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News Comments > Xbox One Controller Windows Issues
17. Re: Xbox One Controller Windows Issues Aug 7, 2016, 16:02 Warskull
ItBurn wrote on Aug 7, 2016, 12:59:
"Tim Sweeney thinks Microsoft will make Steam "progressively worse" with Windows 10 patches"

This really isn't making Steam worse. It is screaming get a Dualshock 4 or Steam Controller.
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News Comments > BioWare Forums Closing
9. Re: BioWare Forums Closing Jul 29, 2016, 23:00 Warskull
RedEye9 wrote on Jul 29, 2016, 20:26:
What, are they still butt hurt over the death threats because of ME3's identical endings. So now i gotta get a fakebook account to communicate w/em. f that.

It is more a combination of them being absolutely incompetent at managing their communities and them being lazy and wanting to save money.

They'll regret it down the road when fan communities form and they have no control over them. Then when they fuck up the community roasts them alive.
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News Comments > South Park: The Fractured But Whole Video
7. Re: South Park: The Fractured But Whole Video Jul 24, 2016, 10:46 Warskull
Tachikoma wrote on Jul 24, 2016, 04:53:
I like South Park and I love RPGs. But somehow have zero interest in this. Strange.

The Stick of Truth is actually really good, give it a try if you haven't. I'm hoping Ubisoft doesn't fuck this up without Obsidian. They are really good at fucking stuff up.
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News Comments > Op Ed
51. Re: Op Ed Jul 11, 2016, 23:11 Warskull
Suppa7 wrote on Jul 11, 2016, 21:31:
Devinoch wrote on Jul 11, 2016, 14:44:
Speaking of missing the point completely... Because Valve wants to sell games doesn't mean it's beneficial to have as many positive reviews as possible.

You aren't old enough to know that those of us who watched PC gaming grow up, gabe is an enemy not a friend. Hes' a total dick that pushed the move behind the removal of dedicated servers. He hugely started the trend of confiscating game ownership and encouraging back end locked down games. Remember steam was shoved into half-life and counterstrike as drm which no one wanted.

Steam is still drm and gabe is still an asshole, more and more games will be increasingly impossible to preserve because game companies are producing games in underhanded ways that prevent gamer control of said game.

If you are a veteran PC gamer like you claim you will also remember that he basically saved PC gaming. Initially PC gaming had a whole wall at Babbage's or Eletronics Boutique. Around the time Half-Life 2 dropped PC games were relegated to a single cart in the middle of the store. Retail didn't want to carry PC games because console games were more profitable.

Without Steam we wouldn't have the strong indie ecosystem we have today and we wouldn't have developers respecting the PC as a platform. The money steam makes forces them to pay attention. Digital distribution has some downsides, but was healthy for PC gaming.
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News Comments > Op Ed
28. Re: Op Ed Jul 10, 2016, 20:37 Warskull
Gamers have no confidence in game journalists and their reviews anymore. They have proven time and time again that they are wildly out of touch with gamer's tastes.

Steam reviews are amazing. Yes, people write stupid stuff in the text. They aren't about the text though. They are about the general trend. It is the one of the best sources of it a game is good or bad we have right now. Ignore the reviews at the bottom, you are concerned with the postive vs negative trend. They even improved it and added recent reviews and all time reviews. Bad games tend to get obliterated, good games tend to get mostly good reviews.

Of course Steam reviews make developers sweat a little. If you make a bad game you are going to get called out on it very quickly.

Some recent examples:
Doom - 88% recent 90% all time
Battleborn - 52% recent, 65% all time
Metal Gear Solid V - 87% recent, 87% all time
Fallout 4 - 71% recent, 79% all time
Day Z Standalone - 52% recent, 70% all time
Mark of the Ninja - 94% recent, 97% all time

That all seems pretty accurate to me. Way more accurate than the game press who gave fallout 4 and 84% on PC while glazing over its flaws. It even caught the fact that Day-Z has stagnated and probably isn't a good buy anymore.

If you gave me a choice between just the Steam review numbers and just the metacritic numbers I would go for the steam reviews.

Sure there is some noise in the reviews, but it smooths out as quantity increases. Why would Valve ever pay some game writers to do what Steams users are already doing, better, for free? Nobody wants a bunch of former Kotaku or Polygon hacks replacing Steam's users. Plus they wouldn't even make a dent in all the games on Steam.
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News Comments > Battleborn Writer Leaves Gearbox
15. Re: Battleborn Writer Leaves Gearbox Jun 5, 2016, 01:52 Warskull
shinchan0s wrote on Jun 4, 2016, 17:46:
Slick wrote on Jun 4, 2016, 16:18:
"gearbox has writers?"

are you fucking kidding me?

this is either a pithy troll attempt, or you legitimately don't know what you're talking about. I'm guessing the latter.

