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News Comments > G2A Refutes Unknown Worlds' Claim [Updated]

2. Re: G2A Refutes Unknown Worlds' Claim Aug 14, 2019, 15:00 Warskull
Kxmode wrote on Aug 14, 2019, 14:50:
A bit of advice for any parties in a legal dispute, the only thing you should say is, "We have seen the allegations against us and are reviewing both their claim and merit. We are not prepared at this time to discuss the particulars." In other words, DO NOT discuss or talk about any legal issues online, ever.

They don't give a shit, they are incorporated in Hong Kong. China isn't going to do anything.

Good advice for companies that aren't immune to legal action.
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News Comments > Anthem Roadmap

13. Re: Anthem Roadmap Feb 24, 2019, 10:57 Warskull
Kxmode wrote on Feb 22, 2019, 18:29:
Games-as-a-Service confirmation

Games as a service is a good philosophy. You should release a complete game, but treat it as a service after release. Proper support extends the life of your game.

This is just the AAA publishers being the greedy shitheads they always are. They release a half-finished game and then patch it up. Without the games as a service philosophy they would have still released a bad, half-finished game.
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News Comments > More on Anthem Demo's "Rocky" Start

12. Re: More on Anthem Demo's Jan 27, 2019, 14:50 Warskull
Alamar wrote on Jan 27, 2019, 13:09:
Overon wrote on Jan 27, 2019, 12:13:
All those millions of dollars and they can't even get basic shit right. It's a red flag.

Your logic is sound... But then you should apply it to every game that has this problem, which is basically every game with logging in (which may be the real problem).

This isn't a new or uncommon problem... This shit still happens to WoW, which has been doing this stuff for 14 years...

WoW is 14 years old, it is understandable. Modern games should never have this problem. There is no more risk of buying too many servers. You either partner with Microsoft, Amazon, or Google and do dynamically requisitioned virtual servers. When your server load is high, you automatically request additional servers and have them set-up. When the load drops off, you automatically let them go and the are decommissioned.

Overwatch did it with Amazon and despite one of the largest FPS launches in history didn't have a single server issue. Ubisoft is doing it pair with Google.

They over easy to use tools. They only reason to have your servers fail due to load these days is you are behind the times. This is cause purely by EA's laziness and incompetence.

Amazon has all the scaling and backend work already done.
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News Comments > DMCA Notice Freezes Star Control Origins in Carbonite

10. Re: DMCA Notice Freezes Star Control Origins in Carbonite Jan 1, 2019, 15:05 Warskull
theyarecomingforyou wrote on Jan 1, 2019, 14:15:
I don't see why Stardock felt the need to use a lesser known IP which it had questionable rights over instead of simply doing something original. Look at Two Point Hospital - it was very obviously a modern take on Theme Hospital, developed by some of those who worked on the original, yet it used a new IP and established itself in its own right. I don't have any sympathy for Stardock.

That's easy, Stardock is bad at making games. They've had a series of very bad games followed by a bunch of mediocre games. Even their old flagship Galactic Civilizations didn't sell all that well.

Trash tier devs buy up old beloved IPs to prop their companies up. It worked for Hi-Rez with Tribes and it worked for Piranha Games with Mechwarrior.
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News Comments > MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries in September

20. Re: MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries in September Dec 2, 2018, 21:13 Warskull
Overon wrote on Dec 2, 2018, 11:58:
Expectations are low since Piranha games is a 3rd rate developer

Don't forget Piranha games is all the same people from Jarhead games. They had to shutdown and open a new studio because they destroyed their reputation so badly no one would work with them.

The games they made back then weren't just 3rd rate, they were abysmal. Piranha games is a collection of 3rd rate devs who were reach the point where they were considered unhireable, propped up by the Mechwarrior license.
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News Comments > Steam Increasing Revenue Share for Biggest Sellers

6. Re: Steam Increasing Revenue Share for Biggest Sellers Dec 1, 2018, 17:40 Warskull
Mr. Tact wrote on Dec 1, 2018, 16:51:
Getting 75% is an increase to the developer? Wow. I didn't realize Valve was scalping devs. that badly. It is amazing they have done as well as they have.

