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News Comments > Game Developer Choice Awards
21. Re: Game Developer Choice Awards Mar 26, 2009, 15:47 Warskull
Wow, these awards are terrible. I guess a buggy, crash prone game that got worse with patches it what constitutes game of the year these days.

If you look at the nominees its pretty obvious these are BS. They just nominated Fallout 3, GTA IV, Little Big Planet, and a few others for every category.

Pro tip #2: Opinions vary; we're not all alike so don't act like this is the first time a bad decision has been made. It's both hilarious yet confusing to see you guys get your panties in a knot

This isn't a regular bad decision. These are mind bogglingly bad.
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News Comments > Gold - Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor
8. Re: Gold - Company of Heroes: Tales of V Mar 26, 2009, 15:10 Warskull
Relic released DoW 2 with game breaking bugs in it and took nearly a month to even begin to do something about those bugs. They still aren't properly fixed and DoW 2 is for the most part being neglected. It just seems like a terrible idea to purchase anything from Relic right now. I wouldn't expect the new features to work at all.  
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News Comments > StarCraft II Beta Invites Coming?
4. Re: StarCraft II Beta Invites Coming? Mar 20, 2009, 00:01 Warskull
Yeah, the games all being up for digital download if you have the keys is really nice.  
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News Comments > Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II Patched
12. Re: Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II Pat Mar 10, 2009, 21:28 Warskull
The beta was a disaster. They are past that and I think this is their first test dealing with problems in the field. And you're unhappy because they didn't start working on this approx 1-2 weeks before the problem was found?

No, he's unhappy because they failed to test their product. The pop-cap bug wasn't some crazy obscure bug. It was something that all you had to do was reinforce a squad to full. Players discovered it and reporting it in less than 24hrs after release.

So either their QA department is terrible or relic knew about this and decided to go ahead without trying to fix it pre-release.

It was easily reproduced, it was easily found, this isn't some crash bug that took a specific set-up to trigger. This is a bug that affected every single multiplayer game.

They did poor testing and/or pushed a bad patch when they knew they had a terrible support system in place. Sadly, it looks like this sort of behavior is becoming standard for Relic.

This all boils down to one giant warning sign that says if you have not purchased DoW II do not purchase it and avoid Relic products in the future.

This comment was edited on Mar 10, 2009, 21:29.
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News Comments > Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II Patched
2. Re: Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II Pat Mar 10, 2009, 16:41 Warskull
The fix the did was a half-fix that never went through MS (and probably never through steam.)

That still a game breaking bug that pretty much destroyed multiplayer in the game for nearly a full 3 weeks.

The bug was pretty darn obvious, but they just released with it in there anyway. That's just releasing a half finished game in my book. Call me crazy, but my standards say that when you put the game on sale it should be free of game breaking bugs.
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News Comments > Age of Conan Interview
14. Re: Age of Conan Interview Mar 8, 2009, 21:11 Warskull
Was it me or did the stats for the gear make no sense whatsoever

It was a pretty retarded system, for the most part the stats were meaningless. PvP wise, only invulnerabilities mattered. It just ignored defense rating.

Their system was put a bunch of deceptive numbers on stuff that don't actually do anything, be as obscure as you can be, and pray the players never figure it out.
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News Comments > Dawn of War II Patched
4. Re: Dawn of War II Patched Mar 2, 2009, 23:18 Warskull
So how is it going with fixing that broken population cap problem?

Not fixed, looks like it could be weeks until it is fixed. In summary, if you haven't purchased this game, don't buy it. Wait for the next RTS.
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News Comments > TF2 Cheats Disciplined
38. Re: TF2 Cheats Disciplined Feb 27, 2009, 18:19 Warskull
I think the achievements need to be setup so everyone earns them over time. Have them tied to stupid things like kills in one game, or 2 or 3 kills in a row with one weapon, something that you can do while you play the game however you like.

Why have the weapons "earned" though? Why not just give the weapons and then give the achievements? This way you can still have weird quirky achievements that a player isn't going to normally get and when someone does get it, they feel special because not many other people have it. On top of that no one has to grind or "cheat" by going onto empty servers, using achievement servers, or sabotaging their team. Everyone has the weapons and the people that like the achievements can go get them.

