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Nickname Dash
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Description I am a bad person.
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Signed On Apr 20, 2005, 03:13
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News Comments > Get Watch_Dogs for Free
9. Re: Get Watch_Dogs for Free Nov 7, 2017, 06:22 Dash
Yay free ga... wait.. oh. UPlay. hm... Hah. Nope.  
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News Comments > Op Ed
22. Re: Op Ed Sep 15, 2017, 02:56 Dash

i like to imagine what the reaction would be if classic titles like half life 2 or system shock 2 were released today. "good game except for the typical SJW bullshit jammed down our throats, like did one of the main characters need to be a half black half asian female?? get this shit out of my games sjws."

You mean, way back, before all the current garbage started up, and people didn't pay attention to the characters as long as they were well-written, and not some checkbox in a diversity spreadsheet? Everything nowadays is suspect to agenda, where as before, it was 'whatever'.

Though I think the SS2 protag wasn't really anything, come to think of it. You literally didn't see the character, until someone hacked in a co-op mode, iirc. [I get the basic point... but still. I'm a nerd for that game >.>]

As for christians, I think if they didn't feel persecuted by 'other', then they'd rail against their own. Look how many variations there are, based on something as simple as interpretation.
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News Comments > Op Ed
19. Re: Op Ed Sep 15, 2017, 01:56 Dash
. Oh, wait. There's a post from a Valve community mod locking the thread and linking to the support page on how to report abusive behavior."

General Rule #3
Abuse or encourage abuse of the Post Reporting System

That's why that was closed. Just report it, and move on.

People are going to be knobends, regardless of color or beliefs. The edgelord garbage from the two listed groups? Knobends.

While I don't support or condone their idiocy, they're paying money, just like anyone else. Unless they are outright harassing people with their stupidity, and they keep their toxicity in their own dank, dark little hole, let em.

You can't force them to evolve, and shaming doesn't really work.
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News Comments > Prey Trailer
11. Re: Prey Trailer Apr 20, 2017, 03:15 Dash
Rigs wrote on Apr 20, 2017, 03:02:
The way I see it is this...the reason people are so...meh...on this game is that it really hasn't been explained to us. Who's the protagonist? Who's the antagonist? Why? Why here? What makes this station so important? They've given us small tidbits but they're expecting us to find out everything within the game, which is fine for an established IP and series, but not really for a new one. Take a look at Alien: Isolation, which I've been getting major vibes from when I see anything to do with Prey. I kinda overdosed on A:O backstory and 'lore', especially about the setting itself. So when we get another space station being invaded by nasty ol' aliens, I'm just kinda like...huh. I don't think I'm alone in that feeling. And before A:O, we had Dead Space (especially 2), before that, System Shock 2 (though not technically on a station). So at this point a game about fighting bad guys on an abandoned space station is getting a little stale unless the devs come up with a good reason why we should care. Is this whole 'Mimic' thing a reason? I can't really tell, to be honest. I haven't seen enough of it. I don't know enough about the setting or the bad guys. With A:O, you know the setting, you know the alien. With Dead Space 2, you knew the bad guys, the space station, while pretty to look at, was really just background window dressing. Here, we know nothing. So after a Conga-line of similar titles, how can one be expected to be excited about another one without knowing why?

And there it is. Yes, I'm more interested in the Prey storyline from the original game. The original series felt like something new, and not 'Aliens in the ductworks oh noes' all over again. The reluctance to go with this new game, is more to I wanted to see a continuation of that universe, as opposed to starting a whole new one with the original name.

And since when is expressing a concern 'whining'? We've seen PLENTY of games that over-hyped, and end up not living up to it, where as we have a bunch of indie games that get relatively little adverts, and end up being crack. [I'm looking at you, Binding of Issac -.- 300 hours of my life to that digital addiction..]

Gah... Never can remember how to use the code for this stuff.
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News Comments > Prey Trailer
5. Re: Prey Trailer Apr 20, 2017, 00:42 Dash
They're pushing this extra hard, which doesn't give me any good feelings on this game. I already had annoyances that they took an IP I enjoyed playing [The actual Prey game. Man those pewter figurines are cool. Need to paint them one day...] and teased us with the Prey 2 trailer, and then dropped that ball for yet another 'System Shock-inspired' clone. Yes. I like those kind of games.. but stop pulling a bait-n-switch, Bethesda. Should have named this one 'Mimic' or something.  
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News Comments > No Full Clip Edition Upgrades for Bulletstorm Owners
14. Re: No Full Clip Edition Upgrades for Bulletstorm Owners Dec 6, 2016, 07:11 Dash
And now, the game company you couldn't much care less about lately, bringing a 'decent' game back in a 'remastered' version, that they hope everyone thought was good enough to buy again!

...Yeah. No. I played through it, had some laughs, finished it, and un-installed it. It was ok, at best. Re-install once in a while and then flush it right back out.

