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News Comments > Valve on Linux Plans
29. Re: Valve on Linux Plans Oct 30, 2012, 07:24 Wintermute
Kitkoan wrote on Oct 30, 2012, 00:43:
Last I knew, the BSD is GPL.
You've been told that you are wrong and yet you insist on pulling facts out of your ass?
The GPL is not the same as the BSD, and that is why Apple went with the BSD one. It suited them better.
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News Comments > Stardock's DRM Goo
38. Re: Stardock's DRM Goo Mar 26, 2009, 12:23 Wintermute
1. There is no third-party client required. This means a developer can use this as a universal solution since it is not tied to any particular digital distributor.

Considering Stardock at the very least requires impulse for patches this would only be an improvement if it came from a company that published stand alone patches of their own. (ie no improvement if you buy Stardocks own games.) So they have a "very good solution" that they don't use themselves...

2. It paves the way to letting users validate their game on any digital distribution service that supports that game.
Is this is a fancy way of saying that they will allow others to run authentication servers? This will work until the first third party server is hacked and all the keys are out.
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News Comments > R.U.S.E. Announced
3. Re: R.U.S.E. Announced Mar 24, 2009, 14:23 Wintermute
RTS, Consoles, Depth... pick two.  
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News Comments > Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Movie
2. Re: Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Movie Mar 3, 2009, 18:40 Wintermute
That one was below you Blue  
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News Comments > All Aspect Warfare Gameplay & DRM Details
54. Re: All Aspect Warfare Details Dec 6, 2008, 23:44 Wintermute

The Hellgate London scenario is rubbish and has nothing to do with DRM.
It's not, it shows how little developers think about gamers when things go south. If they don't release the server software, what are the chances for an unprotected executable?

Microsoft killed Plays For Sure DRM. Did that render the music worthless?
Guess we will see in 2010.

Walmart was going to do the same recently. It wouldn't have rendered the music worthless, but they changed their mind anyway.

How would it not have rendered the music worthless? After the deadline you would have been more or less SOL. And yes, they changed their minds, but smaller companies don't have that kind of problem, they don't have other markets that will be impacted by the negative press.

And what about Yahoo music store? (from wikipedia)
"Yahoo! Music Store - On July 23, 2008, the Yahoo! Music Store emailed its customers to tell them it will be shutting down effective September 30, 2008 and the DRM license key servers will be taken offline."

And these are large players, that really shouldn't have any reason to need to cut a server to save costs.

There is absolutely no empirical evidence - other than the usual doom & gloom bullshit - that suggests online activation is going to someday render a game that uses it, worthless. Thats just pure adulterated poppycock.
Empirical no (well, there seems to be the Yahoo music store...), but theoretically it's almost a certainty. This kind of DRM is rather new in mass market consumer products, a couple of years at most, and already very big players wants to shaft their customers. For how long do you think the starforce servers will be online if they go BK?

That said, the reason we're switching to Byteshield is because, unlike SecuROM, it is nigh uncrackable.
Plus, saying you're not going to buy a game that has online activation is just plain stupid. Especially since you can buy the game and strip the DRM if you are so inclined. Which brings me back to the choices I posted earlier.

Yeah, no contradiction there.

Starforce, despite close to being out of business, still has their Starforce ProActive servers online. And if they go out of business, games that use it just need a patch to disable it from the game. Or you can just go find a crack.
Ohh, just a "patch" from the devs. No biggy then, considering how good the industry at large is when it comes to patching their stuff.

And cracking the software would probably still be illegal in many countries, and really, if you have to crack your bought software for it to work...
That it might be removable really isn't a point that should be considered when discussing the merits of DRM.
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News Comments > Quake IV Screenshots
70. Re: No subject Dec 29, 2004, 07:06 Wintermute
Being able to render something green doesnt make it possible to make a open outdoor space. By handling I dont mean being able to render, I mean 3Dmax etc can render great scenes, does that mean that they can "handle" them? You would have to count frames per day or something, but hey, as long as they "handle" them...

You post a batch of mostly simple renders and claim that the engine can handle lots of stuff, thats as much proof as the "ufo pictures" are of ufos (the alien kind).

So if your whole argument is that the D3 egine can render some simple outdoor stuff, then you are right. My argument is that the D3 engine wont be able to deliver enough for whats needed for Q4, which includes open spaces that doesnt look like crap and that can sustain a firefight without droping to the fps of a kodak photodisc.

And "lie and whine"? Get a grip man, I stated my opinion that the D3 engine can't handle what I think is needed for a
Q4, thats neither whining or lying. If you could focus more on the argument at hand and less on your strawman attacks this might have been worthwhile.

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News Comments > Quake IV Screenshots
56. Re: No subject Dec 28, 2004, 15:51 Wintermute
Those might be the worst pictures I have ever seen for proving a point.
The first one i just a blur.

The second gets "foggy" awfully quick and that canyon isn't bigger than your regular D3 corridor

The third is what? No sense of scale, it could be small as hell for what we know. Its lots of green, lots of fog at medium distance and no details of any sort. You probably could have done scene in the Q2 engine...

The fourth looks nice, but doesnt seem to be all that big.

Fifth looks big, but with crappy textures, simple light, etc and standing still you only get 30 fps.

There is a reason that there wasnt any big open areas in D3,
and it doesnt have anything to do with the story or "feeling".

Or you could just play the game and see from the performance you get there that there is no way in hell that (unmodified) engine will do large open areas (in good enough quality for a game) in the near future.
So until you get a clue, or some real proof, you kindly shut up.

This comment was edited on Dec 28, 15:57.
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News Comments > Quake IV Screenshots
39. Re: I thought... Dec 28, 2004, 05:28 Wintermute
[ionsidering this is planned to be the polar opposie of Doom3: large open areas with vehicles and squads, [/i]

Like the D3 engine could handle that... not likely, not in 2005 in any case.

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News Comments > New C&C: Red Alert Game
46. Re: WTF!?! Dec 7, 2004, 19:39 Wintermute
Yeah, at EA they spell "workhorse" "VP and Executive Producer".

He might not have written it himself, but its his name at the bottom which is good enough for me...

Im not asking for that, they could have promoted their new game to the new set of suck... customers without putting salt in the wounds of the ones theyve already sqrewed.
They got the money for Generals/ZH, this email only feels like taunting.

This comment was edited on Dec 7, 19:52.
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News Comments > New C&C: Red Alert Game
44. WTF!?! Dec 7, 2004, 19:21 Wintermute
Does that shithead think we are stupid? The only thing their last game in the genre (Gen/ZH) is famous for is its lack of support and how they left "the community" hanging.

"We understand that you are the most important and influential group for us..."
Did this idiot send the message to the wrong list? He was going for the shareholders list, but accidently sent it to the suckers list?

I wish I had his emailadress so that I could send him an answer...

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