The default revenue share is typically 70%/30% which is a very fair split. Remember before digital distribution they would easily see less than 50% per game sale, sometime far worse.

Steam handles taking payments, distributing your game, and is a great platform with a lot of dev work put into it. You have the Steam API with a lot of easy to build in features, you can easily integrate the Steam workshop to add value, and if you have in game items you can let players trade them on the marketplace and take a cut.

Also these number are probably what the AAA devs were already getting. They negotiated their own contracts with Steam.

The AAA devs aren't really leaving over the Valve taking 30%. They are leaving more because they dream about being the ones who get 30% from all the other games.
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News Comments > PUBG Cheat Program Arrests

24. Re: PUBG Cheat Program Arrests Apr 28, 2018, 12:38 Warskull
Kxmode wrote on Apr 27, 2018, 19:45:
I'm more interested to hear how Bluehole Studio Inc. convinced the Chinese government to investigate and arrest its citizens.

China's version of corruption is a very business friendly corruption. Undermining China's economic interests means you get the hammer dropped on you.

China wants game developers investing in the market. If PUBG gets destroyed by cheats it signals other developers that the Chinese market is bad for your game.

If Tencent (PUBG's partner in China) asks for something, they get it.

Timmeh wrote on Apr 27, 2018, 21:23:
Its beyond freaking ridiculous that someone should go to jail for creating a cheat program for a damn video game!

you leftist sjw's are so freaking BRAIN DEAD for cheering this kind of stuff.

It's China, what do you expect? China has a long list of terrible things they do and this ranks pretty far down the list. China is already an authoritarian nightmare.

If they were arresting people for making cheats in a western country that would be a bigger deal.
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News Comments > Steam Top 10

10. Re: Steam Top 10 Apr 1, 2018, 18:05 Warskull
The three editions can account for three of them if counted separately.  
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News Comments > Factorio Price Boost Next Month

16. Re: Factorio Price Boost Next Month Mar 31, 2018, 19:30 Warskull
Numinar wrote on Mar 31, 2018, 01:07:
jdreyer wrote on Mar 31, 2018, 01:01:
I'm Factorio-curious, but not at $20. Sounds like I'll miss this one, like RimWorld.

I feel like I wasted $20 on Rimworld after getting caught up in the hype on this very board.

Factorio is something very, very different. I would even say better but that is a little unfair, I'm sure some people have 200 hours on Rimworld and love it like I love Factorio. It's worth an hour or two of your labour for sure. I guess if you are earning developing world wages it might not be worth it. It's cheaper than a bottle of cheap scotch in my part of the world and a lot more fun.

Rimworld is a fantastic game, but it is quite niche. It is like Dwarf Fortress. There is a style of play that is about observing, watching something happen. The kind of thing where you watch a bunch of Dominos fall over. Dwarf Fortress and Rimworld are very much about that. You build something up to ultimately watch everything fall apart in unique ways every time. That doesn't work for everyone.
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News Comments > NVIDIA GeForce Partner Program Illegal?

18. Re: NVIDIA GeForce Partner Program Illegal? Mar 11, 2018, 13:45 Warskull
This sounds like a seriously anti-competitive move. The brand is a huge issue. If Nvidia is pushing companies like Asus to stop using the Asus name with AMD cards that is a big issue.

Asus has a brand "Republic of Gamers", but let's be honest who even looks at that. The real brand is Asus. Then what about MSI? They don't have additional branding. They just call all their cards MSI.

The accusations that Nvidia is holding back GPUs from manufacturers that don't join the program is a big red flag too.

Plus Nvidia has a history with anti-competitive practices too. Look at how they used gameworks as a way to prevent AMD from seeing games and optimizing them until post-release. They've come close to the line before and they just may have crossed it this time.

Problem is by the time they finally get punished for it, they will have made way more than the penalties. It will be just like when Intel was threatening OEMs to cut all chip discounts if they dared offer AMD CPUs in their products (the Pentium 4 days.) AMD finally had the better product and was positioned to make huge gains. Whatever fines Intel got were piddling. They stopped a competitor from stepping up to their tier.

