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News Comments > Mass Effect 2 Patch
9. Re: Mass Effect 2 Patch Feb 22, 2010, 17:52 Warskull
Vehicle control is probably referring to the spaceship during the star navigation portions of the game.  
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News Comments > GPG on the Cost of Independence
20. Re: GPG on the Cost of Independence Feb 18, 2010, 20:55 Warskull
Theo wrote on Feb 18, 2010, 15:05:
the stupid thing is, had chirs put the effort in to making the game work (demigod), his kids would have gone to 4 collages, and he'd be driving something nice.

the game was (And is good), the comminity is posion (just like DotA, HoN, LoL) but the state the game was released in was utterly unacceptable.


They try to blame the community, but the simple fact is demigod failed because the game did not work. I am not exaggerating, the game was released in a completely non-functional state. I was an online multiplayer game where you quite literally could not get into games. The single player was just skirmishes vs AI. Then the game continued to stay non-functional for a good month.

Call the community poison if you want, but you sell someone a product that doesn't work and they are going to get angry. This was further complicated when stardock started to blame the community and started banning people (from the game) for complaining about how awful the game was.

The game itself was mediocre, could have been good with some support. The train wreck that was the game's netcode doomed it from the start. Even now with the problems starting games mostly fixed, if anyone lags in game, everyone lags. One person sets their video settings to high and everyone has to suffer through constant pausing.

As for picking up the game on the cheap now, what's the point? Its an online multiplayer game with no one left to play it. The price isn't $10 already because its a successful and popular game.
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News Comments > Op Ed
47. Re: Op Ed Feb 14, 2010, 00:17 Warskull
Quboid wrote on Feb 13, 2010, 17:37:
nin wrote on Feb 13, 2010, 16:13:
I'm amazed and disappointed that a site as well regarded as [H

I didn't think they were that highly regarded at all but Blue seems to be linking to them more lately. Maybe they've gotten better than they used to be...

No? Oh... I thought their hardware reviews were good and on NDA expiry days they're usually one of the people I go to for useful, comprehensive reviews. That said, I don't know a whole lot about them and TBH, I don't know what review sites are respectable and which aren't these days apart from Sphinx and Out of Eight, both of which are, ahem, minimalist (i.e. have bugger all content as they're one guy operations).

For games in general, giantbomb is pretty good. They tend to have a console focus, though. Their quick look feature where they throw up 20 minute videos of gameplay tends to give you a really good idea of what a game is actually like, more than most reviews.
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News Comments > Op Ed
12. Re: Op Ed Feb 13, 2010, 15:41 Warskull
DangerDog wrote on Feb 13, 2010, 14:12:
I'm not buying Global Agenda because it looks like a crap game with MMO fees when it's not an MMO, not because it doesn't support "Eyefinity".

They reached the right conclusion for the wrong reason. You shouldn't buy GA because its a terrible game. Although, Hi-Rez did completely blow off the request for eyefinity support with a stupid reason. Maybe they were trying to infer that Hi-Rez was a terrible developer without putting forward enough evidence.
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News Comments > Another Alpha Protocol Delay
8. Re: Another Alpha Protocol Delay Feb 6, 2010, 20:52 Warskull
Creston wrote on Feb 6, 2010, 20:18:
I'm amazed how patient Sega is with Obsidian. The game must suck all kinds of hard for it to constantly be delayed over and over and over again.

None of this bodes at all well for Fallout Vegas.


Obsidian's greatest weakness has been that their publishers always force them to release unfinished games. Give them the time to actually finish and polish a game and they could become a real contender for Bioware.
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News Comments > Battlefield Bad Company 2 PC Beta Footage
14. Re: Battlefield Bad Company 2 PC Beta Footage Jan 30, 2010, 21:08 Warskull
clickbouyow wrote on Jan 30, 2010, 20:58:
After playing the game for a full day I will have to pass. It has mediocre graphics, the game play is pure run and gun, no lean, no prone, and now no mod tools. Sorry DICE, but I'll pass on this one.