What the grind monkeys can't see is that by linking the weapons and achievements both are cheapened. If it wasn't a problem why has valve nerfed some of the achievement weapons and reduced the amount of achievements required to unlock the weapons? They just aren't brave enough to take the final step.
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News Comments > TF2 Cheats Disciplined
31. Re: TF2 Cheats Disciplined Feb 27, 2009, 16:27 Warskull
Problem is valve insists upon being stupid with achievements. Just separate the achievements and new weapons. The new weapons are why I really don't play TF2 anymore. I don't feel like grinding to get better guns (a number of them actually are strictly better.)

As for "cheating", bullshit. They are still playing by the game rules. Its no more cheating than someone who bought a character on WoW. They were just smart and skipped the grind they didn't enjoy. If you enjoy the grind, great. If you hate the grind, why have you been kissing Valve's ass, tell them they did something stupid. In the end they have no advantage over you.

The number of achievement farm servers and the achievement hack is pretty solid evidence valve screwed up the achievement weapon link. I can only hope companies start to wake up and this plague of companies adding levels/grind in wholly inappropriate places ends. Keep it to the single player games and the shitty MMOs.

This comment was edited on Feb 27, 2009, 16:29.
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News Comments > Game Release Dates Spreading?
11. Re: Game Release Dates Spreading? Feb 25, 2009, 22:08 Warskull
With games like Gears of War and Halo, your large name, sequel titles. You will sell them at Christmas regardless. So just release them whenever. You don't have to worry about attaching some games to consoles.

If the game is good enough and lasts long enough, people will still buy it for Christmas 6 months later if they haven't already got it. If its a mediocre game, it will probably won't get noticed. At the same time people will probably only buy 1-2 games for Christmas and it will likely get destroyed by a better game. Kind of like how orange box destroyed all other shooters trying to release beside it.

Now maybe in another 5 years they'll catch onto pricing. Valve seems to have already got the idea and is moving ridiculous amounts of product with their sales.

This comment was edited on Feb 25, 2009, 22:10.
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News Comments > Dawn of War II Patch
18. Re: Dawn of War II Patch Feb 24, 2009, 15:14 Warskull
Would you guys recommend this game to a non-RTS player? There are a lot of interesting elements and positive buzz about this game, but as someone who traditionally doesn't enjoy RTS games (due to micromanagement and such) I'm afraid of getting burned. Thoughts?

It depends on what you want to play. Single player is more a real time, tactical RPG. You fight through a stage, get some item drops, and kill a boss. Each stage usually has a simple objective and they are varied enough to keep it interesting. In single player you only have 4 squads, 2 per player if you do Co-op (2 player.)

Multiplayer requires a bit more micro. Problem is Starcraft and a lot of other RTS games give micro a bad name. Starcraft has very high micro demands and a lot of unnecessary micro (yes, it was about as good as you could get back then.) A lot of other RTS games blindly follow it and in turn have a lot of pointless micro. The micro in DoW II is almost all focused on your units. You will rarely have more than 10 selectable units on the field, but all of them have abilities. I think entry level play in DoW II is more accessible than most RTS games.

Still I would wait on getting it to see if Relic cleans up their act a bit. There are still a few game breakers floating about that they claim will be fixed in 1-2 weeks. Until these are fixed multiplayer is essentially dead in the water.
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News Comments > Dawn of War II Patched
3. Re: Dawn of War II Patched Feb 23, 2009, 22:28 Warskull
Overall though,this game is really well polished and I love it!

Game is unplayable in multiplayer. They have a huge bug that causes units to permanently eat up pop-cap making it so you cannot produce units.
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News Comments > Op Ed
19. Re: Op Ed Feb 8, 2009, 17:20 Warskull
Must be some weird hardware. We've deployed SP3 on over 1600 machines at work, (granted, mostly entire-reimages), and the worst thing that's happened is we've had to force re-install Windows Update Agent 3.0, because the "pegging of the CPU at 100% for updates" problem comes back, in some cases.

It is actually any PC with an AMD processor that had issues with SP3, I think it is fixed now though.,5334.html

That was probably the cause and they probably never tried it again.

So you say, why bother paying when you're downloading a pirate copy anyway? Well in that case why bother paying at all, it's not like getting that pirate copy is an effort. Paying vs. not paying for PC software is now nearly just a moral decision, plus maybe a small consideration of getting caught.

There is a certain point where someone will just say "screw it" and resort to piracy. I think the point in the original article is that if he is going to have to go and pirate the game to get it to work, why even bother going to pick up a hard copy, finding out it doesn't work, and going through all the hassle.

