bit, and shoot down at stuff (at melee stuff being OP), and if you really like hovering, try the Storm, which gets to hover like 5x as long (which is my fav, and I've tried all four now). That Lightning Strike feels good : )

I hope to see some of you in there, in the near future, or in a few months : )
Avatar 22996
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News Comments > Anthem VIP Demo Compensation

21. Re: Anthem VIP Demo Compensation Jan 28, 2019, 14:44 Alamar
Darks wrote on Jan 28, 2019, 14:04:
HoSpanky wrote on Jan 28, 2019, 13:31:
Darks, that doesnít explain my issue with crashing every time thereís a load screen. Or if I attempt to change my graphics settings. Or if I FIRE A BULLET. I spent over an hour attempting to play the game and all I was able to do reliably is walk around the hub area.

I really was hoping this game would be fun, but I was unable to access any actual gameplay. CTDs from trying to drop graphics down to High is ridiculous, especially when the game complains that it crapped because I didnít have at least 512mb of video memory on my gtx 1080. That was the ONLY time Iíd get any sort of error message, the rest were just ďIím not gonna tell you why I shit my pantsĒ.

I hope you have fun with the game. Iím not going to spend any more time trying to coax it into running.

Dude, I cant give you any explanation on your part, I an only tell you that myself and the guys who I played with, Friends. we did not have any of those issues.

Drivers or hardware on your part is most likely playing a part in this.

Intermittent issues happen for thousands of varied reasons, and they happen with every game launch...

I enjoyed the fuck out of Lord of the Fallen, but that game had constant crash issues for months and months after launch, as they were fixing many of the issues... Not sure the game crashed once for me, so those are two very extreme differences, and understandably, a lot of people label the game as shit...

However, blaming someone's hardware and/or drivers is just as, or more, ridiculous, than blaming the company, which is ultimately responsible for not testing every possible combination (which of course, is also impossible, hence why this part of the blame is also ridiculous).
Avatar 22996
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News Comments > More on Anthem Demo's "Rocky" Start

6. Re: More on Anthem Demo's Jan 27, 2019, 13:09 Alamar
Overon wrote on Jan 27, 2019, 12:13:
All those millions of dollars and they can't even get basic shit right. It's a red flag.

Your logic is sound... But then you should apply it to every game that has this problem, which is basically every game with logging in (which may be the real problem).

This isn't a new or uncommon problem... This shit still happens to WoW, which has been doing this stuff for 14 years... And their explanation is the same... PTR (public test realm) doesn't get enough players to hammer the servers...

Some companies have stress tests, and then it's still not enough...

What they really need to be testing, is some DDOS attacks against themselves heh.
Avatar 22996
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News Comments > Anthem Demo Issues

48. Re: Morning Tech Bits Jan 26, 2019, 16:14 Alamar
Slick wrote on Jan 26, 2019, 14:09:
I'm torn whether I should try the Storm, or the Interceptor. I think you only get to choose one right? No interest in the tanky juggernaut-looking one... but that probably means he'd be good to pick for launch, as most groups won't have a tank.

Storm is fun... The Lightning Strike attack from the video's feels soooo good... Especially compared to some other things you can put in that slot... Though I got one that's basically a smaller radius Fire Grenade... With 5 charges...

The long term hover is also fun, and referring to the bad AI from earlier, a bit broken with some mobs. For others, they'll just shoot you up there, but you can still dodge, so it's good times once you adjust.

The Interceptor looks fun too though... Did a stronghold with one last night and it looked pretty cool...

If the full game doesn't force you to take Ranger first, I may get interceptor first, Storm second, but won't know for a month ; )
Avatar 22996
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News Comments > Anthem Demo Issues

41. Re: Game Reviews Jan 26, 2019, 12:01 Alamar
peteham wrote on Jan 26, 2019, 11:37:
- Conversely, the people waiting this out for the n-th time will be there to ruin New Guy(tm)'s cut scenes with discord chatter.

I generally have the game on my speakers, and the headset for Disc... I'll just pop it off for cutscenes/dialog, because, yes, holy fuck, I want to be able to follow shit along... Though most games, my first character will be solo for similar reasons as this and other things you mention. The game is annoying in that every time you launch a private mission, it asks you to confirm that yes, holy shit, you really do want to do this shit solo...
Avatar 22996
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News Comments > Anthem Demo Issues

28. Re: Anthem Demo Issues Jan 26, 2019, 10:19 Alamar
VaranDragon wrote on Jan 26, 2019, 09:30:
SabreT wrote on Jan 26, 2019, 08:36:
Glad I didn't pay for this trash. Haven't played a game in years where the character controls feel this sluggish. Gunplay is terrible, load screens that takes forever after almost each fight. If the game isn't installed on a SSD it doesn't load into levels, it gets stuck at 90% and you have to alt f4. Mouse and keyboard seems like a afterthought. The UI and menus were designed by somebody that has never played a game in their life. You cant disable motion blur unless you change about 8 things in the .ini file. The voice chatter sounds like everybody bought mics from bestbuy and then added a static filter on top of that to make it even worse. Network code is very bad, almost looks like it uses p2p when you join a random that has a bad ping you rubberband all over the place. Avoid this like the plague.

