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News Comments > Call of Duty: WWII In November

8. Oh man.... Apr 26, 2017, 15:24 EndoSkull
I was so hoping I'd see something new done besides updated graphics...

On rail with the tank crap...

I swear the other COD had me dropping someone off a bell tower?!

Also the beach scenes didn't seem as epic as I thought they did with modern graphics...

Overall kind of bummed...
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News Comments > More on the Star Citizen Roadmap

9. I stopped caring Apr 16, 2017, 15:36 EndoSkull
I stopped caring about Star Nuke'm Forever ... I'm taking it as a loss.... dumb me bought into it at the start...  
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News Comments > RollerCoaster Tycoon World Rolls Out

2. Re: Ships Ahoy - Watch Dogs; First Reviews Nov 16, 2016, 19:03 EndoSkull
I'm guessing this is an attempt to release before Planet Coaster and make money - because so far Planet Coaster has been pretty amazing and getting close to done.  
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News Comments > Star Wars Battlefront 2 Next Year

2. Re: Ships Ahoy - Watch Dogs; First Reviews Nov 2, 2016, 10:25 EndoSkull
We can't wait for people to choose new gun skins and facial hair for both male and female characters. We're talking deep!"  
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News Comments > Planet Coaster Crash Trailer

4. Planet Coaster Sep 29, 2016, 00:34 EndoSkull
RCT 1 & 2 (same game really) were addictive and fun.

3 didn't get it right.

I hear Roller Coaster Tycoon World isn't doing too well - but I have this Planet Roller Coaster Planet and it captures the fun I had with RCT 2 (Building parks is fun again. Check out the workshop on steam.
Avatar 21848
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News Comments > Morning Interviews

9. Nope Sep 23, 2016, 15:11 EndoSkull
I have no respect for her at all.
Originally I was interested in the original kickstarter - I thought it might be interesting - it turned out to be an agenda with bias research and ignorance.

I don't think she should have gotten the hate - what she should have got was nothing at all and left alone to vanish with her ignorance - instead the childish behavior of the internet made her popular and continue to do so.

And by the way - if you harass her - congratulations you made her.
Avatar 21848
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News Comments > Fallout 4: Nuka-World Released

9. I think Aug 31, 2016, 00:46 EndoSkull
I think the problem with the new releases are not bringing anything new.

New story - updated graphics - a novel feature - but in the end - it's the same engine.

It would be nice if they would explore trying something really different - actual AI with agendas is one I'd like to see - not scripted stuff - but AI's the enter the world and change it - not crazy like - was it stalker? Don't recall - but something that changes each game...

Really not looking forward to Elderscrolls either unless they try - oh i don't know...something new? Maybe coop? Maybe the same as suggested above?

Arggg..waste of time posting... someday we'll see something groundbreaking - i hope.
Avatar 21848
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News Comments > No Man's Sky Patch Details and Plans

4. Re: Ships Ahoy - Watch Dogs; First Reviews Aug 21, 2016, 15:38 EndoSkull
It's actually a bit less than the videos made it out to be. More like smoke and mirrors even for the space battles, wild life, and exploration.

I didn't buy into the hype but I did think it was going to meet exploration objectives - at least for 60 bucks...

Heltorne wrote on Aug 21, 2016, 15:33:
I've accumulated about 5 to 10 minutes of watching videos about No Man's Sky in the last couple of years (Late Night with Colbert..etc..) and it was clear what the game was going to be. Now that it's out it's exactly what I thought it was going to be and right with what the developers said would be released. I'm baffled daily as I see all the people who have hyped themselves up, watched all the gameplay footage they could find, and kept up with this game for the last couple of years go on about how there is no story and it's not what they thought it would be. The non stop negativity is confusing yet mildy entertaining I admit.
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News Comments > No Man's Sky Patch Details and Plans

2. Re: Ships Ahoy - Watch Dogs; First Reviews Aug 21, 2016, 15:32 EndoSkull
Oh man you just spoiled my only reason for "trying" to keep playing...

The Half Elf wrote on Aug 21, 2016, 15:04:
Improving features, like multiplayer?

Btw path of the Atlas was a major disappointment besides getting a ton of words, and having black holes marked on the map
Avatar 21848
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News Comments > Sunday Patches

7. Playing on day 3.... Aug 15, 2016, 05:30 EndoSkull
Day 3
Now about 20 hours in. After going back to the original planet after warping to the next system - I found out that my starting planet had shelters that had drop pods (not sure if all players start with drop pods on their starting planet?) anyway the point is the drop pods have exosuit slot upgrades - I spend hours going frop drop pod to drop pod upgrading the exosuit - it now has 24 slots - this is where the game started to get fun - I could walk miles from the ship and mine - return to the ship and cash in at a base. This lead to a 23 slot ship as well and now the game is more fun to explore...

After warping 2x it appears the game starts to ramp up attacks in space.... Combat end results depend on your ship upgrades and a little less of a skill dog fight.

For the most part the game has settled into exploration for profit. What remains is a feeling of missing interactions with aliens - there are no voice dialogs or taunts from pirates. There are no pirates on the surface. The captiol ships cleverly arrive when you warp in but don't appear to move or be on a mission. Wild life doesn't appear to do much but walk around - attack you or poop for you if you feed them. They feel very static and don't appear to have a living agenda to eat, drink or attack each other - that I have seen.