There's MANY other games that could use a re-mastering. I'd say wait a bit more than just 5 years -.-
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News Comments > On Sale
1. Re: On Sale May 25, 2016, 08:17 Dash
Humble Bundle for Ubisoft! NEA.... awww... almost all UPLay. Meh.  
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News Comments > Morning Safety Dance
1. Re: Morning Safety Dance Oct 16, 2013, 23:00 Dash
Good thing it happened in South Africa. Maybe all those princes giving away their fortune will step in and help.  
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News Comments > Tribes: Ascend Accelerate Patch This Week
12. Re: Tribes: Ascend Accelerate Patch This Week Jun 11, 2012, 18:49 Dash
How about some more vehicles.. I still love all the stuff T2 had.  
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News Comments > Duke Nukem Forever Demo
39. Re: Duke Nukem Forever Demo Jun 3, 2011, 14:56 Dash
Well... Played the demo... What is there to say?
Sure.. It's nice to finally play something that has won the Vaporware award a number of times.. It's nice to see Duke 'back in action', if it could be called that. The graphics are nice.. but I had to have alot of things turned down or off, due to having an onboard vid card that wasn't up to snuff.
The two weapon thing? Seems a bit low. I'd say 4 weapons [Yes I've always thought carrying a whole freaking arsenal, even though he's a steroid freak, was kind of silly.] The lack of a kick? Not happy about that. The controls felt kind of off, but I think that was just the graphic lag due to my settings.
The demo had the same cheesy humor that the original game had. That will be hit and miss for most people.
The shortness of the demo, and how the levels felt constructed has me a little worried. I remember in DN3d, that first level.. While it wasn't huge.. There was so much to do IN it. You could breeze through it in minutes, or pound around for a good 30+ minutes just trashin stuff. This demo.. did not have the same sensation.
I'm hesitant at getting this now. Worried about how long the actual game will be, how large the content of each level will have, and how much replay it will have. Maybe a Day-0 demo release would have been smarter.
I will get it.. Just not sure if sooner over later. [Although, if Gearbox is smart, they'll be working on a LARGE patch for the PC version, to DX11 the whole game. And a shit-ton of extra 'episodes' down the road.]
I still think the demo should have been a recreation of the original DN3d level 1, coupled with the stadium...
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News Comments > Humble Indie Bundle #2 Sells $1M, Now on Steam
8. Re: Humble Indie Bundle #2 Sells $1M, Now on Steam Dec 20, 2010, 14:38 Dash
I'd drop 50 for the whole bundle... Cept I have no money at the moment, and am not interested in feeling more of a douchebag for christmas.  
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News Comments > Duke Nukem Forever Interview
3. Re: Duke Nukem Forever Interview Oct 17, 2010, 06:30 Dash
Ok.. So we know DNF is supposedly FINALLY on the way out.. How about Gearbox buys the rights to Blood and Shadow Warrior... I want to play updated versions!  
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News Comments > Evening Metaverse
1. Re: Evening Metaverse Oct 15, 2010, 04:49 Dash
Here's an idea, Sony.

Cross-Game Chat. Steal it from 360.

Stop procrastinating.
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - BioShock 2
46. Re: Ships Ahoy - BioShock 2 Feb 10, 2010, 05:26 Dash
Has anyone here tried to see if the PS3 version allows for keyboard/mouse yet? That's pretty much one of the deciding factors on me tossing money at this game or not. It's either the PS3, 360, or PC. I know it's linear, and stuck in the shadow of the original [which was a pale version of System Shock 2], but the story and setting are quite interesting, and multiple endings make it worth trying, at least.  
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News Comments > I Am Alive Delay Explained
2. Re: I Am Alive Delay Explained Jan 16, 2010, 00:19 Dash
Dun dun... dun dun... dun dun dun dun DUKE NUKEM FOREVER ALL OVER AGAIN!

Sad that it's the first thing that came to mind.
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News Comments > Bionic Commando Rearmed Nears
6. Re: No subject Apr 9, 2008, 17:37 Dash
The game is horrible.

Good lords, Captain Douchebag! Did you timeskip on the Future Fanboy Express and play it yourself? No?

Then how the hell would you know?
Personally, I wish my 360 was fixed, just to get this game. I was a huge fan of the original, and the 'new' one they are working on has me a bit worried.. But a lovely 3d remake of the original? Sign me up.
See.. This is what game companies need to do. Sure.. It's a bit unoriginal, but going back to our roots in video games, picking the most memorable and enjoyable games, and retooling them to current engines and graphics.. I'm quite sure the mod community would [And does, from a few I've seen] get their hands on this stuff.. But the copyright sharks are quick to toss out C&D orders. SO not the way to handle it.
[I'd LOVE to see a Guardian Legend update..]

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News Comments > Preorder The Orange Box, Test TF2
39. No subject Sep 11, 2007, 16:45 Dash
Let's see..
It'd be a good deal.. if I hadn't already bought HL2 and that whole deal before.
But no. They spring this now.

And all my friends already have HL2 and EP1. So......
Yeah. They didn't really think this one through.

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News Comments > Into the Black
11. No subject Aug 15, 2007, 04:16 Dash
Mmm. Let's see. Metallica.. suing over something legally obtained.

The article is either a joke... Or Metallica just IS crazy, and wants attention. I personally haven't heard anything from or about them since the whole Napster debacle.

If it is true?
I think Harmonix should just flip those douchebags the bird, and publically pull it from the game. Make a whole big deal of it.

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News Comments > Dark Messiah to Expand?
21. Re: Yeah May 23, 2007, 21:17 Dash
Basically, that's what it was.
An FPS with close combat, and magic.
Don't get me wrong.. It was interesting to play.
But way too short, and some parts were just too easy. The kick mechanic was too easy to abuse. The traps were nice, though there should have been a larger variety, more weapons and spells per 'type' to give a greater depth, a larger selection of environments [though the chase one was good]. The graphics were nice, but I wish there was a larger variety of enemies to go against.
Potential not lived up to, sadly.
Now if they get off their asses, and fix all the problems, and add more. Alot more. Like Deus Ex more... then Dark Messiah will be redeemed in my view.

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News Comments > Dark Messiah to Expand?
8. Re: No subject May 22, 2007, 22:14 Dash
It's kind of assinine to say that someone's a fucktard because they've had a different experience with it.
But, then again, given someone with the nick as 'Beerninja' can't really be asked anything higher than childish remarks.
It was a game that had potential, but it failed to live up to its potential. Too short, and too uneven when it came to gameplay.

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