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News Comments > New Paradox CEO

20. Re: New Paradox CEO Feb 13, 2018, 23:14 Warskull
CJ_Parker wrote on Feb 13, 2018, 12:33:
Errr... they are worse than EA wrt DLC. They intentionally release barebone versions of their games with cut content so they can then slowly feature-complete the games one DLC at a time and milk gamers until the udders bleed.

I don't think DLC release 1, 2, or even 3 years after a game's initial release is "cut content."

You also fail to mention that the company offers free major patches to the game with every DLC release and that some of the content is free.

You seem like one of those people that just hates all DLC.
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News Comments > Who Controls Star Control?

8. Re: Who Controls Star Control? Dec 3, 2017, 20:08 Warskull
Cutter wrote on Dec 3, 2017, 17:21:
Sounds like Atari screwed both of them. Regarless. If Stardock owns the name and TM there's sweet FA they can do about it except stop being whiny bitches and just make an homage with a different name. If it's good they'll make oodles of money regardless so who cares. Most gamers today will have never heard of Star Control to begin with so it's really not that big a loss.

That's the thing, Atari only owned the name and the new aliens from Star Control 3. They literally sold the Starcontrol name and Star Control 3's rights to Stardock.

So Paul and Fred can make their own sequel to Star Control II, they just can't call it Star Control. They can however use anything inside the actual game.

What they don't like is:

1. Stardock selling Star Control 1 and Star Control 2.
2. Stardock implying that they gave Paul and Fred the rights to make their game. They did not need to request permission from Stardock.
3. Stardock implying that they are connected to Star Control: Origins for marketing purposes.
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News Comments > Rainbow Six Siege Testing Toxic Player Bans

1. Re: Rainbow Six Siege Testing Toxic Player Bans Nov 26, 2017, 14:50 Warskull
No, they are testing toxic player reporting. As it stands nothing currently happens from the old report button and there is no reason to expect this will be different.

We can say they are testing bans where there is some evidence they actually do something with the reports.

This comment was edited on Nov 26, 2017, 15:12.
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News Comments > Mass Effect: Andromeda Single-player Support Ends

28. Re: Mass Effect: Andromeda Single-player Support Ends Aug 20, 2017, 20:44 Warskull
GothicWizard wrote on Aug 20, 2017, 13:18:
When EA bought BW I was on the beginning of the end bandwagon and took a LOT of heat for that view. Everyone was like 'oh they still have the core dev there it will be fine'. I said within 6 months you will start seeing the exit of those core devs, mgt and it will just be a circling the drain affair as time goes on until it's just a shell of BW in name only. I was laughed at on their forums and here.

I am not above saying, I told you so.

Everyone knew it would eventually happen, even if some gamers were in denial. Bioware managed to retain its quality and not get EAified much longer than the average EA acquisition. EA bought them back in 2007. While there were signs of problems before this, 10 years under EAs umbrella without falling apart is pretty impressive. EA usually rots a studio out in 5.
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News Comments > Enter the Gungeon Sells 1M

3. Re: Enter the Gungeon Sells 1M Jul 18, 2017, 12:16 Warskull
Alamar wrote on Jul 18, 2017, 10:22:
Gratzies to them... I haven't picked this up yet, as I'm not sure I'll like it enough to warrant the $15, plus all the DLC (total) costing more than base turns me away...

Skip it. The production values are good, but there is this giant gaping hole in the middle of the gameplay they have no idea how to fix. Just play BoI or Nuclear Throne instead.

It bills itself as an action rogue-like, but the problem is you don't get stuff. It is ridiculously stingy with the drops. They patched it to be less miserly, but it is still very stingy. So it ends up being a game about cool guns where you never get to use the cool guns because there aren't enough of them.

As a result to end up trudging through the early levels using your default weapons many times. The game also basically demands you beat the bosses without getting hit, but they have huge life bars and take a lot of bullets to kill. Due to the game being so stingy with drops you need that extra drop from perfecting a boss early on.

