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News Comments > Tech Bits
8. No subject May 25, 2008, 05:44 Malakai
i'm guessing i'm the only person in the world who's happy with Vista. Granted i bought medium-high end gear when i upgraded, and well i havent had a single problem with it whatsoever. No crashes (apart from a BSOD given to my by good ol Age of Conan), had my pc running 250 hours+ and i could still run 3ds max and some other modelling programs fine. I know i couldnt do that with XP at all.

No problems with games either. So i'm just curious as to why everyone hates it? Is it because everyone else does so you don't want to feel left out, so people bash it if they've never tried it?

I'm happy with Vista and pretty much everyone else i know who's bought it is happy with it. Granted they all bought the Ultimate one, but hey who's stupid enough not to?

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News Comments > Gold - Race Driver GRID
8. No subject May 17, 2008, 11:09 Malakai
Just wondering but does anyone on this site have anything positive to say about any game these days? I think this is actually a pretty decent game. Takes some getting used to with the handling, but spinning out? Heh i had trouble spinning the car with all the aids turned off. Not only that but the (eventual) choice of cars is welcome, as well as the damage and the range of races. Are there any off-road races?

I guess it's a question of skill and what your playing it on. I used to hate console ports, but jesus there's just so few decent games coming out only for the PC that i've basically moved to console gaming now. Only games i play on the PC are games like EU:Rome/EU:3 and RPG games.

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News Comments > Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts Demo
21. Re: No subject Nov 25, 2007, 16:32 Malakai
Oh i'm so sorry master of all the universe. I forgot that you are omniscient. I forgot that you are correct all the time and that all should conform to your obviously massive mental ability. I apologise sincerely. I will try my hardest to mould myself into the image of a man who is so learned and has such an IQ that it dwarfs even that of Stephen Hawking.

Everyone, we must bow to Enahs's intelligence. Please follow me my brothers.

On a more helpful note, how about you, my master, venture out sometime to view the world he has created and knows oh so well? It might be useful for you not to become complacent in your knowledge of the world.

Just one thing though, "a couple of years" can have the accepted meaning of a small but finite number, however that is not necessarily the case. It depends entirely on the scale you are referring to. And since the scale could be "thousands of years" (still technically years you'll note) "a couple of years" can well imply 1-20 (or more) thousand years.

Just thought i'd increase you're knowledge of the world to give you an incentive to move from your chair that you sit on 24/7, oh mighty one.

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News Comments > Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts Demo
16. Re: No subject Nov 25, 2007, 14:09 Malakai
Stop being a twat Enahs and think instead of being a pedantic know-it-all. "A couple of years" can mean in the future. In fact it DOES mean in the future. Plus "a couple of years" has no quantity, so it could mean anything from 2-infinite years time.

Thus the phrase means i'm looking AHEAD of this stupid Blu-Ray/HD-DVD. Can't you do the same?

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News Comments > Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts Demo
11. No subject Nov 25, 2007, 11:53 Malakai
2gb on an 8mbit connectoin (bear in mind it's synced at 6mbit or so) will take about 2 hours. So 2 hours... Well if you work set it to download before work, you get back and voila you have the file.

Also just wondering but when did the comments section become so goddamned negative? I've noticed that in almost every thread it's always "No co=op wah-wah-wah" or "patch is too big wah-wah-wah". Complaining all the time! Whatever happened to an informed discussion fo the game the thread refers to?

This is a great game. Granted the demo is rather big, but then again people bitched and complained when 1gb demos first came out. Internet connectoins are getting faster. Games are getting it's only logical that demos will increase in size. In a couple of years time we'll hit a 50gb demo, but the average internet connection will be around 10 times faster than todays, so whats the problem?

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News Comments > Crysis Patch Within Two Weeks
75. No subject Nov 19, 2007, 06:50 Malakai
What?! I've got an 8800GTX, E6600, 2gb RAM on Vista 64 and the game runs fine in 1680x1080 or whatever that resolution is with everything set to ultra high. It may not be a constant 40fps, but hell it's more than playable as it is now.

