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Duct tape mod
Aug 8, 2004, 14:34
Duct tape mod Aug 8, 2004, 14:34
Aug 8, 2004, 14:34
I tried the duct tape mod at the beginning of Alpha Labs 2. The duct tape mod didn't seem to stick When I did a quicksave with the mod and then did a quickload the light on the shotgun or machine gun wasn't there the same, it was kind of flickering, mostly not there. I think the light would look better if there were a light cone instead of just the light showing up on the wall too.

Anyone else have problems with the duct tape light mod?

The duct tape mod is a good idea. I wish id would have had some lights you could attach to your guns that needed batteries you'd find around the levels. They probably wanted to keep things simple. Simplicity is a good thing. I really don't like games where you have to bind your whole keyboard and keep track of thirty different things.

I've given up on the duct tape mod for now. I changed gamma setting to "r_gamma 1.5" ("ctrl alt ~" to get to the console and enter that setting w/o the quotes to change the gamma, default is 1). I have brightness set to 1.5 which is "r_brightness 1.5" or just adjust the brightness in the system menu. At these settings I can play the game without having to wait for the sun to go down. These settings don't wash out the bright areas too much and the game is still plenty dark.

Has anyone modded the grenades to be less bouncy? I may give that a try.

Great game though. I'd wish for more reality things like making the environment more interactive. You should be able to destroy just about everything. Something like the duct tape mod. Limit weapons carrying to only 2 weapons. No quicksave? (blasphemy!).

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