This is a huge problem for a rogue-like because there are really only a few bosses per floor. Every single run starts the same for the first 2-3 floors. Instead of each run being unique with game changing items like Binding, each run is the same with you using your default pistol to trudge through eh early levels because the gun you got either sucks or doesn't have enough ammo and you only got one gun drop.

Go look at Dead cells instead, that is actually good. This game seriously sells mostly off its trailer and people praising it because they've played it. Most of positive reviews it got were incredibly shallow.

If you want a hardcore bullet hell game, there are better ones. If you want an action rogue-like there are better ones. EtG is way down the list.
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News Comments > Splash Damage and Wargaming Collaboration

3. Re: Splash Damage and Wargaming Collaboration Jul 18, 2017, 12:06 Warskull
OldDirtyEwok wrote on Jul 18, 2017, 11:50:
grudgebearer wrote on Jul 18, 2017, 11:03:
I guess this means Splash Damage wants to make a game that will be worse than Dirty Bomb?

Dirty bomb is far from bad, although not exactly the game you would expect from the stuio that made Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Quake Wars. Still waiting on a sequel for those 2.

I think his point is more that Wargaming is not who you pair up with if you want to make a top tier game. Dirty Bomb wasn't bad, it wasn't great, but it was above average. It had a long way to go though and I don't really trust wargaming at all.
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News Comments > Battleborn Gets Supercharged

1. Re: Battleborn Gets Supercharged Jun 25, 2017, 13:55 Warskull
I think Pitchford is starting to get nervous as his companies fails.  
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News Comments > Mirage: Arcane Warfare Free Weekend

4. Re: Mirage: Arcane Warfare Free Weekend Jun 9, 2017, 00:23 Warskull
Mordecai Walfish wrote on Jun 8, 2017, 21:52:
You know a game is selling well when they offer a free weekend within two weeks of release.

Gonna check it out, but this is (iirc) the quickest I've seen a game do a free weekend promo like this.

The game is struggling to pull down 100 concurrent players. It is a total disaster.
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News Comments > 11 Million Paladins and Counting

10. Re: 11 Million Paladins and Counting May 21, 2017, 21:55 Warskull
Cutter wrote on May 21, 2017, 11:50:
If it was a real success they wouldn't be engaging in bullshit marketing speak. 11 million people who tried an F2P game for a few minutes and quit means nothing.

The keyword in the marketing speak is "was." Paladins did really good for a short while because it was the poor man's Overwatch. Think Overwatch looks cool, but don't have $40-60? Try Paladins. It is easy to get people to sign up for a F2P game. Problem is their retention sucked because the game wasn't great.

It has stabilized around 25k concurrent with a 45k peak. Not going anywhere, but not really growing anymore.

They've also apparently been having trouble getting money form those players. Hence the more obnoxious f2P schemes they have been pushing.
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News Comments > Steam Greenlight Giving Way to Steam Direct

47. Re: Steam Greenlight Giving Way to Steam Direct Feb 11, 2017, 14:37 Warskull
Creston wrote on Feb 10, 2017, 15:52:
I think the fee should be low. I mean, Steam is still getting its 30% cut, so there's no need for them to make money off the submission fee. However, the barrier to entry needs to be high so that we can get rid of all these blatant "stealware" games, where they put 2 hours of code together and are just trying to get a few hundred people to put money into it.

So I'd suggest they make a system where the cost of putting up a game is $5K, and then on your first $15K of sales, you earn back $4500 from the cut that Valve normally takes.

That should hopefully stop the absolute avalanche of garbage that's been infesting Steam.

I'm pretty sure that's what is going to end up implemented, it is just the dollar values at this point that are getting figured out. It just makes too much sense and fits in too well with their current architecture not to.

It automatically regulates. Make 100% of the fee recoverable by waiving all or some of valve's cut until it is recovered. You can make it so it takes ~$16.7k in sales to recoup the cost by waiving the entire 30% or you could waive just half the 30% until it is recovered so it takes around $33.3k.

Since you game has to sell for you to recoup the cost it will encourage the games to be at least good enough that they can sell copies.

Valve can also do a program for broke indie devs where some of them can get special exceptions.
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