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News Comments > Crysis Patch Within Two Weeks
73. No subject Nov 18, 2007, 20:17 Malakai
This is mainly about that damn 1UP review.

God why is everything being compared to CoD4? The single player in that is just crap. Some missions are stupidly easy, then a few are impossibly hard (All in Ghillie) with very little ground in between. Couple that with what is esssentially a formula of "gun battle, run, gun battle, run, end of mission" and that's it. The story line isnt exactly great, infact it's pretty much bog standard.

Note: I don't care about CoD4 multiplayer. Everyone's been raving about it, but why do i want to buy a game just for the multiplayer? If i want to do that i'd buy a fucking MMORPG, not an FPS.

HL2:EP2 i havent played, and i dont really want to either because i thought HL2 was just crap and totally overhyped.

Bioshock i can agree with. That did have a brilliant story and really kept me interested in the character/world.

Crysis is a good game. Yes it's like a tech demo, but what game that uses a brand new engine isnt like a tech demo? Thing is, although the story may be a bit wierd and crap, it's good fun if you play the game like it's supposed to be played. Sneak in, kill people stealthily, get caught, end up in a huge battle, somehow survive then move on to the next objective. That and the fact you can chose ANY entry point you want, you aren't locked to a certain route and it's brilliant.

Plus you don't need an uber SLI pc to play Crysis in highest settings. Just a pretty decent Vista PC. 8800GTS/GT and an e6600/e6400 and you'll be able to play it at a reasonable resolution in highest quality.

I just hate the kind of reviewer who reviewed Crysis on 1UP.

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News Comments > Crysis DX9 Demo Tweak
57. No subject Oct 29, 2007, 20:47 Malakai
You know the more i read up about this whole "I can play the DX10 stuff in XP on DX9" the more i realise that the people who can actually do this are running the game with an 8 series nvidia card.... A DX10 fucking card! So no matter what bloody OS it's in, it's a DX10 card, so really they're not playing it on DX9, but actually DX10 (if you understand the logic there)

Is there anyone out there who's attempting this tweak on a 7 series or below card please say if they can get graphics comparable to the pictures posted?

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News Comments > Crysis DX9 Demo Tweak
50. No subject Oct 29, 2007, 19:16 Malakai
Ok i had a look at those DX9 VH and DX10 VH screens and i'm confused.

I will say they do look very similar. I do notice a slight difference in shader/lighting, but that could be down to the fact that the screens werent taken in identicle places with the identicle view point.

But still i'm confused. DX10 enables SM4 right, and for SM4 to work you need an 8 series gfx card right? I'm pretty sure Crysis takes advantage of SM4 as well as a lot of other nifty tricks. If that's the case, how are people running SM4 on SM3/2 cards? As far as i know you cant do that.

Same goes for some other effects. I'm confused as to how effects that are more... compatible with DX10 (i.e they run better/optimized for DX10) and with DX10 cards can work on DX9 hardware.

The only thing that comes up in my mind is that people are running an 8series gfx card on XP and tweaking Crysis. Has anyone got the kind of detail in those screenshots on a 7 series or before gfx card?

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News Comments > Crysis DX9 Demo Tweak
33. No subject Oct 29, 2007, 17:10 Malakai
Am i the only person to see a major difference in those screenshots between DX9 and DX10 in that link?

There's a MASSIVE difference. DX9 graphics still look like a computer game. DX10 gives a more realistic image, not mention more realistic effects than DX9.

I mean jesus i can see a major difference in vegetation, in the colour pallet (sp?) and shadows/light between the two.

So just what is everyone comlpaining about? It's CLEAR that the DX10 render is miles ahead of the DX9. Are people just complaining because they're pissed off they cant afford the hardware to run Crysis properly? Or is it because people dont want to upgrade to Vista because of "incompatability"?