A lot of game developers has passed this point and are driving people to either become pirates or give up on PC gaming and go to consoles. Stuff just plain works on consoles, no install limit, no in your face DRM. All DRM on consoles is transparent. Myself, I look at a multi-release game and the consoles seem like better options these days due to all the developers who release half-assed buggy games for the PCs and all the ridiculous DRM that gets in the way. I would say a majority of multi-platform games are simply better on the console now. You miss out on mods (which may or may not occur, depending on the game) and sometimes get a weaker control scheme in return for a game that doesn't crash or tell you "you changed your sound card and/or desktop background, I refuse to run."

On morality, its not exactly moral to release buggy half-finished games that don't run properly and advertise them as an fully functional products either. PC gaming is just people screwing each other over left and right these days. The best you can hope for is 90% of PC gaming companies to die out and have their poor ideas die with them.
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News Comments > Op Ed
15. Re: Op Ed Feb 8, 2009, 06:16 Warskull
indeed. how silly that programmers should be paid for their work. they should all work for free!!!!1111oneoneone

If the pirates offer an experience so much better than your DRM that people who were fully willing to pay for the product (or did pay for the product) turn to piracy, well, you have problems.

I am never going to feel bad for a publisher who is actively screwing me over with bad DRM schemes. "Piracy is EVIL!!!!!!" worked great for the music and movie industry, didn't it?

The sentiment is pretty accurate, why even bother buying the software after it has that much DRM on it?
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News Comments > Empire: Total War Date; DRM; Specs
16. Re: Empire: Total War Date; DRM; Specs Jan 28, 2009, 01:57 Warskull
I have to agree, steam may have sucked when it was first implemented. Now it is a pretty good product. You have the pros of being able to download the game any point in the future on any PC, never having to keep track of the CD keys, and a fairly nice built in messaging system.

Steam only asks you occasionally check in online and run it. Just checking task manager right now, it only uses 14k of memory in the background.

I have to agree that pirating a game because you have to have steam is BS. Especially when you admit if steam was an option you would probably use it. Steam is fair, transparent DRM for those who want to put a hamper on casual piracy.

Really, only stardock treats its customers better.

Since I only have Valve games in Steam I can't attest to how 3rd party games are handled with it.

They run pretty much the same. They just take a second or two more to launch. The only difference is you have to enter command line switches in a steam option instead of into a shortcut.

This comment was edited on Jan 28, 2009, 02:00.
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News Comments > Operation Anchorage GFW Woes
13. Re: Operation Anchorage GFW Woes Jan 27, 2009, 18:17 Warskull
Fallout 3 was barely functional at release and extremely buggy, why would people expect anything different from the DLC?  
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News Comments > Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage
23. Re: Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage Jan 27, 2009, 15:42 Warskull
Stalker had a better immersion factor, told a better story, had a more interesting environment...  
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News Comments > Dawn of War II Early Beta Access
18. Re: Dow2 Early Beta Access Jan 21, 2009, 05:07 Warskull
Turns out if you pre-order the game on steam (without soulstorm) you also get the beta. At least for the moment (it seems to be against what they have been saying so far.)

Is it just me or is anyone else suspicious of beta testing a product that has already gone gold? I have massive respect for Relic, but this is just fucked up.

Its becoming a goddamn trend. People paying to beta test unfinished games. Is this whats going on here?

Its actually pretty finished. No single player, but nothing about it screams unfinished. I was planning to buy this game on steam on the merits of the previous games. Yes, they had some issues, but for the most parts were good games. Absolutely nothing screams unfinished about this game. Wait until Jan 28th and try it for yourself. The games for windows live seems fairly unintrusive. You just have to log in at the start, same as you would if you logged into or relic online. There is no other logging in.

It has a very different feel from other RTS games. It seems aggressive and frantic. You want scout units running all over the place capping points at the start and you get a bunch of small skirmished. There is a lot of emphasis of retreating intelligently too. You do not want to waste units.
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News Comments > Dawn of War II Early Beta Access
10. Re: Dow2 Early Beta Access Jan 21, 2009, 01:50 Warskull
That only works for steam games.  
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News Comments > Dawn of War II Early Beta Access
8. Re: Dow2 Early Beta Access Jan 21, 2009, 01:29 Warskull
I would have probably picked up Soulstorm on steam if I didn't already purchase all the other DoW games off-steam. Heck, I would probably even pay a small fee to transfer my games over to steam if they offered it.

Since you seem to be in the know, I see them talk about 1v1 and 3v3. Do 2v2 and 4v4 still exist? Also, whats the best sync kill you saw so far?
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