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News Comments > Relic: DoW Support Lacking
7. Re: Relic: DoW Support Lacking Jan 9, 2009, 15:13 Warskull
I don't think this is attempting to ease people into windows live, but actually admitting two huge flaws with DoW. They used game spy's matchmaking service which completely sucked and made it very difficult to get a match going. They also had major issues patching the game in a timely fashion.  
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News Comments > Dawn of War 2 Specs; Beta News Nears
9. Re: Dawn of War 2 Specs; Beta News Nears Jan 7, 2009, 01:13 Warskull
No DRM is probably wishful thinking, but light DRM isn't too much to hope for (probably CD-check for offline play.)  
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News Comments > Clear Sky and Terran Conflict DRM Glitch
9. Re: Clear Sky and Terran Conflict DRM Gl Jan 3, 2009, 16:26 Warskull
People just need to petition valve to put a large warning on games that have additional copy protection on steam. "Warning this game contains additional copy protection mechanisms which may impact your ability to play the game" in red with a big caution sign by it. Then those companies will fix the issue itself when the games suddenly stop selling on steam.  
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News Comments > Fallout 3 Postmortem
21. Re: Fallout 3 Postmortem Dec 30, 2008, 16:04 Warskull
The writing wasn't great, but it was passable. I missed the lack of black humor (it was there occasionally.) The humor in general was pretty sparse and hard to find.

My big complaints about fallout 3 were the fact that it was very crash happy. It crashes on a fairly regular basis. The main storyline is also absolutely terrible. It just starts going downhill a little ways in and only gets worse. It just had too many moment when they blow through the obvious and completely shatter your suspension of disbelief.

It was a slightly above average RPG-lite. It really looks like they released it 75% finished on purpose so you buy their DLC. Why buy the DLC when you can't rely on them to release a finished, quality product?
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News Comments > Vaporware 2008
12. Re: Vaporware 2008 Dec 29, 2008, 16:14 Warskull
Duke Nukem Forever is vaporware. Starcraft 2 may have a bunch of BS about how they are releasing it (to milk it for all its worth), but it isn't vaporware. They have working builds and it is making steady progress. It may certainly be other bad things, but calling it vaporware because Blizzard is taking their time to polish it is incorrect.

Vaporware is essentially calling bullshit on a hyped piece of software that you doubt will ever get released. Some random idea that a company had that gets axed isn't really vaporware. A game that took to long to release isn't really vaporware (especially if it is in open beta.) A general idea isn't vaporware, would you call flying cars vaporware?

At this rate these idiots will be calling a McDonald's meal vaporware if it takes more than 2 minutes to get their hands on it.
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News Comments > Game Price Cut "Warning"
36. Re: Game Price Cut Dec 23, 2008, 16:01 Warskull
I think a big part of the problem is the industry doesn't discount their less than AAA titles. They release a lot of games that aren't bad, but aren't really worth investing $60 into. Most people refer to these as bargain bin games, but I don't see these games start to drop price nearly soon enough. Seems like the game industry is trying to keep copies of year old games at $10 less than full price more than ever. I would personally buy a heck of a lot more games if their price reflected how good their value. Yes, you get a lot of content with games, but that doesn't mean the content is good. $50 is a decent investment. You can purchase 4-5 extremely good movies on DVD for that (you can still get movies for $9.99 as long as you buy a basic version and the movies hasn't just hit DVD.)

In summary, I would love to see the mediocre titles (and there are a lot of them) drop in price a bit sooner. Bargain bin quality titles really shouldn't carry a AAA quality title price. Even dropping the price $10-15 on their not quite AAA title after a few months could help move product.

This is exactly why Steam has been getting more and more of my business lately. They actually have sales and deals that get me interested in the games. I hadn't considered buying stalker until it was $5, in which case it became a no brainer. They offer packs of older games at aggressive prices. Their sales also spread word of mouth about the game. Many gamers don't trust reviews anymore, with good reason. Having a friend purchase a game and say "this is actually pretty good" means a heck of a lot more than a game review.

This comment was edited on Dec 23, 2008, 16:11.
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News Comments > Phantom Store Launches
17. Re: Phantom Store Launches Dec 15, 2008, 20:35 Warskull
I can't wait for those texas-sized drama queens at h-ocp, you know the guys with the shaved forearms and denim shorts, to see that their nemesis Phantom is actually going to have a product.