If it's Vista, well that's just stupid. I've been running Vista now for months with NO problems at all. Granted i havent done what some supposedly "PC experts" have done and changed OS without changing hardware. I mean shit, this whole fiasco of "why upgrade? so many problems with it there's no point" argument happened when XP first came out. You can't expect to install a brand new OS on 2 or 3 generation old hardware. I mean come on, that's just obvious isnt it?

So please, someone tell me WHY people are so pissed at the difference between DX9 and DX10 in Crysis, i'm dying to hear a valid reason.

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News Comments > The Witcher Patch
30. No subject Oct 29, 2007, 08:57 Malakai
Oh i'm all for talking and walking in RPGs. Thats what an RPG is in my book. But for the talking and walking to work brilliantly for me, i have to be engaged enough and immersed enough in the game to not care.

Sad fact is that sometimes i get bored running 3 minutes outside to do a 20 second (sometimes baffling) conversation only to have to run another 3 minutes back to where i was!

I loved games like Planescape, Morrowind, Baldurs Gate etc because they kept me immersed in the game and when i finally got to where i was supposed to be the conversation was almost always excellent and engaging.

Still, this is a pretty good game atm. I dont think it'll touch Mass Effect though in terms of RPGness and conversation, but we'll see.

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News Comments > The Witcher Patch
24. No subject Oct 29, 2007, 04:52 Malakai
I bought this game on a whim. I agree with some of the stuff people say but ah. Here's a longer winded "review" of the game.

Buying the collectors edition, i flicked through the artwork book as the game was installing. Nothing really caught my eye and made me stop until i flicked past some softcore drawn porn. Wondering why, i left it until i started the game.

Running it on an e6600, 2gb ram, Vista Ultimate and a 8800GTX is fine. I can run it at 1920x1200 everything max... the game even defaulted those settings! Obviously then i have no quams with the slowdowns or graphics problems others here have.

The intro was stupidly long. And i mean stupidly long. It was like a mini-movie in itself which isnt a bad thing necessarily, it's just towards the end i got bored and i started wondering "what the fuck is actually going on?". Average start to the game for sure and when i actually started a new game i swear i just sat back for 15 minutes or so and just watched cutscenes trying to figure out what was going on. Maybe it was just me, i dont know if others had this problem.

In terms of actual gameplay, it's a standard rpg style like Gothic. FP controls arent bad, although sometimes it can be annoying since sometimes your character refuses to start a new attack for no reason until you make him roll to one side or something. It's really wierd. Combat is a bit of a click fest, although it rewards you when you do timed clicking. Do it well enough and your guys does some fancy footwork that can end up in a severed head or something equally gruesome.

Be warned though: You will spend 3/4 of your time running around the outside area and talking to people. Probably more running than talking really. Sometimes though when talking to people they talk about something you're supposed to know, but you dont, not only that but most of the time i just felt myself switching off and ignoring the dude/dudette talking.

Skills tree is a bit weak as well. There isnt really one, just upgrades to your character if you understand the difference. Potions... these guys are a bit problematic. Instead of the standard "this potions gives you x health straight away" the health potions (and every other potion that affects your health/endurance/poison levels) acts slowly. So instead you get a higher regeneration of health, not instant health. I guess it adds forward thinking into fighting, but most of the time i just forgot and got my arse trounced bad.

Bah i'm a bit of a rambler, it's too early in the morning and im sure none of that made much sense.

To sum up: Decent game with a long long play time (claimed 80 hours, probably more 65/70 hours) that looks good if you can run it. Couple of niggling problems, but if you dont mind clicking when attacking enemies and you remember to take your potions, you should enjoy it.

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News Comments > Crysis Demo Released
64. No subject Oct 27, 2007, 10:49 Malakai
Wow.... just wow.... I can't believe how good looking this game is. I can run it (at about 20fps) with everything on max at a res of 1920x1200.... And jesus christ does it look good. Shadows falling over everything, moonlight plaything through trees to fall on people. I just can't believe that they actually managed to deliver the graphics they showed in screenshots.