Things that bug me (that should have been added at a minimum at launch)
- Icons on the planets don't state if you've visited them - seems obvious that locations icons displayed should let you know if you've been there.
- Not any clear way to target a landing pad - sometimes i get lucky and white crosshairs will appear - but on most bases with a single pad none come up to land you on it so you can save gas on launch
- the radar on your ship always remains on planet mode when on the surface - seems like it would switch to land object scanning and display points of interest or large resources
- This may be in the game somewhere - but there is no way I know of to see a list of resources on a planet visited - seems like notes would be made as to what resources mainly appear on the planet (Example I found a planet full of gold)
- (R) key doesn't work except on the grenades - you would think you could at least assign slots on the mining tool a set of resources to reload with - same for ship weapons
- the map does not make it easy to backtrack your path and for some reason (x) key does a scan on the galaxy map
- exosuit / lifesupport - no hot keys that i know of to reload - again seems like there should be slots you can assign resources to that should be used to reload these
- While it's open ended there are assignments the game gives you - i haven't found a way to just show "current tasks"
- Naming stuff is kind of pointless - might have been better if everything was labeled "unknown" so you felt obligated to name it rather than rename things
- Things only show if you discovered them if you use your scanner - seems like the game should cache discovered animals and plant life - so when you look at them they have a name (since a lot of things look alike you can't tell if you already discovered them
- crafting sucks - you need a slot free to craft an item - seems like a crafting slot would have been nice
- crafted items do not stack - this sucks at least a stack of 10 warp cells would have been nice
- when swapping ships you can't unload warp cells
- when swapping ships you get no discount for the value of your ship - talk about getting ripped off - same with mining tool swaps.
- since they have a database of ship parts - seems like there should have been a shipyard to design your ship (i'm guessing they ran out of time for such a feature)
- buying ships in general is strange - seems like there would be a shipyard just for ships to be sold as well as the buy from alien feature currently in the game
- i'm sure there are more things i forgot about that i have learned to live with...

Anyway those thing I just listed seem to me should have been in the game at launch - it feels like they didn't have anyone playtest this until a month before launch - these are relatively little features that would have made playing less painful.
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News Comments > Overwatch Season 1 Ends Soon

1. Rank is so broken.... Aug 5, 2016, 19:23 EndoSkull
The whole ranking system is a joke.
Unless you play with a team of people you know - the whole ranking system is frustrating.
Avatar 21848
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News Comments > Postal Redux This Spring

3. It Still Looks Like Ass Feb 24, 2016, 21:12 EndoSkull
Hmmmmm I think they should have just released the original again - Since this looks like ass for being updated - Guess the effort went into importing old assets into a new engine - not updating old assets.  
Avatar 21848
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News Comments > American Truck Simulator Free DLC

1. Blinker was working I think Feb 15, 2016, 20:03 EndoSkull
I think the right on the red turns was only fining you if you didn't use your blinker. At least for me it seems I was making right turns for free as long as i had my blinker on.
Or i'm crazy...
Avatar 21848
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News Comments > Need for Speed Most Wanted Free on Origin

5. FREE FOR A REASON Feb 2, 2016, 22:16 EndoSkull
It's junk. Play around for 5mins - multiplayer not fun at all even trying to play with my boy - no cops or cop vs racer
WTF? Right?!

xXStellarDadXx wrote on Feb 2, 2016, 20:46:
Is this game worth a damn for free? Or should i not waste my time?...just wondered....
Avatar 21848
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News Comments > Battalion 1944 Announced

3. They Did A Prelaunch Feb 2, 2016, 10:45 EndoSkull
They did a pre-launch - Where they took feedback.
Obviously they ignored it.

They changed nothing about their kickstarter - I told them I'm not giving them money if all they are pitching is "we can make a new wwii game pretty"

That's pretty much 80% of their pitch video.

Good luck - you'll get nothing from me with that pitch. You're bringing nothing new to the table but "pretty"
Avatar 21848
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News Comments > Into the Black

1. No not really... Jan 25, 2016, 23:16 EndoSkull
Actually I thought the use of Queen for Suicide Squad sucked.
Queen is amazing but not in the context of a freaking trailer for Suicide Squad....

Ooof just Awful...
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News Comments > etc., etc.

1. Re: Ships Ahoy - Watch Dogs; First Reviews Jan 19, 2016, 21:54 EndoSkull
I can't stand Anita's videos - she has no clue how to make a balanced argument.

Since you're posting her crap blue - might as well post American's crap too..

Avatar 21848
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News Comments > Modded Star Wars Battlefront 4K Footage

44. I'm sure this was already said....but... Dec 11, 2015, 15:53 EndoSkull
Where is the MOD that makes the game fun?  
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News Comments > Out of the Blue

21. My 5 year old knows better Dec 7, 2015, 22:39 EndoSkull
We watched all 6 movies.
I didn't say or comment on anything.

When they were done - I asked which ones did you like?

"The ones with Han Solo"

From the mouth of a 5 year old comes the truth.

Nuff said.
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News Comments > Squad Early Access Next Month

8. Limited Players Nov 21, 2015, 18:20 EndoSkull
The graphics are fine.
There is currently a very finite group of players and almost every game has been fun.

The game is very much about team work. You usually don't see what killed you. Death comes quick. It's not Cod game play or battlefield game play.

Arma is pretty close - but currently because it's limited to infantry it plays very different from Arma.

It's not an easy game - it can be frustrating if you don't play with your squad.

Graphic Whores aren't going to like it. Lone wolves aren't going to like it. CoD players aren't going to like it.

I like it - I think it's a nice change and people get into working together as much as some of the Arma hardcore do.

ColoradoHoudini wrote on Nov 21, 2015, 15:55:
So I went to the main site to find videos on the game, because I want a larger scale FPS.. not like Planetside, but larger than I was hyped.

I couldnt find any videos on the main page, there's no "media" link with good promo vids.. now I know why. I went to their forums to a video subsection, to user posted videos.. and the game looks like it's 10yrs old, with 20yr old animations.

Will anyone ever make a larger scale slightly future
ish FPS at all.. ugh.
Avatar 21848
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