Hocp based much of their early popularity on trashing Phantom's spolied brat CEO in a case of raw penis envy, or something. Picking the low-hanging fruit from the scandal tree as it were.

Hard OCP was right to give Phantom crap. The console never came out, this is the first product we have seen from them since they announced that they were making a console in 2002. The SEC accused the CEO of pump and dump and he just screams con-artist. Having the SEC investigate your CEO isn't exactly a small thing. Since 2002 all they have produced is a steam knock-off.

If there products turn out to be great, that's dandy. Skepticism is the only smart approach here, seeing the companies history.
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News Comments > Dawn of War II DRM Talk & Movie
2. Re: Dawn of War II DRM Talk & Movie Dec 12, 2008, 22:23 Warskull
DoW already had one of the best DRM schemes created. CD-Key + good online play (that obviously requires a valid CD key.) I don't think you have to go much beyond that.  
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News Comments > Retail PoP DRM-Free
24. Re: Retail PoP DRM-Free Dec 11, 2008, 22:24 Warskull
Wow, now you're just really reaching beyond the boundaries of imagination here. Someone finally does exactly what you're all asking for, DRM free PC game with good controls and a usable non-console UI. So what do you do? Make excuses not to buy it or why the piracy numbers won't matter. The backpedaling is remarkably amusing.

Ubisoft is completely untrustworthy. It is more then reasonable to suspect they have ulterior motives. With the way their CR is talking it is thinly veiled at best. This seems like just setting up a good excuse so their next game can have a ridiculously draconian DRM scheme. Especially for a game that is already receiving criticism for not living up to the previous games and a game that is very clearly a console game. The game will obviously be pirated (it happens regardless of DRM) and they will scream that this time it got pirated because of no DRM.
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News Comments > Atari: Used Game Sales "Extremely Painful"
5. Re: Atari: Used Game Sales Dec 3, 2008, 17:01 Warskull
Its nice to see a company responding differently than "used games make our profits go down, used games bad!" Instead they are looking at making better quality games that you don't want to sell after one play through.  
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News Comments > Harvard's DRM Hacking Proposal
13. Re: Harvard's DRM Hacking Proposal Dec 3, 2008, 16:52 Warskull
But that's the point of this rewording... If the offending company decides to end support for the game for any reason, no matter how arbitrary, we are in our rights to rework it so that we can continue to use it.

I believe his point is that you don't actually own the game, you own the disc and you are licensed the right to play the game (according to most EULAs) and pretty much all EULAs these days have a clause that the owner of the IP may choose to end the licensing agreement at any time for any reason. Thus it could be argued that when the company takes down the servers they are revoking the licensing agreement for everyone and you no longer legally have the right to run your game. Yeah, they are a legal grey area. However, the government really hasn't been on the people's side lately.

The premise of this clause would be that you retain the legal right to use the software, even after the servers are taken down.

This comment was edited on Dec 3, 2008, 16:53.
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News Comments > Fallout 3 Patch Plans
2. Re: Fallout 3 Patch Plans Nov 21, 2008, 21:38 Warskull
Is this the patch that stops the game from randomly locking up whenever I enter small interiors?

I believe that is the intention.
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News Comments > Gold - Left 4 Dead
14. Re: Gold - Left 4 Dead Nov 13, 2008, 23:34 Warskull
Honestly, although I don't have any interest at all in the "there are zombies, kill them" genre, I do hope this game succeeds and inspires more games with cooperative modes.

Have you played it yet? If not you should go download it and try a match or two online before they take the demo down (release day.) This game give you phenomenal co-op game play in spades.

Some of the zombies have attacks which require one of your teammates to help you out. It has notices that pop-up every time you save someone or protect someone, making it absolutely clear who is a team player and who helps who.

If you like co-op play, don't let the zombie theme put you off. It is a really good game. You will likely enjoy what it has to offer.
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News Comments > Fallout 3 Sells Big
104. Re: Fallout 3 Sells Big Nov 6, 2008, 22:07 Warskull
I think you're right, but I've built my character to use Heavy weapons and energy weapons and I've ignored the small arms. I have noticed that using my laser rifle in real time is pretty effective if I put it on target.

Until recently the only ranged weapons I had were the mini gun, missle launcher, and fat boy. Those aren't weapons that like being fired in real time mode.

My mini gun burns through so much ammo I could barely afford it in real time. Using VATS with the minigun is more efficient. I suppose the missle launcher can be lined up nicely, maybe I'll try that.