These are pretty much all technical issues. I can live with those if the underlying gameplay is good. So I guess my question is, for those that have managed to get it to run, is the underlying gameplay good? Is it another aRPG lite or are the game systems and the leveling sick? is the writing good, the story? Is the AI challenging? Are the missions varied and fun or is it just a pointless grind?

All of these can be combined into one question really? Is the game fun?

Starting at the end... Yes, I found the game fun... But for only a few of the reasons you called out...

I like the underlying gameplay... I love mobility, and Anthem has a good amount... Flying isn't just for getting to missions... Shit can be used mid boss fight, and like I mentioned previously... The Storm has a 'super' hover mode that lets you rain down shit on enemies... (The counter being, ranged enemies will have an easy slow-moving target).

I'd call it an aRPG lite... You collect loot and xp as you go, but only see it after leaving the mission/free-roam modes, and then use another UI to handle it...

There's not much writing in the demo, but I'm enjoying what little, and disjointed, story is in there... But I liked Diablo 3's story immensely, so maybe our story opinions will differ ; )

The AI is challenging because it hurts, especially when you get 3 big guys, and a dozen little guys blasting you in a tiny little hallways... I haven't seen the AI do anything more than basic 'follow and shoot' though, and I can call out a lot of places where it does only that... I hadn't really thought about this until your question, but to inevitably compare it to Destiny, where mobs will hide behind shit, especially when their shield goes down, I saw nothing but very basic AI/Pathing so far.

The demo has a few story missions, a stronghold, and 'free roam'... Can't really say if it'll be varied and fun or pointless grind, but assuming I can extrapolate fairly, it looks like you'll unlock Javelins as you level, and your level isn't tied to any of them specifically, but the items that they equip is what determines their power level. Weapons can be shared of course, but I think that was it, as all the other stuff is Javelin specific. This'll mean a bunch of grind to catch up the other Javelins, but whether it feels like grind depends on what content becomes available at that point... Strongholds are basically dungeons, which can be fun a few times... Free roam has some random, very sparse so far, events... Missions will hopefully be plentiful all the way around.
Avatar 22996
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News Comments > Anthem Demo Issues

17. Re: Anthem Demo Issues Jan 26, 2019, 02:21 Alamar
Well... It definitely feels more like a beta than a demo... Hopefully that day 1 patch can fix most of the major issues (that aren't design based, of which, there are a bunch)...

Enjoying it overall though... A lot of variety in attacks for the Ranger and Storm, and I'm loving me some rapid fire Sniper Rifle action... Kept ignoring the Shotgun until I got a Blue/Rare one a few lvls higher than the rest, so tried it out, and holy shit, so bad... Except on the boss fight at the end of the stronghold, in which case, hovering + shooting the boss in the ass with the shotgun worked really well.

And one of those design issues... Can't modify your loadout without loading back to 'town'... Like... WTF... Especially shitty while learning everything and trying new skills and weapons... Most of which are cool, but some feel shitty, and it's so much more time/effort switching that out than was needed...

Had one interesting bug where I got the xp for level 12 (second Javelin unlock) after grinding a bunch, which I had to do in Public, even though free roam public's design is also pure shit (for so many reasons)... I exited, which is when you get your XP (another odd design, especially considering you can lose a bunch of XP if you crash or get DC'd, which is very likely at this point), and it gave me the 'new Javelin' page, but then didn't award the XP, so I had to go back into free play again, and then exit again, and luckily I was 12, and able to try the Storm Javelin, which is neat, but so squishy...

Anyhow... I enjoyed it enough that I'll hopefully see some improvements next week, and then decide whether I should buy it.
Avatar 22996
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News Comments > Anthem's Social Hub Revealed

14. Re: Anthem's Social Hub Revealed Jan 25, 2019, 10:04 Alamar
Frijoles wrote on Jan 24, 2019, 23:25:
The demo launches but doesn't connect, as expected. However, it's opening on the wrong monitor. Hoping there's an option to force it to move. On that note, would be nice to have settings available even if the game isn't. Looking forward to trying it tomorrow.

I had the same issue... My main is a 4k, and the other a 1080p, so just hitting Windows + Shift + Arrow probably wouldn't have worked too well, so I unplugged the secondary and launched, which forced it to the first... Actually, I'll plug it back in and launch it again to see if it's fixed temporarily or not... Yep... Launching on Primary now, so yay.... But it still fucks up a window when it launches.

Edit: Really wish EA/BW had done a better job with stating demo times, not just days... Maybe that's annoyingly intentional, but I'm seeing some gaming sites claim noon EST, and others 1pm EST... I'll just be sitting here obsessing for the next 2-3h+
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News Comments > Anthem's Social Hub Revealed

5. Re: Anthem's Social Hub Revealed Jan 24, 2019, 13:53 Alamar
HoSpanky wrote on Jan 24, 2019, 13:47:
I linked the third code. Thanks Derek! Gonna check it out tonight after work. Also, I JUST got a new monitor yesterday, does Anthem support Ultrawide screens? Wonít be a dealbreaker, just curious.