Battleborn is so far the funniest game I've played since Portal 2. Totally unexpected. It's not all AAA-grade comedy, but a big chunk of it is, and the shit that characters say in MP just makes me start crying it's so good. That's probably the most noticeable thing coming from BattleBorn to Overwatch... Overwatch is fucking dry and boring and tries to take itself seriously... I'd much rather hear my character taunt the enemy with "Public school student!" instead of "The reckoning is here". BARF.

Although speaking of funny games, the mini game where you catapult portal-style personality cores in valve's "The Lab" demo for the vive is also really funny, with a cameo from Justin Roiland no less!

I just hope that the writer in this story will have the freedom to keep up this irreverant tone with the new job on offer..

There's no accounting for taste. There are people out there that actually like the Star Wars prequels and Community's 4th season.

I'm with you man. I love Battleborn's humor and the character designs are better than Overwatch IMO. Tracer's accent is beyond irritating. Blizzard just nailed it with the more mainstream appeal.

By "more mainstream appeal" do you mean a better game? That certainly what Blizzard did, they made on of the best multiplayer shooters in a long time. Battleborn's mediocrity didn't stand a chance.
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News Comments > Steam Top 10
3. Re: Steam Top 10 May 22, 2016, 17:00 Warskull
Technically yes, but it is sold as a different entry on Steam. So it gets tracked as two games.  
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News Comments > People Can Fly FPS Plans
3. Re: People Can Fly FPS Plans May 14, 2016, 13:01 Warskull
ItBurn wrote on May 14, 2016, 12:47:
I loved painkiller. Especially the Black edition, damn. But I haaaate Bulletstorm. It's a terrible game in every way for me. So I don't know what to think about that announcement...

People Can Fly split up after it got bought by Epic. Their best talent seems to have gone to Flying Wild Hog. FWH made Hard Reset and the Shadow Warrior reboot.
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News Comments > Op Ed
33. Re: Op Ed May 7, 2016, 20:36 Warskull
This is just whiny game journos complaining because we are tired of their bullshit and that Steam is helping us replace them. They complain because games like Gone Home pulls 71% positive, actually reflecting the fact that it is a decent game that isn't for everyone, instead of getting 10/10 reviews.

They are pissed because they are losing their outlets to try and push their politics and are being crushed by big data and youtube personalities. All we wanted to know was if the game was good and modern games media is too busy kissing up to big publishers and pushing their specific clique of indie friends to tell us.

The establishment see Steam reviews as a threat because they are actually good and cutting them out of the loop. Steam is the single greatest positive force in gaming, period

This comment was edited on May 7, 2016, 20:42.
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News Comments > Stellaris Trailer
4. Re: Stellaris Trailer Apr 8, 2016, 21:18 Warskull
Cutter wrote on Apr 8, 2016, 19:23:
Damn gangster! I am down for this! Please don't suck!

Paradox has a pretty good track record with their grand strategy games. They are very deep, very comnplex, and usually quite good. However, they aren't for everyone and usually have a learning curve.

Crusader Kings 2 is a good example of how it will probably turn out.
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News Comments > The Division Tips
27. Re: The Division Tips Mar 9, 2016, 21:08 Warskull
SpectralMeat wrote on Mar 9, 2016, 12:20:
I didn't install the ones they've just came out with yesterday

Those are apparently incredibly bad, massive performance hits to everything, Windows won't boot for some people, ect. Not sure if you heard that yet, but it would be a good idea to avoid them.
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News Comments > Op Ed
13. Re: Op Ed Jan 2, 2016, 17:57 Warskull
Jerykk wrote on Jan 2, 2016, 17:51:
Cliffski doesn't actually explain why the new refund system kills flash sales and daily deals. He just says that it does. I'm not sure where he's making the correlation. People are less likely to refund a game (or any other product) if it's cheaper.

He also says that the flash sales and daily deals weren't designed to create a false sense of urgency in order increase sales, which is patently incorrect. The whole point of having a time-limited discount is to create a false sense of urgency. The shorter the time-limit, the greater the urgency. It's the reason why Black Friday exists.

It is because you are allowed to refund because an item went on sale. So flash sales and daily deals would generate a large amount of refunds. Thus they don't really work anymore.

