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Re: Carmackmania
Mar 12, 2008, 15:50
Re: Carmackmania Mar 12, 2008, 15:50
Mar 12, 2008, 15:50
I think it's funny to listen to a guy who hasn't really done anything new since Quake 2. Not to mention, make a game worth playing through. But then again, I like peanut butter, bologna, and dill pickle sandwiches.

Re: No subject
Jun 1, 2006, 19:36
Re: No subject Jun 1, 2006, 19:36
Jun 1, 2006, 19:36
I have played this for about an hour or two now, and so far nothing exciting to report. Which wouldn't be do bad, except that supposedly i'm nearly half way through. I was on the fence about this episodic thing, and now I hate it for sure. This ought to be about $10 for the amount and quality of content thus far.

No subject
Nov 14, 2004, 02:32
No subject Nov 14, 2004, 02:32
Nov 14, 2004, 02:32
I work for a Best Buy, and in an internal memo they tell stores to put half-life 2 on the shelves immediately as the street date is "no longer valid". But I suppose this is in reaction to so many stores blatantly breaking it. My concerns are twofold.

#1 - What do those without an internet connection do? i.e. those that live in BFE, or those with gaming rigs who perhaps go online at work or don't hook that particular machine to the net. Is there a phone or offline activation like Norton AV? If so we all know how long that took to pirate...

#2 - HL is cheaper in stores than on Steam! This makes no sense, and if I didn't have a free copy of this game coming from building someone's computer and stealing their HL2 coupon back then I would not buy this game on principle. There supposedly are no publishing costs unless the lawsuit with VU made Valve pay them, but no materials, no publsher costs, no distributers, and the collector's edition can be had for $10 less in store than on steam. Am I alone when I say what the fock? Ridiculous, not to mention you don't have a disk, nor manual, nor even get the game early. What a joke. Just like CSS, so don't use that as an excuse.

3 Comments. 1 pages. Viewing page 1.
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