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Nickname Ahnteis
Email Concealed by request
ICQ None given.
Signed On Feb 7, 2005, 18:01
Total Comments 75 (Suspect)
User ID 22822
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
80. Re: Soon. Mar 21, 2006, 20:55 Ahnteis
"HL2's HDR is cheap HDR in terms of quality, frankly It's not really "true" HDR (it's not like your video card does or does not support HDR, it's just a bunch of shaders more or less)."

Actually, HL2's HDR was redone several times so that it WOULDN'T be a cheap version. There's a reason you can use AA with HL2s HDR but not with ESIV:O

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News Comments > NVIDIA Gets Physical
33. More for the GPU? Mar 20, 2006, 15:19 Ahnteis

I'm already limited in the resolution and AA/AF I can run modern games at. I have a hard time believing that CPU is affecting those.

Of course, physics are also slowing down my CPU -- so really, I have to lean towards a dedicated physics card as long as it's under $100.

As for the Geforce video guy -- why put that in this thread? However, read your manual. Many Geforce cards have VIVO -- Video IN, Video Out. No TV tuner of course, but you should be able to plug in your gamecube.

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News Comments > Morning Metaverse
2. Re: Hilton Feb 23, 2006, 13:25 Ahnteis
Yes. Gambling has been known as "gaming" for a long time.

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News Comments > Morning Q&As
7. Re: Id Jan 31, 2006, 12:38 Ahnteis
Actually, most console ports suffer from puny levels compared to their PC native brethren. Consoles simply don't have the hardware to handle large levels.

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News Comments > Red Orchestra at Retail
6. Re: No subject Jan 25, 2006, 00:49 Ahnteis
This isn't the free mod, this is an all new stand-alone game made by the same people.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2: Aftermath Dated
48. FEAR combat not that great Jan 9, 2006, 19:23 Ahnteis
I didn't really like FEAR's combat that much. So much of it was bullet time, it just seemed to interrupt the action far too often.

I'm thinking of dialing down the difficulty and just never using bullet time.

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News Comments > Vivisector Demos
41. It's OK. Dec 31, 2005, 14:01 Ahnteis
Definitely not super-impressive.

The graphics are so-so. Mostly due to low res textures.

There are some interesting touches though -- the trees sway slightly (as if in the wind) and the fur is interesting at least.

The sounds are under powered, there is no need to reload weapons, and the AI seems fairly simple.

Parts of the level design are great, but other parts seem repetive and contrived.

And of course, I have no real context for the story since you are dropped into the middle of the game.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2: Lost Coast Released
80. Re: No subject Oct 28, 2005, 14:11 Ahnteis
You mean you no-clipped to the other side? Cus I sure couldn't find a way to get ther otherwise. You aren't supposed to go there.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Serious Sam II
29. Re: DD Oct 11, 2005, 16:28 Ahnteis
Just make the game available for digital download at
Why can't publishers do this?
**End Quote**

Ever hear of Steam? Direct2Drive?

The reason they can't just give you the files with NO protection is that it makes CASUAL piracy too easy. Yes, the lots of people still pirate games, but CASUAL piracy is cut.

Of course, everyone whines about Steam anyway. (FWIW, I love steam and have had almost no problems with it. Far fewer aggravations then I've had with CD copy protection schemes.)

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News Comments > Worms 4 Ships, New MP Demo
2. No gamecube? Jul 29, 2005, 13:19 Ahnteis
This seems like just the kind of game that gamecubers would enjoy. (Yes, I'm one. GC for "everyone" games. PC for everything else.)

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News Comments > Getting Down on Getting Up?
7. Re: No subject Jul 21, 2005, 12:44 Ahnteis
It's not an easter egg if you have to use 3rd party tools to access the content.

It was something that was taken out of the game, but due to laziness/rush to finish/etc was left in the distribution package.

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News Comments > More Unreal Licensing
5. What about GW? May 13, 2005, 12:57 Ahnteis

Heard of them?

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News Comments > Gold - Pariah
20. SP Demo Sucked Apr 28, 2005, 02:18 Ahnteis
The single player demo completely sucked.

Grenade effect didn't work and simply turned entire screen black. (GF6800GT/dx9.0c/winxp sp2)

Sounds made me feel like I was shooting plastic bb's instead of bullets. (tink tink!)

Crosshairs were some of worst I've used.

Etc etc.

This definitely is one game I'm gonna have to "borrow from a friend" before buying.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Das Roboss
20. Filerush has torrent Feb 11, 2005, 16:55 Ahnteis
I couldn't get it from the site.
However, has a torrent in the user submitted area. (Right side of page)

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 EULA Legal Issues?
97. Gamers: Screwing themselves again. Feb 7, 2005, 18:24 Ahnteis
For years, large corporate game publishers have been setting all the
rules for gamers and game developers alike. Valve software, because
they are privately funded, has a chance to change the way games are
not only distributed, but the amount of control that the corporate
pointy-hairs wield. What do gamers do? They promptly shoot
themselves in the foot by whining about how steam isn't perfect.

And it's not. Steam still has all kinds of things that bug me.
However, Steam is a huge step in what I believe is the right

Game publishers have been REQUIRING that more and more copy
protections be added to games. These protections often make the game
UNPLAYABLE to PAYING CUSTOMERS. (Note the idiocy of Vivendi in
requiring a CD check for the CD version of HL2.) They go as far as
installing stealth DRIVERS for your hardware to enable these copy

Steam offers an alternative. True, it requires an internet
connection. (Oh no.) True, it's not perfect. But it's got a MUCH
better future then the alternative.

Not only does Steam offer an alternative way of authentication, it
ALSO offers and alternative method of distribution. The beauty is NOT
that distribution occurs over the internet. The beauty is that
distribution is easily available to small developers.

No need to fight for shelf space at distribution outlets. No need to
coordinate mass-production facilities and release dates

This comment was edited on Feb 7, 18:25.
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