However, I disagree that "deep discounts" are over. There are games I didn't buy because their sale wasn't big enough. Developers are still figuring it out. I don't think we will see as many super-sales, but I think devs played this Steam Sale too conservatively. There were a lot of 15% and 25% sales. I think devs just need to find the sale points again.

This comment was edited on Jan 2, 2016, 18:18.
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News Comments > Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition for Linux & OS X
28. Re: Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition for Linux & OS X Dec 25, 2015, 13:50 Warskull
WaltC wrote on Dec 24, 2015, 15:47:
This isn't to knock other OSes at all--just to comment on the fact that it is also difficult for me to understand why game companies even bother to pay for OS X/Linux ports of their games, or why OS X/Linux "gamers" (I feel those are oxymorons) are willing to wait months and years on second-rate game ports that often never come at all.

It is a long project. As more developers support Linux and OS X gaming it becomes a more viable option. Microsoft was jealously eye-balling the walled garden approach of iOS for some time before Windows 10 and it spooked a lot of people. GabeN realized his company's fate was ultimately tied to the whims of Microsoft. What would happen if Microsoft decided to lock them out? A lot of other developers noticed the same thing. When Windows 10 hit, yes it was as draconian as people feared (possibly in part due to the change in leadership at Microsoft), but it still made them all realize they were vulnerable.

There is a big push to have games be on multiple operating systems right now. That way developers can hedge their bets. This is more about trying to create an ecosystem where gaming is no longer a Windows exclusive activity on the computer. Valve has actually done a very good job at bringing gaming back to Apple computers. It isn't as good as windows, but you can actually be a gamer on an OSX device now.
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News Comments > Guild Wars 2 Core Game Free; Raids Coming
6. Re: Guild Wars 2 Core Game Free; Raids Coming Aug 30, 2015, 14:43 Warskull
Krovven wrote on Aug 30, 2015, 13:41:
A friend has been trying to get me to play it for years. But I never wanted to buy it as I wasn't a big fan of the first one.

Must resist...especially now that Diablo 3 Season 4 has started.

GW2 was not a great game at launch. The PvP was bad and there was nothing to do at the end game. The devs idea of the end game was to have you run around to all the leveling zones you never did and get scaled down so you could try and 100% the game. Most of the end game dungeons were busted and not worth doing. It was a pretty sad state.

However, it was nothing like Guild Wars 1.
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News Comments > etc.
7. Re: etc. Aug 16, 2015, 23:15 Warskull
Axis wrote on Aug 16, 2015, 18:48:
The only "pro" gaming voip out there is Mumble, nothing else comes even close, fact.

When it comes to real time low latency, clarity, usability, and security, nothing beats Mumble.

Curse is likely targeting MMO gamers. In my experience the MMO players are behind the times in voice chat because their games are far less time sensitive than other genres. Meanwhile FPS games tend to jump on the best voice chat options right away because that 0.5s delay is the difference between having time to react and being dead.

Also there are a lot of MMO gamers who are a bit mentally checked out and technically challenged. Every guild has a few they have to deal with.
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News Comments > Funcom Seeking Help
9. Re: Funcom Seeking Help Aug 10, 2015, 19:33 Warskull
Funcom truly deserves bankruptcy.

They have produced tons of incredibly buggy, half-baked MMOs. I don't understand how they hung on so long.
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News Comments > Tale of Tales Closing
42. Re: Tale of Tales Closing Jun 22, 2015, 00:29 Warskull
Jerykk wrote on Jun 21, 2015, 22:27:
Slick wrote on Jun 21, 2015, 22:07:
Jerykk wrote on Jun 21, 2015, 21:05:
Slick wrote on Jun 21, 2015, 20:32:
Krovven wrote on Jun 21, 2015, 16:16:
if you had turned it into an RPG, it would have done much better.

yeah, they should have added character progression, weapon unlocks, a dash of DLC and a smattering of pavlovian-response gaming mechanics would have made this a blockbuster hit.

lol, i'm only half joking, you gotta admit that it's pretty funny reading this thread that are all being mostly negative towards these devs for making something that doesn't "fit in" with current gaming tropes.

then every other thread is getting mad at games that only try to fit in with current gaming tropes. it's lose-lose.

and has one of you PLAYED this fucking game? no. but apparently you're all experts on how much it sucks, and how they deserved to fail. from what I've read this game got GOOD reviews from the press, no? how heartless are you fucks?