The code should unlock it for the VIP session this weekend, becoming available some time tomorrow...

Also, Thanks Derek... I was able to use the second code ; )

Edit: You can download it today though... Was about 43GB.
Avatar 22996
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News Comments > Anthem Demo Pre-Downloads

22. Re: Anthem Demo Pre-Downloads Jan 23, 2019, 14:49 Alamar
Just curious... Anyone have any studies on the effects of pre-ordering... I don't mean some gamer site that just has a well-expressed (or not) point of view/opinion... I mean, I assume I just missed this fact-based research, because so many of you are always talking about how true 'pre-order bad' is...

Personally, I've pre-ordered a dozen or two titles... One of which was a huge disappointment, and the wife and I got refunds for it.

I may also pre-order this, based on how the demo feels (even though it's going to be soooo different, or something). I also know there will be a bunch of issues at launch (show me a software product without bugs at launch). And yes, surely, waiting for the 'GOTY' edition is smarter financially, but it's one of many factors.

There are pros, like seeing the content before the spoilers and memes, and being on the forefront of exploration... And there are cons, like the inevitable bugs and disconnects, and higher cost per content... Do your own cost/benefit analysis, and figure it out for yourself whether it's worth it ; )

Edit: Well that's unfortunate... Anthem launches on the wrong monitor while fucking over some other active window(s)... No options available until the servers are up, because that makes sense... : P

This comment was edited on Jan 23, 2019, 15:21.
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News Comments > Countdown to Anthem

7. Re: Countdown to Anthem Jan 22, 2019, 22:25 Alamar
I'm looking forward to this... And I'm happy to see an 'open demo' on the 1st...

And I as assuming the Play First Trial was free, but it wants me to log in with a subscriber acct, or pay $5 USD, so hopefully that demo 2w before is good : )

As for buying at launch... Depends on some friends feelings too, but if I buy it at launch, and there's paid DLC within a few months (like Destiny 2), I may just drop and never return... On the one hand, new content is great... On the other... That's way too soon for paid content. We'll see how EA does with their stellar record : )
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News Comments > Anthem Game and Demo Differences Detailed

6. Re: Anthem Game and Demo Differences Detailed Jan 21, 2019, 19:44 Alamar
Slick wrote on Jan 21, 2019, 19:24:
"balance is super different"

who was the one saying how the game will be super easy to yadayadayada milk cows etc?

whoever complained that the 1-hour livestream video looked so easy, cause EA doesn't want to scare people away by dying so they can keep them on the MTX train or some such nonsense?

this is how demos work. The Division open beta's meta and balance was totally different from launch.

I took it to mean that the balance across classes is different... Because... Balance is a polish thing (not likely to be done by launch in any game), so it, and the timing, makes sense to me.
Avatar 22996
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News Comments > Diablo III Season 16 Details

3. Re: Diablo III Season 16 Details Dec 24, 2018, 12:51 Alamar
RedEye9 wrote on Dec 24, 2018, 12:32:
Xero wrote on Dec 24, 2018, 12:19:
Seriously, how do they keep going on with this? lol.
came here to say this

I used to wonder the same thing when they did it with D2, but apparently, and I know this is an odd concept... There are a ton of other people, that love this shit ; )
Avatar 22996
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News Comments > Anthem Video

7. Re: Anthem Video Dec 22, 2018, 18:05 Alamar
Looking good to me... I'm pretty excited to play in a month or three...

Loving the extra mobility (forward charges), which is something Destiny lacks for me, as I love me some mobility. I mean, I absolutely love the thruster-glide mechanic of the Titan/Warlock, which is great for verticality, but really miss being able to quickly move laterally. Though I haven't watched enough of the vid to see if you can strafe quickly, which would also be quite nice...

Also liking the melee aspect, which I enjoyed immensely in Warframe, and Destiny (though too limited)...

I always find the comments about how Warframe is so much better to be funny, and much like any new MMO being compared to WoW's content and features when it was 5-8 years along... Early Warframe was crazy repetitive gameplay and (randomly generated room/corridor based) maps, and their enhancement (meta) system is still shit... I still put hundreds of hours into it, because progressing through the story was interesting enough, even with all that repetition (which, much like all music, all games rely heavily on).
Avatar 22996
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News Comments > The Steam Awards 2018 Nominees - Winter Sale Starts Thursday

13. Re: The Steam Awards 2018 Nominees - Winter Sale Starts Thursday Dec 19, 2018, 09:00 Alamar
RedEye9 wrote on Dec 18, 2018, 19:59:

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR
No Man's Sky
Wolfeinstein II: The New Colossus
Rocket League

Heh... Only Wolf I agree with in your list... Mine is:
No idea
Beat Saber, but a fucking MASSIVE margin
Path of Exile
Far Cry 5, but I haven't played Subnautica yet
Overcooked! 2
Avatar 22996
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