I have to agree here. The control didn't feel all that great, the gameplay was mediocre, the gap in gun power is huge, and in general it just wasn't very good.

I know a lot of people are looking for anything to grasp onto after MW2 screwed over the PC. This just isn't it.
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News Comments > Valve on Steam Growth
13. Re: Valve on Steam Growth Jan 29, 2010, 15:21 Warskull
I can't understand the people complaining about Steam pricing in this thread. They just charge basically what everyone else does. Sometimes Steam lags a bit on price cuts, but I'll gladly pay more for a Steam title, because I consider a game that I don't need to worry about losing the disc for to be a valuable thing, and Valve is the one company with this kind of DRM that I actually trust to open up the system if/when they fold. Aside from that, sales, sometimes ridiculous sales, are much more common on Steam than through any other retailer I'm aware of, and I rarely miss them because all I have to do to find out about most of them is log in.

While steam may lag on permanent price cuts, I feel the make up for it with their sales. Steam puts things on sale sooner and gives a better deal than retail. You can very often catch a 25% off sales within the first 3 months. Just look at the absolutely insane sales this winter. Torchlight for 75% off, Trine for over 50% off, a bunch of games under $5, great deals on L4D2, and many others.

Steam's incredibly competitive sales are the top reason I keep going back to them.

This comment was edited on Jan 29, 2010, 15:22.
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News Comments > Global Agenda Launch Schedule
4. Re: Global Agenda Launch Schedule Jan 26, 2010, 23:14 Warskull
Skip it, it isn't worth the $50 entry fee. Its like a mediocre TF2 with some half-assed leveling tossed in. If you care about leveling more than anything else, I guess you could find it amusing.  
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News Comments > On Guild Wars 2 Procedural Audio
14. Re: On Guild Wars 2 Procedural Audio Jan 24, 2010, 05:09 Warskull
theyarecomingforyou wrote on Jan 23, 2010, 18:34:
Wow...just wow. Out of all the features involved in improving a game, how does the sound of footsteps even get 30 seconds, much less the months needed for this? Sounds like a seriously warped sense of priorities...which is pretty much what happens when you let the programmers decide what's important (they frequently mistake cool-to-code for cool-to-play).
Hardly. The people responsible for sound effects and music aren't going to be the ones coding the renderer or designing levels. And sound is such an overlooked part of a game when it's such an important part of the experience. Look at the lengths they went to with Far Cry 2 so record all the sound effects they wanted - that really shows when you play the final game (gameplay issues aside).

Honestly, I wish people wouldn't simply moan about everything. This is a GOOD feature... don't spew shit on it.

I agree that sound is very important to a game and often overlooked, but a very small improvement on footsteps isn't going to make a big deal. Better weapon and spell sounds would make a much, much bigger difference.

Fortunately, it looks like this is less about footsteps and more about creating better technology for the creation of sounds. Footsteps were probably just the testbed to create it.
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News Comments > Global Agenda Preorder Events
16. Re: Global Agenda Preorder Events Jan 22, 2010, 17:19 Warskull
is anyone here playing this? it looks pretty damn fun

Don't waste your money. Its a mediocre class based shooter, it will be fun for a week or two, but get old really fast. You are better off playing TF2.

The game pretends to be Planetside, but it is not planetside in any way shape or form. You are looking at 12v12 battles just like you joined a TF2 server. There is no open world to explore, everything is instanced and it really plays no different than shooters that don't ask for a monthly.

The main difference it is puts levels in the game and a low level player has no chance at killing a high level player.
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News Comments > NPD All-Time Top 10
14. Re: NPD All-Time Top 10 Jan 20, 2010, 01:52 Warskull
I think in the end all the information is somewhat vague. One possibility is the NPD sales lists don't track games sold in Japan. It still seems awfully incompetent for a company whose job is market research. They are probably trying to sell something and fudging the numbers.  
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News Comments > NPD All-Time Top 10
12. Re: NPD All-Time Top 10 Jan 19, 2010, 21:56 Warskull
I agree that this list is botched. They obviously used some strange metrics that need to be mentioned for this list to make any sense.