Nobody's criticizing the game itself. We're criticizing the developer's rant about the game's failure. It makes them sound like they feel entitled to success. Other developers have made similar rants when their games failed and all were met with equal criticism. Tale of Tales made a game that appeals to a very small audience and it sold as any reasonable person would expect it to.

if you read what you just quoted me saying, i was pretty clear:

"it's pretty funny reading this thread that are all being mostly negative towards these devs for making something that doesn't "fit in" with current gaming tropes"

The ire has been almost exclusively towards it being an obviously bad game. Then they get good reviews, sell nothing, go bankrupt, and are sad about it. People are saying that it deserved to fail because it's bad, therefore being sad about going bankrupt is "over the line" and worthy of ridicule.

Almost every post is saying how they're too "hipster", or they're too "niche" in their game design, etc etc. you don't see the irony in this? how many times have you read the words "it's shit, they just cater to the lowest common denominator" on this forum... in the last week?

Now this title gets lampooned for doing exactly the opposite. I swear some of you need to start your own game development studios, as you obviously know exactly what the perfect game is, and apparently no one else "gets it".

Has anyone here (aside from Tipsy McStagger who posted his comment while I was writing this) actually called it a bad game? People have said that the premise doesn't appeal to them but that's not the same as calling it a bad game. I have no interest in truck sims but the Euro Truck Simulator series is apparently good if you like the genre. Sunset might be a fantastic game but it doesn't really matter if nobody likes the premise.

Playing as a housekeeper during a civil war in the 70's holds limited appeal. The sales of the game prove as much. There's nothing wrong with making a game with limited appeal but if you're going to do that, you shouldn't expect great sales. Tale of Tales apparently expected great sales and when they didn't get that, they shut down and wrote an angry rant. That's what people are criticizing.

Games like CoD and AC are criticized for lack of innovation because they get pumped out on an annual basis with superficial changes and no real resolution of each series' fundamental flaws. The key difference between that and Sunset is that critics find the basic premise of CoD and AC appealing. They just don't find the gameplay appealing. Apparently very few people find the premise of Sunset appealing so the gameplay is irrelevant.

I'll go ahead an say it is a bad game and that is a huge part of the problem. It is a very simple adventure game. The gameplay consists entirely of clicking on things and hearing a monologue or seeing some text pop up. There is basically no gameplay. Gameplay videos pretty clearly show it doesn't hold people's attention between the story nuggets. You just kind of walk around a room and click on things, but nothing really happens.

A few quick game play videos show there is little of interest or value. Certainly not enough to justify a $20 price tag.
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News Comments > Master of Orion Remake Plans
21. Re: Master of Orion Remake Plans Jun 9, 2015, 18:03 Warskull
Mingus wrote on Jun 9, 2015, 10:56:
Will take a "wait-and-read-the-initial-reviews" approach to this one. I am hopefully optimistic.

I don't have a lot of faith in Wargaming pulling this off. They are only really known for World of Tanks.

However, it would be nice to be wrong on this one.

Darks wrote on Jun 9, 2015, 16:08:
I seriously doubt that. You seem to forget get that they bought out Gas Powered Games. And I happen to know they are working on this game too.

GPG's last couple of offerings have been a bit lacking. Demigod was super terrible, Supreme Commander 1/2 were nothing to write home about. I am not going to hold my breath for a comeback game. It would certainly be great if the studio failing and being bought out led to a reorganization and revitalized the studio. I choose to remain skeptical until I see results.
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News Comments > Might & Magic Heroes VII Closed Beta Next Week
4. Re: Might & Magic Heroes VII Closed Beta Next Week May 22, 2015, 01:10 Warskull
HorrorScope wrote on May 21, 2015, 22:12:
Cutter wrote on May 21, 2015, 19:32:
After how bad 6 was they should be begging people to try the beta not asking people to pay for it.

For some reason I see the whole planet just sitting there and waiting for these fucks to actually make another good Heroes game. They simply can't seem to do it. Fumble after fumble.

Ubisoft is a terrible company with god awful management. Their good games are the ones small enough that upper management doesn't take notice and lucky enough not to get randomly screwed over. The second an Ubisoft game sees any measure of success it is doomed.
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News Comments > Gatherings & Competitions
4. Re: Gatherings & Competitions May 11, 2015, 22:47 Warskull
jdreyer wrote on May 11, 2015, 19:15:
The players on Team Liquid, a professional League of Legends team, practice for a minimum of 50 hours per week and most play the game far more.

Talk about taking the fun out of something.

It is misguided too, you don't need to play 50 hours a week. Reaching a certain level of play takes a significant time investment. However, once you reach that competitive level of play practicing non-stop loses value rapidly. You still have to practice, but practicing all day isn't necessary.

It would probably benefit them to work some exercise into their routine.
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