Using the fat boy in real time is a suicide. It's pretty hard to aim accurately and I've blown my self to hell plenty of times.

Next time I pick up a hunting rifle I'll try using it in real time to take out long range enemies. I would hope that my low small arms skill would make the rifle horribly inaccurate, it's be a little disappointing if my shots land right on target...

It depends on the gun, I don't think small arms makes that big a difference outside of VATS.

The 10mm pistol is horrible inaccurate and goes all over the place outside of VATS. The 10mm SMG is pretty tight, the assualt rifle is reasonable tight, and the hunting rifle has an ok spread. Laser pistol, laser rifle, and sniper rifle are near perfectly accurate outside of VATS. Combat Shotgun is accurate, but seems to taper off in damage fast at ranges outside of VATS.

You just have to experiment with them. The big thing is you can usually get a lot more shots in without retaliation in VATS.

Experiment and you get a real good feel for what you should do in VATS and what is best done outside VATS.

When developers make no efforts to optimize a game for the PC platform, I see that as half-assed. You can call hotkeys or large text "minor," but the fact remains that they are easy fixes and should have been implemented. Unfortunately, they weren't, so the port is half-assed.

This game actually is on the half-assed side for the PC release. It has some nasty stability issues. Plus once you complete the game the main story line feels extremely half-assed as does the ending. The "500+" endings they advertised is complete and total BS. You get about 8 and they all suck.

Its a game that could have been great, but they just dropped the ball in a number of placed. It is above average, good, but it is very clear they just didn't give a crap at some points. What makes it hurt is it is very clear that with just a little more effort this game could have been legendary.

This comment was edited on Nov 6, 2008, 22:13.
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News Comments > Fallout 3 Patch
23. Re: No subject Nov 6, 2008, 21:54 Warskull
Does this have the "every NPC is my level" feature from Oblivion?

Sort of. Every NPC is your level if you are higher than their minimum level. It is less of an impact though. It seems mainly so you don't take their head off in one shot.

Bethesda screws up the main storyline and ending hard. I would wait to buy it.

This comment was edited on Nov 6, 2008, 21:55.
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News Comments > Hellgate: London Update Plans
3. Re: Hellgate: London Update Plans Nov 3, 2008, 21:52 Warskull
They never said the "world's best game" is Hellgate, merely that they are developing it.  
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News Comments > Bill Roper Joins Cryptic Studios
29. Re: Nov 3, 2008, 16:11 Warskull
Now they just need to hire a person whose full time job is to follow Roper around all day and every time he has a bad idea, slap him and shout "NO." Then everything will turn out fine.  
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News Comments > Warhammer Online Free Character Transfers
13. Re: Warhammer Online Free Character Tran Oct 31, 2008, 14:30 Warskull
Uhhh....isn't that supposed to work the other way? Wouldn't a transfer off a low pop server in essence just plain kill the server...while moving to high pop would add the dreaded que?

Except this is really a server merge in a round about way. While this can partially be due to them losing players, I think this is more due to the fact that they released their servers in a retarded manner and had way to many servers. This doomed some of them to being empty while others were ridiculously overpopulated.
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News Comments > Red Alert 3 Install Code Glitch
12. Re: Red Alert 3 Install Code Glitch Oct 30, 2008, 15:42 Warskull
The issues keep piling up. Every time the game goes to the main menu it checks for an update. The update server is either dying or dead, so it just sits for 2-3 minutes at a black screen with only the update star showing before it gives up. It does this every time you go by the first menu. You can technically play the game, but this has a massive negative impact on things.

On top of this a bunch of CD-keys weren't added to the database for the initial launch and weren't able to log online.

This comment was edited on Oct 30, 2008, 15:44.
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News Comments > Fallout 3 (and Far Cry 2) DRM Follow-up
7. Re: Fallout 3 (and Far Cry 2) DRM Follow Oct 29, 2008, 17:01 Warskull
I have CD burning software and Daemon Tools. I had problems installing, but the problems went away the moment I shut down Daemon Tools. I don't know if this is a end-all-be-all solution but it seems to me if anyone has problems with installation and has CD emulation they may want to temporarily turn it off.

Part of the problem is a fairly large chunk of people aren't able to run the game because it keeps detecting Alcohol 120 or Nero tools. However, they have already uninstalled or never had it. There is a secureROM patch that works for some people.

Entire game is filled with stupid technical problems like this though. Get the console version or wait a few months for them to fix the game before buying it.
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