Another big one that's missing is nintendogs, that game sold an insane amount of copies. Something like 22 million+. Also, where is new super mario bros wii? That sold more copies than the PS3 version of Modern Warefare 2.

This list just seems out of whack. Yes, a number of these listed are big sellers, but it feels like there are giant gaps.
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News Comments > Free Game with AvP Prepurchase
3. Re: Free Game with AvP Prepurchase Jan 19, 2010, 21:40 Warskull
Why universe at war? Why not offer a free copy of that AvP 2000 that they just put on steam? It is a lot more relevant.

I want this game to be good, but the last good game rebellion released was the original AvP. It makes me a little worried. On top of that, it was AvP 2 that was the one that really defined the franchise.

This comment was edited on Jan 19, 2010, 21:41.
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News Comments > New MechWarrior: Living Legends
2. Re: New MechWarrior: Living Legends Jan 18, 2010, 16:35 Warskull
I played with it and it really isn't a very good game. The modeling of the mechs and implementation of the various things in the cry-engine is excellent. However, the game really has no objectives its just a glorified giant team death match, which can get extremely boring when one team decides they just want to camp in their spawn.

The "combined arms" balance is pretty shit too. Aerofighters are probably the best and you have less than 20% of the server in mechs. That feels like a huge screw up in a mechwarrior inspired game.

Its a decent start though, I could see them eventually turning it into a good game. It is just far from it at the moment. Biggest change would be to put some real objectives out in the battlefield, give people reasons to go to places.
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News Comments > Star Trek Online Borg with Lifetime Subscription
14. Re: Star Trek Online Borg with Lifetime Subscription Jan 15, 2010, 03:14 Warskull
How many MMO's have been shut down 16 months after launch?

Hellgate: London, coincidentally the poster child of flagship studios, Bill Roper, now works at Cryptic the company behind this game.
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News Comments > Star Trek Online Borg with Lifetime Subscription
11. Re: Star Trek Online Borg with Lifetime Subscription Jan 15, 2010, 02:30 Warskull
You don't do this kind of thing if you expect your MMO to sell well and last. For this lifetime subscription to make sense you would have to play and enjoy the game for over two years. Champions Online on the other hand was entertaining for about 2 weeks.

This is basically exploiting dumb fan boys. However, it is really hard to feel sorry for anyone who buys into this, they deserve what they get.
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News Comments > Elemental: War of Magic Delay
2. Re: Elemental: War of Magic Delay Jan 12, 2010, 20:29 Warskull
After the huge mess that was Demigod, I don't think I'll be giving Stardock any more business. They knowingly released a non-functional game.  
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News Comments > Borderlands Net Fixes Planned
12. Re: Borderlands Net Fixes Planned Nov 23, 2009, 15:53 Warskull
The game itself is excellent, there are just a number of things that really show that the PC is more of an afterthought. For example options to disable mouse smoothing, enable/disable vsync, and enable/disable VOIP are not in the menus, but available in the .ini files.

Gamespy sucks, but it sounds like from the interview they probably won't use gamespy again. The online issues are by far this game's worst problem.

They don't treat the PC platform as poorly as many other developers, but they still leave some things to be desired.
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News Comments > Warlords Battlecry III and Impulse
15. Re: Warlords Battlecry III and Impulse Nov 21, 2009, 13:53 Warskull
Brad seems like quite the asshole

That's because he is an asshole. If you remember back to that horrible failure of a game called Demigod, they just eventually gave up and started banning and forcibly refunding people for complaining that the game was not working. Then they played the victim. May I point out that even EA hasn't been bad enough to do something like this.

Used car salesmen don't expect people to love them when they sell lemons.

Stardock is all talk. Their actions do not show a company who is pro-consumer.
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News Comments > Why Alganon Resembles WoW
4. Re: Why Alganon Resembles WoW Nov 14, 2009, 15:01 Warskull
When a dev says "It's not a WoW Clone" that means its a WoW clone.  
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