The fact that it's a bloody great game to play is a bonus too! Only trouble i have with it is the changing of the suit powers. It would be nice if there was a hotkey to select what power you wanted instead of having to move the mouse in the direction of the power you want whilst holding down a key. Other than that... wow...

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News Comments > Darkness Within: In Pursuit of Loath Nolder Demo
6. No subject Oct 18, 2007, 16:32 Malakai
Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners Of The Earth was a damn fantastic game based on H.P. Lovecraft.

Has anyone tried this demo yet?

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News Comments > Unreal Tournament 3 Beta Demo Released
47. No subject Oct 12, 2007, 16:06 Malakai
Whoever posted that screenshot of Quake 2 like graphics must have run the game on a PoS machine. I'm running vista, a core duo and an 8800 GTX and i can say the graphics are on par with the theoretical picture. Not only that it's running at 1920x1200 about 35-40 fps. I'd say that's pretty goddamned good.

Other than that it's not as fast as some of the UT games, but it's still quick paced.

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News Comments > Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Demo
86. No subject Oct 12, 2007, 06:04 Malakai
How in the hell did this game win so many damn awards at E3? It's crap. First off running at 1920x1200 with everything on gives me some wierd bug where everything's black except for lights. Great i must say.

As everyone else has said it's just the same CoD. New textures/settings thats it. I was expecting something that'd make me open my mouth in awe, instead i just opened my mouth in disbelief as after i destroyed those tanks, my buddies just disappeared... i spent 5 minutes running around trying to find them.

I so hope this game crashes and burns. But i know it wont. Dammit i hate the way games have now become multiplayer, possibly with a sideline of singleplayer. Sucks ass.

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News Comments > Stranglehold PC Advertising
10. No subject Sep 4, 2007, 04:58 Malakai
It's supposed to be an incredibly shallow game. It's a Jon Woo inspired game... and Jon Woo films arent exactly the most in-depth movies ever.

I like to think of this as Max Payne 3 without the incredible film-noir story line. It's just a nice romp through places blowing shit up in slow motion dives. I don't think they ever wanted to make it some incredibly deep game.

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News Comments > Crysis in November
38. Re: No subject Aug 3, 2007, 06:27 Malakai
Gotta tell your mommy to delay that supercomputer purchase once more.

Unlike you, i work (despite the fact i'm a student) and i buy everything with my own money. I recently bought the upgrade, so i'm hoping for something to test the setup.

But you know what? I like these kind of "arguments". It's quite funny. Now Parker, how about you take some more of the little pills your mum leaves on your bedside table as you masturbate to pictures of Jack Black to calm you down some more. She gives you them for a reason. Eventually it's to remove you from the gene pool of the human race since you seem to be a huge waste of carbon, but alas she hasnt got around to buying the cyanide yet.

Kindly go fuck yourself you cum-guzzling, fluid secreting fart as you offend all my senses... including taste. Yes i can taste you from your smell.

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News Comments > Crysis in November
16. Re: No subject Aug 2, 2007, 14:27 Malakai
Actually no. I do remember a couple of times where press releases and retailers have said different things on release dates, usually down to the fact that the press release comes from the US and applies to US release dates, not everywhere else.

But alas, it isnt really a problem. I would have been out of the country on the 14th september and unable to play, now i will be in the country able to play!

On a more personal note, go fuck yourself Parker. Cunts like you fuck this world up. I bet you're one of those fat bastards stuck infront of a screen pissed off at everyone because he has no social skills, no ability to find a woman and no ability to move from the basement of his mum's place. Cunt.

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News Comments > Crysis in November
6. No subject Aug 2, 2007, 11:48 Malakai
Hmm. Almost every UK game retailer website says the release date is the 14th September. I'm really confused.

Edit: Ooooo is this one of those incredibly rare occasions where us Europeans get to play a game long before people in the states do?!

This comment was edited on Aug 2, 11:55.
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